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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health 4.8 5 128 128
This dog food offers what my dog needs. Taylor, my 12 yr old boxer, has a number of medical problems at this stage in her life, and is allergic to most meat based foods. My vet put her on this Hill's id food just after her episode of pancreatitis.. I was told that this food is very bland and she may not like it, but needless to say, Taylor loves it.. I mix just a little warm water in it to soften it for her and she gobbles it up.. I also use the can id food to hide her pills in and she never even knows she is getting the pills.. This Hill's Prescription Diet id food is keeping her digestive system in good shape and she is loving the food... December 7, 2013
I use it- and reccommend it! My dog was on i/d for a stomach issue, but every time I tried to switch her to an OTC food she got sick again. It was just easier to leave her on the i/d permanently. I tell that to all of our clients with pets that suffer from chronic digestive issues. i/d is great for short term, or long term use. November 29, 2013
Great for dogs with loose stools My boxer that is 1 has lot's of stomach issues and gets diarrhea very easy. This is the only food that controls it November 22, 2013
great product I have Boston Terriers we have used Hills products for over 5 years. I believe we have had our pets a longer period of time . It he dog food has given them a shimmer coat better dental health. Also we use the wet canned food also. July 15, 2014
The food is good, but it is very expensive The food is good for my dogs. They have been eating it for almost five years. The cost is very high and it would be good if Hills would recognize their long term customers with better and easier access to coupons to help with the cost of the food. July 11, 2014
Good for sensitive stomachs My senior collie mix has a history of stomach problems. The i/d diet has worked very well to keep her tricky stomach calm, allowing her to enjoy a very well-deserved old age. She's now a beautiful 15-year-old dog, and walks and trots a bit, and has a good life. She prefers the wet to the dry food, but when the dry food is crushed a bit and moistened, she likes that too. She adores the canned food. July 9, 2014
This product is perfect for a dog or cat with IBS Yes this Hill's ID is a heaven sent. My little sweetness has been on Hill's Prescription ID since he was about 1 years old and now he has made to 9 years old. thanks to Hill's. Chou Chu has IBS everything upsets his stomach. He use to be on an all natural food but this did not help. I tried name brand products these did not help either. My vet advise Hill's and this is what he has been on since and he is healthy, happy, active. I feed him a 1/4 cup 7a, 12n, 5p and at nights he get a double portion because it is the longest period with out food. I you have to work and cannot feed your pet 4 times a day I would recommend an automatic feeder. I have one work very well. Thank you Hill's. P.S. you can print coupons from the Hill's website, your vet will honor it. June 30, 2014
The quality of this food is very Good. I have been giving this food to my Boston Terrier since she was diagnosed with colitis. She actually likes the wet version better. I think the main reason for the same, is that the bits are too big for her. In addition that she is a senior and it makes it harder for her to chew. It you could adapt the product for small breed dogs the same would be fantastic!!! June 30, 2014
Saving Grace This product was a life/dog/house saver. My dog suffers from a sensitive stomach and after trying this product his/our issues have been resolved. The price is higher than I can barely afford but this product does clam his digestive issues. Occassionally, I add i/d wet/can to keep him feeling spoiled. I have been using this product for over a year now. June 30, 2014
Good product but outrageous high price. This product is very good for my dog with a sensitive stomach but the price is much too expensive and last month they even increased the price. You can only get this food from your veterinarian. Due to high price, I might have to experiment with other dog foods to find one that agrees with my pup and not as much money. Too bad....... June 29, 2014
Price makes it too hard to feed This helps with my dogs GI issues, I have no doubt about that, but the price keeps me from being able to afford it every time. Our other 2 dogs eat a premium diet, so I switch back and forth for our 3rd dog. There is so much information regarding what to feed our dogs that it gets confusing as to what is truly healthy for them and what is not. I wish I could feed this every time though because I don't want my dog getting sick again. June 26, 2014
Only food that mmydog can keep down! French Bull dog who has finicky stomach will try to eat anything and everything but can't keep it down. The food provides all the requirement for a healthy dog, he is 34lbs and more energy than I might want. Thank you for the healthy dog! June 24, 2014
Great Product, better prices on line than at vet, would like more coupons though Great product, we have two dogs and two cats all are on the Hills Science Diet. They are fussy eaters but all like Hills. June 23, 2014
This product is has stabilized my dog! My dog is a 3 ½ pound Yorkie rescue. He is very finicky but he really likes this kibble and has been on this food as per the recommendation of Florida Yorkie Rescue and also my Vet. Since he is such a tiny little dog, it would be great if they made this food in tinier kibble form. As it is, I have to crush it for him, but I am happy to do it as he likes it and it keeps him healthy! June 22, 2014
German Shepherd IBS Have a GS whom had persistent diarrhea. Rx'd by her vet to try with very good results in 3-5 days. States not good for prolonged usage, but stopped and the problem returned. My concern is the lack of nutrients she is not getting. Do supplement with a vitamin daily.. Weight unchanged, very active for 8 yrs old. Very satisfied with food and results. June 20, 2014
This product is loved by my two dogs Hill's Prescription Diet I/D Dry dog food is the best food I have fed my two Wheaten Terriers since discovering their sensitive gastrointestinal issues. This seems to have solved the problem nicely. I will stick with this product and recommend to others with similar issues. Thanks Hills! June 18, 2014
My two Yorkies love this food! I was afraid when my Vet told me that my two Yorkies would have to have a special diet- I thought oh-oh, they won't eat it they are the most finicky dogs on the planet. But I was pleasantly surprised! We feed them both the dry and the wet and they love it. They get excited when its time to eat. We love this food plus its so healthy and balanced. I would definitely recommend this product! June 17, 2014
Hills prescription diet saved my puppies life I have a gsd puppy at three months old she got real sick and almost died.she had surgery and after surgery she could only eat. I.d gastrointestinal .there was no other food out there for my gsd and she would be really sick with out it. This product is the best out there .if you have a sick dog that can't hold down food please try it.she is now 8 months old happy and healthy!! Thanks hill June 10, 2014
Worked great for my dogs My pups were having gastrointestinal issues and the vet could not get it under control until he had me switch to this food. Now, the pups are back to normal and they love the taste of the food. Thanks for having such a great product! May 31, 2014
ID always calms and regulates his gastrointestinal system This product has always worked great to keep Grouper feeling good and regular. He only has one-third of his gastrointestinal track left after four major surgeries. The four surgeries were all in twelve days. Prescription Diet ID is the only food for him. May 30, 2014
Keeps dog regular The I/D keeps my dog on track! When keep on this regiment...there are no further gastro problems! May 30, 2014
I/D dry dog food This is a very good sensitive stomach food, my corgi had belly issues and the vet put him on this. Almost immediately I saw a difference, no more sour stomach sad eyes, or vomiting. May 27, 2014
This product has ended my dogs diarrhea and weight loss My German Shepard ate tainted dog food years ago resulting in her pancreas being compromised. She can't process food normally which causes her to have extreme diarrhea and weight loss. Years of trips to the vet and tons of money for lab work and different dog foods we could not find anything that would help her. After moving to Florida she had another episode of diarrhea and weight loss. We took her to her new vet who immediately placed her on Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health. Her health has improved greatly. As long as she doesn't get a lot of treats, her distress has been relieved. Thank you so much. May 19, 2014
The product works great! All three of my dogs have been on both the ID wet and dry for four years and they love it! It is a necessity for my 13 year old Yorkie so it was a plus that they all love it! May 17, 2014
Best Food for stomach problems Best food that I've found to help my dogs stomach. May 15, 2014
this food keeps my dog healthy he loves this food without it he would be sick all the time, May 14, 2014
Great healthy product The only food my dog can eat that doesn't make her sick or throw up. She seems to be better since eating this food. I always fed her natural organic dry food, but she always had issues. With this food she does well and has few issues any more. May 14, 2014
It's what my dog needs My dog was sick for one whole year. Since she has been eating the I/d she has had no problems. Wow!! The product is working and I can't be happier for my dog as well as myself. Thanks for caring about all our pets and doing a fine job.. May 9, 2014
Great for a Healthy diet My golden has always had a very difficult stomach......since she has been on this diet she has no problems ! May 9, 2014
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