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Hill's® Prescription Diet® l/d® Canine Hepatic Health 4.7 5 25 25
This product is truly a life savior Last February my german shepherd start having issues with bloody and painful stools. This issue led into summer and only got worse. It came to the point after trying almost everything, to consider "putting him down", and he is only 3 years old. We decided to try an internal medicine doctor as a last resort. He recommended a prescription medicine and "Prescription Science Diet" . Within 2 weeks we seen results. Kyzer made a huge recovery, and we truly feel Science Diet had a major role in this:) November 26, 2013
great taste apparently we were worried about changing our dog's food . he loves the canned food and especially loves the dry food. we were very relieved. August 8, 2013
Your dog food has help our dogs so much and improved their health My dog has been with our family since he was 6 weeks old. He is almost 12 years old and his liver count was up to over 670. We thought we was going to lose him but our vet put him on I/D Canine Hepatic Health Dry and some other meds. Within 2 months his liver fell down to in the 350 range. Which is still high but alot better then before. Cocoa has began to get back some of his playful and acting like his old self. Cocoa really likes the dog food also so we do not have to force him to eat it. I feel like this dog food has help our dog so much . We also have Bunny Blue (dog) which is 6 years old and has gastrointestinal problems . She has been on I/D Canine Gastrointestinal Health for about 6 months now . Since she has started eating I/D Canine Gastrointestinal Health she has not had a problem . Before she was sick all the time. Thank you you so much for making our pets lives a much heatlhly and happy life. June 29, 2013
Coupons Your on-line coupons are so very welcome as we have 2 elderly German Shepards on different formulas. These foods have helped our girls to maintain a much healthier lifestyle. Shevara is almost 14 and on L/D and Diamond, who just turned 12 is on K/D. All bloodwork tests are coming back in much better numbers now, and we feel that with these specialized diets we can look forward to them having a better chance at a longer life. Thank you for your wonderful food, money saving coupons, and great reps in the stores to help us. Jo~ , Shevara , & Diamond Wernz April 20, 2014
This product kept my dog going for 8 yrs L/D dry made it possible for Odie to stay in my life for 9 years- he ate it for over 8 yrs- he had a liver shunt- Being a LVT with multiole animals cookig for him would have been impossible.Even thoug it was expensive- it wasless expensive than the only other commericial prescription diet and he likes it better. I wish that the bag sizes hadn't changed for feeding a 60# dog- 17.6 # only lasts 20.5 days. ANd they never wualitfied for any of the special sales of buying large bags- March 23, 2014
My dog's liver levels have come down since eating this prescription food. My dog likes the food. We did not have any problem introducing the LD diet. My only complaint is the price of the food. March 16, 2014
Great product Without this diet my sweet Callie would not live very long, it is truly a life saving formula. March 13, 2014
My miracle puppy! My puppy loves her food. She has a hepatic liver shunt diognoised around 10 - 12 weeks. She 9 months old and doing well. March 4, 2014
This product is a life-saver My mini-schnauzer suffered from a pancreatitis attack. We did not think she was going to was THAT bad. Luckily she pulled through but she requires a diet now, that is strickly low fat. This is the best product for that. She has now gained weight and is happy :) Thanks you Hills. February 26, 2014
Life & Lifestyle saver! Snapper is a Labrador Retriever born with a massive hepatic A/V fistula. She should have been stillborn or a fading puppy. Few of these dogs even live long enough to get diagnosed. After surgery at 4 months, she was left with no portal system and multiple acquired shunts. She had a 40% chance of living to her 1st birthday. She has been on the Hills l/d dry and medical management since she was 9 weeks old. She will turn 6 this April. not only is she still alive, but she is a Therapy Dog, has earned 3 AKC Rally Titles, and is competing in AKC Agility at the Masters level! I won't say she's terribly competitive against 100% healthy dogs, but the fact that she's gotten so far is pretty amazing. Don't let a diagnosis of liver disease let your dog become a couch potato! February 22, 2014
Good and healthy for my dog. Since I will have to keep my dog on this diet for the rest of his life and he is a large dog this gets expensive! February 21, 2014
This food is keeping our best friend alive! Our 11 year old Labrador has Chronic Active Hepatitis-this food helps lower her ALT liver enzymes. February 11, 2014
Food has saved my dog's life! My dog, Monty, diagnosed with liver problems and was placed on L/D. He is doing awesome! The kibble is a good size and Monty eats all of it. He has more energy and is back to begging and doing his tricks. Thank you!!! February 8, 2014
Great product for those needing Prescription diet. Great product for those needing the l/d. My dog loves the food, which makes it a lot easier on me. February 8, 2014
Liver issue My Dog was 1 year and 10 months when she developed some type of liver issue, I took her to the vet everyday for IV fluids and monitoring for almost two weeks before her fever broke. The vet put her on the L/D food and she started to slowly improve. after 6 weeks she was back to her old self and slowly moved to normal foods. Thanks Hills for having a product that saved my baby girls life. January 28, 2014
Thank goodness for something Harlee can eat safely! Our Yorkie has a liver shunt and can't have much protein, so I'm grateful this food is available for her to have nutrition that her little body can handle! They said she would not likely live past 18 months but she is almost four years old now ... My only complaint is that she doesn't like the taste of it and has to act like she's starving before she eats it. The wet food she likes and eats fine, but it is a bit more expensive. January 27, 2014
This product keeps my dog alive The LD keeps my dog alive as her liver does not function and without it she would not be healthy. L December 28, 2013
We are very satisfied with this product Our dog enjoys the taste of this product and we even use the dogfood as treats for her. She loves it! December 2, 2013
Awesome product my dog seems to be doing much better and he enjoys the taste Would really like to see more coupons since it's a pricey food October 16, 2013
Puppy loves this food. My puppy was diagnosed with a Portosystemic Liver Shunt. Did not think he would eat this food over what he had been eating. But he loves it, that makes it a lot easier on me, seeing that is all he can eat. October 12, 2013
Only 6 months to live....NOT! My miniature schnauzer, Zoe, was born with a poor functioning liver. The vet told us that we would be lucky if she lived more than six months. We decided to change her diet as he suggested (rather than go with an expensive operation that only had a 50% chance of working) and we chose to give her Hill's l/d product. Well our little Zoe is now 4 1/2 years old! We use the wet and dry versions of this product. Sometimes she's not thrilled about the taste, but it certainly has provided her with a happy and healthy life. I am glad that Hill's helped us prove the doc wrong. September 26, 2013
this product has helped my pet This product was prescribed by my vet and has helped my dog with his condition so with a well balance diet and medication he is doing great. For this I am so happy. My only thing is because he will be on this for the rest of his life I do wish the cost was a bit less or coupons would be available continuously to help with the cost. I am buying this every 2 months and he is only 3 yrs. old. Thank you for your time. September 23, 2013
Hills Prescription Diet L/D has been prescribed for my dog, Molly and she is doing an amazing progress! My dog, Molly was prescribed this product due to high bile level count but she is amazingly improving after switching to this product. My only problem with this product is that the dry version only comes in a large bag, which it would take more than a year for my 7 lbs chihuahua to finish the entire bag. She is a really picky eater that she eats a mixture of dry and wet food. So buying both canned and a huge bag of dry prescription food is not too affordable when the dry version only comes in large bags. August 21, 2013
This is a great product, but very expensive. It would be great if you would give a customer a free bag of dog food for every 10 bags bought or so. Our dog has been on this food for 6 years and now our son's dog is on it and one of his friends dog is also on it. All the dogs are over 10 years of age and doing great on this food. August 6, 2013
Title We had used the l/d formulas for our first dog, an Old English Sheepdog who developed a liver tumor. I am convinced it extended his health and let him live another 1 1/2 years with us before we lost him. Thank you for developing this formula to help him. We have another OES and would not hesitate to use any of these products for him. We have and still use the dental formula dog food as training treats for our dogs. It's something that they love and is good for them, too. February 6, 2013
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