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i/d® Low Fat GI Restore Canine - Dry

Low Fat Gastrointestinal -- Soothe, Protect, Restore
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Low Fat GI Restore Canine 4.7 5 67 67
i/d Low Fat dry food The product is great has really aided in the health of my pets digestion system. She was having a lot of issues and this diet has really helped to settle her system down. November 16, 2013
My little old yorkie loves it I am so happy that this is available for my dog and she has done so well on this diet. Six months ago we came very close to loosing her. The vet suggested this food, we started her on canned at first and then introduced the dry along with the canned food and she just loves it. Thank you for the great product. October 7, 2013
Good for my pup This product has allowed me to continue to enjoy my 14 year old Australian Terrier. Yogi came from a puppy mill and has had medical issues from day one. If it wasn't for this product keeping his GI/liver in check as he ages we might not be enjoying his sweet antics. Thank you for this great product! September 30, 2013
presription diet The veterinarian prescribed this product due to the dogs health condition. I wish you would sell the food in larger sizes such as a 35 LB package. August 31, 2014
Health has improved Health has improved with lower fat diet when pet has shown high fat in his blood. Wish there were more coupons for the i/d low fat prescription diet dog food. August 20, 2014
Very Worthwhile, heartily recommend Since starting Hill's Low Fat ID recommended by my vet, the tummy problems that my puppy mill rescue dog has had for over three years have cleared up. The majority of the time all is well and all functions are normal. Hooray!! It was a long process, but both the dry and wet food in the Hill's ID Low Fat GI Restore or the regular ID GI Restore have brought success. She loves the food and we even use the dry product pieces for treats so we do not upset the balance we have achieved. Thank you to Hills for this prescription product. We highly recommend it when your vet prescribes it for your dog's condition. We are very satisfied with the results it brought to our adorable female dog. July 21, 2014
This product seems to do well to not upset my dog's stomach. This product seems to do well to not upset my dog's stomach. He eats it with minimal prompts. My only complaint is that it is very costly and there is no real way to save as they rarely offer specials or coupons. July 19, 2014
This food has been a blessing Our Dog Elvis has had irritable stomach since he was young and I only wish we could have found it sooner , Now at 13 he eats that food like it was the last meal loves it , We mix half wet and half dry . We have never been so happy with his digestive system, Thank you July 9, 2014
product has helped my dog I use both the dry and wet i/d low fat dog food, has helped my dog with his problems. He really also likes the food i mix them together for him. July 3, 2014
Great for our Yellow Lab We have a beautiful two year old yellow Lab and she is very fit. We did learn when she was one that she has difficulty processing and digesting fat. After some great help from our Vet, we found a mix of Hill's prescription Low Fat combined with Hill's canned chicken for adult dogs is a great mixture for her that she really enjoys, keeps her healthy and her system easily handles. Not cheap, so we use coupons to help the price whenever we can. I wish they would go back to making the larger bags, since we will be feeding her this for the rest of her life. June 24, 2014
My dog loves the taste My dog was having some stomach problems and was vomiting every few days. He has been like this off and on since he was a puppy. Once he started on this food, the problems disappeared. And he really loves the taste. The downside is that he is a large dog (75 lbs) and a bag only lasts about 3 weeks. It is getting quite expensive to feed him but he is worth it - and I can tell that he's feeling much better, June 23, 2014
Great product. My dog has not had any GI issues since switching to the i/d low fat. He's a senior pet so the low fat is easy to digest and does not put any unnecessary stress on his pancreas. He does poo a bit more now, but he's healthy and loves the food! He gets the canned i/d low fat as well. June 21, 2014
This food really helps my dog My dog has stomach issues and problems this helps her a lot and also she has colitis so this food is great for her! She loves it every time she knows shes going to eat she gets so excited! June 18, 2014
Critically ill dog recovered using this food Critically ill mid March 2014; mini poodle age 12.5, did not like the canned version but loves the dry. I like the ingredients in the canned better, but he prefers this and eats it all He has made a wonderful recovery and still loves the dry. I was not pleased with the recent price increase as I think the food is pricey enough. Many with sick and/or large dogs probably cannot afford it June 16, 2014
My dog loves this food My dog had stomach issues that kept us in and out of the vet for over a week. Hill's Prescription Diet i/d was recommended and was instrumental in her healing process. Although we find this product to be a bit pricey, we will continue to use this product to help maintain her good health. June 8, 2014
right size kibble, great smell for dog food, tastes good according to my fussy eater Pedro, my chihuahua was prescribed Hills I/D low fat Restore over a month ago. For the first time in eight years he has cleaned his food bowl at every feeding. He hasn't gained any weight, looks healthier and certainly has more energy. June 6, 2014
This product has everything my dog needs to keep her GI tract under control without losing her appetite. When my dog had emergency surgery and we had to change her diet we thought she would refuse to eat. Luckily the i/d low fat has not caused her to lose her appetite or turn away. If anything, she wants to eat more than she did before. It has been wonderful for our pet and our family. June 4, 2014
Our dog loves this stuff This product has met what it is designed to do .... settle our pets digestive system. May 16, 2014
It does the job of controlling my dog's diarrhea. I used canned ID for almost a year and then switched to the kibble. I am convinced it saved my dog's life; she is now 14. May 15, 2014
Maverick loves meal time We were a little worried that our King Charles spaniel would reject "prescription" food, but he loves his I/D. His gastrointestinal issues are under control and he is a very happy puppy - even though he's 5 years old. A little more money, but worth every penny. May 13, 2014
Good food for my dogs This dog food is very expensive for the size of bag that you get. The only thing that I can say is that it works wonders with my mini dachshund that has suffered from pancreatitis. He loves the taste and digests it well. I just wish it was a little easier on the wallet. May 9, 2014
Our dog loves the taste Our Australian Shephard is 10 years old now and has put on a few extra pounds. She has also been having frequent gas attacks that make her somewhat less of an adorable companion in the house. Our Vet suggested that we try this new low-fat i/d food, perhaps mix it with the normal i/d food, to see if it might alleviate her symptoms. First, she absolutely loves the taste of the new low-fat i/d food. Her enthusiasm at feeding time has skyrocketed from when we only fed her the normal i/d food. Secondly, and more important to us, it appears that her gas attacks have been reduced by 95%. Good for us. Her weight is at least holding, if not going down ever so slightly. We highly recommend it to anyone whose canine has the same symptoms as our canine. We can't give it a total recommendation, simply because it is so pricey. If we can get some discount coupons, that would help immensely. May 9, 2014
It works well I wish it was more afordable My Dogs, have skin issues and our Vet recommends we use this food; It has been working well for them. I wish it were more afordable especially with two Dogs on it. I also wish they sold it in the larger bag, I have to buy two bags at a time because they run out so quickly. And since I am wishing away, I would like larger discounts for the RX brand and to be able to print them more often. Thank you, the Manuel Family. May 3, 2014
Product seems to have changed over last 6 months. Smells differently and coloration of food has changed. Makes me wonder if the formula has changed. Expensive food. Took pet store (after 2 years of being on this food) to tell me about online coupons to help offset cost. Packaging is easy to open (and reseal if desired). May 2, 2014
Great product when your dog is having health problems Our dog was having trouble with her stomach. She was vomiting sporadically over a three week period. We took her to the vet and we figured out that she was getting in to horse apples. Even after she stopped eating those, she still had an upset stomach. The vet recommended the Prescription Diet to help calm things down and get her back on track. After using the new food, our dog improved right away and was able to keep the food down. After a couple weeks she was back to her old self. Definitely recommend this product! April 26, 2014
My Dog Love This Food My dog has been eating this food for over a year and I have noticed a major improvement in my dog digestive health. She also loves the taste. April 23, 2014
The kibble size is perfect for my Yorkies. I feed my two rescued Yorkies Prescription ID Low Fat GI Restore dog food because my older Yorkie, a 9 year old spayed female, had recurring pancreatitis prior to switching to this food. Since I have switched, there have been no new GI problems, and the kibble size is perfect for my two Yorkies. Even though my other Yorkie, a 7 year old spayed female, has had no GI issues, I feed her the same food because it is a high quality food that they both like. They like the food so much that almost as soon as I put their bowls down they are chowing down! They love it, it's good for them, and it has settled previous GI issues. April 21, 2014
Good for sensitive stomach The only way for me to stay ahead of pancreatitis attacks, is for my dog to be on Prescription Diet. He had about 5 episodes, but not one since he only gets the Hills diet food now. April 21, 2014
Great food for sensitive stomachs This food has made my dogs feel better and not have an upset stomach like they used to. They liked the taste in the beginning, but they have grown tired of it after 2 years. But I would not change it for another product that did not work as well as this did. April 14, 2014
For the dog with a challenging digestive tract My dog has chronic digestive problems that sky rocketed in acute episodes a couple months ago. She became unable to tolerate anything but chicken and rice. Knowing her health issues I used the site to help me find what was best after talking with the vet. I only have 2 complaints which are accessibility to obtain since my vet doesn't stock like a store does and the price. There is nothing in the ingredients that shows a high priced ingredient. Also coupons are greatly appreciated but if you don't have printing capability they can't be used. Would like to see smart phone access to coupons and a rethinking of the cost. April 12, 2014
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