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Elderly dog My 14 year old dog was recently diagnosed with dementia. He began barking at the walks and crying when I'm not home. I did some research on diet an dementia and found this food. After reading about this food, I decided to give it a try. I slowly added it to my dogs food until after about a week, I had completely transitioned him. After approximately one-two weeks, I noticed that he wasn't always crying when I came home, and just a general calm about him. I have to believe that this det most definitely has had a very positive impact n my dogs health. Very glad I purchased this, and I recommend it to anyone looking for good nutrition for their elderly pet! January 3, 2014
This product provided outstanding results fast!!!! I have a 15 1/2 year old mini daschund who was diagnosed with canine dimentia also called CDS. It began with her getting confused and going to the wrong side of the door, getting her days and nights confused and wandering aimlessly throughout the house. Recently her cognitive health declined and she began to get worse. She became less repsonsive, would seem to be spaced out and appear lost in normal surroundings and she began to get stuck in corners or in front of things and not know how to turn around and get out or realize that she could just walk away. My vet suggested I try the the B/D dog food. All of my dogs eat Scient Diet food and 2 of them eat the W/D by Hill's due to issues with their weight. I had my doubts as to the results but after only 2 days of being on the B/D we have seen dramatic results! I am AMAZED!!! She is more responsive and aware of her surroundings. She is sleeping better at night and staying awake more during the day. When she walks to a place where she would have gotten stuck in before she stops and its clear that she is thinking about what to do. She then turns herself around and walks away. I am impressed and will not be feeding her anything else. THANK YOU Hill's! March 20, 2013
Absolutely recommended My male pug is 14 years old and 3 years ago I noticed age-related changes at his behaviour. I made a research and decided to put him on Hill's Prescription Diet B/D. The results were obvious even from the 3rd week. If you don't believe in miracles, my little precious dog is a proven miracle. February 11, 2013
This product was fantastic My 11 1/2 year old german short-haired pointer had blood work done that indicated kidney problems and when the results came back all his numbers were elevated. It was recommended by my vet to use this food and after 3 weeks I had to return him to the vet for another issue and they tested his blood again and they all came back in the normal range. I was amazed how fast the food helped him. The transition from his regular food to this product was easy with no side effects. April 15, 2014
My dog loves the food! My King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (Heather) has had gastrointestinal problems from when she was a puppy. As a result, my vet recommended Hills Science Prescription. As long as I keep Heather on this diet, she has no problems. It's a wonderful product, and I highly recommend it. March 21, 2014
This product is helpful with my dog's joints. My dog does not wine when moving as much. He runs, walks, and moves better. Than you for the help. March 6, 2014
the Quality is good my dog is doing well with is food but at first he stayed away for two days until he was hungry enough. December 31, 2013
Arthritis Help I can say that the Hill's j/d helps our 10 year old Blue-tic Coon Hound get up every morning! She would never be able to have the quality of life that she has if it were not for this food! We mix a little warm water with it and she is very happy!! She has arthritis in her hips! We are very happy that our vet recommended this product for some of her treatment! November 25, 2013
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