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Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution - Dry

Weight reduction and lifelong maintenance for overweight dogs and dogs prone to excess weight gain.
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution 4.8 5 288 288
This food works! My dog ended up gaining weight after she hurt her back and ended up not being able to be as active as before she got hurt. My wife and I tried many things to try and get her to lose the weight-like increasing her level of activity and having her on Hill's w/d Prescription Diet. This didn't seem to work for her as her weight stayed pretty much the same. However, once we talked to our vet about the new Metabolic food and our vet did the measurements required by Hill's, we were told what amount of food to feed her and here we are about 8 months later and she is almost down to her target weight! I have also noticed increased muscle strength and she just seems lighter on her feet. It is also worth mentioning that our dog absolutely LOVES the taste of this food--more so than any other we have previously tried. Both my wife and I are very happy with the results of this food and the value of it and we would both recommend it! October 4, 2013
definitely worth the money! our pup, well dog i should say because he's seven years old, has always been overweight and like most owners we never thought much about it. however, in april of this year he tore his acl and was in need of surgery to repair it. we decided that it was finally time to get the excess weight off of him to avoid the same injury to the other back leg. we started him on the metabolic food the same week we found out he needed the surgery. four months later i am proud to say not only has he fully recovered from the surgery, which took 12 weeks of limiting his activity to strictly allowing him out to the restroom and back inside to sit, but he's lost 22 pounds since starting the metabolic food. thank you hill's prescription diet employees for coming up with this food. you've truly helped us give snickers a healthier and better quality of life by getting this excess weight off. only 8 more pounds and he'll be down to the ideal weight the vet wants. this food is definitely worth the money! August 30, 2013
Metabolic Hills Prescription My dog has lost weight in the first 10 days. It was 2 pounds. She plays like a puppy and she is 7 years old. She has to lose her belly fat to have a life saving surgery or she will bleed to much. It looks like she is losing weight really fast like the doctor said she would. It is pricey but worth it to save her life. Oh and the cat has his too. He is just plain oh fat and since the dog is on a diet then why not him. lol He loves it and it fills him up. lol Wish the bird had his too because he eats all day long. August 23, 2013
My pet enjoys and it does help maintain weight It is still a bit expensive, but overall, happy with it. Wish it was more easily accessible. November 19, 2014
Overweight Dog likes the food, has lost some weight. Been using it for over 2 years. Have never seen any coupons or sales for this product. Good product but overpriced!!!! November 3, 2014
Great for canine weight loss. Excellent for any dog that needs to shed some weight. My dog has shed 8 pounds in a month & a half. October 31, 2014
Camo is a leaner weiner dog My dachshund Camo is a tween doxie that got up to 25 lbs. Our vet suggested Metabolic wet to begin our weight loss journey. Over six months, Camo dropped to 17 lbs which we have pretty much maintained. We have switched him over to Metabolic Dry now for maintenance. This product works and Camo really enjoys the taste. Would definitely recommend to pet owners with overweight dogs. October 27, 2014
This product works My dog was extremely overweight for her size, she is suppose to weigh between 8-10 lbs and she got up to 16.9 lbs. We tried a variety of different "weight" loss dog foods, and nothing worked until now. She has been on the metabolic since February of this year, and she has lost 3 lbs. Doesn't seem like a huge amount, but for her size it is a lot, she is more active and actually plays with the other dogs, where before all she did was sit on the couch and watch. She has a few more pounds to go, and I know it doesn't work over night, but this is the only dog food that has actually worked for her. October 27, 2014
My dog likes the taste. My dog has lost weight using this product. It is slow, but the vet says that is good. His normal routine has not changed much other than he is climbing stairs better and can now jump up on our bed again. He didn't do that for a while. October 27, 2014
My dog lost 46# My bloodhound has been on this food for about a year and has lost 46# it works! October 23, 2014
Pets thrive My pets love eating this food. Usually they are grazers, but since being on the metabolic plan they are waiting for dinner time and eat promptly. Both of my dogs are on this and have gorgeous coats. We utilze this food to help with weight loss. The "light" food gave my dog stool like a horse and they would need to go in the middle of the night. Now their stool is regular. October 23, 2014
Just what my dogs needed to help loose weight After having my dogs neutered at ages 4 & 5 they packed on extra weight. I talked to my vet and he suggested we try the Metabolic dry food. I switched them over to eating it and within four months they started looking and acting better. I kept them on it until they reached their ideal weight which didn't take that long. I'm extremely pleased with this food and would highly recommend it to anyone. October 22, 2014
Molly is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, 5 1/2 years old; this has been her favorite food thus far. Molly has had wonderful results with Metabolic dry prescription dog food. She has lost 18% of her body weight is just 5 months. She has increased energy, she is more mobile and much happier. Her vet is very happy with her weight loss. Since May 2014, she has lost between 2-3 pounds a month. I feed her 3/4 cup of dry food mixed with 1/6th of a can of wet food twice daily. She has approximately 8 pounds to lose before she is at her ideal weight. I would not hesitate to recommend your product. October 22, 2014
It Works My Lab was about 25 lbs. over weight. The Metabolic had just come out and our Vet suggested it. She was put on the plan, loved the food and was weighed every month. The weight came off and is now at her ideal weight but still eating the Metabolic as a maintenance plan. She loves it!! October 21, 2014
I have two "Morkies" and are very very picky eaters....they almost always eat this food.....and are maintaining their weights. This product seems to be tasty and my two "Morkies" are very picky eaters....they seem to like it, considering it is a weight maintenance based food. October 20, 2014
the company cares about their quality for our pets the people that work their do care about the quality of their product for our pets. employees are very knowledgeable of every aspect even down the bags that the food is put in. Quality is number one concern October 19, 2014
Great for weight loss as well as regular bowel movements! My dog loves the taste of this food and he is slowly losing weight as well. However, if I had known it would improve his bowel movements so much I would have given it to him sooner! He gets the "messy bum" quite often and I've tried lots of different helpers including bulk fiber and pumpkin. Nothing helped significantly until he went on this food. Now he goes regularly and "solidly" without any difficulty. The food has a very strong smell for dry food, but again, my dog just loves it. I just think it is too expensive, especially since the 1st ingredient is chicken by-product meal (followed by wheat & corn). However, overall we are very satisfied. October 19, 2014
Extremely Expensive My dog likes it but it's extremely expensive. Have to purchase from vet. October 19, 2014
it works! after using over the counter wieght control foods for a year and consistantly watching our beagle gain weight, this works. She has lost 5-6 pounds using this dry and canned diet. October 19, 2014
Recommended by our vet. Our dog eats it with no problems and controls her weight. October 16, 2014
has worked but expensive I have no concerns about quality. Feeding 3 dogs on retired couples income almost prohibitive. October 13, 2014
Works! I have a coming 10 y.o. lab/heeler who in the past 9 months has been on this diet in efforts of losing weight. I can tell you that this product has worked wonders in his weight loss success. At a current 83 lbs., I cannot imagine what we would be dealing with had he not dropped this weight. He was upwards of 110 lbs., and his age and frame were no match for that much weight. He is as happy eating this diet as he is eating anything else, ever! He has never been a picky eater, and so that may also be a blessing. With strict compliance, he has been successful in dropping what could have shortened his life span greatly. None of us are getting any younger......if only he could plan my meals daily. haha. I am so thankful my veterinarian suggested this program. We have had complete success, and are gratefully thankful, and healthier because of it. October 11, 2014
Really good for our Golden We have tried lots of foods for our Golden Retriever but keep coming back to Hills. She tends to get overweight but this diet keeps her on track. October 11, 2014
Great for our beagle's weight-loss program! Our beagle really likes this food, and it has helped him lose 4# over these past few months. October 10, 2014
Taste is good. So far so good it is working,they like it they are looseing weight. and the ones that have reached there weight they are holding it. October 10, 2014
You get what you pay for I have a great dane with a voracious appetite. She was abused with food being withheld for the first few years of her life which has led to food problems. She became 35 pounds overweight here in later life -- 9 yo. My vet recommended the metabolic diet. It is amazing. My finicky eater required that I add some of her regular science diet into the metabolic diet before she would touch it, but now she gobbles it down. For some reason she will not eat the metabolic alone and wants some of her regular science diet but as long as it is there, she eats well. She has lost 19 lbs and the vet and I are more than enthused. We continue on with the diet and look forward to reaching our goal. October 8, 2014
Love the features of this product this food has helped my dog a lot. She has lost weight and is feeling a lot better. She was having trouble walking due to her weight so it was important for her to lose. She started losing after two weeks on the food. I will keep her on it forever. I also get her the canned food to go with the dry and the treats which she loves. October 6, 2014
If your dog is over weight, this is the product to use. I have tried many weight management pet store brands My dog is loosing weight (10 lbs) even with grandma's "treats". He has seem to hit a plateau in the last month or so. The coupons are a big help with cost. October 6, 2014
Expensive This food is expensive but gets the job done as far as weight loss for my dog. October 5, 2014
Really worked!! My black lab was very overweight. The vet recommended this product and within just a few months of her being on it she lost all the weight she needed to. And she is so much more energetic. I tried to put her on the maintenance amount after she lost the weight, but she started gaining weight back, so I cut it down by one cup a day. She seems to be maintaining her weight now. I do wish it were less expensive, since it is the only food that keeps her weight down. October 3, 2014
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