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w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal - Dry

Weight control, glucose management, and digestive support for dogs prone to excess weight gain
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal 4.8 5 101 101
Great food for my dogs health My Weimaraner has issues with her stomach. This is the only food I have found that helps her to be healthy and not have diarrhea. It costs a little more but it is worth it. Thank you. September 18, 2013
WD Prescription food is great I have a diabetic dog and for 4 days I had to use something from a pet store that they said was ok for diabetic dogs. Well let me tell you it was not, his blood sugar was normal and then 4 days later it went up above 500. It took several months to get it back down to normal and as long as I leave him on Hill's Science diet WD prescription dog food, his blood sugar stays perfect. Please tell all the vets who sale this to recommend this to their customers with diabetic dogs, I realize it is very expensive, but well worth it. I wish it was a bit less expensive, but the difference it has made for our Bammer and that we still have him is worth the special dog food, special treats and the insulin he must have each day to keep him here with us. He is worth the price and love that big dog to pieces. I highly recommend this dog food! July 8, 2013
This product is beneficial to your pet ! Since putting my miniature schnauzer on this type of food, she has regained her puppy stature. She has more energy, more playful and is one happy dog. The vet said might have trouble transitioning because of taste. Let me tell you !!!! She inhaled it. She loved it better than anything we ever gave her. Very pleased with this food. I may pay a little more, but I know I am feeding my dog food that is good for her in many ways. Thanks Hills ! you gave me my happy, vibrant and energetic doggie back ! June 30, 2013
I recommend Hills to all Dog lovers! Thank You Hills, Our beloved family dog SPARKY has been fed table food along with plain old bland dry dog food for most of his life. And since gained 15lbs more than his normal weight, plus he was diagnosed with diabetes miletus several months ago. Our vet immediately put him on insulin and Hills Prescription diet W/D Canine low fat dry dog food. This has tremendously balanced his food intake and is also helping with his diabetes. Without Hills Sparky might not be here today, I don't know what I'd do without my partner. He is such a good dog, having regained his youthful playfulness. Thank You Hills. April 21, 2014
Lillie is always hungry, and always eats w/d She was diagnosed with pancreatitis, and has remained healthy in part by her diet of w/d. She did not need to lose weight, but requires a low fat diet. She gets a larger portion than she would of a non- diet food, and always cruises for morsels the cats drop or table scraps. April 20, 2014
The Schnoodles love it This is an excellent product for your pet. I have been using it for years and have never had any problems. The dogs love it and they are always at a health weight. April 15, 2014
My dog really enjoys the new food when introduced and had no problem switching from her normal food. It seems to be working as recommended. My Westie was diagonised with Diabetes and that is the reason the Vet. recommended this Dog Food. My only issue is that it is only sold through a Vet and not where other Hill's Science Dog Foods are sold. Therefore they can charge a non-competative price! April 14, 2014
Dog food extending my dogs life One of my dogs was recently diagnosed by our vet with a medical condition that the RX food is keeping his lab levels within normal range that will help to extend his life along side a wonderful quality of life. I had not previously used this brand of dog food but have been so impressed with it's results that i have now switched all my other dogs to this brand of dog food to meet their needs with the help of my vet! April 12, 2014
exelent This product my dog seems to like very much. I thought because it was a wd brand the dog would not like it like my other dogs when we had to use a prescription brand food. I recommend hills science Wd to dog owners if it is needed April 5, 2014
This is a wonderful product for any dog that has a digestive problem like our older male did. WD has been excellent in maintaining our Golden Retrievers weight as well as his digestive problems. I always felt so sorry for him when I could hear the gas just rumbling around in his stomach when he was just lying on the floor. We knew he was in pain. We put him on the WD and he has been on it for 2 years now and he is a much happier, healthier pet and we don't have to put up with the awful smelly gas any more. Thank you Hills Science for such a wonderful product. March 26, 2014
The Nutritional ingredients Knowing that you can rely on having the right diet for your diabetic dog, takes a lot of pressure off when it comes to planning her meals. With this in mind, you do not have to waste time deciding what to feed your pet. March 25, 2014
Good product Product was recommended by my vet and seems to work well. March 23, 2014
The perfect food for my dog. Prescription Diet WD is the only food on the market which is listed as having low magnesium content which my dog medically requires. It avoids the weight gain brought on by using c/d which we've tried. WD has also made our dog start acting like she's a puppy again. She is more energetic and acts like she feels she's on top of the world. March 22, 2014
My dogs love the flavor I have 2 cairn terriers who had a bad case of pancreatitis before they turned 2. After wonderful care from our vet the girls were put on Hills WD prescription diet .They are now 8 years old and continue to eat Hills WD exclusively.Even the treats they are given are Hills product. After almost loosing both of them I am so grateful that they are eating a food that has prevented them from having any additional espisodes, they dance around waiting for their dishes to be put down, still loving the taste of the dry food.They will continue on Hills Prescription diet for the rest of their lives.I feel good knowing that they are eating a food that they like and also that they are getting all the nutrition they need with out any ingredients that could be harmful for them or cause a pancreatitis episode. March 21, 2014
Healthy diet Our dog was finiky and had some gastrointestinal issues common with schnauzers. When we put him on wd-he devoured his meals and had no tummy issue. March 17, 2014
Great palatability! My dog constantly is taking plates off of the table and getting into the garbage. WD is a life-saver, it's like concrete in a can and eliminates trips to the vet for costly medications since I can have it on hand for when she gets diarrhea. March 16, 2014
Does what it's supposed to My dog was having issues with constant bacterial overgrowth which in turn resulted in messy stool. Since we have been feeding him Hill's WD, he has had no issues whatsoever. The product is definitely expensive, however it is worth it to ensure my dog's gastrointestinal happiness!! March 14, 2014
It has what diabetic pets need. perfect ingredients for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our dogs. March 11, 2014
Oscar has lost and maintained his weight Oscar, a basset hound, weighed 85 pounds at one point and is now down to 65 pounds, thanks to Science Diet W/D and controlled portions twice per day. March 11, 2014
WD cured my dog's diarrhea. Adopted Boomer, minature schnauser, 5 years ago. He almost immediatlely was lethargic, not drinking water, had diarrhea and a very picky eater. Vet diagnosed him with pancreaitis. With IVs, etc he was better but still had diarrhea. Adding Hills Prescription Diet WD cleared the diarrhea.took him for yearly-up and he is very healthy, has excellent body tone and muscle. Thanks for the ability to print the $7.00 coupon, sure comes in handy!! March 11, 2014
Great product! This food keeps my dog healthy and happy. Wish it was a little less expensive. March 9, 2014
Has kept Kayla out of the hospital and lean for 5 years! Has kept Kayla out of the hospital and lean for 5 years! It has been a relief March 5, 2014
Great Product While slightly more expensive than what I used to pay for dog food, my dog has been diabetic for 8 years and Hills Prescription Science Diet helps to keep her glucose levels where they should be. She has also managed to maintain the same weight over the course of her life, plus she enjoys the food. Would definitely recommend this product! March 5, 2014
My dog lives on Prescription Diet My vet recommended Prescription Diet when I discovered my French Bulldog had a very sensitive stomach. Ever since we switched, she loves her food & never has any digestive issues. Which is saying a lot for a Frenchie! It's not the cheapest food, but then again, I wouldn't want to eat the cheapest food on the shelf either. After 3 years, I can't imagine feeding her anything else. The vet says she is a happy & healthy dog. Thanks Prescription Diet! February 27, 2014
Must be tasty! All my girls love this food, even though only one is diabetic. The other 2 wait and hope she leaves a few bites in her bowl. I would feed it to all of them if I could afford it. Scruffie enjoys both the dry w/d and the canned w/d. She gets a small portion of both for breakfast and supper. February 25, 2014
This product is great for my dogs My dogs really like it,and I think it keeps them healthy!! With having 4 dogs enjoying it,wish it was a little cheaper,but I know it's good quality food for them. Robin February 21, 2014
Great product for dogs with diabetic My dog loves the food. It help her gasteric issues within a few days. It helps her sugar level stay consistent. February 19, 2014
preciption diet w/d Also it has glucose which keeps her blood levels were it should be. This a excellent food for my dog it helps her in so many ways, and its excellent complete and balanced.She gets all the nutrition that she needs plus her digestion and its low fat. And its a healthy dog food.If your dog has issue i would really recommend to finding out on the information of prescription diet food. I highly recommend this food to anyone. Talk to your veterinarian today February 18, 2014
I buy it because I have too. The dog food is expensive and I have to have a prescription making it difficult to purchase. I would by less expensive food if my dog didn't needed it. February 16, 2014
Weight reduction I adopted a miniature dachshund from an elderly lady and her belly was dragging on the ground from being obese. W/D was a life saver, as I watched the pounds shed off her. She now breathes better and is able to walk without her belly touching the ground February 11, 2014
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