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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Canine Renal Health 4.5 5 65 65
A wonderful product. The secret to a healthy pet. Two male dogs Bichon 16 and Yorkie17. KD is the secret to their longevity. They are two wonderful aged puppies. December 7, 2013
Good for Renal Health MyAmerican Pit Bull, Binx, has a kidney condition. I have always fed him Hill's Renal Health K/D since my vet. first recommended it as a desired diet to maintain his kidney health. He loves it, snarfs it down and, I feel, it has helped him maintain his good health and bright, cheerful and gentle personality. November 24, 2013
THE BEST! 3 years ago my Doberman was diagnosed with kidney failure and given a year & 1/2. We started feeding him k/d immediately. Now, 3 years later and he just celebrated his 14th birthday. He was just in for bloodwork at the vet and his kidney levels aren't great, but they haven't gotten worse!!! My vet & I both agree that Lucian (my Dober-boy) should be the posterchild for k/d canine dry. There is no doubt that this diet has allowed him to be with me longer and live a healthier life. Thank you Hills! October 15, 2013
recommend by vet my vet recommended this product for my dog to help with her getting too much protein because of her condition. I have used both the dry and canned foods. She seems to like both. She eats the dry off and on all day for her crunchy munchies!!! September 19, 2014
Adding years back to his life My vet has told me to put my dog on k/d to help with his kidney issues. He has very low stats and could begin kidney failure. This food has drastically helped to raise his levels and keep him healthy. Without, I may not have my Maestro anymore! September 14, 2014
Pet will not eat this food For the first two weeks our 9yo Weimaraner would eat the kibbles then over the next two weeks she stopped eating it except when she was extremely hungry. The hunger appears to have caused her to misbehave like she was 6 months old. Last night she ate an avocado ( her first avocado in her life) that would have required a step ladder to get at. Yesterday she ate the seat in my Volvo that she has ridden in for years. Tried the canned today and she ate that. It is 3 times as expensive as the dry which is twice as expensive as regular dog food. Will try supplementing the dry with chicken stock to see if that works. On the positive side, after 2.5 months her kidney numbers are in the normal range which was the goal. August 30, 2014
The product is great in quality, pet love the food, but the price is too high for people on a limited income. The product is great in quality and my pet really liked it; but the cost is too expensive for people on a limited income. Purchase of this needed food is a burden on my budget and requires buying less food for me and my wife. August 26, 2014
Good nutrition, poor taste My dog's renal numbers have been steady on this diet for about 3 years. I have to add chicken both to help the taste. August 25, 2014
Excellent product In addition to medications, our veterinarian recommended k/d for our 14-year-old Sheltie with kidney problems. She loves the taste of the food, and her health is much improved. Thanks, Hill's! August 23, 2014
She loves K/D! Over 3 years ago our golden retriever, Josey, had to have the left lobe of her liver removed due to cancer. Since then, she's been on K/D, both dry and canned, and she enthusiastically endorses these fine products! August 8, 2014
We believe Prescription KD is helping Rosie maintain good quality of life. We put Rosie on kd dry and canned after she was diagnosed with liver and kidney problems. A year later, her levels, although still high, have come down significantly. I believe her change in diet has helped her. August 7, 2014
Keeping our aging pet healthy Wrigley has been part of the family for 12 years. When he had a seizure and we realized his health was in danger we readily tried the KD prescription diet. I am glad to day they Wrigley has been healthy and seizure free! We couldn't be more pleased. August 5, 2014
This product works My dog was diagnosed with early stage kidney failure. Since switching to k/d I have noticed no crystallization in his urine and the urine does no longer has a strong oder. Wonderful product! August 2, 2014
This product has brought my buddy back! <3 I just want to let you know how amazing this product is! My dog Rusty had renal failure from too much protein. He was lethargic and on deaths door. Luckily for this product he is alive and well and doing wonderful! He's only 8 years old, so I was not expecting anything like this to happen. It is a little expensive, so I depend on the coupons to help me out that are on your website, but I was wondering if you could take the limit off of the coupon??? That would be awesome! July 26, 2014
Seems to work My dog has been on the Prescription Diet - k/d for almost three months. He eats the food but he's not crazy about it plain - I pour a little gravy from the other dogs canned food (they get just a little canned to vary the taste of their dry foods) - since adding protein wouldn't work for a dog on k/d. I haven't had him back to the vet to see how his health is doing - but he seems to be doing well. He's almost 14 - he's almost completely blind and nearly completely deaf - so I'm happy when he's doing well. July 25, 2014
This product made the difference in our pet from being sick to healthy and happy. Our pet loves life again, thanks to this food. He is so happy and has returned to playing again. It saved his life and he will have many more years with us. July 25, 2014
doing what it is suppose to do. When I first purchased k/d, it was because my 14 yr. old dog had only 20% of her kidney function left. That was 7 months ago. Today she still has 20% function, but the numbers are improving. She has lots of "Zip" in her "Do-Da". I look forward to the time we spend together. Not only does the dog like the k/d, I've caught my friend's healthy dog enjoying it and my 14 yr.old cat indulging as well. Ahhh, family members. July 24, 2014
Does what it needs to do It has helped my dog lower her test results to a more healthy level. The food ingredients don't sound very appetizing and don't have veggies, etc. It does what it needs to do, but I feel like my dog is missing some of the other quality ingredients. It's also very expensive. I am so glad it helps her with her renal levels, I just wish it was more affordable. July 22, 2014
picky dog doesn't like it my dog's kidneys are comprised so she must have a low protein diet. she is a picky eater and has to be quite hungry to eat her dry food. July 15, 2014
k/d diet My doberman has been on this diet for three years and he's doing good. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and was prescribed meds and kd diet. I would like to see your company offer more coupons to help with the expense of taking care of a sick pet. We love our dog. Thanks. July 13, 2014
I'm grateful Chloe has a diet that has maintained her health! She gets bored with it at times, must be the flavor? I vary the texture by serving moistened or crunchy. I'm pretty strict that she adhere to her diet & has worked great for her. July 2, 2014
Good food for kidney issues My dog actually likes this dry food and he usually doesn't like any dry food. Plus, it is helping him with his kidney problems. July 1, 2014
Hill's pet food My dog has been on Hill's since he was a little pup. He has really enjoyed the food and eats hardily. He's an old dog now and Hill's has always provided a food that fits his needs. I always recommend Hill's to my friends and family. June 28, 2014
This food has helped slow the progression of her renal failure My dog loves the wet and dry KD food. Thanks for offering coupons on each monthly purchase. June 23, 2014
was necessary to put my german shepard on this food. Thanks to this prescription dog food my dog has gone from being a very ill dog,, to a dog that has regained his appetite, energy, put on weight, he has been able to hold his own, so far. June 15, 2014
Our Boxer loves the taste of Science Diet We adopted a boxer 1 year old and at that time had a problem with urine dripping. Since we have been giving Science Diet K/D dry, the problem has gotten better. We always thought we were giving our previous dogs the best food possible but after now knowing the that high protein is not always the best for the animal. June 10, 2014
Picky dog won't eat it. My long coat chihuahua is a picky eater. Because of bad teeth, I have to put dry food in the food processor and grind it up, the put some water on it. She was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and placed on this food. She will not eat it. I bought the wet version which she eats fairly well---unless I mix some of the dry with it. Then she will not touch it. June 8, 2014
Healthy now My Beagle has been on this for a few years and is doing very well after a scary kidney health scare. My only concern is the cost is so high. When this is the only food allowed in a pups diet the bags don't last very long and coupons are very very hard to find. June 7, 2014
Just Wish It Was a Little Softer Both of my Yorkies seem to like this food, but it's challenging for one of them because it's so hard. They're both 11yrs old. I wish it had a bit of a "chewy" texture--that would be a winner. June 3, 2014
Keeps our baby healthy! Our 10 year old American Pit Bull Terrier, Nike, has been eating k/d exclusively for the past 7 years. We discovered some renal insufficiency on routine bloodwork and, at the recommendation of our vet, she has been eating k/d ever since. Her kidney values have increased very little in the past 7 years, which we attribute mostly to her excellent diet. She is happy, healthy, and has a beautiful coat. May 25, 2014
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