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Hill's® Prescription Diet® j/d® Canine Mobility 4.9 5 342 342
Changed my dog's life! My Golden Retriever, Riley, competes in the sport of Dockdogs and 2 years ago she started slowing down on the dock and showing signs of discomfort after jumping. She absolutely loves competing and lights up at the first sign of water so it broke my heart to see what keeps her spirits high cause her pain. She also stopped jumping up on the bed to sleep at night which also tugged at my heart strings so I had steps built so she could continue to sleep in her favorite spot. She had been on glucosamine supplements for several years and I wasn't ready to take the step to other long-term medications so her vet and I decided to try J/D. WOW! Before I even had the chance to start training her to use the new steps she was back to jumping back on the bed and she started hitting new personal bests while competing! After 2 years the steps are still stored in the basement yet to be used and this year at 10 years old my girl placed 1st at Regional Championships and 4th in the WORLD at the Dockdog World Championships in her division! J/D has changed her life and given us many more years of happiness on the dock! December 29, 2013
Improved Mobility I have a young, active dog whose joints suffered serious injuries following trauma. It has been 1 year since I started him on j/d and I have noticed significant improvement in his overall mobility. I find that he needs less pain medications too now that he is on j/d. I have recommended this product to many clients who have also seen similar responses. I am very pleased with how well my boy gets around now- he runs on the beach as if he had normal joints! December 10, 2013
This kibble works wonders! I adopted a dog 2 years ago knowing that she would have problems with her back legs. She is only 3. She has had a broken femur, tibia, and pelvis. Since I have had her no broken bones but you can tell that some days is harder then others to move around normally. Since being on the diet, she is a new pup! She has no bad days! On top of it being great for all of her arthritis issues, she loves the food! We would have days where she really didn't want to eat much, but since switching to her J/D, she doesn't miss a kibble! :) December 10, 2013
This product has an amazing amount of omega fatty acids! My dog had to have an amputation due to trauma and so after her recovery I put her on this diet. Not only did it improve her mobility but her hair coat is fantastic. I recommend this diet on a regular basis to my clients. December 10, 2013
Great results! Only negative for this product is my dog does not seem too excited to eat it. Results over time have been noticeable however, he's up and about and on the go! April 17, 2014
Helps with my dogs mobility I love J/D!!! I have a 7 yr old Vizsla. In the past year and a half he has had to TPLO surgerys. Due to having hip problems he was already on J/D prior to both surgeries. J/d helped him support his joints while he was healing from the surgeries. He did so well and it and since it has all the supplements and fatty acids. It is so much easier to just feed him the diet rather than give him pills. He did so well on the diet that we switched our 7 yr old to J/D as well. Besides seeing a difference in mobility/ I have also seen a difference in their coat, which is a bonus! We ran out of J/D at our clinic and I had to try a different joint diet. After a few days of the other diet. I did notice a difference in their coat and they seemed not as agile. I am very happy with J/D. Thank you for making such a wonderful diet for our aging family members. April 16, 2014
Extremely beneficial for mobility. Our large dog had mobility issues after several surgeries. Our vet recommended J/D to us hoping that it would alleviate his issues. It definitely has helped and is able to be mobile in less pain then he was on other dog foods. Very grateful for this product. April 14, 2014
It works Nelson is a 114 lbs of 4 legged LOVE. He is 8 years old and has had joint problems for a while. We started to feed him j/d Prescription Diet and he has shown much movement of his hip joints. Thanks for making all of your products and helping all of our 4 legged LOVES. April 12, 2014
Helped My Dog's Hips! I have a Lab Sharpei mix. He has been having toruble with arthritus in his hips. my doctor recomended the j/d formula food to try. J/d was very pallateable for Dorado, and it was easy to switch him to this diet. After about a month, he is able to run up and down the stairs again, we began to hike again, which Dorado loves to do! he seems to be having less pain and is back to his playful happy self! i recomend this food to anyone who has a dog with mobility issues, it really really works!!! Thank You Hills for improving the quality of life for my beloved companion Dorado!!! April 10, 2014
j/d helps Iris's mobility after being hit by a car I adopted Iris after she was hit by a car. She loves to run, but can't because she has cartilage and soft tissue injuries to her right tarsus (ankle). I started her on j/d hoping to prolong the life of her cartilage. I didn't want her on lifelong medication for pain. She has been on the diet for 5 years now and while she can't run a marathon, she is doing much better keeping up with me and our other dog. She can even go up and down the stairs without limping! April 10, 2014
Keeps my old guy moving My 11yr old large breed dog has all the energy of a puppy but his joints would get really sore from playing. Much improvement noted after changing to j/d and he is much more mobile. April 9, 2014
My dog just loves this food. My dog was found, as a 5 week old puppy in a snow bank. We don't know what happened to her but she had two broken hips, knees and a broken pelvis. At 8 weeks old she had surgery to remove one of her femoral heads. When she was old enough to be put onto adult food we chose j/d. She's now 8 years old and still loves it! April 9, 2014
great product My do g has severe arthritis of the elbows and hocks. This food is a very important part of her treatment plan to keep her mobile, happy and pain free. April 7, 2014
j/d has truly helped with my dogs chronic lameness. My two dogs are getting older and have some arthritic issues that I have tried to address with Glucosamines and the occasional NSAID. After a month on j/d the lameness was gone. I had a hard time getting to the vet a while back so I traded back to their old food and the lameness came back. I am happy to say that now that they are back on the j/d I am seeing less problems again. I won't switch back again. I am a believer!! April 6, 2014
This product works very well Our 8 year old lab/border collie mix started having hip problems and our vet recommended JD Mobility. Star wouldn't eat it, so the vet suggested we mix the wet with a little water and make a gravy; then we added the dry to that and she would eat it. What a difference it made in less than a week! She was moving and jumping around like before. She still doesn't really care for the taste, but when she gets hungry enough, she will eat. Pricewise, it is expensive, but the coupons help a lot. April 4, 2014
J/D has kept my dog moving I am a veterinarian and I have fed my two dogs J/D for most of their life. My goldendoodle has severe hip dysplasia and we have been waiting to save the money for a total hip replacement for her. She has been doing very well on J/D and runs and plays with little signs of pain. We give her antinflammatory medication rarely and it has been easy to control her weight. April 3, 2014
Expensive I think the food helped my dog a little bit but it is very expensive. April 2, 2014
JD made a huge difference in my dog. My 10 yr old Golden Retriever woke me up one night because she couldn't jump down off the bed. She had stopped running and could barely walk down the hallway without limping. Her joints were obviously causing her pain. My wonderful vet suggested I switch her over to JD food, so I did. Within 2 weeks she was able to jump on/off the bed. By the end of the month she was running again. Today she is able to keep up with my youngest and runs circles around her. Thank you for making JD. April 2, 2014
This food is amazing! Hello My name is Laurie, I have a 41/2 year old Rottweiler named "Tuff" he had an injury to his leg when he was a puppy. I have been feeding Hills Science diet JD dog food for over a year I can tell a big difference in him every morning. Before feeding the JD food he never wanted to get up in the morning I had to give him a massage rubbing his hips and legs. Yes, he still enjoys his massage, but will be up ready to go every morning. He loves the taste I even give him a few pieces of it as a snack during the day. Thank you Hills for all your research on making animals healthy. I know by me feeding Tuff Hills science diet JD he will be with me longer and have a great pain free life with his joints. Laurie & Tuff April 2, 2014
Changed My Dog's Life I have a 6-7 year old mixed breed dog named ShortStack. Ever since I adopted her when she was only about 2 years old she seemed like an old yellow hound dog that should be sleeping on a porch in the hot summer sun. She just wasn't built right. She loved to sleep on the couch but always had a lot of difficulty getting up and off the couch or even just up off the floor. She seemed like an old arthritic dog even though she was so young. I started her on j/d about 4 years ago. After a couple of months I noticed a dramatic difference. She can now keep up with her younger sister while chasing squirrels. She has no trouble getting up and down and she holds the record for number of helicopter spins while waiting for breakfast and dinner! The j/d diet definitely changed her life! April 2, 2014
Keeps my dog young I put my 4 year old Labrador on J/D because when he was 3 months old he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and underwent TPLO surgery. I put him on J/D as a preventative measure to help keep his joints healthy. He continues to run and play as if he is a young dog that has never had joint issues. March 30, 2014
Jury is Out My German Shepherd likes this food, hopefully we will see the "amazing" improvement promised given the very expensive price. March 30, 2014
Great! This product is great for my 2 Labs, one has hip dysplasia, and the other has a metal pin in his arm, they both get around GREAT on this food. I'm so happy my vet mentioned it. March 26, 2014
J/d is great! My dog really loves the taste of j/d, and it has helped his arthritis a lot. March 24, 2014
Great product This has been a great benefit to our 14 year old Chow. She use to have a difficult time getting up. Now she is moving just like 5 years ago. She is so much happier today then before. I wish we could afford to feed this to our two Great Pyrenees that would benefit from the joint values. Especially not one is going through bone cancer. Thank you. March 24, 2014
Nova the Bullmastiff's story My Bullmastiff Nova has had double cruciate surgery, it's something that was difficult emotionally and financially. The first surgery happened when she was 1 and the second when she was 2. Almost a year after the second surgery we were beginning to loose hope that Nova would be able to lead a normal happy life because she never seemed to recover fully. Fortunately for Nova and us, our vet was persistent to help nova get back to 100% and recommended J/D food for Nova, thinking that the extra omega 3 and glucosamine is what she needed. Well I truly have to thank the creators, Nova has been eating J/D for over 6 months now and her new mobility went from night to day. She runs like a cheetah again and doesn't limp from stiffness after naps. She's at 100% again, I'll never change her food again. Thanks so much ! March 23, 2014
Enables my adventure co-hort to enjoy all the trails alongside me! My 11 year old cocker was on i/d until she turned 9 when I switched her to j/d. We run or bike about 5 miles on weekdays and on the weekends she joins me for hikes, bikes, snowshoeing treks, camping, swimming, etc. She is in excellent physical condition and has never shown any signs of joint pain, discomfort, or fatigue. She races ahead of me no matter if we're hiking, running, or biking. Everyone we encounter on the trail who asks her age, is shocked by how old she really is, I always tell them about the importance of good nutrition and clearly they see, how it has benefited her. She'll be my adventure companion for many years to come thanks to the amazing quality of food that Hills makes. Love it!! March 23, 2014
With J/D, the medicine is in the bag! I have an 11 1/2 year-old collie who is slow getting up, and until the use of J/D, had to be on multiple pills per day (glucosamine/chondroitin and NSAIDS). Now that he's getting essential fatty acids and other enhancing nutrients from the food, I only have to give him an occasional NSAID dose. The J/D food is palatable, and well tolerated by his gastrointestinal tract as well. He even acts like a puppy when its time for his walk! March 23, 2014
Couldn't get a better food for my lab! My chocolate Labrador was adopted as a 2 year old with a very bleached coat. She was started on Hill's Prescription Diet j/d due to the fact that she is a lab, unknowing of her existing joint issues. Not only has she never shown any pain in her hips even with femoral head remodeling (incidental radiographic finding), her coat is the richest chocolate color now. So many people comment on her impeccable coat and cannot believe the before and after pictures. March 22, 2014
Duel purpose This product I feel is not only good for the joints, but is great for the skin too. My dog has stopped licking as much and her skin is not as red. She has loved the food from day one! March 21, 2014
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