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z/d® Canine ULTRA - Canned

Adverse reaction to food
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® z/d® Canine ULTRA 4.7 5 26 26
Soothed our dogs stomach Our dog tolerates this food better than any other food he has had in years including homemade chicken & rice with supplements tailored for his age and weight. We have seen a definite improvement in his ability to keep weight on and be comfortable. I would recommend this to anyone whose dog has food intolerance. Seeing is believing. After trying everything else and a weight loss of 7 pounds this ZD ultra canned brought up his weight and condition. For a dog that normally weighs 93 pounds it is expensive but at age 13 years we are happy and grateful to Hill's for this product. He loves the hypoallergenic treats too! August 19, 2013
Only food my dog can eat My dog has severe allergies to all meat products. Z/D is the only food my dog can eat without having a severe reaction. He gets sores and loses his hair over his whole body if given Any other food. He cannot even eat the other allergy food prescription or not the other companies make because they put ingredients like chicken fat, which he reacts to. Thank you science diet if it were not for your food my dog would live a very miserable life or not at all. Thanks Kim n Bentley! June 30, 2013
the product is worth the price My sam a yorkie had bad allergic reactions to regular food that cause bad diarhea... when he started to eat this food , it stop instantly the diarhea and he is happy , healthy before he was miserable... I just wish they had a smaller kibble in the dry (small bites ) so my dogs would eat the dry... right now it is very pricey going through 2 cans a day.....but worth the result ... It is very worth it...... hills please please consider making a small bites in the dry.... Thank you.. February 8, 2013
Great product but need to be consitant Have had three different cases that are different. :-( April 14, 2014
My Shar pei with food allergies loves it. She looks forward to eating now. I use the wet and also the dry food for her. Her skin condition has improved. I also give her the treats. April 11, 2014
great success My little morkie had some allergies that where related to food.My vet suggested to try can food z/d my dog love the food and doesn't have allergies any more.I would have love to get the dry food but the bite are to big for him.Overall great product my dog is on z/d for over 1 year now. April 10, 2014
Great for dogs with food allergies My dog started with what we suspected were allergies. Had him tested and was allergic to so many of the ingredients in pet store bought food as well as home cooked meals. Has been on the Z/D for a month and all his symptoms have disappeared. So happy my vet suggested blood work to check for allergies. March 30, 2014
ZD has kept my dog alive My rat terrier has had so many medical issues since she was 1 years old and had it not been for Hills Prescription Diet ZD, I don't think she would be alive today. It is the only dog food that her little system can handle and she consistently loves the taste; despite the fact that it is literally the only food she ever eats. March 14, 2014
Only buy it because I have to! Not only is our pug diabetic, she has terrible food sensitivities. Wish the ZD was more "filling", and wasn't so expensive. March 8, 2014
My Dog Loves it My dog has to eat this because of allergies. Thankfully she really enjoys the taste of the food. March 6, 2014
A little pricey. Should be able to print coupons more than once for the purchase on 12 pk. case Dog loves it. Eats it all at every feeding. Good for picky eaters February 23, 2014
thank god for this food my dog loves this food, i cant give it to him quick enough, He has food allergies and stomach upsets and this food is great. i appreciate the coupons you put on the website, because my husband isnt working at the moment and i work part time, and the coupons help alot. i actually have trouble printing them and your kind enough to mail them to me. i appreciate that so much. i do feel the price might be a bit high, but it being a specialty food im not sure that should even be talked about. i am thankful for this food, Beth February 21, 2014
My dog seems to like taste Had to switch to ZD as she developed and allergy to CD February 11, 2014
excellent product my dog loves it and she is a very fussy eater I would recommend this great dog food to anyone that has a dog with allergies January 7, 2014
Sensitive 14 yr old Shiba going the distance with z/d. My 14 yr old Shiba Inu has developed sensitivity to her regular dry food. So, to keep her from vomiting/diarrhea seesawing our vet suggested the z/d canine Ultra, and it is working for her. We give her 4 small meals per day so that the food does not overwhelm her gastrointestinal system. I mix it into small bits with a little white rice, a tablespoon of firm tofu, and a little water so that she gets her food and a gravy-like fluid. Sensitivity at old age takes longer to adjust so she gets about 1 can per day, spread out over a 12 hr. period. It is good to see her chipper and comfortable again. January 4, 2014
great product for allergy dogs awesome product to get control of skin in itchy allergy dogs December 21, 2013
ZD for allergy's my dog has allergy's and has ZD for allergy's in her diet. This really helps with her ears problem. The only thing is it is expensive. December 15, 2013
My chihuahua really enjoys this product, My chi has food allergies and I add a little wet to her dry and she just spins around knowing she is getting this wet food onto her dry food. November 19, 2013
My poodle loves this food My miniature poodle, Hershey, loves the Hills Prescription ZD canned dog food. It's more trouble since it has to be refrigerated but he eats his dry food and treats much better with a little of the west dog food on it. Wish there were more coupons available as the prescription food gets to be expensive and I am retired and on a fixed income. October 16, 2013
Has worked great for my dogs! Very pricey but does the trick for both my dogs with sensitive skin and allergy issues. Just wish there were sales and accessible coupons! October 13, 2013
product is good and healthy two dogs that love it. Can't afford it. What else is comparable bur less expensive. September 27, 2013
Backflips for Canned Z/D I use the canned Z/D as a special treat with my food allegic pup. She absolutely loves it and would do backflips if she could! This is the only "treat" she gets becase of her allergies and she does great on her Z/D only diet. Otherwise she gets dry Z/D to help keep her teeth in tip top shape. September 26, 2013
The best dog food my vet could have recommended. My little Westie had a hard time keeping most dog food down, so the vet recommended the Prescription Diet and it was like a miracle. He ate it, and it stayed down and he has grown up on it. September 19, 2013
No More Diarrhea Buddy started having unexplained diarrhea that lasted almost 6 months without any relief. Our vet had us try many different things and many tests were done. it was finally determined that he most likely had a food allergy so he was prescribed a Z/D diet (can & dry). His diarrhea stopped immediately and hasn't returned in 2 years. Buddy was a very picky eater before (maybe the other food made his tummy hurt?), but has never once passed up a Z/D meal. He gobbles up this food like it's a steak dinner. Since he is on such a strict diet it was hard finding a treat that wouldn't mess up his stomach. We decided to try and bake the Z/D canned food and had great results. We just slice up the can food and bake at 350 on each side for 16 minutes. The smell is terrible, but these make really great treats for a dog with a sensitive stomach. Our other dogs love them as treats too! September 3, 2013
This product has helped with my dogs health This product helped with my dogs overall health, she was prone to digestive problems. The problem is the expense of this product makes it impossible to keep the dogs on the product unless you win the lottery! Trying to get one of the coupons off the web site takes an IT degree and your printer better work the first time or forget it! August 23, 2013
Saved My Dogs Life My Maltese struggled with tummy problems from day one but when she was 12 y.o. the situation escalated where she was unable to consume Anything without suffering pain and diarrhea. Her weight went from 9lbs to 6lbs, she was on pain meds, at one point I was administering liquids through an IV a couple of times a day (hard for both of us!) and our vet visits were every other day for more than a month with many costly tests. I thought my dog was going to die. Then I saw a new vet who recommended the Z/D diet. Problems solved and my little girl is still here and happy and healthy as ever. June 29, 2013
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