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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health 4.8 5 164 164
This dog food offers what my dog needs. Taylor, my 12 yr old boxer, has a number of medical problems at this stage in her life, and is allergic to most meat based foods. My vet put her on this Hill's id food just after her episode of pancreatitis.. I was told that this food is very bland and she may not like it, but needless to say, Taylor loves it.. I mix just a little warm water in it to soften it for her and she gobbles it up.. I also use the can id food to hide her pills in and she never even knows she is getting the pills.. This Hill's Prescription Diet id food is keeping her digestive system in good shape and she is loving the food... December 7, 2013
I use it- and reccommend it! My dog was on i/d for a stomach issue, but every time I tried to switch her to an OTC food she got sick again. It was just easier to leave her on the i/d permanently. I tell that to all of our clients with pets that suffer from chronic digestive issues. i/d is great for short term, or long term use. November 29, 2013
This product is truly a life savior Last February my german shepherd start having issues with bloody and painful stools. This issue led into summer and only got worse. It came to the point after trying almost everything, to consider "putting him down", and he is only 3 years old. We decided to try an internal medicine doctor as a last resort. He recommended a prescription medicine and "Prescription Science Diet" . Within 2 weeks we seen results. Kyzer made a huge recovery, and we truly feel Science Diet had a major role in this:) November 26, 2013
Great for dogs with loose stools My boxer that is 1 has lot's of stomach issues and gets diarrhea very easy. This is the only food that controls it November 22, 2013
Both of my Maltese love it! Both of my Maltese love the Hills Prescription Diet Canine Gastrointestinal food and I know that it is a quality food. It was easier to feed them the same thing, even though the cost was more. However, coupons do help! September 18, 2014
It helped solve my dog's stomach ailments I found Prescription Diet a bit out of my price range originally. Two weeks after my dog was on it he started to have healthier stools and no longer needed to be on medication. He very rarely needs to go back on the meds. There are also treats by Prescription Diet available so I have a very happy dog. September 17, 2014
Excellent Food We almost lost our 7 yr old pug to a ham bone that our neighbor thought he would enjoy. Well he did until it wouldn't pass. He was prescribed Hill's ID and it has been wonderful for him. It keeps him at a nice weight of 22lbs which is pretty good for him. And as a bonus, he loves it. September 17, 2014
Our Shepard mix LOVES this food. When my dog had diarrhea for about a week that was getting worse instead of better we made a trip to the vet.He had tests and had to stay overnight. It was an unexpected expense. Our vet prescribed the GI food by Science Diet. Yes, it is more pricer than brands we find at the pet stores, However, he really loves this food. I mix GI dry with some GI wet can food and he can't finish it fast enough. It did help with his diarrhea. I would rather pay the extra for this food knowing that it helps him out and he really really likes it and his coat seems shiner and healthier. It beats overnight visits to the vet. Thanks for a great product.... September 15, 2014
Healthy Min Pin This prescription food has helped my fur baby to be able to eat and digest the nutrients he needs for his specific needs! Very satisfied with this product! September 13, 2014
An Excellent, Quality Product to Ensure Digestive Health Hills' Prescription Diet i.d./ Canine Digestive Health has vastly improved my dog's quality of life. Our Wheaton Terrier, Kramer, had a history of digestive issues; some had to be remedied with a visit to the emergency vet. Fortunately, our veterinarian recommended Hill's Prescription Diet i.d.. Since switching to this product, Kramer's digestive problems have subsided, and even his skin and coat have improved. Thank you, Hills, for making Kramer a healthier, happier, dog! September 12, 2014
Definitely works My dog has had no problems after eating this food. Think is is overpriced and not enough coupons offered. September 9, 2014
Overall good food for sensitive stomachs Been using this product for years - recommended by Vets for dog with sensitive stomach and digestion problems. September 8, 2014
My 11 year old Yorkie had digestion issues and after a year on the canned prescription I/D we've been able to transition over to the I/D dry food. Our Yorkie has had no digestion issues since using both canned wet and dry I/D prescription food. We couldn't be happier with this product. We highly recommend this prescription food and he really likes the taste. September 6, 2014
Prescription Diet I/D pet food I have had my 9 year old Corgi on this food for 4 years and he loves it. He has no problems with his stomach or digestion since he was prescribed it by our vet. Great product. August 31, 2014
very good quality. A little expensive, I wish I could get a coupon each time I have to buy new food. The coupon really helps. August 31, 2014
This food is great! Our dog has been on a number of other dog foods and they have all made him sick. While on Prescription Science Diet Id he has thrived and maintained an optimum healthy weight. He also loves the food. August 30, 2014
Very quick results After several bouts of undiagnosed diarrhea my vet suggested we switch to Prescription id. The results were almost immediate. Virtually all of his gastrointestional symptoms disappeared in less than a week. He loves the taste, is at a much better weight and his energy has returned. He just feels so much better! August 29, 2014
Solved Food Allergy & Reflux problems Every time my doxi was having tummy problems, we would take her to the vet and she would be prescribed the I/d. We went back to both her regular foods, and she would have more problems. Changed to I/d wet and left her dry food alone, and still had problems. Finally just decided to try the I/d dry instead of her regular dry food and we will never go back. August 27, 2014
This is one of many great foods offered by Science Diet My dog has extremely sensitive stomach , that makes him extremely sick and unhappy. We have tried many different brands with no luck, he's to sensitive to the foods and treats. Then our Vet recommended Science Diet Id gastrointestinal. My Chihuahua, Shaggy, loves this food. The taste size of the bites, he just cannot get enough of it. For over a year i have been using this brand for him and sense the switch his stomach has been absolutely happy. Happy dog equals a happy owner. August 26, 2014
Keeps Shadie Healthy! My dog had a serious health condition and had to stay on a special diet. She is 11 years old and still healthy and happy and loves her food. When her bowl is empty, she reminds us to fill it up. Prescription id!! August 25, 2014
I D is the only food I trust for my best friend! We have a loving Irish Setter named Maggiemay. Prescription I D has been just what we needed for her digestive health! I trust this product completely! When we switched to the prescription I D we stopped all other food except some real chicken . Maggie often gets a treat from her Dad while watching we put the Prescription ID in the snack jar and she seems to think its a snack, too! I wish it was cheaper, but the peace of mind it brings me , that she is healthy and happy is worth so much! August 24, 2014
This product helps so many of our dogs. The product has saved my dog from everyday tummy upsets! I just wish it could come in a different flavor somehow. They do get bored with it. But I would not feed my dog anything else! August 22, 2014
My dog really likes this product My dog is a pretty fussy eater but she seems to like this product. August 21, 2014
My Dog Really Enjoys Prescription diet Dry Foods Prescription ID dry food seems to be very tasty for my dog. He always makes a HAPPY plate. I also use the Science Diet wet food to mix in with the dry and that too gets gobbled up so quickly!! I will always use Hills products, it is the BEST out there!!!!! August 20, 2014
My dog has health issues and requires special dog food. I have a Maltese that has health issues with his digestive system. The ingredients in the dog food are not found in the dog food sold in stores. I tried. I have read ingredients in many, many brands of dog food sold both in low end department stores, grocery stores and Pet stores. None of these stores dog food products have the good nutrients that are found in Hills Dog Food. A bonus is that my dog's white hair does not have tear stains. Many people have asked me how I keep my dogs hair so white, especially around his eyes. My response, the discharge from the tear ducts stain the fur from the dye in the dog food. A good quality dog food, like Hills, does not use dyes. As stated, I could not find a dog food to compete with Hills, there are none! August 14, 2014
saved my pet My dog was having difficulty digesting any food until the vet recommended Hill's Prescription Diet. I use the dry and mix it with the canned. My dog loves it and has been healthy ever since we started her on it. I even take it to the kennel when I board her so she won't have an upset again. It's a high end product, but has saved me a bundle on vet bills and has saved my dog from discomfort. I really appreciate the coupons I'm able to get from your website. August 14, 2014
Maybe small bites? My dog has been on Hills Prescript. Diet I/D Gastro food for a few weeks now. She is doing excellent. No more upset tummy. She eats the canned food but missed her dry food. Bought a bag of the Prescrip. Diet. I/D Gastro dry food. The pieces are huge for her mouth. Maybe a small bites can be made available for the smaller dogs? I break them up (with a meat mallet) so she can have smaller pieces. She LOVES them. August 10, 2014
It saved my dogs life!!! I have an irish setter at the time I got him from a breeder at 8 months I didn't want him to be that big but he was in such bad conditons around him also she was feeding him old something from Fry's super market. We got him home and feed him something better at lease we thought it was better. In all my dogs in the pasted I fed them hill's science diet. Well he stopped drinking water and food in about 3 months. Took him to the vet and they sent me to a dog emergency hospital stayed there about 2 days picked him up and took him back to my vet and that's went we put him the i/d. Now he is over 2yrs old and wonderful. THANK YOU!!! August 9, 2014
size of the kibbles are a good size for all breeds I didn't think she would like it, being a specialty food. She loves it. August 8, 2014
Puppy feels better My Golden Retriever puppy was having gastrointestinal issues and the i/d diet has improved the issues. I do feed him a bit more than recommended but he stays trim, had regular movements, and seems happy and is energetic while on this food. It is pricier than over-the-counter foods but I feel at this puppy stage (5 months) it is best to give him the best start. August 8, 2014
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