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z/d® Canine ULTRA - Dry

Adverse reaction to food
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® z/d® Canine ULTRA 4.6 5 201 201
This food has been great for my dog! My dog loves this food and we also feed him the can Z/D Ultra. When he was a puppy and had so many allergeries and finally found a Vet that put him on this food and it worked for my baby so great! Anything else would just break him out so bad and he was constanstly taking shots for alleregies. Thank you from my little Jake. October 21, 2013
A diet that works! My dog's food allergy symptoms decreased 100% after being switched to this diet. After testing we knew we were dealing with food allergies as well as environmental allergies. This was the easy choice. he loves the food and i do not need to worry he is getting something he will react to. October 19, 2013
This food saved my dogs life! My min pin, Bently, has severe allergies. I tried EVERY prescription diet on the market and only found one that my dog can eat without getting hot spots and itching. That food is hills z/d! He went from looking horrible , thin hair, sores and itching to having a beautiful coat almost overnight. The transformation was amazing! He loves the food also which is a blessing! I am sure I would have had to put my dog down because he was miserable! I am just so thankful hills makes a food for my baby, that he does not react to! Thanks science diet! KIM n BENTLY September 28, 2013
This product helps with skin allergies. I really like this product. My pug suffers from severe skin allergies and this food helps. September 17, 2014
Meh Not surprisingly, our female Lab mix has a very sensitive stomach; z/d Ultra is the only thing we've found that she can consistently eat without getting sick (and even then it's hardly foolproof, as anything from a Cheez-It to a leaf in the yard can cause problems for days). We didn't know she had this issue when we got her, and I won't give her up just because she has a bad stomach, but it's not much fun and z/d is the only option we know of that offers any relief. That said, if we could find a less-expensive brand for her, we'd switch in a heartbeat. Honestly I find the price on this stuff ridiculous. I know that you have to pay for quality and I appreciate that it's available, but spending over $1,000 a year on dog food is beyond anything we ever expected. Incidentally, having to spend that much on food has reduced the amount that we've been able to budget towards other veterinary care, which sucks but is our reality. I thought that signing up for the website and printing out coupons would help, but it turns out that's only a one-time offer and is basically useless. Anyway- I would only recommend this as a last-ditch option for someone in our situation, but the cost would keep me from recommending it for any other reason. I have no problem with companies making a profit, but I get a pit in my stomach every month when I have to go pick up another bag, and I hope at some point Hills will either drop the price tag a bit or someone else will come out with an option that's viable for our dog. September 17, 2014
Science Diet z/d Works for Dogs with Allergies My vet recommended Science Diet z/d over a year ago for my adopted dog who has multiple food allergies and skin conditions. It is the only food he can eat without any adverse reaction. I wish the price was less, but this product does seem to reduce the number of vet visits. September 16, 2014
Great product I would like to buy a larger bag than 25lbs but I can not find one on the site. September 16, 2014
The best dog food ever! My bichon developed a food allergy at about 8 years old. I had fed her a high quality lamb and rice food since she was a puppy and suddenly, she began vomiting it up. I tried a variety of other foods which also caused vomiting. Her veteranarian finally suggested the dry Hills Z/D Ultra - not only did the vomiting stop immediately, she absolutely loves this food to this day! This food does cause looser stools, so I add a tablespoonful of pure pumpkin purée to each bowlful, which helps firm the stools. I am very thankful for this dog food and my 12-year old Pearly May is too! September 16, 2014
CANINE Z/D DRY My one dog has constantly had GI issues. Never could figure out quite what was wrong with him. Finally we decide to do a food trial and he is 100% better!! Now he only has GI issues when he gets into my other dogs food. I absolutely love this food! September 15, 2014
Seems helpful, but prohibitive cost In the last year, my healthy Lab/Pointer began having acute GI episodes-heavy drooling, some vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Lab tests ruled out major possibilities. Ultrasound showed thickening in the intestinal tract, so we are going with food allergy. We've just transitioned from I/d to Z/d. It is honestly too early to tell....his stool is less frequent, but very loose- unlike his "normal" pattern. I'm trying to be patient and hope he will stabilize on Z/d. It frustrates me that people with modest means have no recourse when their beloved pet needs this type of food. I think Hill could go a long way in public relations if they developed a program for qualified lower-income people to qualify for a price break or even a rewards program (buy 10, get one free). We are likely going to be customers for our pet's life. September 13, 2014
This product has helped tremendously My Golden Retriever, Rocky, without a doubt, is the most expensive pet I have ever owned. I love him to pieces. He is fortunate that I have pet insurance. Lucky for us there is Hills ZD Ultra. Now he is a happy, thriving 4 year old now. He has been on it for approximately 2 years. He was on several other diets that did not agree with him. He can’t even stomach chicken, poor guy. So we have the Hills non allergenic treats too. I don’t know what we would have done without it! Thank you Hills!!!! September 9, 2014
I didn't even know... My poodle suddenly developed alergies and we were frantic to try to find something he could eat that would not make him itchy and miserable. We went through many food trials eliminating ingreadents one at a time to no avail. My vet recommended that we try the Z/D and we did and his skin started clearing up immediately. He now eats the canned, dried and the treats. September 7, 2014
Top of the line! As a veterinary professional, I understand how crucial it is to feed your pet the appropriate diet. Seeing clients day in and day out who insist on feeding "organic, grain-free, raw, etc" diets drives me crazy because I see the damage it does to their beloved pets. This food is great for food allergy dogs (and no it is not the same as over the counter "allergy" diets because the machines are cleaned and sanitized for hours before production begins ensuring no cross contamination plus the protein is hydrolyzed). My "allergic to everything" mutt has always been itchy because she suffers from food and environmental allergies. Even D/D was making her itch, though not Z/D! It's phenomenal. I absolutely love, trust, and stand by Hill's 110% because their foods are developed by nutritionists with the appropriate credentials. September 6, 2014
Good product wish they had small bites Have two small dogs took some getting use to the bigger bites. Made cookies with the dry and water. Dogs doing much better. Hard to find coupons. High cost. September 6, 2014
Allergy food that works! My Jack Russell had suffered from hair loss and constant itching. I tried several other brands and NOTHING! He started on Hill's Z/D and with in a couple weeks a huge difference. Itching was down and his hair was starting to grow back in. We also were able to stop using some of the antihistamines. He and his sister have been on it for the past 8 years and I have nothing but good things to say about it! It is worth the money. September 4, 2014
on the road to recovery and it tastes good After many months of intestinal disorder, vomiting, diarrhea IVs, hospitalization, I consulted another veterinarian for a second opinion. He suggested Hills prescription diet of z/d dry. Fortunately my miniature Schnauzer liked the taste and ate it aggressively. Within a few days the symptoms of his disorder changed and we have not had another episode since he has been on this diet. Thanks for your product. September 4, 2014
Helps my dog with his skin allergies This food has definetly helped our pugs allergies. Since we started him on this diet he has shown marked improvement. The downside is the dost of the food and the treats September 1, 2014
It solved our problems Our wire fox terrier puppy has inflammatory bowel disease. We put her on the dry Z/D formula with using wet Z/D to freeze and put in Kong for treats. We also purchase the Z/D treats that you offer. Our little girl eats nothing else. She absolutely loves the food and it has solved all of our problems. Thank goodness! thank you so much. However our Callie would love to see more different kinds of treats come out, since she is so limited as to what she can eat. August 30, 2014
Very spendy I have a 14 year old lab and this is the only food he can eat and has been for most of his life so needless to say I have spent a ton of money on this food. I just recently was told I could go on the website twice a month and print a $7 off coupon but am very frustrated that I have only been able to get one coupon. Every other time I have signed on it says I have printed my maximum number of times. As much as I have to spend on this food it is a shame there is no help available. I would not trade my dog for the world so I do what I have to do but some help would be nice. August 29, 2014
Very good product My English Bulldog, Max loves the taste of ZD Ultra. My pocketbook is not so thrilled with it! I wish you would offer more coupon availability. August 27, 2014
This product really helps calm the symptoms of allergies. Since giving your prescription products to our dog, he has stopped the skin,ear and stomach problems that testing had proven he had. Keep making good products for our pets. So many other companies just put anything in their products. Ugh. August 21, 2014
My dog isn't vomiting anymore. My 11 yr. old dog has always had a queasy stomach that our vets couldn't precisely pinpoint why. Various tests were always normal. But she had gotten to the point of vomiting almost daily, skipping many meals, losing weight. A diagnostician vet suggested a food allergy. She had previously eaten a duck/potato food and then switched to Hill's W/D. She ate both of those for a few years consecutively. The vet suggested trying the Z/D because of the hydrolized proteins. Right away, the vomiting is dramatically reduced, skipping meals is reduced, her demeanor is much improved. She has been eating this food for about a month now. We have phased out sucralfate and metronidazole about a week ago. So far so good. My only minor concern is that her stools are very soft. Not sure if that is typical on this food or if it will change over time. But my dog is much better now. August 21, 2014
My Vet recommended this product after my Boston Terrier recovered from pancreatitis. My Boston is 12 years old and had pancreatitis when he was 6 years old - he is doing great, and has not had a recurrence of this condition. August 17, 2014
My dog loves this I was concerned when the vet ordered this food. I have 2 other dogs eating regular food and I was afraid she wouldn't like it. But she loves it and it seems to be helping with her allergies. She has had no ear infections and she is not chewing her paws as much and it has only been 2 months. August 16, 2014
product works The product has great features but way to expensive August 16, 2014
Highly Recommended for allergy issues! For the longest time my dog has had ear issues, bacteria and yeast and a few minor infections. My vet recommended using the z/d prescription diet dry food. I also bought some of the wet canned z/d food to mix in with it. Well, it has been a month now and he's still LOVES the food, and I have notices he is not having any ear issues yet. So, I am very pleased with this food. And I no longer have to travel far and more than one store to get his food. One stop at the vet and I'm done! Thanks! August 15, 2014
This was prescribed by my vet. Cost is high for the results. However food is fine. August 13, 2014
Great for controlling yeasty skin and ears, boosting energy Our dog has some sort of meat allergy that causes her skin and ears to get yeasty if she has regular dog food. That means she licks her paws a lot, creating red, irritated spots, and has smelly ears. I think regular dog food also adversely affects her energy level. Since we put her back on the z/d diet, her ears don't smell, she's licking a lot less, and is a fair bit more energetic. I really wish this product didn't cost so much since we probably have to have her on it for the rest of her life. We tried a "limited ingredient" salmon and sweet potato food and it didn't cut it for her particular allergy - only z/d seems to work. August 4, 2014
Poor Sweet Sophia Our 10 year old Shih Tzu has had a series of rashes and ear infections over the last several months. We have tried everything but to no avail. Sophia's doctor recommended going "cold turkey" until we find out what's her problem. No treats! No occasional meat scraps from dinner! Strict prescription food for the last 6 weeks and what a remarkable difference in her appearance, energy level and rashes, as well as her ear infections. Just got the OK to give her the Hill's hypo treats. She loves them along with an occasional streamed green bean. We have our little dog wagging her tail once again. She is looking great and sleeping well. Only one problem! She is sleeping so well that she snores very loudly! Thanks Hill's for the helping our sweet Sophia back on the road to good health! August 4, 2014
Sucessful Diet Change We have been using z/d ultra dry for a month now and our fawn doberman has taken on very well to the food. There have been no allegry issues whatsoever which includes the skin sensitivity he has, plus he devours the food whereas before he would be very very fickle. Just being a month in, this food has had positive outcomes thus far. August 4, 2014
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