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Hill's® Prescription Diet® t/d® Canine Dental Health 4.7 5 22 22
My dogs love t/d! I've tried several foods (since I work in the veterinary field). Prescription Diet t/d is the favorite in my household. Even my small pomeranians eat the regular (versus small bite) version, and it's helped to reduce tartar and the need for dental cleanings! December 19, 2013
My dog loves his t/d bites as food and treats! My dog Samsun (2 year old Boxador) loves his new t/d bites, during the "transition" phase Samsun left all of his old food and only ate the new yummy bites! The kibble size is perfect for giving as a treat and a meal. Seeing my dog happy makes me happy plus the added bonus that its cleaning his teeth and he doesn't even know it! August 23, 2013
works great I have three dogs on the this product, two just had dental cleanings and the tarter was not bad this time. This product works great and really helped, i highly recomend it July 15, 2013
Clean Teeth Dogs will have clean teeth though. This product contains soy and more research is needed on the health benefits of soy to dogs when making soy such a large proportion their diet. March 24, 2014
All 3 of my Chinese Cresteds love the TD Large Bites My little 6 lb takes a piece and taunts the other two as she guards it under her head. If i need to pick her up i have to take that piece with me or she gets bent out of shape. She trained the other two to do the same, they love it so much. I feel the TD large bites are a nutritional way to clean my Cresteds' teeth as i feed them. Cresteds are known for their poor dentition. Dear Hills, please don't ever stop making the TD large bites or all of my dogs will be very sad. March 16, 2014
This product is great for my dogs teeth and breath I can't believe what a difference this product at made in my dogs teeth and breath and she loves the taste!!! I have told all my friends who have pets. I also love that there is always an online coupon. February 20, 2014
Good for Kongs This product is a little pricey, but just the right size to stuff in large Kongs. My dog (and his friends) considers them treats so the bag lasts a little longer on a tight budget and gives my dog enjoyment for a while getting them out of his Kong when I leave. February 11, 2014
Hill's dental health t/d in dry form works as claimed! My miniature dachshund has, in the past, had dental problems, even leading to some teeth needing extracting. Our veterinarian suggested feeding him Hill's Dental Health t/d, dry, as a possible solution. For more than a year, he has been eating Hill's Dental Health t/d in dry form. He just had his annual physical and our vet remarked how clean his teeth are now. He does not like me to brush his teeth, so I have been relying on Hill's t/d to be effective. I am happy to say that Hill's claims are accurate. I will continue to feed my dachshund, as well as his "brother," our 4 year old "Maltoodle," Hill's dental health products. I am grateful that this product has been developed; I can rely on t/d to keep my little guys healthy. And they love the taste and the crunch. February 7, 2014
For your dog's brightest smile TD is an excellent diet. My dog loves it so much, I can give it as a treat. The most amazing thing about this food is it's ability to keep her teeth clean; it even can pull tarter off of her teeth! If you have difficulty brushing your dog's teeth, this good is a great alternative!!! February 4, 2014
Love love love this My dogs go crazy over this food. I live the fact that it helps keep their teeth clean also. They will do anything for some t/d. February 4, 2014
has really helped our dogs tartar build up and prevent a dental cleaning. excellent and has improved our dogs dental health. January 24, 2014
Perfect for our dog! The best food! Helps our dog maintain good dental health. January 18, 2014
Essential part of home dental care As a vet I consider T/D an essential part of home dental care. If the pet is doing well on their current food I recommend giving T/D as treats to help keep their teeth clean, and they love the taste. January 16, 2014
Vet recommended - Dog approved! T/D is my dogs fav - he loves to toss the large kibbles around and chase them for a bit before he devours them, almost like he is making the enjoyment of each kibble last just a little bit longer. January 3, 2014
Makes dental hygiene easy This is so much easier then trying to brush my dogs teeth and he loves getting them as a treat. We call them his "corn nuts" and he goes crazy for them. December 19, 2013
This prescription diet is great to help promote complete oral care for your pet This prescription diet helps remove plaque and is great when used in conjunction with other home oral care such as brushing. December 19, 2013
T/D = good oral health = happy dog i like that these are large chunks for my dog to chew, hoping it helps with prevention of plaque. But the bag either comes in 25 or 5 lb bags. I would prefer it a size in between. December 12, 2013
Great food All if my dogs enjoy it. Happy dogs and clean Teeth October 13, 2013
A few issues The product works great, however, the seal on the bag is very cheap. I have gotten it to seal, but it takes forever. Also, the product dries up really fast then my dog refuses to eat it. I don't blame him, in order for him to eat it we have to break it up...with a hammer. I got some from the bottom of the bag later and he eats that without us breaking it. October 4, 2013
Excellent and both of my dogs love Would recommend it for dogs that won't allow brushing September 28, 2013
Not working as I had hoped My dog is a large 48 lb Sheltie. I started this food as she has a problem with plague build up. I use an additive in her water, brush teeth daily,teeth professionally cleaned once a year. This food has prevented some of the plague build up problem but her teeth are still badly stained, gums red, build up is evident. Vet says she will need another cleaning. I am very dissappointed. She has been fed this product for over 1 year.It is the only food she gets. Feeding 3 cups a day and it is a fight to keep her weight in check. March 4, 2013
It really helps keep my dog's teeth clean! I haven't had to have her teeth cleaned in several years - worth every penny. I recommend using it as a supplement or a treat. My dog gets 8-10 nuggets a day along with her Advanced Nutrition Science Diet - that's all she needs to keep her teeth looking good. February 28, 2013
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