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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Canine Renal Health with Lamb 4.2 5 6 6
The new Science Diet Wet Dog Food with Lamb My Miniature Schnauzer has been on you KD for about 4 years. I was so glad to see you develop another flavor with Lamb. He does seem to enjoy it very much. I also give him some KD dried food with his mail... April 6, 2014
Taste After struggling to find a kidney product that Giggles would eat, I found this one. I had to use KD flavored with tuna water which worked, but its so thick, I had to run the food thru the blender. She's much more excited with this product, which seems to have more flavor and not as dense. She runs to her bowl when its time to eat ! February 22, 2014
This product looks and tastes great. The product is a big hit with my picky eater. The K/D w/ lamb looks great and my dog can't wait to eat. December 19, 2013
this product is not working for our dog. My dog does not want to eat it. He walks over to it, smells it, and then walks away. We bought a case from our vet and have thrown away more than our dog has eaten. It is very expensive to keep throwing away. I am not faulting the food because you must have dogs that eat it or you wouldn't be producing it. What can you do to enhance the flavor? Help! August 5, 2014
Great product and pet loved the taste Our pet received a diagnosis requiring a special diet of which Hill's Prescription was recommended. After 3 weeks of following product feeding recommendations she exhibited a remarkable decrease in BUN and Creatinine numbers. Our pet finds both the original and Lamb based canned food to be very palatable. We have no problem with making sure she eats it all--- and she is a very picky eater. She has not experienced stomach upset with this product. Since being on this diet she has been able to maintain her weight and stay hydrated. The canned Lamb formula seems to have more moisture and is easier to use for administering pills if needed. Thank you Hill's Prescription team for helping our pets to live quality lives! July 16, 2014
Awesome product My dogs kidney levels increased within 3 weeks on this food. Her kidneys are now healthy enough for surgery. May 1, 2014
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