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w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal with Chicken - Dry

Weight control, glucose management, and digestive support for dogs prone to excess weight gain
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal with Chicken 4.6 5 36 36
My Dog Eats All of Her Food! My dog loves the chicken! She is trim and active and really healthy! October 16, 2013
This product is for my diabetic mini poodle! Teddy, our mini poodle, kept drinking water and urinating constantly. We took him to the vet and to our surprise, he was a diabetic. Our vet suggested this prescription WD food, in addition to his twice daily insulin shots, and Teddy has remained on it ever since. I sometimes soften it with water since he is almost 14 years old and it is hard for him to crunch on these. It can be pricey but it is well worth it to know that this is a good food for our diabetic pooch. I can tell you that it will make his stool hard. As a matter of fact, the owner of the kennel that we sometimes take Teddy to, told me that this is what she feeds to the dogs that have diarrhea, as it hardens their stool. October 14, 2013
Product is well liked by my girl. After learning that my Lab is Diabetic and putting her on the W/D food, I have been able to keep her sugar levels under control with insulin and this prescription food. Any other food is not an option for the health and well being of my girl. Thank you!!! May 29, 2013
Both dogs have done well on this food Both dogs have done well on this food, results are quickly observable when coupled with exercise April 18, 2014
This product does the trick. My dog has Cushings so he had to be put on the prescription diet food (can and dry). He loves the food, cleans his bowl everytime. :) Although, I wish it wasn't so expensive and I wish Hills would promote more coupons. April 8, 2014
great My dog loves it.he can't wait till we give it to him April 5, 2014
Beneficial, targeted products for pet health issues. W/D has been part or all of the diets of two German shepherds over a span of years, benefiting their delicate digestive systems and helping to keep their weight down. My vet recently recommended combining W/D with J/D (mobility) for one 8-year-old shepherd and I'm extremely pleased with the results. March 28, 2014
Not sure just yet. I am new to this food. My dog was diagnosed as diabetic in December. He is still getting use to this new food. I just am very sad that your company doesn't have treats for him. I have been using your wet WD food as his treat in his kong. He has to have insulin 2 times a day and the reward is his kong. March 18, 2014
Recommended by vet Two of my dogs use this product for medical purposes. My vet recommended it. February 28, 2014
Love this food! I put one of my dogs on W/D dry chicken flavor due to her always having loose stool. It worked so well for her that I put all 3 dogs on it. They all really like it and now all 3 have firmer stool and much less gassy. I would recommend that all healthy dogs use this as it also helps maintain their weight. February 27, 2014
It help with diebetic controls but very costly its the only product my dog can use because of his diabetic. The product is costly for the size of the bags. February 26, 2014
Works Great I have my Rottie on W/D because of his problem. He will have to be on it all the time. Food does GREAT for him. He has NEVER had problems anymore. Of course the only bad part , is the price. Very expensive. Thank goodness for the coupons, but still. Thank you for making good healthy food for my dog and for others. Just wish the price wasn't as high. February 13, 2014
Good product, but..... Decent food, but I'm disappointed that it uses corn, chicken meal, (which I interpret as ground up bones and legs), and chicken by products. I feel that for the price of this food it should contain higher quality ingredients. The additives you put in it are great. February 10, 2014
the product has helped keep my dog's weight in check My dog has enjoyed this food for years. It has helped keep her weight under control and she enjoys the taste. Great product. February 4, 2014
Keeping My Dog Healthy! My little Shi-Poo dog was having early on health conditions not common for her breed, but expected bkz she was a rescue pup in poor health when rescued. By one year old, she recovered from many of her health problems, and by two years old and the daily use of the Hill's W/D, she hasn't had any more health issues related to her first year of life. I credit the Hill's W/D for that! She enjoys the food, and a 17# bag lasts about four months, so we store it in an air tight container to keep it's freshness. January 26, 2014
works great, but very expensive I have used r/d dry then w/d dry and cans for my two labs for 6 or 7 years. It does work to help with weight loss and weight maintenance. My dogs love it, but it has cost me dearly. The price continues to rise constantly and/or the size of the bags decrease. January 25, 2014
Dog eats with no problems Good for him and his health issues. As an elderly dog with weight issues he is responding to this product. January 11, 2014
Great product delivers on claims My dog had crystals in her urine but once we switched to Hills Prescription w/d, she has not had any more urinary problems. December 29, 2013
This product is excellent This product works as prescribed my dog has been healthy ever sinc using this product . December 26, 2013
this product is good for my dog. my dog has to have this dog food,best food for a diabetic. December 12, 2013
This product did not lower my dog's glucose levels any more than less expensive dog foods on the market I recently used the Hills Prescription Diet w/d dry formula in hopes that it would help lower my dog's glucose levels. Although this food was more than five times the price of previous foods i had tried, it was recommended by my veterinarian to help lower canine glucose levels. Eager to try a possible aid, I fed my dog exclusively the specified food (following the feeding directions carefully) for over two months, only to find that while my pocketbook was thinner, my dog's insulin intake had increased instead of decreasing by any amount. After deciding to look for one of the reasons this food had failed its designed purpose, I checked the ingredients and was extremely dissapointed to discover that the first ingredient of the specified food was corn. Needless to say, I was displeased with this product's lack of lowering glucose levels, and being much more expensive than the common store brands. December 10, 2013
The best weight management dog food on the market I have 2 Goldens and their weight control is maintained with food they really enjoy. The secondary plus is the fiber helps them and me for their potty control. It goes through their system and provides a wonderful coat of hair. They have tried other products just to return to Hill's p/d. December 8, 2013
My dog loves food and its working Food is keeping my dogs glucose levels rgulated as well as his weight December 6, 2013
This product has the right size nugget for small & large dogs I love WD dog food, my dogs have been very happy with this food. It has the best fiber and nutritional content on the market. I have sucsessfully gotten a few friends and neighbors to try and they love it as well. November 7, 2013
No more vet bills My beagle Lucy has pancreatitis and needs a low fat diet. Being that there really is no regulations on pet food buying dry food was a dangerous thing for her. She would end up at the vet with a flare up from eating fatty store bought food after a few months. My vet recommended Prescription Diet W/D and at first I was concerned at the price. What if she wouldn't eat it? Lucy ate it, loved it and it didn't cause her to have any stomach problems. November 4, 2013
Great food choice for diabetics Although alittle pricey it is great for my pup that has diabetes! October 27, 2013
Great Food For Our Three Dogs! Our three dogs love W/D dry and canned. They have maintained good health with using W/D Chicken dry and canned. October 23, 2013
Product is good for diabetic dog Our vet suggested that we feed this to our now diabetic dog. He likes the flavor but it can be expensive. I try and download a coupon from the Hillspet website prior to purchasing it from our vet. Overall, I am pleased with feeding this product to our pooch, but wish it was not so expensive. October 15, 2013
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