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Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution - Dry

Weight reduction and lifelong maintenance for overweight dogs and dogs prone to excess weight gain.
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution 4.8 5 252 252
This food works! My dog ended up gaining weight after she hurt her back and ended up not being able to be as active as before she got hurt. My wife and I tried many things to try and get her to lose the weight-like increasing her level of activity and having her on Hill's w/d Prescription Diet. This didn't seem to work for her as her weight stayed pretty much the same. However, once we talked to our vet about the new Metabolic food and our vet did the measurements required by Hill's, we were told what amount of food to feed her and here we are about 8 months later and she is almost down to her target weight! I have also noticed increased muscle strength and she just seems lighter on her feet. It is also worth mentioning that our dog absolutely LOVES the taste of this food--more so than any other we have previously tried. Both my wife and I are very happy with the results of this food and the value of it and we would both recommend it! October 4, 2013
definitely worth the money! our pup, well dog i should say because he's seven years old, has always been overweight and like most owners we never thought much about it. however, in april of this year he tore his acl and was in need of surgery to repair it. we decided that it was finally time to get the excess weight off of him to avoid the same injury to the other back leg. we started him on the metabolic food the same week we found out he needed the surgery. four months later i am proud to say not only has he fully recovered from the surgery, which took 12 weeks of limiting his activity to strictly allowing him out to the restroom and back inside to sit, but he's lost 22 pounds since starting the metabolic food. thank you hill's prescription diet employees for coming up with this food. you've truly helped us give snickers a healthier and better quality of life by getting this excess weight off. only 8 more pounds and he'll be down to the ideal weight the vet wants. this food is definitely worth the money! August 30, 2013
Metabolic Hills Prescription My dog has lost weight in the first 10 days. It was 2 pounds. She plays like a puppy and she is 7 years old. She has to lose her belly fat to have a life saving surgery or she will bleed to much. It looks like she is losing weight really fast like the doctor said she would. It is pricey but worth it to save her life. Oh and the cat has his too. He is just plain oh fat and since the dog is on a diet then why not him. lol He loves it and it fills him up. lol Wish the bird had his too because he eats all day long. August 23, 2013
This is the only dog food that has help my dog lose weight. I have tried several brands of food to help my 3 year old lab lose weight and Metabolic Advanced has been the only one that has worked. He lost 8 lbs. in 3 weeks and is continuing to lose more. The goal is for him to lose a total of 18. He is already more energetic and exhibits more flexibility. I prefer to feed grain free products for a healthier coat and skin but this food is addressing his biggest problem - weight. I am tempted to eat this food myself! If only they made a human formula! September 17, 2014
It's works My dog has lost 21 lbs in the past 4 months. Would highly recommend it to any dog owner that has a overweight dog and is concern of their health. The only negative thing I have to say is its expensive. My dog loves the taste, it works and healthy for her. September 16, 2014
my beagle has lost 10 pounds. It was really important, as she is getting older and having problems with her shoulder. Her mobility has improved, but she has been raiding the trash if we don't catch her! She's a beagle, always looking for food. Gotta love em. September 15, 2014
WOW - Great Results We have had our Jack Russell on the Metabolic Dry Prescription food for only 2 weeks and she has already lost a little over 2 pounds. That's a lot for a small dog. She eats it better than any dry food we have ever given her and she gets ONE Metabolic dog bone per day as a treat (we break it into pieces so she can have several smaller treats per day). She is about 5 pounds overweight, so we pray she can get her weight down fairly quickly. It's easy when they like the taste of the food. It's a bit pricy, however, she is a smaller dog who doesn't require a ton of food so it is affordable. Try it!!! September 15, 2014
Taste and results My dog loves the flavor and has been losing weight as she continues using the product! September 14, 2014
My dog loves it. My dog has lost weight and it keeps her satisfied. September 13, 2014
Wow I can't believe the fast results My very overweight cocker spaniel has seen unbelievable results in just 1 month ! We had tried everything to get the weight off and nothing seemed to work. We always gave into the big brown eyes. Well Rusty had some medical conditions and we said now is the time to get serious about the weight. We asked for the metabolic diet at the last vet appointment ready to give it a try. We started with both the wet and dry carefully measuring both. Rusty loves it. I have never seen him eat dog food so quickly. He also gets 1 metabolic treat a day, plenty of love along with some carrots, cucumbers and an occasional kale stick. We just got back from the vet and he has lost an impressive 4lbs! The tech measured him twice on the scale just to be sure. I was jumping up and down. So happy with this food. Convinced Rusty would not have lost the weight without Metabolic. So much easier to stay committed to the diet with the fast results, for we still get the big brown eyes pleading for a human treat. Thanks Hills from the bottom of both of our hearts! September 12, 2014
Works as intended In 6 weeks my dog lost 5 pounds and has maintained. It works, he does not love the taste, we put a tablespoon of the metabolic canned and a bit of water in it to make it more tasty. September 11, 2014
Overweight young Boxer I have been in animal Medicine for over 30 years so I have been a Hills girl the whole time. Over the years I have had to prescription diets for different reasons. As far as weight reduction I have not had a lot of faith. Then cam the Metabolic and a boxer that is 3 and over weight. Yes a tech of my knowledge let her dog get fat. So now our weight loss journey begins. Number one she loves the taste of it which surprised me, she doesn't appear to be starving all the time (which I was afraid of) and her girlish figure is coming back. All this after 2 months on the diet. So thank you hills for this wonderful diet. I have no problem selling it in my clinic. September 8, 2014
This product helped my dog lose 20 pounds. This product is the only dog food that I have found that actually helped my once 103 pound chocolate Lab lose over 20 pounds. So thankful my vet recommended it for my dog. September 8, 2014
It works This actually works. It is expensive but it produces results September 5, 2014
Lucy the picky spoiled cocker spaniel! Lucy loved the Metabolic weight loss dry formula. She put weight on after we had our son and especially now that he is a toddler that eats on the run, she is enjoying all the extra snacks throughout the day. When we changed her food, she dug right in and loved it from day 1. It was almost a noticeable difference within a day or two. The weight has come off and she is at her "fighting" weight now! I cannot express how happy I am with this product and would recommend it anyone who's dog needs to lose some weight! I am anxious to start mg cat on it next! September 4, 2014
So happy with Metabolic Diet. I have a 6 year old pit mix who was always a little overweight. Over a year ago we put her on metabolic diet. We didn't have to wait long for results. My dog lost 7 lbs. I cannot be happier!!! Thank you Hill's. September 4, 2014
It really works!!! Sophie has been on this for about a year. She is a Black Lab 9 years old and was over weight--89 lbs. My vet suggested I try The Metabolic (it was new at the time). I have always used the Science Diet food products. A contest was being run at the time to see who could loose in the allotted time. Winner would win 1 years food. Sophie didn't win the contest but she still is a winner because she lost the weight she needed to loose. So she's still a winner in my September 4, 2014
works wonders for weight loss My dog Blue loves Metabolic.. The taste seems to be awesome. and in the first 10 days, he lost 10 pounds and is still loosing. He has more energy and now even runs after the ball.. Great product.. September 4, 2014
Dog seems to like it I just started this food for my dashund because she tends to be overweight. So far I like it very much. September 3, 2014
My dog likes this food. My dogs like to eat this food throughout the day and will share it with each other. September 3, 2014
This product has the features I was looking for. Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution does appear to control the weight in my Pug. Others comment on her weight loss. She no longer has a sagging stomach. I have noticed that her coat is richer and a little less shedding. I also really appreciate the coupons on your web site that help me continue to buy this food for Allie. September 3, 2014
Dogs like the food. Both dogs have lost weight. The lab has had issues with diarrhea with other brands. Hill's food has not caused that problem. September 2, 2014
pricey but effective My dog has been on this diet for 5 months and has lost enough weight to be at a healthy body conditioning score! Now my dog is happy, more energetic, and her coat is beautiful again. LOVE the way this product works and stand by this diet 100%. The only downfall is the price, but I understand that you are certainly paying for a healthier lifestyle for your pet. August 31, 2014
I think this is a very good product but my only complaint is the price. My dog has lost all the weight he needed to lose and looks great. Tommy looks great & is on his 5th 27.5 lb bag of Metabolic. He has lost all the weight he needed to lose and is now in the weight maintenance stage. He loved the taste of the food from the start. August 31, 2014
My dog loves it! I love it too, much easier to keep the extra weight off of my dog with Metabolic dog food. He seems to like it too. August 30, 2014
Great weight loss My chocolate lab/golden retriever was 15 lbs overweight. On this diet she lost 5 lbs in the first month. Hopefully her weight loss will continue. She also gets the wet food and treats that go with this dry food. I am very pleased. August 29, 2014
Ths product really works! My 9 yr old pitbull/jack russel mix lost 12 pounds in 5 months eating free choice dry and 1/2 can of wet a day. Before Hills Science Diet Rocky weighed 64 pounds and resembled the Michelin dog. At 52 pounds, he's got a lot more energy and almost looks like a real dog( kind of impossible with his breeding). When I first began feeding him Science Diet I was afraid he wouldn't like it. I mixed it with the food he'd been eating for years to switch him gradually and he picked out the Science Diet chunks and left the other food. August 28, 2014
Great nutritional food My dog tolerated the food very well and had no side effects or issues. She did not seem to be hungry at all. It is easy to use and the small bite size worked well for my small dog. I have been happy with my purchase and will be trying the wet food as well. August 27, 2014
It's really working! My two year old Sheltie is overweight and the vet said he needed to lose 10-15 and suggested Metabolic. I feed him twice a day and it's working! He's eating it - which is the entire battle. We highly recommend this product. If Luca Brazzi will eat it, your dog will too! August 27, 2014
Metabolic weight solution really works! After years of trying other weight control foods, we finally found on that works. Our 10 year old Golden has lost 25 pounds, is not hungry, has regained her playful activities and most of all it has increased her life expectancy. August 26, 2014
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