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z/d® Canine ULTRA - Dry

Adverse reaction to food
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® z/d® Canine ULTRA 4.7 5 122 122
This food has been great for my dog! My dog loves this food and we also feed him the can Z/D Ultra. When he was a puppy and had so many allergeries and finally found a Vet that put him on this food and it worked for my baby so great! Anything else would just break him out so bad and he was constanstly taking shots for alleregies. Thank you from my little Jake. October 21, 2013
A diet that works! My dog's food allergy symptoms decreased 100% after being switched to this diet. After testing we knew we were dealing with food allergies as well as environmental allergies. This was the easy choice. he loves the food and i do not need to worry he is getting something he will react to. October 19, 2013
This food saved my dogs life! My min pin, Bently, has severe allergies. I tried EVERY prescription diet on the market and only found one that my dog can eat without getting hot spots and itching. That food is hills z/d! He went from looking horrible , thin hair, sores and itching to having a beautiful coat almost overnight. The transformation was amazing! He loves the food also which is a blessing! I am sure I would have had to put my dog down because he was miserable! I am just so thankful hills makes a food for my baby, that he does not react to! Thanks science diet! KIM n BENTLY September 28, 2013
Solved my dogs dry skin issues Happy with the food as it solved a dry skin issue my dog was having. I wish it came it different flavors as she would love that. It's expensive, but worth the price to not have to visit her vet so frequently. April 14, 2014
This food finally gave my dog a chance to heal. Our dog Finnegan suffers from IBS and this dry food along with the canned has given his tummy a chance to heal and he finally eats happily. Before the Z/D we would have to coax him to eat sometimes taking 1/2 or longer because he knew he would feel awful after eatting. Thank you from giving our dog his spirit and happiness back. April 13, 2014
Best dog food on the market. Our dog can only eat this, everything else we have tried effects him negitivly. April 13, 2014
Good nutrition, expensive. Dog love this product, however very expensive to purchase, April 11, 2014
Hill's z/d Ultra Our dog suffers from unknown food and environmental allergies that have affected his skin terribly (hair loss, sores, redness, etc.) We switched him to this food at our vet's recommendation for a 12 week food trial, and at that point we will finally conduct a skin test to determine what exactly he is allergic to. So far his skin has improved significantly, which I think can be attributed to both the food and the meds he is on. He enjoys the food but given the high price point, we will be transitioning him to a more affordable option when we get the vet's OK. April 10, 2014
Excellant results in resolving allergy related skin issues We have been using Z/D for 7 years and our dogs have flourished with Z/D dry. April 10, 2014
nice product Finally found a healthy food that my dog actually loves to eat. Only drawback is that it is very hard on the pocketbook. April 2, 2014
Excellent Product for Allergies I have 2 schnauzers. Both are very itchy dogs. However one especially has allergies to food. We keep both of our dogs on the dry and canned zd dog food by Hills Prescription Diet. It works! And they like it. SCHNAUZERS ARE THE BEST !!! SWEET AS SUGAR !! My last dog lived to be 22 years old (human years). I gave him nothing but the best food which is Hills. :) April 1, 2014
zd is a high quality food that I can feed my dog and know he is getting the best food for his condition,easy to feed I highly recommend this food for anyone with a medical condition that needs this food. I have no worries since he has been on it. March 31, 2014
Our dog enjoyed it right from the start. I guess I just don't understand why it has to be with RX only, we want the best for our Shih Tzu...But it is getting pretty expensive. He enjoys the food, both the dry and the wet. March 31, 2014
This product has helped my dog. My dog has food (and environmental) allergies off the charts, per my vet, and this is the only dog food that I'm confident feeding her. March 29, 2014
this has helped my pets when I mix the dry food with the caned the dog can not get mixing together their allergys are almost gone. thankyou for a great product. March 29, 2014
Great Product! My dog has been using this for many years and its a great value for the money. March 24, 2014
This product works great My English bulldog has terrible allergies and we have tried everything to alleviate and cure it. Once our vet recommended z/d we have never used anything else. My dog really enjoys the taste and he has not broken out in skin allergies in over a year! March 22, 2014
Great Dog Food - Worked Perfectly Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Ultra is wonderful. Our dog had chronic gastrointestinal issues and we had tried several different brands before our vet finally tried z/d. It has been a God-send. We couldn't be more pleased. March 21, 2014
Very pleased with how this worked for my dogs. Two of my dogs have been on ZD for many months and I am very happy that it's working for them. I am feeding both dry and can ZD and I even use the dry as a treat! Keep up the good work! March 19, 2014
Works great, too expensive Zd saved my dog's life! We almost lost her when she was only 2 and it took vets a while to diagnose her with food allergy. She was put on zd and began to bounce back. This food is extremely expensive and I wish they would bring the cost down as she will be on this for life along with other meds. March 15, 2014
helps with skin iching and weight lose the canine z/d ultra has helped my dog lose weight and helped his skin allergy's like iching his skin and iching is so much calmer thanks March 15, 2014
Product is great for food allergies ZD is great for dogs with food allergies to protein...unfortunately this is the only product available whose protein value is low enough so it is not acknowledged by the dogs system. Although this is great for her overall health, she does not like the taste much as she rather have what my other two dogs have who is not affected by food allergies. The price really isn't one my daughter can afford as the dog is hers so I am having to pay for the dog food along with the immunotherapy as she has allergies to fungus that is associated with wet grass and roaches which lives in the dirt. This was based on the allergy testing done on the dog. If another flavor can be produced along with lowering the price, I believe this demand would be higher. It appears many just buy regular food and deal with the hair loss based on the price of the product. Coupons are hard to come by and the product never seems to go on sale. March 11, 2014
The product has reduced my dogs allergy symptoms. Hills z/d Ultra is a great pet food for allergies. My dog loves the taste of the food. It has decreased my dog's allergy symptoms. March 10, 2014
My dogs love it Sorry, it is so expensive. Always looking for coupons to buy it for them. March 9, 2014
Great product for animals with severe allergies! I'm extremely grateful I found this product. Before starting this food my dog had severe issues after eating, even after eating "safe" foods from her allergy list. March 7, 2014
Dog Food My dog loves the food, she has been eating it for years now. It has really helped with many of the allergy problems she was having. It is just really expensive. March 7, 2014
Works for my dog My male dog has horrible allergies. I was so reluctant to put him on this food because of the cost, but I am telling you it works. March 1, 2014
What a relief!! A food that changed my dog! My dog Stitch, a french bulldog, has been suffering from allergies at such an early age. Z/D ultra is one of the best diets that has helped with his allergies. He has been living such a happy life not itching or scratching while on Z/D Ultra. This diet is a true life changer! Thanks so much! February 27, 2014
The only food that has helped my dog My dog has skin allergies and suffered for so long before our current vet determined it was due to ingredients in regular store-bought foods. Since she has been eating Prescription Diet, she scratches less, she has less irritated skin and patches of missing fur, her coat is healthier and she no longer has the odor associated with the allergy side effects. She is much happier-and so are we. February 24, 2014
Quality The quality of this product is excellent. It has helped my dog get back to very good overall health. My only complaint is the cost of the product. I do realize it a prescription and is by that alone a reason for the cost. However, the limited availability of coupons and their use is a bit frustrating. I have a large dog and the 25 pound bag does not go that far. February 23, 2014
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