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Hill's® Prescription Diet® j/d® Canine Mobility Small Bites 4.6 5 11 11
Helpful and tasty My pup had a weak patella/knee starting when she was about three months old and my vet recommended j/d, and if that didn't work surgery may necessary. After eating j/d for a while the weakness became less and less and now she never limps. I have kept her on the food even though she is 3 1/2 now. I don't know if it was all because of the food, maybe she grew stronger as she aged, too, but I'm a fan of j/d and would recommend it to anyone. And, she loves the taste. December 4, 2013
Dog's Favorite We got Hill's Prescription Diet at the recommendation of our vet due to our dog's hip joint problems. I'm always leery introducing a new food because you never know what the dog will like to eat. I was so very pleasantly surprised! She is always excited when we fix her food now, and eagerly gobbles every last bite! It's so nice to know that she enjoys what is so very good for her! December 2, 2013
our dog loves the food and its good for him Tebo "Tiburon" our dog, is a male black schnauzer (33lbs). He is now 13.5 years old. We started him on the Hills small bit mobility food about a year ago, and after about 3 months could really see a change in his joints and hips. We feel the quality and value of this product is worth the buy. For approx. $5 more a month our dog is happier and will live longer. Thanks to DR Jackson our vet in New Smyrna Beach FL for the recommendation. Danny September 18, 2013
A fantastic improvement After a diagnosis of tear of the internal crossed ligament, I put on a diet my cocker spaniel using the specialized food Hills prescription "mobility" and I was able to noted an improvement of its condition to the point that the operation was not necessary. A big thank you April 10, 2014
Aids mobility! I believe Hills Prescription Diet JD small bites dry has helped my 13 year old dog with her mobility. She had some serious issues that we discussed with the vet and he recommended JD for her because he sincerely believes in it. ....and I have faith in him. It has been a struggle, however, to get her to eat it. I suppose she's gotten finicky over the years, but she just doesn't like the taste of it. February 12, 2014
This has helped my dogs in so many ways I have multiple dogs on this food and they all love it! One of my dogs would be a picky eater, but since starting this food he has never missed a meal! They're coats look great which is such a great added feature. They all move so great since being on this food. One happy customere here!!! December 19, 2013
hungry hounds Shared between three dogs, one 11yr pointer mix, one 6yr low energy husky mix, and one 6 yr high energy lab mix. Blend a portion of the mobility with the pointer and huskys adult food. The lab primarily is on mobility, with a small mix of the adult food. The dogs coats look good, maintain a trim weight and they always look forward to their trail walk time. December 14, 2013
Great food My dog enjoys this food. We have noticed some improved mobility, less stiffness. The added benefit is the lack of stomach upset and no allergy issues, even though this isn't an allergy food. We have noticed an increase in stools with this food, but our vet says that is uncommon. My dog only likes the small bites. Please make the small bites available in the larger bags. December 1, 2013
Great Food !!! I have been feeding j/d for months after my Pet had some leg damage. She was walking very slow and had issues with moving and getting around. Now that she has been on this diet she is a NEW dog !!!! She loves the taste ,eats less,and has no issues with this diet. Thanks she is a new dog. She is only 4. Very happy owner and Dog November 22, 2013
My boy has been on this food for 5 years My dog pez has been on j/d since he was 9 years old and unable to go up and down the stairs. He is now 15 years old and still going strong ! He loves his J/D dry and can! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product ! Sharon Kibodeaux November 20, 2013
Great product Thank you for this product. My 14 year Chow now is more active and happy. Can't say enough about this except it should not be prescription and if cost less would feed to my two Great Pryenees. Awesome product. September 26, 2013
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