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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health 4.8 5 93 93
This dog food offers what my dog needs. Taylor, my 12 yr old boxer, has a number of medical problems at this stage in her life, and is allergic to most meat based foods. My vet put her on this Hill's id food just after her episode of pancreatitis.. I was told that this food is very bland and she may not like it, but needless to say, Taylor loves it.. I mix just a little warm water in it to soften it for her and she gobbles it up.. I also use the can id food to hide her pills in and she never even knows she is getting the pills.. This Hill's Prescription Diet id food is keeping her digestive system in good shape and she is loving the food... December 7, 2013
I use it- and reccommend it! My dog was on i/d for a stomach issue, but every time I tried to switch her to an OTC food she got sick again. It was just easier to leave her on the i/d permanently. I tell that to all of our clients with pets that suffer from chronic digestive issues. i/d is great for short term, or long term use. November 29, 2013
Great for dogs with loose stools My boxer that is 1 has lot's of stomach issues and gets diarrhea very easy. This is the only food that controls it November 22, 2013
Controls my dogs problem My 7lb Chiwauwau has weak stomach (diarrrar) it's as bad as my spelling. Dusty is 4 years old and thanks you for his coupon or we wouldn't be able to afford medicine thats what he was told I would have found a way we love this dog. Thank you don't change recipe, it's great. April 13, 2014
It works My Rosco had trouble keeping his food down. We tried many different Brands and types and found that ID works for his issue. The price is not ideal, but either is Rosco's situation. April 9, 2014
good product This food is great for sensitive dogs. It's just expensive. April 8, 2014
Our dog loves this product Our dog loves this food and it fills her up. It is expensive but the company coupons are a big help! Thanks for keeping our dog healthy and happy! March 31, 2014
Thanks We had to put our German Short Haired Pointer on the ID food, because of the stomach infection she developed by eating store purchased food. We had spent hundreds of dollars trying to find out what the problem was, and thankfully after changing Vet services, the wonderful Doctor at Cleveland Park Vet services in Greenville, SC was able to recommend putting Clara on this food, and withing 72 hours Clara was back to normal, and we have not had a problem since. March 27, 2014
My Dog likes it. My dog was having some intestinal issues. Previously he wouldn't touch dry food unless mixed with wet. We switched to this and he now eats dry without mixing in wet. Product does seem a little pricey though. March 25, 2014
Healthy food for my dog My two dogs both have had digestive issues. The Husky is better but my Aussie is still having problems. As long as we don't stray away from this food, she is fine. March 25, 2014
Great food! My puppy had some stomach issues - we switched to this food and he is doing great! To be fair, I am sure he would eat anything at all - in fact he tries to (might explain some of his pooping issues) - but he is very happy with this food and so are we. Definitely recommend. March 22, 2014
Great product Our Doberman P. is prone to gastrointestinal problems. We have always purchased high quality dog food over the years and none of them seemed to help. He is 5 years old and the problem continued until we switched him to the I/D diet. The change was overnight, no more stomach upset or gas. The product is expensive but there were no others on the market that worked as well, as quickly and he likes it! We do add a little broth to his food to make a clear "gravy" about 2 tbls low sodium chicken or beef. March 19, 2014
Feeling Great After many bouts of upset stomach and all that goes with diarrhea, my vet tried me on Hills Prescription ID. Four years later, I'm still feeling great without any stomach issues. Thank you Hills!!! March 18, 2014
Good product. The product is good my dog seems to like it. But I feel the price is kind of high. The coupons help but are limited on how many can be printed per year. For some one on social security coupons mean a lot. March 17, 2014
Good Balanced Nutrition For A Sensitive Stomach I own two Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) - a breed that is known to have sensitive digestive tracts. Hills I/D has ALWAYS kept this in check for my dogs; while also providing the necessary nutrition they need. My dogs love when it's time to eat! I am very happy with this product. March 17, 2014
The product is great. My dog loves it The product exceeds expectations as a dog food. Easily digested. Gobbled up quickly. Never any leftovers. Without a doubt a real quality product March 17, 2014
Dogs love it. We have two Schnauzers and they have been extremely healthy on I/d. March 17, 2014
puppy loves it This has helped our puppy with his diarrhea and he loves it March 13, 2014
Great product , high price Your product has really helped my 10 year old lab but I have avoided as much as I could because the price is so high and I can't really afford the end all the medications he needed without this food made me change my mind .... March 10, 2014
this product is good for what it offers. this product is just what my dog needs for her acid reflux. she enjoys eating it and has been very healthy. March 7, 2014
GOOD PRODUCT SAFE, HEALTHY AND PRICED WELL. I started my dog Miki on Science Diet ID about 4 years ago due to problems with his overall health not able to hold food down due to intestinal and stomach problems. In the time that has passed he has adjusted well to the food with no more problems. The ID food has helped my dog get back to leading a normal life. Thank-You Hills for Science Diet ID. March 6, 2014
Great dry food, easy to digest Buddy loves the Hill's prescription dry food. Each tiny morsel is easy to chew and digest. Since putting him on the Hill's diet, he is more willing to eat dry dog food without sprucing it up with canned food. March 4, 2014
this product really helped my 11 year old lab this past summer started vomiting and having loose stools, it lasted quit awhile. the vet recommended hills prescription id diet. it helped him right away. we have sense tried hills sensitive stomach but the vomiting started again. we now have him back on id and he is doing great. the food is expensive sense he is a large dog and eats a lot. i called the number on web site and they sent me coupons and said to call back when i needed more. we have sense found out out he has bone cancer. we want to keep him as happy as we can. we will not change food again. March 4, 2014
Expensive but high quality Our dog is precious to us so we only feed her what the vet suggests. Hill's is a high quality product. Its expensive but well worth the investment if you love your pet. March 1, 2014
Great for digestive problems, bad for budget. This is the only dog food my pup can eat that agrees with her sensitive stomach. The bad part is the cost. It is so expensive and you can only get it at your veterinarian's office. February 28, 2014
only food that works for our standard poodles this truly works where other products have failed..complete digestion is our goal and it has been met consistantly over the years.. February 23, 2014
Good product, but pricey This particular product was recommended by our Vet for our Australian Shepherd female dog because of her gastrointestinal sensitivities and idiosyncracies. We have been feeding her this brand for practically her entire life. She is ten years old now and this dog food has been very good at providing her with the proper nutritional value without exacerbating her gastrointestinal problems. We are very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone whose Fido has gastrointestinal issues. Unfortunately, it is quite pricey. If discount coupons are available, they will reduce the sting somewhat. February 20, 2014
Great for upset tummys to get back on track! Great for upset tummys to get back on track! When my dog got sick and his tummy got all messed up and out of whack, we used the I/D diet to help regulate his gut and get things back in order like they were supposed to be! We had to use the food for a few weeks, but it was well worth the money! Highly recommend!!! February 17, 2014
My dog likes this food My dog was having stomach issues and now she seems much better and likes the dry and wet I/d Hills Prescription Diet food. February 17, 2014
Great for GI issues My cocker spaniel kept vomiting. Had all kinds of tests but found nothing wrong. Put her on ID and she has a lot less issues. Also use canned in her kong for a treat. She loves it. February 13, 2014
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