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z/d® Canine ULTRA - Dry

Adverse reaction to food
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® z/d® Canine ULTRA 4.6 5 166 166
This food has been great for my dog! My dog loves this food and we also feed him the can Z/D Ultra. When he was a puppy and had so many allergeries and finally found a Vet that put him on this food and it worked for my baby so great! Anything else would just break him out so bad and he was constanstly taking shots for alleregies. Thank you from my little Jake. October 21, 2013
A diet that works! My dog's food allergy symptoms decreased 100% after being switched to this diet. After testing we knew we were dealing with food allergies as well as environmental allergies. This was the easy choice. he loves the food and i do not need to worry he is getting something he will react to. October 19, 2013
This food saved my dogs life! My min pin, Bently, has severe allergies. I tried EVERY prescription diet on the market and only found one that my dog can eat without getting hot spots and itching. That food is hills z/d! He went from looking horrible , thin hair, sores and itching to having a beautiful coat almost overnight. The transformation was amazing! He loves the food also which is a blessing! I am sure I would have had to put my dog down because he was miserable! I am just so thankful hills makes a food for my baby, that he does not react to! Thanks science diet! KIM n BENTLY September 28, 2013
Keeps My Dog-Baby Healthy I'm so happy this product exists. My baby dog is much healthier since she's been on this product. Allergies are gone and so are other digestive issues. I just wish I didn't need a prescription to purchase it. And I wish it was not so pricey. July 19, 2014
Pricey, but effective We have two West Highland White Terriers, and they are prone to skin allergies. Once we began this formula (we use a bit of the wet food along with the dry kibble), their allergies subsided. It's pretty pricey—maybe four times that of a grocery store brand—but a necessary expense. I wouldn't mess around and try another brand. July 18, 2014
This product has helped tremendously in curing my dog of his ailments. Hesitant at first after receiving the prescription from the Vet, and knowing my dogs tastes and eating habits, I thought I was going to be stuck with a large bag of dry food, and several cans of wet food. After all, it is a prescribed food, and we all know anything medically prescribedI cannot have that great a taste. Well, I was pleasantly surprised he really liked the product. He has been on ZD for several months and dry skin, itching, scratching has just about stopped. I am very pleased with this product. and would not hesitate to recommend it highly to anyone. July 17, 2014
Food Good food and has helped my dog, but very expensive. If my dog did not have to use this food, I would not because of the price. It is easily double the price of other dog foods. July 16, 2014
AMAZING FOOD My dog as severe food allergies and this is FINALLY the ONLY food we have found that she isn't allergic to. My other dog got a taste of it one day and now won't eat any other food. It is the only food both of my dogs beg for, even when it isn't time to eat. They stay an ideal weight and act more energetic. They have been on this food for almost two years, and this is the only food that they haven't got tired of. July 12, 2014
Reasons for review The product (Z/D) serves its purpose however, it is very expensive. I can recommend this product but I also include that it is over priced. This does turn people off. My dog can take it or leave it, and sometimes she does leave it. Because of my dog's condition, again I am stuck. The Z/D treats however are excellent. But again expensive. I am a senior citizen on fixed income. July 12, 2014
Great Saved my puppy from scratching himself to death. Had good allergies and this is the one thing that stopped the itching. July 12, 2014
Likes food My dog really likes Z/D dog food, Very palatable. He is a large breed dog and eats all the food right away, Will take some time to be able to tell if it is working July 11, 2014
Good but Expensive My dog is a Schnauzer. He cannot eat over-the-counter dog food. He does very well with the zd/id and now ultra. The cost of the dog food is expensive. I tried to obtain a coupon, but it did not print. July 2, 2014
This product has helped greatly My dog suffered from itchy, scratchy bumps all over her body. We switched to Ultra z/d, and it all went away. Her coat is shiny and smooth, no more bumps. Happy, happy girl. July 1, 2014
Bad allergies Hi, nothing seemed to work for what we think are protein allergies in my Giant Schnauzer dog. The moment we started this dog food, 11 years ago he immediately improved. We've since tried other dog foods to see if he could tolerate and he could he's been eating this for a long time. Now that he's older...I also suppplement his diet with the canned/wet z/d ultra dog food and he loves it. Thank you so much for providing this option for my dog...quite honestly, it probably saved his life :) June 30, 2014
Great for hypoallgernic dogs Had to buy this product so that my dog wouldn't suffer scratching and rubbing into the carpet constantly because he has an unknown food allergy June 25, 2014
The z/d was effective in helping control allergies. My 9 yr-old German Shepherd dog developed allergies about 2 yrs. ago. My vet recommended trying the z/d to rule out food sensitivities. After the first bag, his chewing/scratching was greatly reduced with other measures taken. I tried a couple different dog foods after that and his scratching/ chewing returned. Now, he is back on the z/d but has been reluctant to eat it. Maybe too many recent dietary changes? Otherwise, the z/d was effective but very expensive. It was worth the cost to provide relief for my dog. It has reduced his frequency of stools from 2/day to 1/day. It sometimes seems difficult for him to have a stool. June 23, 2014
product serves it's purpose but it is expensive our dog has I.B.S. Z.D. cuts down on the vomiting and diahrea.He eats dry and wet and treats. I have had a problem getting coupons. The pet store has sales often on Science Diet but that does'nt help us. We are on a fixed income and the food along with the medicine and Vet bills is a hardship. June 23, 2014
This food is wonderful for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This was the only food that my GSP could tolerate. It was a welcome relief from her stomach upset which culminated in frequent vomiting as well as the beginning of hair loss. I've been using Science Diet for my dogs for the past 30 years. Even though I am a believer in Science Diet, I do not like the cost of the food. It is extremely expensive when feeding a 60lb dog. June 22, 2014
My poor dog can't eat anything else, thank goodness for Hills! My poor German Shepherd has an autoimmune disease and can't eat anything else but ZD Ultra. I am so thankful for Hills as my dog is sick as can be if he eats anything else. I do wish there was a better coupon system. The website rarely lets me print a coupon, sometimes even for months and the food is very expensive along with his prescriptions that he takes. June 19, 2014
This product aids my pet in her allergy issue My dog is going to be 13 yrs old. At the age of 6 she got allergies and we started her on this food. This food is light like eating salad so she had some adjusting at first but now she enjoys this product and I believe that it helps but does not completely rid her of her allergy issue. It has a high price tag but I can't go with any other product to keep her happy and healthy. She enjoys the puff rather than a hard kernel especially at this age. June 19, 2014
hypo allergenic Really expensive, but it helps keep her allergies in check June 16, 2014
Seems to make a difference My pet always had skin problems. As she got closer to a year old, she developed frequent skin infections as well as flakey itchy skin. I always purchased the best quality food and in my mind it could not be an issue. My vet suggested a food elimination diet to see if we could clear her issue. I was against it because it could not possibly be the food. I ended up in front of a dermo vet. He suggested the same. So I went along with it. I can tell you that she used to have 6 bowel movements a day. Now 2 to 3 with less volume. Along with taking medicine and the food she has minimal flake and very little itch. Her shedding used to be an issue as well. Not any longer. Now I plan on using the z/d exclusively. She is 58 pounds and one 17 pound bag lasts a month serving 4 measured cups daily. June 11, 2014
My pet has no problem with this food Recomended for I.B.S . My only problem is the price. It is very expensive. June 6, 2014
Great for allergy's It has helped my dog with his itching And lose weight May 31, 2014
Excellent for dietary concerns Our border terrier suffers from CECS (canine epileptoid cramping syndrome). Many people with animals with this disorder find dietary changes can make a difference & we are no exception, most fortunately. After switching our dog to Hill's Prescription Diet Ultra a/d we found a marked decrease in the number of episodes she experiences. We also give her the hypo-allergenic treats which she also tolerates well & enjoys. Over the past year our 13 yr old girl's appetite has somewhat waned from the dry kibble with a result of a loss of weight which is concerning. Our vet recommended adding a little of the z/d wet food to the dry kibble & she now gobbles every bit of food at meal times. Most encouraging & so nice to see her enjoying her food again. May 30, 2014
This product has helped with my dogs food allergies. My dog has extremely bad allergies (food & inhalant). He went thru 2 different types of prescription diets before he was put on his current Hills Prescription food. The other 2 foods, my little guy kept throwing up. He hasn't had any illness from this food and this food has def. improved his allergies, skin and coat. Before starting this food, my dog would have outbreaks of hives and patches of itchy spots which would turn into open sores. His amount of outbreaks from food allergies has drastically decreased and looks a lot healthier. May 28, 2014
Keeps our dog's allergies under control Our dog was having issues with being allergic to all sorts of items. Her hair was falling out and skin was red. After being on the Z/D, her skin is now normal colored and her coat is exceptional -- full and shiny! Also, we are very glad they now make treats, also! Being a picky eater, it is amazing how much she loves this food! We no longer leave food out -- we now have to portion it so that she doesn't over eat! Even though it is expensive, it is well worth it to us. We believe this food has kept her in the good health she is in. Thanks Hills Science!!! May 24, 2014
Doing all I can to help my boy! My dog "BlueDuck" (a mixed breed adopted from a shelter) has multiple allergies. Symptoms were already present when we got him at 3 months of age (he's 2 now). Combined therapy including Prescription Diet Z/D have made a world of difference in Blue's comfort and appearance. The fact that he love's it makes it all the easier! May 24, 2014
a life saver for our adopted poodle We adopted Pixie Poodle 10 months ago. she was a mess..very large scabs & sores everywhere! she was on a specialty food that she was actually only MILDLY alergic to. she smelled bad, looked bad & obviously felt bad. We took her to our own vet the next day with the chart of her allergies & they immediately changed her food to Z/D dry. we also got Z/D treats that i break into 4 pcs & we got canned Z/D that i cut into slices & then small wedges & freeze. I use the frozen wedges as treats as well. when the cat gets his canned food, Pixie gets a frozen wedge treat. She LOVES ALL 3 varieties of Z/D food & treats. The positive results & improvements for her were Immediate! Within a week her scabs were gone, no more scratching & pawing at her mouth, she smelled better, no more loose stools & her breath was an instant improvement. We would NEVER feed her anything else. It has worked a miracle for her as she has MANY allergies to MANY food options. May 23, 2014
Helps my dog with allergies My dog has allergies to chicken & beef, and this product has worked great for him to overcome his allergy & still get nutritious food in his belly! May 22, 2014
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