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Hill's® Prescription Diet® h/d® Canine Cardiac Health 4.1 5 7 7
Life Saver Recently my little Chihuahua was diagnosed with a heart problem. She was placed on medication and the doctor recommended that I switch her food to Prescription H/D. I would do anything to help her live a longer life so I bought the product. She loves the taste and after a few weeks I began to notice a difference. She seems to feel better and while I know the medications play a large part I also believe that the low sodium diet is also doing a great job at keeping her heart as healthy as it can be. The food is designed to help the heart work more efficiently and not stress as much to work. I would recommend this diet to anyone with a pet that has a heart problem. October 13, 2014
This product has great features. This product is low in sodium and in turn that helps to reduce fluid retention in CHF dogs. Highly recommend. August 30, 2014
This hd product so far appears to be stabilizing my yorkies gaiging and coughing due to his heart murmor. At first I was skeptical about my yorkie eating this product. He is very fussy. Because he is 13 years old and has this heat murmur it is very important for me to do everything possible to assist in his heart health. My concern is the cans are so big and I would like to see to a smaller can, eg size of a tuna fish can would be soo much more practical for the smaller breeds of dogs. January 20, 2014
Our dog would rather be hungry and beg for something else than eat this Our dog was recently put on the H/D diet. He loves the canned version but does not like the dry. He nibbles at it only after begging and floor surfing for other food. He acts like he is starving hungry constantly and would rather be hungry than eat it. We upped the amount of canned H/D but at $2.50 a can it is adding up pretty quick. $5 or more a day is quite expensive for dog food, we are not wealthy. We tried mixing the canned with it, then some home made chicken broth with no salt, he still would not eat it. He has never been very picky about dry dog foods. I am also concerned that the first ingredient listed on the bag is corn, the second is pork fat. These do not sound like quality ingredients to me. I have always heard that corn is the last thing you want to see in a dog food because it has little or no nutritional value. Very disappointed with this product. The canned food seems to be better quality and he loves it, with chicken and whole grain rice listed ahead of corn. I do feed Science Diet to my cats and have been for years. They love the cat food. January 24, 2015
Good food, kinda large kibbles Foods great, our little sheltie is doing very well on it since being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. But, could you consider making it in smaller kibbles? These are much larger than most other foods, and its hard for her to chew. August 20, 2014
My dog really likes the taste of the dry food and on occasion, give him some wet food which he loves The 8.5 lb bag for large dogs is too small and very expensive. Also when trying to get coupon from website it doesnt print and says I've meet my limit, so I can't always retrieve the coupon. Your staff is very helpful when talking with them. August 15, 2014
Need to make Cardiac in smaller portions for small dogs My 7lbs Maltese has an enlarged heart. His vet prescribed Early Cardiac at first but quickly moved him to Cardiac. Vet said, at the stage he was in, my dogs life expectancy was about 6 months. That was 2 years ago. He's been doing just fine & you wouldn't even know he had a heart condition. The food is definitely doing its job for my dog & I couldn't be happier he loves it. My only complaint would be the size of the packaging. I wish there was the smaller packaging like they have for Early Cardiac. I prefer the dry food so I am forced to buy the huge 18lbs bag. They don't have the smaller 8lbs bag for Cardiac. Buying such a huge bag of food for my 7 lbs dog is really inconvenient. Every time I buy it, I wonder if he will live long enough to finish it. He does. However, it's not as fresh and mostly stale halfway through. That's my only complaint June 19, 2014
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