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Hill's® Prescription Diet® j/d® Canine Mobility 4.9 5 418 418
Changed my dog's life! My Golden Retriever, Riley, competes in the sport of Dockdogs and 2 years ago she started slowing down on the dock and showing signs of discomfort after jumping. She absolutely loves competing and lights up at the first sign of water so it broke my heart to see what keeps her spirits high cause her pain. She also stopped jumping up on the bed to sleep at night which also tugged at my heart strings so I had steps built so she could continue to sleep in her favorite spot. She had been on glucosamine supplements for several years and I wasn't ready to take the step to other long-term medications so her vet and I decided to try J/D. WOW! Before I even had the chance to start training her to use the new steps she was back to jumping back on the bed and she started hitting new personal bests while competing! After 2 years the steps are still stored in the basement yet to be used and this year at 10 years old my girl placed 1st at Regional Championships and 4th in the WORLD at the Dockdog World Championships in her division! J/D has changed her life and given us many more years of happiness on the dock! December 29, 2013
Improved Mobility I have a young, active dog whose joints suffered serious injuries following trauma. It has been 1 year since I started him on j/d and I have noticed significant improvement in his overall mobility. I find that he needs less pain medications too now that he is on j/d. I have recommended this product to many clients who have also seen similar responses. I am very pleased with how well my boy gets around now- he runs on the beach as if he had normal joints! December 10, 2013
This kibble works wonders! I adopted a dog 2 years ago knowing that she would have problems with her back legs. She is only 3. She has had a broken femur, tibia, and pelvis. Since I have had her no broken bones but you can tell that some days is harder then others to move around normally. Since being on the diet, she is a new pup! She has no bad days! On top of it being great for all of her arthritis issues, she loves the food! We would have days where she really didn't want to eat much, but since switching to her J/D, she doesn't miss a kibble! :) December 10, 2013
This product has an amazing amount of omega fatty acids! My dog had to have an amputation due to trauma and so after her recovery I put her on this diet. Not only did it improve her mobility but her hair coat is fantastic. I recommend this diet on a regular basis to my clients. December 10, 2013
miracle worker This food will turn a down dog to a whole new pup again. I have used it for my own pets and have recommended it to my friends. You just need to try it yourself. Stop buying pain meds and fix the problem. What do you have to loose? If it doesn't work hills will buy it back. August 25, 2014
Great product, noticeable results I am a veterinary professional and feed both of my dogs this product. One of my dogs is a senior and needs mobility support but the other is younger and still benefits from its joint support. I've noticed a big difference in my senior dog's mobility since feeding this diet as well as healthy weight management. Very pleased. I also recommend it to the clients I see with senior dogs. August 24, 2014
Helps my 3 legged friend J/D mobility has helped bring new life to my 3 legged Lab. She improved greatly after starting the food after just one month. She enjoys her walks and play time more and loves the taste of the food! August 24, 2014
Happy Hips A little over a month ago my husband and I adopted a 5 year old German Shepard. She was a bit of a mess and I had already noticed how she wasn't running properly. After talking with the vet we put her on J/D and have noticed a HUGE improvement in her mobility in just a month. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that has helped our new family member in such a short period of time. August 21, 2014
This product seems to work My 7 year old dog was diagnosed with osteoarthritis one year ago and was being managed with an over the counter anti-arthritis product and occasional anti-infammatory oral medication. We switched to j/d diet 5 months ago and he has not exhibited any signs of pain after long walks like he did before! We have not needed any supplements and hope he continues to do this well. August 21, 2014
This product has kept my pet healthy for 9 years! I switched my Golden Retriever from puppy food to J/D when he was around 8months old. According to x-rays he appeared to have hip dysplasia. I put him on the J/D to do what I could to protect his hips. At 2 years old x-rays confirmed he had hip dysplasia. I've kept my dog on the J/D food for his whole life (except for the puppy food). At 9 1/2 years old he shows no physical signs of hip dysplasia and radiographically his hips show no change. I believe J/D has protected his hips and other joints as well as kept him at a lean weight for 9 years. I'm hoping to stave off this disease as long as possible with J/D. August 21, 2014
My Dog has shown improvement in mobility since using this product We started our dog on JD after she began to show signs of having problems getting up from sitting or laying down position. After just a few weeks we noticed she was no longer struggeling to get up, and she is able to go on longer walks. The only issue I have with the product is that it is very expensive. It costs about 3X what I was previously spending. However I will contunue to purchase this for my dog becuase she is doing so much better. August 20, 2014
This product has made a great difference! Thank you Hill's for making this brand specifically for joint mobility. My dog was started on this after his knee surgery and had remarkably recovered fast like he hadn't had surgery after all. He doesn't like to eat dry so we also give him the wet canned version as well. We also would like to thank you for the special offers you have on the website, we were able to save a few dollars while feeding him this brand. We hope that you continue to keep up the quality. August 19, 2014
Golden Retriever with soft tissue damage 100% recovery with Hills J/D. My Golden, Archie, came to me through a rescue with some behavior issues and severe soft tissue damage to his left front shoulder. Xray could not reveal anything and MRI was next but before having the procedure my vet, DR. B. prescribed Hills J/D. He was confident it would work and was right, Archie is 100% and it is all because of my vet's recommendation of the right food and exercise. With the online coupon it is really not much more than good food from a pet store or online and is better quality. I now feed my Japanese Chin and Staffordshire mix J/D mixed with their regular food. All three maintain a healthy weight and are happy, well adjusted and always excited when it is time to eat. Thank you Hills. August 16, 2014
Skin This product is used for joints but i use j/d for my Puggle's skin. Hes been on j/d for 3 years and he doesn't itch like he used to in the winter i haven't had to give him any skin medication. The j/d food is an excellent choice for Stewarts coat and Im very pleased. Also, the large bag lasts me like 3 months, so its well worth it! August 14, 2014
This product is vert good for my dog That is the product that my dog can actualy hold . He used to have diharea with other products but with J/D Mobility, now it has stoped. The product also give him great skin. August 13, 2014
Really has helped my dog with his mobility I had my doubts when the vet recommended that I start my dog on the j/d diet. I have to say that this food has really helped my dog. He has torn ACL's in both hind legs and is a high risk for surgery. The j/d diet made a big difference in how easily he can walk. I saw the difference for myself. I highly recommend this product. August 13, 2014
J/D kept my dog totally mobile for 4 years When my Springer Spaniel was 8 years old he started limping so I took him to our vet who x-rayed his front shoulder. A significant amount of arthritis appeared on the xray, I panicked because this dog was an excellent hunter and the season was starting in less than two months. I called around to a number of vets looking for a solution. One vet suggested Hills Prescription j/d formula. I put my dog on this j/d formula and he has hunted for me the last 3 years with little problem. Even at age 12 I believe I will be able to hunt him this fall. He gets 2 walks a day and at least 4 miles walk a day. August 13, 2014
My dog is now chasing squirrels again. My dog had a limp and was not as spry as she used to be until the Vet recommended J/D. Within 3-4 weeks she was chasing squirrels and as peppy as ever. Thank you J/D August 11, 2014
Has helped my pet a lot Since starting my 10 yr old Shepard on this diet he has become more active and will fool us into thinking he can run like he used to when he was a puppy. August 11, 2014
Best food on the market I started using j/d for my 9 year-old lab mix a few year ago at the first signs of joint aging & slowing. I'll admit, the first few days, it took us both getting used too.There was a strong smell to the food as I opened the bag, he even spit it out. But by day 3 he was eating it well, he actually liked it, and by day 6 or 7 he was bouncing around again! He is now 13 years old and still going strong, I know it was the food that has helped him this far. I don't know how bad-off he'd be without it. I was so impressed with it, I also feed it to my other dogs, no problems with them yet as they get older and their coats are shiny and stools are right as they should be. I recommend j/d and Science Diet to everyone. They're one of the only companies that I know that have reliable AAFCO statements (when it says it's for adult dogs, it really is for adults and not "all life stages"). My dogs are much healthier and happier because of Hill's. August 10, 2014
lean and mobile Hudson is my 10 1/2 year old Old English Sheepdog. At the age of approximately two, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. In 2011, my vet referred me to a surgical vet as I was considering hip replacement. Upon the surgical vet's recommendation, I started Hudson on the j/d canine mobility diet to aid with weight loss and mobility. Hudson has gone from 93 pounds in 2011 to near his goal weight of 74 pounds today. He also enjoys his walks more even tolerating longer distances. Hooray! My vet says the best thing I can do for my sweet boy is to keep him "lean and mobile" and I believe j/d canine mobility food plays an essential role in that prescription. August 7, 2014
This product has many benefits I have a Dachshund that has had skin issues since he was a puppy, he was constantly scratching without relief. I spent a lot of money at various vets trying to find the problem. When I started feeding him J/D, his skin become clear, his coat is extremely shiny and he runs around like he is a puppy again although he is almost 11 years old. I worked at a vet clinic and when clients came in for skin problems or arthritis issues I would always recommend J/D to them. It is the best food on the market, I do wish it was more affordable though. August 7, 2014
great stuff My 10 year old german shepherd has been on pain meds for the last year for aches and pains. After two months of feeding J/D we have stopped the pain meds and she is doing great. No signs of pain in her hips. so pleased :) August 7, 2014
9-Year Old St. Bernard plays Like a Puppy! I began feeding Rosie j/d when she was about 4 years old for preventative reasons. After watching my black lab go through his senior years with painful, limited mobility, I knew I wanted to start Rosie on a food that would help her stay healthy as long as possible. I am so happy to report that this food works! Not only have I seen it in my own pets, I have recommended this food to others and have seen the remarkable results with my own eyes. Rosie does not have to take any additional supplements with this food because it contains fish oil, flax seed and Glucosamine Hydrochloride (which is absorbed more easily by the body than Glucosamine Sulfate.) We are very happy with this food and trust Hill's as well for our other 5 canine family members! Thank you! August 6, 2014
Provides great mobility support and longevity. I started feeding my pyrenees, lab mix the Hill's Large Breed formula when she was two years old. I transitioned her to j/d about two years ago. My dog is very active. She loves to play outside and though she is nine she runs like a much younger dog. j/d provides great joint support and keeps her quality of life up. August 5, 2014
Cheaper than Rx - We tried this is a first step to help our dog's arthritis. We saw a change in our greyhounds mobility after 1 bag of food. Though the food was about $30 more than our regular food, we determined it was cheaper than an Rx and food bought separately. I would recommend this food to others with dogs with joint pain. August 4, 2014
This producy is really helpful I have 2 dogs on this product and it works really well August 4, 2014
this dog food has made an amazing difference for my dog and his joint pain. This dog food has made an amazing difference for my 12 year old labrador and his joint pain. Before we started using this food, he was whimpering about walking up or down the stairs. Now stairs are no problem. He is also playing and running more often too. August 3, 2014
I love this diet! JD is a wonderful diet. I recommend it every chance I get. My Staffordshire started showing signs of arthritis and DJD when he was only 7. I had to put him on NSAIDS and joint supplements. I had heard great things about JD. I tried it on Chopper and I have stopped the NSAIDS and the supplements. He is doing great... August 2, 2014
Great diet for dog with pain on walking I started my now 10 year old golden retriever on this food three years ago and was amazed to see the improvement in her gait. She had mild changes at that time and has only minimally progressed from there. She loves the food, it sits well with her stomach, and her coat still looks great! July 27, 2014
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