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w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal - Dry

Weight control, glucose management, and digestive support for dogs prone to excess weight gain
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal 4.7 5 177 177
Great food for my dogs health My Weimaraner has issues with her stomach. This is the only food I have found that helps her to be healthy and not have diarrhea. It costs a little more but it is worth it. Thank you. September 18, 2013
WD Prescription food is great I have a diabetic dog and for 4 days I had to use something from a pet store that they said was ok for diabetic dogs. Well let me tell you it was not, his blood sugar was normal and then 4 days later it went up above 500. It took several months to get it back down to normal and as long as I leave him on Hill's Science diet WD prescription dog food, his blood sugar stays perfect. Please tell all the vets who sale this to recommend this to their customers with diabetic dogs, I realize it is very expensive, but well worth it. I wish it was a bit less expensive, but the difference it has made for our Bammer and that we still have him is worth the special dog food, special treats and the insulin he must have each day to keep him here with us. He is worth the price and love that big dog to pieces. I highly recommend this dog food! July 8, 2013
This product is beneficial to your pet ! Since putting my miniature schnauzer on this type of food, she has regained her puppy stature. She has more energy, more playful and is one happy dog. The vet said might have trouble transitioning because of taste. Let me tell you !!!! She inhaled it. She loved it better than anything we ever gave her. Very pleased with this food. I may pay a little more, but I know I am feeding my dog food that is good for her in many ways. Thanks Hills ! you gave me my happy, vibrant and energetic doggie back ! June 30, 2013
This product was prescribed by my vet for medical reasons. My dog seems to like the flavor of this food. She has been on the dry and canned for eight months and I have been quite satisfied with it. A little pricey but it's what the "doctor" ordered. August 21, 2014
My dog loves this food When my dog was diagnosed as diabetic and I had to change his food I was worried he wouldn't eat this new food. As it turns out he loves it and has no problem licking his bowl clean. August 14, 2014
Excellent product My weim dropped almost 20 lbs in a year using this product. As she is a senior, the weight loss was very beneficial to her health and well-being. I add the same prescription wet food to her feedings along with the dry to give her a little variety. She reminds me when it's time to eat by dumping her bowl upside down! I would recommend this low-fat dog food for anyone who has a senior dog or a dog with weight management problems. August 13, 2014
Not as great as the canned I discovered when feeding this dry food, my dog didn't like it. She wouldn't finish her food and when I did get her to eat it, it was not as effective at maintaining my dog's glucose level. August 12, 2014
pet bored with taste. appears my pet has tired of the only one flavor available at most stores selling the prescription canine line. frequently needs broth or other additives to get him to eat. :( August 11, 2014
We all like it With our Vet's recommendation, we put both of our Yorkshires on this diet to lessen the chance of repeating Pancreatitis on Ginger. She did quite well for several more years and now Nyla continues with the same feeding regimine. Mixing canned with dry and a spoonful of yogurt, she can't wait to eat. It tastes a little plain to me, but she eats every last bite down to licking the bowl clean. Our cat Grace' also eats a few bits at times. Thans Hills and God Bless. The Webers August 10, 2014
Product is exactly as prescribed. Hills WD was recommended by my Veterinarian for multiple dogs with varying health needs. WD has been beneficial in each case. July 29, 2014
Our diabetic dog loves her food. Both products are great, BUT I don't understand why you limit the number of coupons I can have. We have two dogs who are both on Rx food and it does tend to get expensive. The coupons take a little sting out of the price and now that I'm a loyal customer, I don't get the discount anymore. July 29, 2014
Great product, must be delicious! My dog is a picky eater but she runs to the food bowl. July 27, 2014
Very good food!!! We now have our Baileydog back after her gastrointestinal issues. This food, proboitics and some great advise from our vet is just what she needed. Thanks Hills Prescription Diet.. Brian Schmidt July 24, 2014
The product is great for small dogs and proper bowels. My Beagle was experiencing allot of trouble with his glands. This food worked great for his diet! I think people avoid these foods for more affordable options. July 24, 2014
Merlin is diabetic and he loves this food. Thanks for a great product - price could be better - but we are very happy with the product for him. July 24, 2014
Great for my dogs needs This is a great product for my pet. It is pricey, but it is worth it for my pets needs. It took awhile for my dog to get used to the taste, but whatever it takes to keep my dog healthy and happy. July 21, 2014
Good pet food - high price Lucky likes the food and eats good. It is a little high priced for our budget - but needed for his condition. July 20, 2014
Great for all size dogs. Our little dog is a Diabetic, so a special diet is important for him. He loves the dry W/D with a little chicken broth and sometimes with a little boiled chicken. He's a good guy and deserves the best we can give him. July 19, 2014
This product helps my dog with her health issues. My dog loves it and it is obvious how it helps her. July 18, 2014
this product has been a life saver for my dog my dog has never eaten dry dog food. i have tried every kind on the market, so when the vet told me he needed to be on the w/d dry food i didn't know how i would get him to eat it. i took it home and poured him some out in a bowl and he devoured it. he is constantly wanting more. i couldn't believe it. thank you for having such a wonderful product! July 18, 2014
My dog likes the taste, I do think its expensive though. I do like the fact that my dog does like the taste, but don't understand also why it needs a prescription in order to get this. July 16, 2014
Happy Dogs, Happy life! Our two Chocolate Labs eat WD. Their bowel movements are predictable and solid. They love it. I love it as I can pretty much predict the outcome of their meal. There is zero gas associated with WD and my animals. We tried a few others before we came to WD and I can tell you that gas from two labs is no fun! I gave the value for the money a 4 out of 5 just because the cost is high. Having two large dogs, we go through two large bags a month. It adds up. But they are happy, healthy and their coats look great. They are worth it! July 15, 2014
This product was recommended by our vet. Great product, dog loves it, keeps her weight down. However this product is expensive and appreciate when I can use a coupon. We may have to change her food due to this ongoing expense after reading reviews of less expensive food which offer the same results. July 14, 2014
My dog loves it! I used to call her my "little pot belly pig." After being on the weight management food, she is back to ber nornal weight and has more energy. July 13, 2014
Larger Bag Needed My aging pets and I are enjoying having the prescription purple dog food. MY problem is NOT having a larger bag. I would prefer to buy larger than a 20 - 25 lb bag. I would prefer a fifty lb bag because I would not need to go to the Vet to buy dog food once a month. July 12, 2014
This product is great I started feeding W/D Hill's Prescription dog food to our dog per our Vets recommendation because, our pet was having problems with his current food causing him to get an upset stomach with lots of gas which was very bad and he was getting a little chubby. As soon as we started him on this dog food our dog showed immediate relief from all the stomach upset also he has trimmed down a lot, he now acts younger and is healthier. We couldn't be more happier with this dog food. We are very glad our Vet recommended this product to us and now we would never feed anything else to our dog. Thanks Science Diet! July 12, 2014
It worked to lower my obese dogs weight. I am pleased with the results, but deeply concerned about the price. Though my dog eats less now, the price is still steep for a senior living on limited budget. July 10, 2014
This product is very healthy This product has made it easy to help my dog dog maintain her glucose levels & weight management...without this product it would be very daunting to figure out the right amount that would keep my dog healthy! July 9, 2014
This food was just want my 10 yr old dog needed to take off a few pounds and give him more fiber. I have one dog on w/d and another on z/d ultra. These foods keep both of them healthy and looking forward to their next meal. I never have to worry about them wanting to eat. Sometimes I even give them a few bites as a treat. Great product which delivers what it says it can do. July 9, 2014
Great product! This seems to be doing the job for my diabetic dog. She's been on it for over a year along with insulin and seems to be very regulated. July 7, 2014
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