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w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal - Canned

Weight control, glucose management, and digestive support for dogs prone to excess weight gain
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® w/d® Canine Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal 4.7 5 44 44
changed our dog's life We feared that our 9-year-old Keeshond was heading downhill. She is a completely younger dog after having been on this food for a while. 3 cans of wet w/d every 2 days. December 10, 2013
W/D has improved my dogs life and personality. My 13 year old rescue schnauzer has been diagnozed with a life threatening illness which required us to put her on your W/D product line. She needed to be on a strict diet and maintained portion control. Immediately I noticed her energy level picked up and she became very spry for a 13 year old dog. Two weeks along her coat became noticably shinny with less shedding. Her appetite continues to be very good but we are noticing a toner body because she is more active. We have changed our other three dogs over to Science Products. True Believers! November 22, 2013
This has extended my dogs life We didn't know our baby was very sick until the vet got back his labs. She called immediately that morning & said how sick he really was & that we had to start on this food. We were like oh no, he was a picky eater & we thought for sure he wouldn't like it. He doesn't like it, he loves it. He'll only eat canned though. The dry is too hard for him & we tried crunching it up, putting water on it, nothing helped. He's always ready for his meals & he's as healthy as he can be. Thanks for producing this food or who knows what would have happened. He's been eating this for a few years now. March 18, 2013
WD is all he eats, wet and dry Our dog is a 12 yr old blind/diabetic mix (pug/bichon), we have to control his weight and blood sugar for the rest of his life. WD has done this very well and the dog is happy. I wish I could afford the eye surgery. I do not like the new pull tops as the lip makes it hard to remove food from the can. As far as the taste goes, he eats it and never told me it's bad. April 15, 2014
dog enjoys it. My dog really likes this food. It seems to help with digestion. April 13, 2014
W/D is helping control my dog's diabetes. This is the most disgusting looking dog food I have ever seen. It is so overprocessed, it looks like rubber chicken. If we weren't seeing such positive results with Cami's blood glucose, there is no way on earth I would be able to get past my personal revulsion to feed this to her twice a day. April 9, 2014
My dog likes the taste! Of the prescription foods which my dog typically doesn't enjoy, he likes the taste of this one and eats it right up. This is great because he has so few options based upon his medical needs. I'm so grateful for this option! April 9, 2014
Safest and healthiest choice A few years ago, when contaminated food from China killed animals that consumed it, it was with absolute relief that I was continuing to feed my West Highland terriers Hill's WD. You produce a quality product that is an industry standard. I thank you and Maj. Wolf and Mr. Puck thank you for long and contented lives. April 4, 2014
weight control I have a nine year old yellow lab with very bad shoulders with lots of arthritis and the wd keeps his weight manageable so that he doesn't have too much weight on his legs. April 4, 2014
Good Product for diabetes, packaging needs work We have a Lab Mix who has diabetes and is on the prescription W/D formula. We feed him a mix of canned and dry and the combination has allowed us to control his diabetes with less insulin. He is active again and happy. I do not like the new pop-top cans of W/D. Since the food is packed tightly into the can, the lip that you have with a ring pull top make it more difficult to get the compressed product out. Thanks for helping us help our dog Sherman. March 27, 2014
Good product but pricey. The product seems to work as intended. My dog loves the taste. However, the product is expensive and can only be obtained with a prescription. March 24, 2014
Diabetes Control and Stomach issues All 3 of our miniature schnauzers eat w/d. We use both dry and canned. One is a diabetic and one has stomach issues. Both are well controlled with w/d that was recommended by our vet. March 15, 2014
excellent overall dog food My dog was prescribed this food by our trusted vet for a specific medical issue. It has done it's job with the desired results; I will keep her on this diet for ongoing good health. There are many side benefits including less gastrointestinal problems, better absorbsion, and for the first time solid bowel movements. I had tried literally at least 30 "premium" foods in the past with results that cannot compare with this food. My only negative would be that it can only be purchased at the vets office which is not always convenient. It would be nice if it were available by mail order with a written prescription. March 4, 2014
heard nothing good my vet recommended this product when my min pin was diagnosed w diabetes. I kept doing research for the best type of food to feed her. Everything I kept coming across about hills prescription diet was negative. I used it anyways because my vet recommended it and I trust her. She saved my Dixies life. Dixie LOVES this product. I thought at first she ate it because she was starving. But she truly does love both canned and dry. I also buy the special treats for her too. Thank you for making this. February 28, 2014
W/D Canned dog food My dog is diabetic. This food was recommended by the vet 2 years ago. I mix it with the W/D dry food and my dog has not had any further problems. Good food. February 25, 2014
Our Golden's love this food! Zeke, our one golden was ill with diarrhea. Nothing worked until the vet prescribed the w/d canned. He could not eat it fast enough. The best part is it worked on his issue. He is fine now thanks to the w/d. February 19, 2014
The dog loves this food! This is the only food I can give my dog -- eats every bit of it - both wet and dry! Also loves the treats! February 7, 2014
Good Dog Food After trying many types of dog food for our 3 Brussels Griffons and 1 (mostly) Border Collie, we finally went to the W/D. Our veterinarian recommended it for our one little guy who is diabetic. We mix the cans and the dry with a little homemade chicken broth and they eat every bite. They have always been extremely picky, so seeing them eat it all when we put it down makes me happy. They have not had any tummy issues and everyone seems to be feeling good, so I think we have finally found our food solution! February 1, 2014
Your product has helped regulate my dogs health , she is 13 and I am happy with the results of what the w/d has done for my pet January 30, 2014
This product was well received by my dog with her medical condition. She eats it right up eagerly. I was unsure at first if Saltie Maghee would even eat the food knowing how spoiled she is. But she went right for it. She even enjoys the w/d dry. We use that for our lunch and any "treats" she may get during the day..She has returned to my happy little schnauzer once again. Thank you for having this diet available for our special babies... January 27, 2014
This product is life saving for my Pekingese, Annie My pet has a pancreas problem and must use this product as her food source. I think she gets a little jealous because my other pet isn't required to eat the same food...but she has adjusted. She is 9 years old and is my "child" much loved by myself and my neighbors and because of her diet, I expect her to have a long life. January 26, 2014
great improvement in my dog After putting my dog on w/d I noticed a marked improvement in his health and attitude. Great product. January 25, 2014
Product helped with Ghiardia My dog had issues after Ghiardia in the spring.. Our vet recommended WD and it has solved the problem. My dog begs now to be fed. She LOVES WD. January 25, 2014
This product provides good nutrition and blood sugar mgmt. I have a healthy, energetic diabetic 11 year old Silky rescue. WD has contributed to his health January 20, 2014
Loooooove this product. Saved my boy :) Amazing product!!!! My kiffie has Lost 9kg and counting. W/d has turned my pork chop into a sexy slim healthy looking dog again. He even plays with toys now :). Love this product and will highly recommend it to people that are in the position I was when he was a big boy. January 18, 2014
Fantastic Food!!! I have a six year old Pug who is a recently diagnosed Diabetic. This food is a live saver. It is very hard to find food that is for Diabetic animals, and I feel good this is from a company I trust. But i dont understand why everyone is complaining about the price! Its saving your animals life!! I have no problem paying for this food. Thank you HILLS for producing this product! I dont ever think you will fully understand how important this is to people that have Diabetic animals!! January 4, 2014
W/D dog food wet & dry... My dog has been on the W/D for over two years....She is in great health...but I would really like more coupons to help off set the price of the food. Thank you December 11, 2013
Dogs love the taste Product controls the tender tummies and the dogs love the taste. Never a struggle to get them to eat at meal times. December 9, 2013
life or death Although sacrifices have been made, we purchase about 5 cases and usually 25 pounds of dry food each month for our 70# mixed breed dog due to a medical necessity. She is like one of the children and we love her very much, without Prescription WD, we probably wouldn't have her any longer. Thank You. November 21, 2013
This product has very good ingredients for diabetic dogs. This w/d product has saved my dog's life. My dog is peaky eater, but she likes to eat this prescribed food. November 18, 2013
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