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Hill's® Prescription Diet® u/d® Canine Non-Struvite Urinary Tract Health 4.6 5 17 17
u/d is the right size and taste seems apparent by my dog The u/d prescription dog food provides my 11 year old wire fox terrier with the nutrition and taste he likes. It also seems to aid in his control of reducing bladder stone recurrence. Overall the quality is excellent and my dog looks forward to meal time. October 30, 2013
prevents stones We have had two Dalmations, one lived to 13 and the other currently is 10. Both males. We have fed both of them the UD product their whole lives. They seem to like it and I believe it has prevented costly vet bills to deal with stones and other problems associated with this breed. Cost is a little high but worth it in the long run. October 30, 2013
Fairly new user My adult male dalmation recently developed bladder stones to the point of needing emergency surgery. He did quite well, recovery was quick and he's doing great. This was something new for me, even though I've been a dog owner for many years. My vet recommeneded that my dog's best chance of his bladder stones not returning was to feed him UD Rx diet. I quite willingly want to do the very best I can for him and feed him what is rec. He loves the product, always licks the bowl. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone in need of a special diet for their beloved cannine. ;-) August 5, 2013
Recommended by veterinarian for kidney problems with my miniature Schnauzer It has been several years since my dog had surgery for kidney stones which had shredded his bladder. Since the surgery I have used U/D Prescription Dog Food exclusively for him. My vet has even remarked that he was surprised that we have not had more problems - I credit the U/D Prescription Dog Food. HOWEVER, it is terribly expensive - I can see where some dog owners would not use it just because of the cost. Some could not afford it. April 16, 2014
Good product fair price Our dog (13 years old) had bladder surgery for stones and was put on a canned food.Since starting the Hills CD dry food she has made a full recovery and loves the food. Thank You April 15, 2014
The U/D dry dog fod has seem to help our Dalmatian. The U/D dry dog food has seem to help our Dalmatian. January 7, 2014
U/D prescription dry dog food I feed my dog U/D dry dog food because she is passing calcium oxilates in her urine. She has been eating it for a couple monthsnow and it seems to be working great. She loves the dry food and I use the wet food to make baked treats for her. The quality of the food is high and I would recommend this brand to anyone. December 27, 2013
My Dog really this food. It agrees with Zoie's system. Helps her urinary tract. No more going outside durning the night. Ya! Most of all Zoie is not in pain. :) December 12, 2013
My dog loves the taste and it saves his life Hill's U/D definitely helps with the prevention of bladder stones with my 14 year German Shepard November 23, 2013
The food is pricey but keeps my best friend healthy 10 years ago my doggie became very ill urinating a bloody discharge and became very lathargic. We had to rush to Veterinary hospital since his life was on the line. We since have used priscription dog food for him to be okay and no complications. September 10, 2013
My dog like its better than the UD canned food I wish they made it in smaller bites as my dog is small and has an underbite. He sometimes has trouble biting and chewing the food as the chunks are a little large. September 9, 2013
excellent product,my dog loves it, but it is costly,and my husband & I are on a fixed income excellent product,dog loves it,but it is costly,and I have to buy at our Vet's office. September 8, 2013
This product works great for my dog. My dog has not had bladder stones since being on this product. I would highly recommend this food if your dog is having problems with stones. August 29, 2013
This food does the trick. My dog eats it and doesn't have the allergic reaction he did to the other prescription diet food I tried. The other was a corn base and this one has more rice. August 28, 2013
Too high of price My dog have over 30 stones. After spending over $1000 in surgery he now has to be on a special diet. He is prescribed science diet u/d for the rest of his life. He is only 2 years old and a 70 lb dalmatian. Too high of a price for people to feed only this dog food. Looking forward discounts in the future!! August 17, 2013
The only food for My Tyson I have a lab and pit mix, he is three and has had three surgery's for stone already. Science diet U/D dry and can has made a big difference, along with a drug called Thiola. the cost is not cheap between the three, we spend about two hundred a month for food and meds, on this dog only. but we have already put about two grand into him just in vet bills. science diet is great food but very expensive, we could use some help in that department! March 13, 2013
This product is great I have a 11yr old Yorkie who had to have surgery to remove bladder stones. After this life saving surgery my Vet put my dog on the U/D formula of dog food with strict instructions that he was to only eat this. Well, my concern being that my dog is very picky about his food and at times would just refuse it; I was very concerned that he would not eat this dog food. I purchased the dry and wet food from my Vet and to my surprise my dog LOVES this food !!! He has had more urine tests and still no stones. Also, since he cannot have "store bought dog treats" I use the wet food as his treat and with its texture it works great. Thank you for such a wonderful product.. February 4, 2013
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