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w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal - Canned

Weight control, glucose management, and digestive support for dogs prone to excess weight gain
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal 4.7 5 75 75
changed our dog's life We feared that our 9-year-old Keeshond was heading downhill. She is a completely younger dog after having been on this food for a while. 3 cans of wet w/d every 2 days. December 10, 2013
W/D has improved my dogs life and personality. My 13 year old rescue schnauzer has been diagnozed with a life threatening illness which required us to put her on your W/D product line. She needed to be on a strict diet and maintained portion control. Immediately I noticed her energy level picked up and she became very spry for a 13 year old dog. Two weeks along her coat became noticably shinny with less shedding. Her appetite continues to be very good but we are noticing a toner body because she is more active. We have changed our other three dogs over to Science Products. True Believers! November 22, 2013
This has extended my dogs life We didn't know our baby was very sick until the vet got back his labs. She called immediately that morning & said how sick he really was & that we had to start on this food. We were like oh no, he was a picky eater & we thought for sure he wouldn't like it. He doesn't like it, he loves it. He'll only eat canned though. The dry is too hard for him & we tried crunching it up, putting water on it, nothing helped. He's always ready for his meals & he's as healthy as he can be. Thanks for producing this food or who knows what would have happened. He's been eating this for a few years now. March 18, 2013
Dogs love the product I wish you would improve the packaging. It is very difficult getting it out of the can. If the bottom were made the same as the top we could use a can opener at both ends and simply push the food out. July 21, 2014
Pricey but good My dog is diabetic and is doing very well with this Prescription Diet. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. July 17, 2014
Overall a good product My dog is a finicky eater.......just won't just eat dry food. It is very important that she eats in the morning before I leave for I do the dry food with about 1/2 cup of wet, this works every time because she likes the taste of the wet food. July 9, 2014
A taste my dog loves We add a little of the wet w/d on our dog Luckys dry w/d food. He absolutely just loves it. Its better for him and his glucose numbers are where they need to be. thanks! July 9, 2014
My dog loves this food. My dog is a diabetic. He was put on Hills Prescription Diet almost a year ago. Since, we have only had a few bad days. As for the food, he goes crazy for it. As soon as we open the cupboard, with the can opener in it, he bolts toward to kitchen. As I'm opening the can he dances around the kitchen, whines, and barks. I would say it's a win and I would suggest you let your dog try this product. July 7, 2014
What did you do? All the simplicity of it is gone. Did you change the recipe along with the new flip top? HATE the flip top can - food is way to hard to get out unless you are spooning it. This dog is on a mostly dry food, but the wet food is used for snacks and to augment the dry food. We slice it store it in a container in the fridge. So you can imagine our frustration when using the flip top. Once we got it out of the can - it is now difficult to cut into slices - like the consistency of the food changed along with the pop top. We are now making meatballs instead - it works but gets old real fast. Gotta tell ya as soon as we are done with the stock of W/D we have in the house - I will be asking the vet for a different brand for our diabetic dog. July 3, 2014
Great Product. My dog is diabetic and has to eat at certain times of the day. By mixing the GI wet food with her prescription dry food, she is eager to eat so that I can provide the insulin she needs at the predetermined times. This dog food helps m y dog maintain good digestive health. June 30, 2014
We don't like the new pop-top. Our Bichon has eaten W/D for the past seven years. We have always opened the can with a can opener. Now it has a pop can pull opener. My husband and I are seniors with arthritis and find this can difficult to open and it increases the chance of us being cut in the process. The contents cannot be gotten out easily like with a can opener. We have to spoon them out. Before, we turned the can upside down and tapped it out on a plate. It came out in one piece and we could slice the amount we wanted to use and refrigerate the rest conveniently. The Best by date on the can is 04 2016, UPC/bar code is as follows: T2411036 7017, The texture and smell seem different, too. We are very disappointed with this change. You should offer a choice to customers, pop top or regular can to be opened with an opener. Thank you. We think you have wonderful products and options for animals. Keep up the good work. Joan June 24, 2014
This product has been very good for my dog and I would recommend it. This product has worked very well for my small dog who tends to have weight issues. He has been on it for about a year and is doing well. However, I would like to comment on the new can with the flip-top new lid. I hate it. It is impossible to get the food out of the can without mangling the food, because the new can has an inside lip and the food does not slide out easily. Please go back to the old can! June 23, 2014
This product works! Our 6 year old English Bulldog was put on this food over 1 year ago due to Mega colon and a few other GI tract issues. She has also lost weight with regular exercise and the Prescription Diet W/D canned food. I am happy to say that Bonnie loves the taste and has not had any further issues. Thank you for a great product. June 16, 2014
Best product I have a 7 year old miniature dachshund that was dianosed with colitis when he was 4 years old. Our vet prescribed the prescription diet w/d formula (wet and/or dry). We have been feeding and supplementing his standard diet with the w/d formula ever since. There has been no complications, additional medication, or surgeries - this food has done the job! He eating the food with no hesistation... and the other dachshunds we have... want what he's eating!!! June 16, 2014
My toy poodle loves the taste of the dog food. My toy poodle has been eating Hills Prescription Diet i/d low fat dog food for about 6 weeks. He loves the taste cleaning his bowl every meal. He is a picky eater but not with Hills Prescription Diet. He loves it! He has slimmed down over two pounds. He was over weight. He has more pep and gets around better. He is 10 years old. Great dog food. June 15, 2014
Some features are good but the pop top can is troublesome. I have been using w/d Prescription food for over 6 years. I admit my dog has been doing great and I hesitate to change. However since the pop top can has come out I have difficulty in opening it since I have arthritis in my fingers. The original cans were opened easily by electric can openers and the food would slip out with no problem. The new cans have a lip on top so the food cannot be removed easily. Since "Oliver" gets one can in the AM and 1/2 in PM I struggle to get the food out. It sticks to the utensils and the side of the can which then becomes virtually impossible to serve half a can. I know this sounds silly and childish but I am 80 yrs old, and I now have this problem because of my fingers. I tried to find a tool that would help remove it but so far no luck. I feel some food is wasted and with the price I have to pay for it I don't want to lose any of it. As far as the food quality my dog has improved and is healthy and acts like a pupply for his age #10 yrs#. I guess this really isn't the kind of review you wanted but I feel soon I will have to get something I can handle with ease. I take so long getting Oliver's food ready he goes crazy waiting. If you have such a tool available I would not hesitate to continue with this product. June 13, 2014
this product works i do have one complaint i have very good luck with the new easy open cans but last time i went to purchase the vet only had the old cans and we were out so i went ahead and bought product but it is so dry and crumbly i have to add tons of water to even make it so my dog can eat it this is the second time we have got this type of food and i wonder what the problem could be. when the food is right my dog goes crazy over it can't get enough she loves it but getting kinda tired of getting the dried out stuff last time they said it probably got frozen it was back in the winter but now we are in june and same stuff ???????? hope we get it figured out it's the best dog food i have ever tried when it is right and my dog eats one can a day so i buy 30 or more cans a month kind of pricey but it has really helped with all her health problems got a great product here lets get it right June 7, 2014
good I wish they had some other flavors in the wet dog food. I think eating the same food twice a day gets old & boring. The fiber in the food makes my dog have to go 3-4 times a day. June 6, 2014
Great product. We have been feeding our dogs this brand for years. Dependable,quality product recommended by one of the most renowned university animal hospitals in the US. After a surgical procedure that left my Josie unable to eat properly as well as the concern about her allergies and weight because she cannot exercise like most dogs. This is the product chosen for her. We would not think of giving her anything else. May 30, 2014
Overall, good product. WD is great for weight management and my dog digests is very well. I wish the food was more consistent in appearance & texture. In some cans the food is soft & moist, others very dry (making it difficult to swallow). I would be happier if there wasn't any corn in the product - although it is in miniscule amounts, due to another condition, my dog should not be eating corn, therefore I have to pick it out. May 27, 2014
My dog loves it. My dog loves this food, and it has helped with her digestion and stomach problems. I mix it with dry Science Diet to cut the cost, and she still likes it. May 26, 2014
my dog loves it and it keeps him healty in his senior years I have tried other expensive brands but keep going back to wd- his digestive system keeps normal and he does not gain weight- thanks!!! May 23, 2014
Has done wonders for our Pug It is costly so i wish there were more coupons available. May 14, 2014
this product helps keep my dog healthy My dog doesn't like to eat dry dog food. When he became diabetic, the w/d dry dog food was the food I put him on. I added the wet food to the dry and he has eaten it for 3 years now. It was easy to get his food and insulin balanced so that his blood sugars remained in the "normal" range. My only problem with the product is the can. I used to slide it out of the can and slice it to get even helpings. With the new pull open lids the food won't slide out past the lip of the can so I have to "dig" it out and measure it...a lot more work. May 11, 2014
I DO NOT LIKE THE PULL TOPS>. Have to dip out with a spoon Pull tops have to go as far as I am concerned. I LIke to slide food out and slice it to make treats Can not do that with these cans. May 9, 2014
Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and bowels Jack, a silky terrier, has had stomach problems from day one. After many bouts of diarrhea and vomiting we gave him canned and dry w/d Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal. He took to it and has been diarrhea and vomiting free for over a year. Our thanks to Hills. May 9, 2014
The product has the requiements my dog needs I like the change to pulltop cans. It seem that the product is a bit softer with the old cans the product seems stiffer I could slide the product in the can and slice off a portion the latest can the productt will not slide in the can. May 2, 2014
It's what my dog needs, but I wish ... We recently learned our 11-year-old dog is diabetic, and the vet recommended both your dry and wet food of this variety. He is eating it fine, and seems to be losing weight, which in his case is a good thing. Overall, we are grateful that a dog food exists that is healthy for a diabetic dog, and we are grateful it apparently tastes good. I do wish this food was a bit less solid in its consistency. It is difficult to mix with dry food. April 29, 2014
Texture is not consistent Hello, while my dog does enjoy eating this, we find that one batch of cans to next has a very different texture. My dog eats the food really fast, so in an effort to deter her, we "smoosh" the food on a plate, so she has to go slower when she eats. Some of the cans however have a drier consistency and texture so it just crumbles, not really allowing us to spread the food around her plate to slow her down. April 28, 2014
Precription Food We have a diabetic dog who is required to have this food. It is very expensive. We try to take advantage of using the coupons that are offered. Sometimes we can print them other times we cannot. We buy 3 cases of wet food and a bag of dry food every month. We are on a fixed income so every savings we can get helps. Our dog does like this food and we do recommend it to other folks.... April 25, 2014
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