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Hill's® Prescription Diet® s/d® Canine Dissolution 4.2 5 13 13
this product is tasty & great for finicky dogs. My dog is finicky when it comes to her dog food,some she refuses to eat. But I was very surprised that she enjoys eating this prescription dog food on her own without any fuss.Many times I had to feed her by hand to get her to eat some other dog food brands which can be a messy affair.So having her eat her dog food on her own & looking forward to dinner time made my life a little easier January 25, 2014
This product saved my dog from surgery My miniature schnauzers are prone to bladder stones and have been on the C/D diet. One of my dog had stones last year and had surgery to remove them. That same dog got stones again this year. We put him on the S/D diet and my vet told me to be patient. It took about a month but now the stones are dissolved and he doesn't have to have surgery again! I am so thankful! I wish it didn't cost so much, or there were more coupons available. Keeping 2 dogs on the prescription diet for life is quite expensive. December 2, 2013
This product is great. This product works well with my pet dog. She goes crazy when we are chopping it up for her. She tries to eat it off the plate before we get it into her bowl. July 30, 2013
Has worked well for my dog The only problem I have ran into is, I have had to return a few cans cause there was a lot of water and the food wasn't the same April 8, 2014
Great food, awesome results. My poor little pug Martini was just recently diagnosed with a urolith. We started her right away on S/D and within 2 weeks it had dissolved. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the results with my own two eyes. I couldn't believe it. I am so happy the food worked and now I don't have to put her through surgery. Now we have transitioned her to C/D and she loves it. I would definitely recommend this food to anyone. April 7, 2014
This product helped cure my baby. I know that's a major claim to make, but all I know is Sydney, my miniture Schnauzer was sick and having problems with constant urination. I had always fed her like alot of people do, the cheapest dog food and supplement that with table scraps and big bags of dog treats. The Vet diagnosed Gall Stones which I would never have believed until he showed me the x-ray! Cortizone injections and Hill's Prescription Diet S/D was the treatment. I went home opened up the first can thinking the whole time, as picky an eater as Sydney will never eat this food. Well to my amazement she loved it and wanted more. A month later Sydney is back to normal but I have continued feeding her Hill's Prescription Diet S/D. I will never again repeat the mistake of feeding her bargain dog food and dog treats. I will soon take her off Hill's Prescription S/D, but I will continue to feed her Hill's brand. I am sold on the quality of your food and Sydney loves the taste. So, I still stand by my original statement, "This product helped cure my baby." March 29, 2014
s/d Our golden doodle (95 pounds) has had two bouts with bladder stones. In each case, we have used Hill's S/D and it has done the trick avoiding expensive surgery. To me, the cost of the S/D was worth it as Nora is one special dog. February 21, 2014
Works slowly My dog doesn't like the taste and I have a difficult time getting her to eat it. She is 13 and had bladder stones removed when she was young. She has been on SD for 3 months during that time she's on Amoxicillin twice a day until the stones desolve. She's had 3 or 4 Xrays and the stone seem to be getting smaller. She also has them in her kidney. She's spoiled and loves to snack. Maybe because of cutting the snacks she is losing weight and is very thin. Also Vet bills are expensive. I am discouraged at how long it is taking for results. February 11, 2014
poor My dog would not eat the product had to turn unused case to vet. she had to put on another product that she is eating. This product looks and smells like can dog food. February 7, 2014
Actual results are yet to the determined. We had 2-different vet offices advise us to us the s/d can food for our 11-year old Shih Tzu female dog. She has some small stones in her bladder. We have only fed this diet for 6-days now and have another 24-days to go prior to really knowing how her health will be. Hopefully the stones will be dissolved and passed with us not having to go through a full blow surgery procedure to remain them. That the best we can do right now with our summary/review/comments. Thanks. November 20, 2013
Poor texture Our vet prescibed this dog food. Our dog has bladder stones. I am having a very difficult time getting her to eat this product. she has not ate on her own in 3 days. If I put it in her mouth she spits it out. Our vet said when she gets hungry enough she will eat it.??? Texture is like play doh. November 6, 2013
It sure works!!! It was a bit of a problem getting our dog to eat it, but it worked miracles! It's not even a month since she started eating it and she's doing so much better! October 7, 2013
She loves the taste. This product was recommended by our veterinarian for bladder and urinary track issues. The problems have since stopped, and have not returned. "Highly Recommended" August 13, 2013
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