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Hill's® Prescription Diet® j/d® Canine Mobility 4.9 5 469 469
Changed my dog's life! My Golden Retriever, Riley, competes in the sport of Dockdogs and 2 years ago she started slowing down on the dock and showing signs of discomfort after jumping. She absolutely loves competing and lights up at the first sign of water so it broke my heart to see what keeps her spirits high cause her pain. She also stopped jumping up on the bed to sleep at night which also tugged at my heart strings so I had steps built so she could continue to sleep in her favorite spot. She had been on glucosamine supplements for several years and I wasn't ready to take the step to other long-term medications so her vet and I decided to try J/D. WOW! Before I even had the chance to start training her to use the new steps she was back to jumping back on the bed and she started hitting new personal bests while competing! After 2 years the steps are still stored in the basement yet to be used and this year at 10 years old my girl placed 1st at Regional Championships and 4th in the WORLD at the Dockdog World Championships in her division! J/D has changed her life and given us many more years of happiness on the dock! December 29, 2013
Improved Mobility I have a young, active dog whose joints suffered serious injuries following trauma. It has been 1 year since I started him on j/d and I have noticed significant improvement in his overall mobility. I find that he needs less pain medications too now that he is on j/d. I have recommended this product to many clients who have also seen similar responses. I am very pleased with how well my boy gets around now- he runs on the beach as if he had normal joints! December 10, 2013
This kibble works wonders! I adopted a dog 2 years ago knowing that she would have problems with her back legs. She is only 3. She has had a broken femur, tibia, and pelvis. Since I have had her no broken bones but you can tell that some days is harder then others to move around normally. Since being on the diet, she is a new pup! She has no bad days! On top of it being great for all of her arthritis issues, she loves the food! We would have days where she really didn't want to eat much, but since switching to her J/D, she doesn't miss a kibble! :) December 10, 2013
This product has an amazing amount of omega fatty acids! My dog had to have an amputation due to trauma and so after her recovery I put her on this diet. Not only did it improve her mobility but her hair coat is fantastic. I recommend this diet on a regular basis to my clients. December 10, 2013
Amazing product This product is amazing... I saw changes within about a week in my dogs... they felt better and also seemed to have more energy. July 27, 2015
He loves it! I had adopted a large dog two years ago. Four months after I got him, he was not able to walk due to joint issues, He underwent joint surgery and the orthopedic surgeon put my dog on this diet. He recommended that I keep him on this for the rest of his life. The surgery and the Hill's diet have brought my 5 year old back to his energetic self again! The food is expensive but if it extends his active lifestyle, it's worth it. July 20, 2015
Amazing food Our 9 year old golden retriever recently began having problems with her rear legs. We found out she had two torn cruciate ligaments in both rear legs and had probably had this condition for years. We swim both her and our other golden every two weeks so think this is what helped her the most. The vet did not recommend surgery but did recommend this food. She is up and running around now, just a little over a month after her injury. We still swim her and her brother but this food is well worth the money. Plus you don't have to bother with the extra supplements of fish oil and glucosamine and chondroitin. Great food!!!! June 14, 2015
love love love it. great prescription food my dog "Bane", is a year and a half old bully. I adopted him when he was about 5 months old. well immediately I noticed him whining and limping. well I took him into work and of course ran bloodwork and gave medications. none that helped a lot. well after I decided to take xrays it was obvious!! He has no hips. Awful for that young. well I have had him on J/D dry and he is better than ever. no mediactions , no limping. just fantastic. few years back I also had my 21 year old cat on feline j/d. and let me tell you that her time left with me I saw the difference in weeks, not months but weeks for her lil old self to move around! it's awesome!! June 8, 2015
Great food with great benefits I started feeding my 7yr old Golden Retriever j/d after her mobility problems increased as she aged. Previously she had been on medication to help with mobility, but after starting on j/d, she has been able to almost completely eliminate the need for it. Great food that I would recommend to anyone! May 29, 2015
This product has greatly helped my girl! I have noticed a great difference in Lizzie since I have been feeding her the J/D food. She has a condition that would cause her to limp severely whenever I tried to walk her. She has been on this food since January and she has better mobility and is able to walk longer without starting to limp. And when she does limp, it's slight. May 27, 2015
GREAT!!! It's like having a new dog. While she used to have trouble getting around, now has a spring in her step. May 26, 2015
From slow, to go go go!!! Maggie my 7 yr old Springer Spaniel, was starting to get stiff, limp and getting slower to rise etc. She would be the non-fun dog at any party, hanging around the humans not playing with the other dogs. Within 6 weeks of changing her to Science Diet j/d mobility, she was a completely different dog! With no other change to her everyday life, I believe the food made all the difference! She is very spry, jumping like she did in her younger days; catching frisbee's. She no longer gets up with trouble and looks sore when she moves around. I would HIGHLY recommend this to any aging dog big or small to help them get around more freely without pain/discomfort and needing theur humans help to jump on the bed. May 23, 2015
Wonderful joint health & pets love the taste! I am so happy that my two dogs love this food, especially since they are large breed dogs. They need as much joint health as possible to help support their large body frames, and with the j/d they are getting that and more! They can't wait for meal time, and gobble it down no problem! It also seems to have improved their coat quality with nice silky fur, and no flaky skin. Highly recommend this food! May 22, 2015
new energy for an old pup My dog has been slowing down and seems achy during the stormy weather. I switched her to J/D on the advice of my vet and she has new, boundless energy and is like her old self again. May 21, 2015
Great diet for pets with orthopedic/joint challenges I'm a small animal veterinarian. I have found this diet to be flavorful, patients love it and I have had more than 50 patients on the dry food with wonderful success in enhancing their overall comfort with whatever orthopedic condition they are challenged with and are maintaining well. Added bonus is the enhanced amount of omega fatty acids makes J/D a great diet to use for skin issues due to allergic conditions too! I LOVE this diet and can ask any of said clients I've used it with to state their happiness with it and their pets. May 20, 2015
Fantastic product Fantastic food My 12 year old disaster has been eating this for several years. She has had five orthopedic surgeries and still jumps on the sofa. Noticed an improvement within weeks of switching food Would recommend to anyone as part of an arthritis control protocol May 20, 2015
This product has great features This product is delicous and really helps improve mobility May 20, 2015
Hills is a brand I trust I am blessed with a wonderful 14 year golden retriever that has difficulty with his mobility. My veterinarian recommended Science Diet prescription J/D and I have seen great improvement in his gait and mobility. He was slipping and falling before I switched his feed and now he is much more stable and has a better quality of life. I am an employee of a vet clinic so I have used Hill's products for years, It is a brand that I trust. May 19, 2015
Palatability is wonderful! I have 2 dogs. The one was placed on J/D due to having severe hip dysplasia. My second dog who is the most finicky eater who we have resorted to buying a different flavor of food each bag broke her way into the cupboard where the bag of J/D was and inhaled it. And has continued to love it ever since! May 19, 2015
Works great without having to remember medication My border collie had cruciate ligament surgery as a pup, and 10 years later was starting to slow down. j/d was a great thing for her, up and around, wanting to work again. She even started jumping up and down when she was excited! Great product. May 19, 2015
How j/d has helped my dog! I have a 13 year old chocolate lab. When I rescued him he was 8 and weighed 104#. I knew I needed to get weight off of him if I wanted him to live longer. I first put him on Hill's Metabolic diet, within 3 months he had lost a total of 30#. In the mean time I had x-rays taken which showed the had arthritis in all for legs and was affected his hind end the most. He could barely get up and didn't want anything to do with activity. Since the loss of 30# he now runs around the yard and plays with the children. He currently is on Hill's J/D for his arthritis and joint mobility. I have been able to keep the weight off and keep him active. During the time off weight loss he was on Rimadyl to help with the pain. Since the loss and being on J/D I have not given him any pain meds in 2 years. I just want to thank Hill's and their continue efforts in helping maintain good health for our animals. May 19, 2015
Great food for dogs with osteoarthritis I have seen dogs with osteoarthritis improve with the diet alone. May 19, 2015
Product lives up to expectations Use of this product (Hills jd mobility) has resulted in improved activity levels in my senior Labrador . He walks minimum 3 miles daily and is back to enjoying being out doors. Daily use of this food has greatly improved his life style. Highly recommend it for any dog with mobility issues. April 3, 2015
great food I am the owner of 2 boxers. We have been giving our 11 year old boxer j/d for the past 5 years. It has done wonders for her weight control as well as her mobility. We recently put our 3 year old boxer on it as well and she loves it also. I have nothing but good things to say about this food. April 3, 2015
Great diet for any aging/less mobile pet! Before trying the Hill's j/d, I had my dachshund on a weight maintenance diet and fish oil and glucosamine supplements as well as a daily prescription pain reliever. He was still in obvious pain and discomfort. I was looking into adding more pain medications to make him feel comfortable. I heard about j/d and started the transition over. My dog absolutely loves his food and I noticed a difference in his coat, skin and joints soon after switching. That was in January 2014. To date, my dog has not had any pain medications in months. I believe his last dose was in the summer. He is off of all his joint supplements, and we are weaning off of his fish oil (he was put back on due to an auto-immune skin condition). He is walking, running and acting like he did as a 5-6 year old dog. He is absolutely more happy and comfortable than he was before the switch. I always tell people to believe in nutriseutical treatments over pharmaceuticals, but that food treatment is ideal. I am saving money on expensive supplements and prescription medications and all I did was change my dog's diet. He is happier and I am, too. February 10, 2015
A great product. I have a Labrador that is 9 years old. She has been on Science Diet or Prescription Diet food since I adopted her at 5 weeks. I LOVE Hills foods. She started on Large Breed Puppy, then Large Breed Adult. When she had urinary crystals she was switched to WD food. Now that she is getting older I have noticed her slowing down. My veterinarian took x-rays and confirmed arthritis. After calling the help-line (an amazing feature of Hills) I was advised to swirtch to JD food. While on the JD it is amazing the relief from the joint stiffness that I see. It is an amazing product! It is so much better than having to administer prescribed NSAID's. I would recommend JD to any arthritic dog owner! January 19, 2015
This product has help our pet Our dog has had severe joint issues. As he aged our vet recommended this product. It has reduced his decline in mobility as he has aged. And he enjoys the food. December 26, 2014
Kept 'em ACTIVE! I have used the j/d (dry and canned) for all my dogs (my own and my foster/rescues) - with excellent results; all were very active dogs who put in lots of miles as my trail running partners. When they were older, we alternated trail days (walking more than running, then) with dog paddle days! Almost all lived to almost 16, and were quite mobile until medical issues took them : > ((( December 16, 2014
The food seens very pallitable. My dog is a finicky eater. She is always ready to eat her meals when I put the food in her bowl. She cleans it up immediately. December 7, 2014
This food really seems to help my great dane's joints. This food really seems to help my great dane's joints. November 20, 2014
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