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Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution - Dry

Weight reduction and lifelong maintenance for overweight dogs and dogs prone to excess weight gain.
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution 4.8 5 138 138
This food works! My dog ended up gaining weight after she hurt her back and ended up not being able to be as active as before she got hurt. My wife and I tried many things to try and get her to lose the weight-like increasing her level of activity and having her on Hill's w/d Prescription Diet. This didn't seem to work for her as her weight stayed pretty much the same. However, once we talked to our vet about the new Metabolic food and our vet did the measurements required by Hill's, we were told what amount of food to feed her and here we are about 8 months later and she is almost down to her target weight! I have also noticed increased muscle strength and she just seems lighter on her feet. It is also worth mentioning that our dog absolutely LOVES the taste of this food--more so than any other we have previously tried. Both my wife and I are very happy with the results of this food and the value of it and we would both recommend it! October 4, 2013
definitely worth the money! our pup, well dog i should say because he's seven years old, has always been overweight and like most owners we never thought much about it. however, in april of this year he tore his acl and was in need of surgery to repair it. we decided that it was finally time to get the excess weight off of him to avoid the same injury to the other back leg. we started him on the metabolic food the same week we found out he needed the surgery. four months later i am proud to say not only has he fully recovered from the surgery, which took 12 weeks of limiting his activity to strictly allowing him out to the restroom and back inside to sit, but he's lost 22 pounds since starting the metabolic food. thank you hill's prescription diet employees for coming up with this food. you've truly helped us give snickers a healthier and better quality of life by getting this excess weight off. only 8 more pounds and he'll be down to the ideal weight the vet wants. this food is definitely worth the money! August 30, 2013
Metabolic Hills Prescription My dog has lost weight in the first 10 days. It was 2 pounds. She plays like a puppy and she is 7 years old. She has to lose her belly fat to have a life saving surgery or she will bleed to much. It looks like she is losing weight really fast like the doctor said she would. It is pricey but worth it to save her life. Oh and the cat has his too. He is just plain oh fat and since the dog is on a diet then why not him. lol He loves it and it fills him up. lol Wish the bird had his too because he eats all day long. August 23, 2013
My dog seems satisfied I see progress with her weight loss and overall health. April 17, 2014
As good as it gets............ Another claimed weight loss diet dry food that my cairn terriers will eat. They've been on this product for over a year and their weights have remained the same. They still will eat it which is a plus , as cairns can be fussy eaters. Ages 7 and 10, with weights 33 and 23 respectively. Overpriced but with the available coupons, we continue to buy........for now. April 16, 2014
Weight Loss Food at its Finest! We rescued our little Meg and have had her for about 2 years now. She was very thin as a puppy but plumped up very quickly. After seeing my mother struggle with a pet who was overweight and developed joint issues and diabetes, when our Meg started gaining I wanted to take every option I could to get her healthy. We started our Hills Metabolic Diet in October of 2013. Her starting weight was 81.5 and ideal weight was measured to be around 55. Within the first week or two her weight began to drop off. We exercised twice a day with the new diet and became weary when winter came, but even with her not getting the best exercise in the winter and just sticking to her diet she still was shedding the weight! She had no problem adjusting to the food and didn't have any digestive issues with it. As far as the taste I can barely get the food to her bowl without her getting excited and trying to eat it from the cup!! It is now April of 2014 and Meg has lost a total of 20 pounds in 6 months! We are so pleased and thankful for this diet food. While the only downside is the expense of the food, I can say that any pet owner who truly cares about their pets health should give this a will not be disappointed! We also were very strict about her diet..just the metabolic food and metabolic scraps no other treats. We did a before and after..well I should say a before and now picture of her and you can tell an amazing change! Thank you Hills for giving us a great product to get our baby healthy! April 14, 2014
Weight loss is amzing Our black lab being a typical lab has a never ending appetite and this resulted in her approaching 98 pounds. With the extra weight she starting developing shoulder problems so we took her to a specialist who recommended putting her on a weight reducing food. We started her on a Hills Metabolic regiment and she has lost about 20 pounds over the last year. No more shoulder problems and now has a real spring to her step! Yes it is expensive but it does work and she actually loves the food. Soon we will move her back to a none-grain base food and watch her more closely for weight gain. April 14, 2014
My dog is losing weight My dog Molly is losing weight. She is able to run and play again. We are both happy. April 12, 2014
Good Product - Weight Loss My Lab will eat anything. So no surprise he likes this food. He has lost some weight but has more to go. He list nothing on other store food. April 11, 2014
Great weight loss food, easy to use This is such a great product dogs love to eat it. Combine it with the treats and feeding the proper amount you can just sit back and watch your dog lose weight and be HAPPY. I have seen my dog and many others lose many pounds of weight on this diet. April 9, 2014
weight loss the dogs love the taste,and never leave anything in the bowls! April 8, 2014
This product has good results When I switched both of my dachshunds to the Metabolic, they didn't like it, but are now use to it. Expensive, but necessary to keep their weight under control. They also love the treats and wet canned metabolic. I would not switch unless you come up with something far superior! Thank you ! April 8, 2014
Metabolic has great taste! My lab just loves this food. She always wants her food and treats, and it is great to have a well balanced/low calorie one to give her. March 30, 2014
Produces results. My 8 year- old Rottweiler was quite a bit overweight. The Hills Metabolic Diet has helped her shed a few pounds. She enjoys the taste also. March 30, 2014
Weight loss worked great Our Yorkie was overweight and we switched to the metabolic weight loss food. She thoroughly enjoyed it, eats it ravenously and has lost over a pound (from 13.8 lbs to 12.5 lbs). Our vet says she can stay on it as it will maintain her weight also . March 26, 2014
Lucy Lou has lost 7lbs I have inherited my grandmothers dog, who was quite large when I got her. Switching her to metabolic she has shown great weight improvement. I recommend this food to all clients having a weight issue with their pets. It also was easy for my husband to following feeding measurements so I loved that it was easy to do! March 25, 2014
Awesome weight reduction I have 5 lab retrievers and a couple are a bit overweight.. I work at a veterinary hospital and have access to ordering food. I tried some for my boys and it really worked .. Blue lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks and had alot more energy to chase the ball. My others are on a maintenance diet and they love it .. March 21, 2014
Update in my review This is my second review for this product. My first review stated that the taste of the food was good but it did not keep my Yorkie full from meal to meal. After several conversations with the lovely and informed customer service personnel at Hills, I learned that my dog should have been measured at my vet and the statistics entered in a Hill's computer program to determine the correct feeding amount. This was not done to begin with. It was finally done about 6 weeks after my Yorkie began the food. During those 6 weeks my Yorkie went from 8.4 pounds to 6.0 pounds. I must say the diet works but I was Obviously told, by my vet the incorrect amount to feed my dog. We have increased his food amount and will check his weight in a month. I do hate that he lost 1/4 of his body weight in 6 weeks. That is excessive and really mean. I feel terrible about it, but it was not Hill's fault, but was the fault of my vet for not measuring my dog at the beginning. Do Not make that mistake. Your dog cannot tell you how hungry he/she is! March 20, 2014
Great Product!!! Great Results for our dog! My Dog Lilith weighed in at 87 pounds on August 1, 2013. Our Vet Dr. LaRosh suggested we try the Hill's Prescription Diet Food Metabolic. We did this and Lilith has successfully lost weight month over month without us changing anything else. Now on March 17, 2014 she weighs 72 pounds a loss of 15 pounds over seven months. Your food is a miracle worker! My dog is five years old and a small pointing Labrador. Our goal is to under seventy pounds so we will keep feeding her the Metabolic food both dry and canned as well as the Metabolic dog bones. Lilith's coat is so shinny and pretty and she has tons of energy. March 19, 2014
It really works I own 3 Chihuahuas and they were all over weight. I tried cutting their regular food back to a smaller portion and only fed them twice a day. I also increased their exercise routine and cut out all treats. Nothing happened. They could not lose weight. My veterinarian recommended the Metabolic diet and I decided to give it a try. I bought a 27.5 pound bag to split between the three dogs and bag of treats. My veterinarian gave me a feeding plan and we started it immediately. In two weeks we went back to the vet for a weigh-in and they all had lost weight. After only 4 months on Metabolic they had all reached their ideal weight. They all had more energy and looked great. We continued on Metabolic and they have maintained a healthy weight for almost a year now. We added in can food as well. I would recommend this product highly to anyone struggling with an overweight pet. It is easy to follow the feeding plan. They still can have treats and canned food. The best part is that it is and easy way to get to a healthy weight. March 15, 2014
My dog has lost the weight she needed to lose While losing the weight, Haley also loved the taste of the food, although I don't think she ever felt full like she did with her other food. March 13, 2014
It really does work. Our Mini Doxie lost 2 lbs. We couldn't believe the difference it has made. He is so much happier! March 13, 2014
Baron's success My husky mix rescue weighed 83.6 pounds in October of 2013. His ideal weight is 65 pounds. He was started on the metabolic food in October 2013. His last weigh-in was on March 1st and he was down to 74.4 pounds. He still has weight to lose, but in 5 months he has dropped 9.2 pounds!! We stick to his diet and have increased his activity. He is a much happier dog now and as he drops more and more weight he gets more and more active. He is 6 years old. I highly recommend this food if your dog cannot lose weight. Make sure you give the correct amount for your pet to lose weight, and stick to it. I think you will have the same success as we did! March 12, 2014
Comes in many size bags. My dog seems to like this food and she has lost a considerable amount of weight since the vet prescribed it for her. March 11, 2014
A diet dog food that the dogs actually like. Also the dogs don't seem to realize they are dieting. We have been using Metabolic since last summer and our dogs eat it very readily but don't act like starving dogs--they seem satisfied and have lost weight. March 10, 2014
Dog Loves Food and Lost Weight My dog loves this food and over the past 6 months she's dropped down to the vet's desired weight. She lost about 10 lbs (65 to 55 lbs) total and still got to eat 3 cups a day of food she really liked. It's pricy but it works! March 8, 2014
Good product. Good product but pricey. My dog has lost weight on it March 3, 2014
Dogs Love it! My dogs are somewhat overweight and for health reasons they are on a diet. The Vet recommended this product. The dogs love the taste of it and have lost weight! March 3, 2014
Finally a weight loss food that my dog loves to eat! We rescued our corgi 2 and a half years ago and when we got him he was a sack of lose skin. We were so glad to see him gain weight and look so healthy! Then we started noticing that his weight gain was going too far. Our boney little dog is now a fat dumpling. He has always eaten food like he may never eat again, so cutting back on his food and stopping his treats seemed so mean. We tried other weight loss foods but he either wouldn't eat them at all or they didn't work. Our vet recommend Metabolic and he loves it! Finally a weight loss food that he likes and it even comes with treats. I don't have to be the bad guy and he can lose weight. March 3, 2014
Great results I have been working at getting weight off of an obese chihuahua for a couple of years. I saw the advertisement suggesting 20% weight loss in two months and was excited about the possibility so I gave it a shot. I stuck to suggested portions and my chi is finally losing weight. The weight loss was not as significant as I had hoped but my chi is down a pound and the real bonus is the new energy level she is showing. She has reverted back to frisky puppy like behavior:) February 27, 2014
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