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r/d® Canine Weight Loss-Low Calorie - Dry

Weight reduction for overweight dogs.
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® r/d® Canine Weight Loss-Low Calorie 4.7 5 74 74
This is the only product for my dog My min-pin is a diabetic and my vet prescribed this for her. She has been on it for years and is doing very good for her. I really thank you for the coupon I found on your site since the price of your food has increased in price and decreased in size. Thank you again for helping me keep my baby around a lot longer with your good food for her condition. November 13, 2013
This is an excellent, well balanced food for dogs. We own 4 geriatric dachsunds, ages from 9-15. All of them were overweight and 3 of the 4 were experiencing back and hip problems. Our vet recommended this dog food after our youngest had a vestibular stroke. Two weeks after they began their new dog food all had lost 2 pounds each. Its been a month now and all of our dogs are behaving like puppies again. They have lost between 3-5 lbs. and their coats are shiny and soft. We always thought they were pretty healthy but the changes in their behavior and looks is astonishing. Thank you so much for their amazing makeover and their improved quality of life! October 28, 2013
The product works! My dog has been overweight for years. A Vet suggested this food and she has finally lost 4lbs. She looks fantastic! September 26, 2013
so far so good my pug has lost 2 pounds since feb. hopefully he will lose a few more. September 14, 2014
Gave Ringo new life. I adopted Ringo at 14 years of age, at that time he weighed 75 lbs and had little inclination to move. We figured we were giving him a place to live out his last few months. After 1 year of feeding a strict measured diet, he was down to 43 lbs. At his new weight, he was much more energetic, much to my cats dismay. We are now 3 years later and he keeps on trucking. We did transition him to another diet to help his arthritis after his weight loss success. Thanks for helping us give quality life to an old man. September 2, 2014
Product works as promised…dog loses weight! Although a somewhat expensive product, this dry dog food accomplishes the goal of weight reduction while keeping dog satisfied that they have a full stomach. For a real "chow hound" (this dog happens to be a Chow), it is an essential part of keeping her healthy. August 25, 2014
Great product This food really works in controlling our dogs weight in a HEALTHY way. He loves it!! August 18, 2014
This product is great but hard to keep on one dog when you have multiple. Overall the product is good, we recommend it at my work for over weight pets, we have seen some good results with our patients especially the one who other diets didn't work. August 10, 2014
Must taste good cause he likes it I give this to my Doxie and he loves it. I also give him the wet food as well with his evening feeding I take a teaspoon of wet food and mix into his dry ( removing some of the dry to make up for the wet) He loves this food. I am seeing an improvement in his weight. I will check his weight for sure. August 6, 2014
Very good product but very expensive The product does what is expected to do but for a family that can't afford the amount of money that is required, I could see pet owners taking another avenue for their pets. August 1, 2014
Works well but not sure about ingredients. It helps take the weight off but do not like feeding by-product meal. July 15, 2014
You get what you pay for It is costly dog food to purchase but overall has a great result in the end. less food and weight loss achieved. July 11, 2014
Small bites, appears to have a great taste Since starting my dog on this food, as suggested by my vet, my pet has lost 30 pounds. He appears to be much healthier. July 10, 2014
R/D Dog loves this product but the cost has gone way too high. I am looking for an alternative product at a lower price July 8, 2014
Three weeks and obvious weight loss Pia is a retriever mix who is active. She has increased energy along with some weight loss. A definite difference. July 7, 2014
Product has really worked to lose weight My 10 year old Labrador was 5 pounds over weight . She is an English lab so small . Should be around 50 to 52 pounds . Started having a little joint problem . We having been feeding her a cup of dry food twice a day for years now and she is looking great down in weight and no limping . Has never refused her meals, bit she is a lab . July 5, 2014
Prescription diet food it great! My min pincher has been on this for over two years now. She has lost six pounds was 19 lbs now 13 lbs. I also give her some of the wet diet can food. She is losing slowly and very healthy. If I could get my husband to quit the treats I'm sure she would have lost more. She should be 10 lbs. She was a rescue dog. July 2, 2014
Dogs like it but it's a bit pricey Our first dog had to start eating R/D because of his weight issues. When we got our second dog we decided to have him eat the same food. It must taste good because they've been eating it for 10+ years. The only issue is the price. It is awfully expensive, but I haven't shopped for other dog food so I'm not sure how comparable the price is with other diet brands. Thankfully, Hill's website allows you to download a coupon BUT are very restrictive when doing so. I think they should provide some type of rewards program for their long-time customers. July 1, 2014
no more sensitive stomach My dog's weight is fine, but she has a sensitive stomach, and this food agrees with her. She loves it, and doesn't eat grass anymore. June 30, 2014
really works well really works on weight control and can serve almost as much as dog requires. 150 lbs. Newfoundland. Been using it for years. Only wish that Hines would quit reducing bag poundage and increasing price. June 13, 2014
Diet Dog Food My dogs have really lost alot of weight using this diet dog food. Also seem to like it just fine. June 2, 2014
This product really works! I use both the dry and canned r/d for my dog and she has lost the weight she needed to and maintained the weight for 3 years. This has been a very effective product and she likes it. May 28, 2014
I love this product. My husband caused my dog to become overweight by feeding too much human and pet food, after he passed away, I tried several different foods to try to help her loose weight and nothing worked. Since she has been on the Hill Science diet prescription metabolic dogfood, her weight loss has been slow but steady. Which I find amazing because of her knee injury and surgery she has had limited mobility, but still is loosing weight. This is a before photo of Millie at her top weight of 97lbs. She is now at 75lbs but still has a ways to go. May 19, 2014
My dog likes this food I feel this product is high priced and you won;t allow customers to print more coupons for these products. I am considering buying a different brand of food which I would not like to do because my dog really likes your food. May 17, 2014
Hills R/D Hills R/D has really helped my dogs lose weight. They also seem to really like it. It's a little spendy but it is worth it to keep the fat off my dogs. May 9, 2014
Great product but extremely expensive. This seems to be a good product and has helped our lab lose weight but is very expensive. I would give this 5 stars except the cost caused me to give it 4. May 4, 2014
Excellent food My Pug is my baby and I only feed him the best because I want a healthy pet that will be part of our family for many many years. He is 11 years old and he has energy and is in great health. Good food means a longer happier healthier life April 27, 2014
Food is helping my dog lose weight. The dog food is helping my dog lose weight. He is a terrier and loves to eat. He was overweight and this is helping to lose weight and feel better. He has been on it a couple months and it is starting to show it. Happy to have been recommend by my vet! April 22, 2014
Good for Dog But a Little Pricey Both our dogs have been using R/D for years. One had a weight problem, and when we got the other one we just started him on it. Obviously they enjoy the taste because they let us know when it's feeding time. The biggest issue is the cost. I highly recommend going to Hill's website to download the coupon before purchasing your supply. Just remember Hill's limits their coupons but now does allow me to print different ones for the dog food and the cat food. A while back they didn't allow that. To my knowledge the website is the only place to get the coupon. It would be nice if they provided some kind of loyalty points for long-term customers. April 21, 2014
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