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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Canine Renal Health 4.6 5 41 41
Quality Product We have been feeding K/D wet food to our dog for over 2 yeas, since she was diagnosed with Kidney failure in July 2011. Dogs with Kidney Failure are fussy eaters and owners usually have to change food often. This is the only food she will eat and we have tried others. October 23, 2013
Product works and my dog loves it! Hill's Prescription Diet k/d canned food has helped my foster dog, Jamie's, kidney functions return to near normal! Jamie has been eating canned k/d food for more than a year now and his kidney function levels have significantly reduced during this time. Even better...Jamie LOVES this food! He comes into the kitchen twice a day at his scheduled time "asking" for his food! I am very thankful for this product as it has given Jamie the opportunity to celebrate his 14th birthday next week. I hope to celebrate many more with this very special foster dog! October 18, 2013
My Vet and I are pleased with my dog's response to this food. My Vet and I are please with my dog's response to the k/d wet dog food. I was a little skeptical about trying a prescription dog food, but Squirty needed to get his kidney levels back in balance. He is a VERY picky eater, and I was plesantly surprised that he zealously ate the food. We've been on this diet for almost a year, and he is holding his weight, his BUM levels are much better, and his stools are consistent. I was concerned about all the "naturalists" comments (high fat content, junk food, etc.) about prescription diets, and for me, they were unfounded. I would heartily recommend this food. September 11, 2013
This food has saved by dog's life My maltese, Mystery was diagnosed with Renal problems before she was one year old. With proper medication and K/D as part of her feeding, she has managed to maintain healthy kidneys. She is now 9 years old and all her kidney check ups have been excellent. I also give her the Prescription dog treats (also for K/D eaters) and she enjoys them as well. April 15, 2014
GREAT ADDITION TO FEEDING This is a great addition to the dry prescription K/D we feed our Choc Lab, Mindy. I always have canned food on hand to aid in giving our 2 dogs their meds. I usually buy the brand that I have coupons for, as this is not their main food. This was a nice option to add to the dry prescription food, and I truly believe Mindy enjoyed it greatly! March 30, 2014
Best prescription diet to slow the progression of canine kidney disease When my 18 year old bichon frise Buffy was diagnosed with late stages of renal failure, people all over the world told me Hills K/D was all she should be fed to keep her with us longer. This was also the food recommended by her veterinarian. She was given several more months of precious, quality life by feeding her only this diet. Recently her almost 15 year daughter Tiffany has been diagnosed with kidney disease. Her stage has progressed from very early to stage 2 - 3 in 3 months on a diet that is not Hills and geared more towards very early stages. I am confident however that her switch to Hills K/D three weeks ago will keep her kidney disease from progressing further at a fast rate. Great to have a product that helps canines enjoy a longer quality life when they are lucky enough to be diagnosed in the earlier stages of kidney disease. Our current veterinarian has canine clients that were put on Hills K/D at the same stage as Tiffany or even slightly more advanced. Two years later their stages have not advanced. March 27, 2014
Has helped my 17 yr old dog tremendously The Vet told us to give it a try because my dogs Kidney number was 87, which is near total failure. He said if my dog didn't like it, we could return it. Dog thought it was a real TREAT in beginning, because he's never had canned food. Still eating it fairly well after a couple months. The food along w/daily antibiotic & bi- weekly fluid therapy has brought the kidney number down to 27!!! Totally normal. Can't thank you enough. March 26, 2014
Prescription k/d Renal - one healthy dog - one happy dog mom! Good veterinary care and k/d food is helping me keep my dog as healthy as she can be. Since my vet isn't close by, I would like to be able to order it online. The only downside for me since I have a small dog is the 13 ounce cans ...she loves her k/d best when it's fresh, so I would like to be able to use a fresh can each day. I do know Hills offers other canned dog food products in smaller size cans, and I would love to see the k/d offered that way as well. I'm sure the many small/toy dog owners out there would appreciate a smaller can as well. I do appreciate how helpful your customer service is..always friendly..and always willing to do whatever they can for me. March 18, 2014
This product is so easy to use! Our little girl really seems to enjoy the original. I've tried the lamb and she won't eat it. So, if you have a finicky eater, try to introduce the original & lamb together. March 18, 2014
Keeps my dog alive My little Yorkie has medical problems and without this food she would not be here today. She has been on this diet for 5 years now.Hoping to keep her alive for at least 5 more. February 25, 2014
Canine Renal Health My dog loved the can dog food. Unfortunaly, she only lived a week after being diagonised with Renal Failure. January 13, 2014
Good Results My 11year old Brittany was having some issues with her blood pressure and kidneys . She has been on several different medications, but her kidneys continued to produce large amounts of protein which is not a good thing. It was recommended by my veterinarian , who is a specialist, that a strict KD diet was necessary along with her meds. There were a few different kinds to chose from. But I decided to use Prescription KD. I have always fed my dogs one of the Science diet formulas from puppy on and have been pleased with the outcome. I know the taste of the KD could be a little bland..but my Brittany loved it. I mixed the canned with some of the KD dry food ..and she gobbles it up. After 6wks of being on the KD diet plan,,,her lab values have become more stable and she is doing pretty good. I really trust Science Diet /Prescription diet food for my dogs. I don't think there is a better product out there. January 11, 2014
Doing great so far Our Cindi is 12 and just recently went through a weeks long stay at the animal hospital. She's eating the k/d can and seems to love it, has put back on a little weight. Sometimes she eats it no problem, sometimes when it seems a little dry for her I'll add some water and mash/mix up, no problems so far. We feed all our Rat Terriers 10 of them, ranging in ages from 1.5 yrs old to 16yrs old. Hill's Science dry and wet food. They love it, switched once and switched back within two weeks. It's just good food, good for them and they love Hill's. January 11, 2014
My dogs love this and I use it as a treat too! When I open a can both my dogs run to the kitchen the smell is delicious and I know good for their kidneys compared to regular canned food. Great value too!!!! January 10, 2014
So far, so great!! My 15-year-old retriever was diagnosed with early renal failure on New Year's Eve. She's been on canned K/D for 4 days now and is showing a marked improvement. She isn't nearly as thirsty as she was, and isn't urinating so frequently. Every day's a gift with a dog this elderly, but so far, I'm very happy with the results. She likes the taste too! January 4, 2014
The diet works for my pet, likes it too. It has done great things for my pet. Needs the diet to be healthier. December 19, 2013
Our Yorkie loves his food! Our 9 year old Yorkie has kidney problems & this food has helped to keep him healthy for the past 4 years December 16, 2013
Canine KD is a great diet and Bailey can prove it! My pet has been eating canine KD can food since she was 1 year old and she just recently had her 12th birthday. Her kidney values have been within the normal range for years. November 30, 2013
K/D is very sticky and thick I have to feed my dog the K/d diet . This is the only can variety I could find. It's very thick, and my dog gags on it. I compare it to eating peanut butter. I add a half can of water into the bowl and use a potato masher to mix it. I only recommended this product because , again I have been unable to find another brand, that is not so thick. I reported this problem , and was told its thickness, is cause by the starch in it. November 16, 2013
Living with my pal longer Max is 16 and has been on the Canine KD diet for a year. He seems to be gaining some weight and his quality of life is good for a blind and deaf dog. I do mix a little unsalted chicken broth with the food to keep him enticed. November 13, 2013
monkey71 my dog loves the kd/prescription dog food. It was recomended by our Vet. for kidney health. our dog is almost 9 years old.. It is expensive. And coupons do help with the cost. November 7, 2013
Oscar Loves his K/D! We noticed that our 7 yr. old Dachshund, Oscar, normally a happy-go-lucky guy wasn't eating, becoming lethargic and his mannerisms weren't the same. We brought him to our vet who did vast amounts of blood work and came back with the news that Oscar was in kidney failure. We were devastated but what could we do? She recommended Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Canine Renal Health and we purchased several cans. We added a few spoonful's of canned pumpkin to add some additional flavor (and to "hide" the additional pills he was prescribed) and within two days, Oscar was jumping around like a puppy! Not only was he obviously feeling better, but the vet and her staff couldn't believe he was the same dog that I had carried in several days earlier with tears in my eyes thinking the worst. Oscar hears the can opener and runs as fast as his little legs can carry him and whines while I mash his food up in our now-usual routine. We have seen vast improvement in his health, blood work numbers and best of all, his personality. He is back to running around the yard and chasing our other Dachshund and Labrador retriever and digging holes to the dismay of his human daddy. Here's a photo of Oscar looking for a way to open the can himself. I'm sure with a little know-how, he may just do it! Thank you Hill's for saving our Oscar! October 28, 2013
This product is better than the dry. My dog seems to enjoy the canned kd food over the dry kd food. I have to say it did not help his blood work numbers alone, we have to give him subcutaneous fluids also, which really is not fun for us or my dog. October 19, 2013
Squirt is on K/D for his kidney issues. Squirt is on K/D for his kidney issues. I was hesitant at first to agree to put him on a prescription diet because of all the hype that it is not as nutritional as 'Natural" types of food. Squirt has been doing really well on the diet. His test came back better than ever for kidney values. I find that some of the cans of food are a little inconsistent in texture, and that is why I gave the reading a good not an excellent. October 7, 2013
this product is great my dog loves this food and she is doing very well on it. October 4, 2013
My dog loves it! My 14-1/2 year old Yorkie was recently diagnosed with stage 2 kidney failure and her vet recommended switching her to Science Diet K/D. She was previously on Science Diet Oral Care dry food and never had any teeth problems, so I had no qualms with switching her to another Science Diet product. She eagerly eats the can food and her kidney function has been better. My vet highly recomends Science Diet and I do too! October 1, 2013
Saved my dog's life My 18 month old Yorkie was diagnosed with severe kidney failure in January 2013 and given 3-6 months to live. Daily IV hydration, i/d food, and medications helped his to his current optimal health. Today he is 2 years and 1 month old and doing fine. September 28, 2013
Some product improvement is required. I appreciate the idea of a canine wet food that is formulated for dogs with renal issues. But, this product apparently misses the mark in taste . There is no medical benefit if your pet won't eat the food. My dog seemed to like it the first five weeks. Now, not so much. He's certainly hungry but he really really dislikes the k/d. In my humble opinion, Hill's needs to enhance the palatability of this product. September 26, 2013
Good Can Food We purchased this with the dry food, our dog loves it September 15, 2013
This product has less salt for my dogs My dogs enjoy eating it, it is good for them as it has less salt. Love the coupons, keep them coming :) September 11, 2013
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