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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Canine Urinary Tract Health 4.7 5 101 101
Helped my Yorkies My two Yorkies always had problems with getting urinary tract infections, since starting this food neither one of them have had another one. Great product! December 20, 2013
Great food! My English Bulldog has recently had surgery to remove some kidney stones. I have had her on high end food since she was a pup and after surgery the Vet suggested that we transition her to C/D. At first I was skeptical about this food (especially since she is so picky) but she ended up loving it! Since she liked the dry C/D food so much, i have recently taken some of the canned C/D and made little meat balls as treats! Great food and great product! I highly recommend it. -Mark September 30, 2013
High quality I want the best nutrition available for my precious baby girl. she really likes the taste (she is a much loved and spoiled English mastiff) and keeping her healthy is the most important thing in the world to me. September 29, 2013
Eliminated Sturvite Crystals in Urine My 8 yr old female mini dachshund was having very inapporpriate accidents in the house, her UA showed very high ph (9) and the formation of Sturvite crystals. At her two week check after switching to CD she still had a high ph, but the crystals were gone, and the accidents had stopped. I don't mind buying it for one dog, an 8 lb bag lasts her 6 weeks and then some. Would like to find more treats compatible with the CD, even fruits and veggies to add to it. September 26, 2013
Has helped my dogs urinary tract problems Use both the wet and dry food and my dog especially loves the wet. August 16, 2014
So far has helped Our lil girl loves the taste of the food. We are hoping that this will help her as the Vet suggests. Am using the coupons that are online for a discount on the purchase price. A tip from Vet on my receipt from the purchase from them. There was no problem on the transition on this food from her previous dry kibble. August 15, 2014
Valuable option available Having 3 dogs and one of them potentially having a fatal disease if it weren't for your dog food, we were very happy to learn that pet's diseases are taken very seriously and alternatives provided! Thank you! August 13, 2014
This product is keeping my girl Healthy:) The last time I reviewed this product,it was really too soon to tell how good it is for my 10 year old Shih-tzu because it had only been 1 month on it after her surgery. But now,after her 4 month check up...She's gotten a Super clean bill of health:) I know this food is helping her greatly! I had my doubt's I must say,but not any more. I would greatly recommend this food for any one who want's to keep their pet's bladder in check! Sassy will be on this food for the rest of her life,it's a bit costly,but she is most certainly worth it:) August 5, 2014
this product works like a champ. My dog was having urinary tract problems. We tried other brands but the problem came coming back. Once we switched and tried the c/d urinary tract dog food......the problem has gone away and stayed away. My dog even likes the taste. I'm so glad I found this product. Try works. August 2, 2014
This product has great features. My dog, Kassie, can't wait for breakfast and supper. She loves this food. I never have to coax her to eat. July 30, 2014
would love more coupon opportunities The food seems to be working well for our dog, just a bit pricey. July 27, 2014
my dog loves it! gracie use to get uti's all the time. sometimes peeing blood and having to go every 30 minutes. this dog food has helped immensely! since starting it she has not had any more problems. it is a little expensive but it does the trick!!! thanks!!! July 26, 2014
MUST USE for my pets health As long as it works and keeps my dog alive ill use it July 22, 2014
helped our dog. hadstones No problems since our dog starting eating your product. Had stones removed and don't want that cost again. July 20, 2014
Great product Our dog was having bladders infections. Our vet recommended this food. She is no longer having infections. July 18, 2014
This product helps my dog stay healthy. Harry was diagnosed with crystals in his urinary tract. The vet put him on c/d. He is fine now and it has been months and no more crystals. Harry is a picky eater all the time - I give him a bowl of the dry food with a small spoonful of the canned c/d. He eats the canned part and then picks at the kibble over the course of the day. This is how he always eats - no reflection on the food. But this prescription food seems to be keeping him healthy and for that I am grateful. July 15, 2014
Excellent and does what it says it will do Our dog had numerous bladder infections and developed a soft stone in her bladder. We used the wet s/d to get rid of it he stone (worked like a charm!) and have been using c/d to keep it from coming back. Her urinary tract is very healthy since using the Prescription Diet food - no infections or stones! July 11, 2014
Our dog likes the food Using the CD products from hills science diet prevented our dog from having to have surgery. July 4, 2014
Bladder stones Last sept Prince had mineral crystals bladder stones very sick, been on urinary tract health ever since, no more big vet bills.Prince is a 20 lb bichon frise. July 2, 2014
Product seems to have helped my Dog's Issues! Product has seemed to have helped my dogs issues so far.. June 30, 2014
This food has eliminated my dog's UTI's Quality is consistent, and I appreciate that our dog no longer has urinary crystals. June 25, 2014
This product could save your pets life . This product was recommended by our vet , It has help maintain our pets health. The price is up there , but my pet is like family and is will worth it . Thank you . June 23, 2014
excellent product my dog loves it and never being bored with it. will continue buying this product June 19, 2014
This product keeps my dog's urinary track healthy and we save at the vet's office.away from the I wasn't a prescription dog food customer before but after using the C/D my dog hasn't had any urinary issues and she really likes it.I save money at the Vet's office and I don't throw away dog food so we all win. I can't take my dog anywhere without people complimenting me on how beautiful she is. Thank you for your work on an excellent product I can trust my dog's health to. Alan Pierce June 14, 2014
Have seen great results by using this product The C/D dry food has been great, my dog has not had any other issues since we have been feeding her the C/D science diet. June 13, 2014
Help for our Bichon Our 12 year old Bichon was diagnosed with possible urinary problems last year. Thanks to our wonderful vet we switched our dog's diet to Prescription Diet c/d food. He eats the dry and wet food. AND loves it! He is definitely feeling better and his tests prove it. He will stay on his new diet indefinitely! Thank you, Hills! June 12, 2014
Bladder stones After removing number of bladder stones, my dog was put on c/d. She has not had any problems since. June 11, 2014
Glad product available for health issues of our dog. I wish the product was more affordable or there were coupons available more often since go through a 35 pound bag once a month. Luckily she eats it without much of a problem so must like the taste allright. Thanks for having something available for her health issues. June 2, 2014
Saved us an operation Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Sadie was diagnosed with bladder stones following a urinary tract infection. In an attempt to avoid having them surgically removed, we put her on a diet of wet s/d for six weeks (somewhat skeptically, I might add) . With great relief, the stones were dissolved. She is now on c/d and is doing very well; good energy, beautiful coat, and great overall health. Couldn't be more relieved at not needing an operation. May 27, 2014
C?D has helped my dog My German Shepherd has always had a lot of urinary tract infections along with a bladder stone. The C/D food has really helped her, and she loves the taste too! Treats are a hit with her too! May 12, 2014
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