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i/d® Low Fat GI Restore Canine - Dry

Low Fat Gastrointestinal -- Soothe, Protect, Restore
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Low Fat GI Restore Canine 4.6 5 42 42
i/d Low Fat dry food The product is great has really aided in the health of my pets digestion system. She was having a lot of issues and this diet has really helped to settle her system down. November 16, 2013
My little old yorkie loves it I am so happy that this is available for my dog and she has done so well on this diet. Six months ago we came very close to loosing her. The vet suggested this food, we started her on canned at first and then introduced the dry along with the canned food and she just loves it. Thank you for the great product. October 7, 2013
Good for my pup This product has allowed me to continue to enjoy my 14 year old Australian Terrier. Yogi came from a puppy mill and has had medical issues from day one. If it wasn't for this product keeping his GI/liver in check as he ages we might not be enjoying his sweet antics. Thank you for this great product! September 30, 2013
Great food for sensitive stomachs This food has made my dogs feel better and not have an upset stomach like they used to. They liked the taste in the beginning, but they have grown tired of it after 2 years. But I would not change it for another product that did not work as well as this did. April 14, 2014
For the dog with a challenging digestive tract My dog has chronic digestive problems that sky rocketed in acute episodes a couple months ago. She became unable to tolerate anything but chicken and rice. Knowing her health issues I used the site to help me find what was best after talking with the vet. I only have 2 complaints which are accessibility to obtain since my vet doesn't stock like a store does and the price. There is nothing in the ingredients that shows a high priced ingredient. Also coupons are greatly appreciated but if you don't have printing capability they can't be used. Would like to see smart phone access to coupons and a rethinking of the cost. April 12, 2014
maybe mix up the taste of the morsels for the animals. Good consistency, always fresh. Definitely does it's intended job well. Just needs a variety of flavors. April 11, 2014
It seems to be working. Just wished it didn't have to have a prescription. Very expensive. It looks like Hill's would make it less expensive so more people could use it to help their "kids". March 31, 2014
Our dog loves the food. Our dog was having digestion problems before Hill's Prescription Diet was prescribed. She is 9 years old and since she started her new food she now prances when it comes to feeding time. She acts like she has a new lease on life. We have not had any problems since we switched. We are very happy we found this product. Thank you! March 27, 2014
I/D low fat kibble I/D low fat kibble was the answer to finding a healthy alternative from making their dog food at home. March 17, 2014
A Wonderful Product I'm so glad this company has provided a food that my dog can tolerate with all his health issues. He enjoys the flavor, as I know for sure because he wouldn't eat it and since he has been put on this it seems to be helping very much. March 14, 2014
This product put the bounce back in an otherwise very sick dog.! Five stars!! Since our dog was put on "Hills" i/d Low Fat GI Restore (wet and dry) - #1 she loves the food. #2 she seems to be thriving on it.! #3 We are so happy that our vet, and us, chose this route of action.! Thanks to "Hills" we no longer have to worry, and our pet can look forward to a long and happy life.! Thank-You. Clifford Higgins March 9, 2014
Our dog loves this food! We had to switch foods abruptly due to a severe medical condition and were warned that our dog may not enjoy it initially. Boy were they wrong! Our dog took to it immediately and loves the taste! Yes, it is costly, but with the Hill's coupons it makes it more affordable. February 25, 2014
This food has really helped my 11 year old chihuahua mix My 11 year old Chihuahua/Cocker Spaniel mix has developed chronic pancreatic. This food is a miracle, she is eating again and feeling good, good to the point that she is acting like a puppy again. Thank you Hills for this great food. February 13, 2014
Beneficial for my dog The toy poodle we adopted was lost in the Alabama tornado a couple of years ago. We named her Dixie and she had medical problems when we got her. She has/had pancreatitis and the only food that the vet says she can have for the rest of her life is Hills Prescription i/d. She is on the canned and dry i/d and has been doing well. It is quite expensive to buy, but we are grateful that Dixie is much improved by eating this food exclusively. February 13, 2014
The diet has saved my dog! We had two scary bouts of digestive problems with our Schnoodles. So when we were prescribed the Low Fat dry food we hoped for the best. It has worked like a charm! No problems at all since we switched. Now please make a treat that works with our food. February 12, 2014
Great product! Very palatable and all dogs seem to love the taste. Very easy on dog's digestive system and can be fed as a permanent diet in adult dogs. I would recommend this diet for any dog with sensitive digestive system. February 8, 2014
Overall superior quality We have a slightly overweight lab and a collie with EPI - so we are able to feed this food to both dogs and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. January 30, 2014
Very Expensive I had two dogs on the prescription food, one on ld and one on id. The food seems to help but is very expensive January 29, 2014
Worth the price Yes this stuff is expensive. I am lucky to have a dog who eats 1/2 cup of food total a day. But to me it's worth the price to have her with me. We used the canned wet food during her severe GI distress times. and no matter how bad she was feeling she would somehow always manage to eat some. Now we have her long term on the dry food because anything else seems to cause issues. I thought at one point we were going to lose our precious pom, but she's still here with us! January 27, 2014
This food saved my grand dog's life Our yellow lab was attacked by a pack of dogs and contracted pancreatitis from all the drugs and procedures used to save her life. This is the only food she can tolerate. It has saved her life! December 12, 2013
Great for Lab with Sensitive Stomach We have been using I/d Gastointestinal for over 3 years and his stomach issues are very rare since then!! Now we use the I/D Low Fat version even better!!! December 6, 2013
The product works for my pet However, the cost of the product is prohibitive and availability only at the vet is a pain in the butt. December 5, 2013
Price without coupons is steep My dog likes the food and I trust that it is good for him but the price without any coupons will prevent me from continuing to buy this food. November 26, 2013
Product is great for digestive system We have 2 small dogs on this due to digestive problems and we have had no issues during the past year. I am a bit concerned about the ingredients list having a lot of grains. I do mix in a bit of cooked unseasoned lean turkey breast each day or they do not care much for the taste. The price is quite high, but we don't have much choice and are happy our that our dogs tolerate this well. I would like to be able to print more coupons or maybe see a program of purchase 5 and get one free. November 20, 2013
Product is easy to my dog to digest and he likes it. I feed both dry and wet G/I lot-fat and it has eliminated the throwing up as was happening recently with so many other dog food products. November 19, 2013
My dogs digestive system is very sensitive and he does so well on your prescription food. My dogs digestive system is very sensitive and he does so well on your prescription food. The problem is that it is way too expensive. It cost us a fortune to keep him fed and healthy. The food shouldn't cost so much more that regular dog food. November 16, 2013
great food Our dog has a very sensitive stomach&intestines and this is one food that our vet recommened& seems to work for him November 11, 2013
Healing Pancretitus Almost had to put our second bouvier down until our vet found the problem, pancretitus, and put her on Hills low fat, gi restore. Made for a different dog entirely. October 29, 2013
Good for the tummy and spirit. My older dog had GI issues and he was not his peppy self I could not control his loose stool. His vet recommended that I try Hills Prescription GI restore dry and canned. He is an eager eater for his new diet. This makes him happy and makes us happy too, October 2, 2013
Yeah! Throwing up finally stopped. I have 2 Jack Russells females that I found out have stomach problems. I have tried several companies Lo Fat food because 1 is very over weight. I would always be woken in the morning to them throwing up even before breakfast. After trying different foods I asked my Vet and he prescribed I/D Lo Fat Hills Prescription dry dog food, before we run a bunch of costly tests. Well it worked now I have one losing weight, and both being very active, more than ever. I love this food it gives my girls a good life without the tummy aches. Thanks Hills. You should help us people out with problem dogs and send out coupons for Prescription Diet food. It would really help since I am going to keep my girls on this for the rest of their life's . September 23, 2013
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