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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Canine Renal Health 4.6 5 32 32
A wonderful product. The secret to a healthy pet. Two male dogs Bichon 16 and Yorkie17. KD is the secret to their longevity. They are two wonderful aged puppies. December 7, 2013
Good for Renal Health MyAmerican Pit Bull, Binx, has a kidney condition. I have always fed him Hill's Renal Health K/D since my vet. first recommended it as a desired diet to maintain his kidney health. He loves it, snarfs it down and, I feel, it has helped him maintain his good health and bright, cheerful and gentle personality. November 24, 2013
THE BEST! 3 years ago my Doberman was diagnosed with kidney failure and given a year & 1/2. We started feeding him k/d immediately. Now, 3 years later and he just celebrated his 14th birthday. He was just in for bloodwork at the vet and his kidney levels aren't great, but they haven't gotten worse!!! My vet & I both agree that Lucian (my Dober-boy) should be the posterchild for k/d canine dry. There is no doubt that this diet has allowed him to be with me longer and live a healthier life. Thank you Hills! October 15, 2013
My pom is back to her old frisky self thanks to Hills Prescription K/D. My pomeranian was having accidents inside the house which was very unlike her, and becoming very lethargic. After testing, our vet put her on Hills Prescription K/D. Not only did she like the taste of it better than what we had been feeding her, but she's like a new little doggie. Back to her frisky ole self! Thanks Hills. April 14, 2014
Thumbs up ! My Shih Tzu has issues from early on with her bladder. She doesn't drink a lot so we've had problems with potential crystals forming. She was on Hills GD formula wed & dry, along with potassium tablems to keep her feeling well. I can certainly tell when she is not herself. A few months ago, my vet introduced her to the K/D formula -- dry only. We have eliminated the wet and the potassium tabs and she seems to be feeling "puppy like" days. We are very happy with the results thus far. Thanks !! March 31, 2014
Love this dog food My dog was having high pancreas levels and got on the w/d kept his levels perfect! now he is going through kidney problems because of his age (13 year old poodle) and he enjoys the k/d licks the bowl clean! thank you for providing great products and customer service March 25, 2014
Expensive, but healthy Very expensive food, but my vet assures me it is good for my dog. Look for coupons on the site. March 17, 2014
make my dog feels good. It is a great product. My dog and myself feel we can trust this brand. Thanks for care. March 6, 2014
My little girl really likes this food! I use both the dry and wet food. My girls seem to really enjoy it. The canned food is easy and complete for them. I also use the dry so they'll have the crunch that all dogs like and need. February 17, 2014
i am a new user to this product. my pet seems to like the taste of this food. in the time that we have used it i can see a difference in my dog. i am a new user to this product. my pet seems to like the taste of this food. in the time that we have used it i can see a difference in my dog. February 16, 2014
Prescription k/d for our dog with renal failure We tried a few products and then settled on k/d wet. Our dog loved the wet food for a while, but soon grew tired of it and we started to add a bit of the dog's old dry kibble. We noticed the dog picking out the dry kibble and eating a bit of the wet. We decided to switch to the proper full diet and went to k/d dry kibble. Our dog is happy and he is getting the proper nutrition now. February 13, 2014
Our AmericanEskimo is 15 years old and has kidney problems. He is alive today and enjoying his life because of Hills dog food. Thank you! Our American Eskimo is 15 years old and is having kidney problems. He has been on Hills prescription diet for years and is living a very healthy life! thank you Hills! January 30, 2014
Unbelievable improvement! My golden retriever is nearly 16. When she was diagnosed with early-stage renal failure about a month ago, I thought it was all over. I started her on K/D right away, and now her kidney levels are normal!!!! Of course, I'm going to keep her on the diet for the rest of her life, but it's worth its weight in platinum. I wrote an earlier review - this one is a star above the old one. January 27, 2014
Meets a need, but VERY costly My dog was recently forced to transition to a renal diet. He likes the taste of this food just fine and it does not seem to be causing too much eye discharge (a problem with a food several years ago). My only complaint is that we have to feed 5 cups a day AND supplement with eggs and treats to barely maintain his weight. At the cost of this food it seems crazy that we have to feed him that much. His prior high protein athlete food only needed 3 cups to maintain his weight and was about half the price - although it was also significantly more than regular commercial dog food prices. January 25, 2014
works, expensive, high calorie I started using k/d dry just over a year ago. My lab has been on r/d and w/d for 6 years to control her weight. This food is very high in calories, so her weight control is gone. All of the kidney foods that we researched were high calorie. It is extremely expensive, but you do what you have to do for your dog. It would be nice for the price if there could be a lower calorie option for kidney patients. January 25, 2014
Great for old dogs!! I have an old dog with a brain tumor and renal issues. She likes this new food, no throwing up and is happy. No recent UTI's. Would definitely recommend. January 4, 2014
This product may be saving my pet's life Hal's urine test indicated early kidney issues. At 9 years old, my Golden Retriever has been on K/D for over a year. His umbers stabilized and recently are getting better. Hal woofs down his food, so evidently he loves it. And most of all, I feel K/D is prolonging his life. He is beautiful and full of energy. Thank you to the people at Hill's. January 2, 2014
very good A little expensive but our babies are worth it! Coupons would be nice. December 19, 2013
I love kd, and so do my dogs. I started my dogs on kd as soon as I noticed some renal insufficiencies, and it has helped tremendously. I am a vet tech, so I was able to notice the early signs. It has slowed the progression of kidney disease and my dogs love it. December 16, 2013
Ordered by the doctor All of my dogs really like both the dry and wet KD food products,they have helped to keep them healthy for 5 years now. December 9, 2013
GOOD KIDNEY HEALTH We have been feeding our choc lab, Mindy, K/D SCIENCE DIET for many years, at the recommendation of our vet, due to a type of "juvenile kidney disorder. Her blood tests are still good, and she just turned 11 years old. Although it is quite costly, we feel it is worth the extra expense, as our dogs are a very, very important part of our lives! And I really DO appreciate the coupons offered for this and other products on your web site and occasionally in the newspapers. Thanks for great products! November 29, 2013
The product is safe and healthy for my pet My dog has to have a prescription diet I tried others and he eats Kd without having to be coaxed. So it is my choice November 13, 2013
K/D Our dog a finicky eater took to the product immediately and we have had great results. Kudos!!! November 3, 2013
This product needs a better taste. My dog just does not like the dry, even though he only ate dry dog food before his kidney problems. He does eat it if we mix it with the canned kd October 19, 2013
I believe it's keeping my dog alive. My dog is in severe kidney failure. It was recommended to me to feed him Prescription diet K/D to lessen how hard his kidneys have to work. He has been eating it for 4 months now and he seems to be stable. He hasn’t gained much weight back but he is generally happy. He doesn’t care much for the taste and wants to eat his brother’s food. I have been adding a tablespoon of canned regular dog food and that makes him happier and he eats it all up. I still don’t understand why it is so expensive.. He’s been a great dog for the last 12 years so I spend the money on him. October 8, 2013
It has saved/prolonged my dog's life. She wasn't wild about the taste at first, but gobbles it down now. She would not still be with us, without it! Thank you Hill's!! We not only have more quantity for our dog, but a great quality of life too! She's happy, playful, and enjoying her senior years (which she would not be having right now without the help of your product)!!! September 26, 2013
Dog Really wish it came in different flavors. After a while, my dog has gotten very tired of the chicken flavor. It is very very difficult to get him to eat it. He hates it. September 20, 2013
This is the best food for our Dog Our dog was ill and our vet recommended Hill Prescription K/D diet for her... She loves it and it has made a huge difference in how she feels.... September 15, 2013
Seems okay We have fed our dog, Bella, Prescription KD for a year or so. She is getting older and her kidneys were showing signs of wear. The Vet recommended this for her. She seems to like it. The first few kernels she spits out and we don't know why, maybe it's just her. She is hand fed because of an esophageal stricture a few years ago. The food seems to be working for her and she hasn't had any issues for many months. September 11, 2013
What my veterinarian prescribed My cockapoo will be 16 in December. She has already had cancer with chemo, but has been on ID canned mixed with KD dry for the last 4 years & runs around like she's 10. September 9, 2013
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