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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health 4.8 5 174 174
Great Product! This is the only food that helps our rescued 69 pound airdale/black lab "Jenni" when she has her potty problems once or twice a month...without being too graphic it gets as bad as I have ever seen....the I/D allows her system to heal itself in a few days compared to 2 weeks without it...thanks again and keep up the good work. November 2, 2013
This food straightened out my dog's stomach issues! We kept having to visit the vet with my son's German Shepherd as he was having stomach issues. The Vet prescribed Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Food for a few days which would staighten out his issues. Once we went back to his regular food, problems came back...Vet recommended another round of Prescription Diet, and this time, we stuck with it! So far so good - No stomach issues (and no Vet bills)! The food is a little pricey, but we give him the dry prescription diet with the canned. The dog loves it! When we first started eating it, he would gobble it up and then carry his bowl around! He stil gobbles it, and licks up every drop! Thank you for making this food! We are all much better off knowing our wonderful pet is feeling better! October 11, 2013
Saved my dog! Our dog Stinky LOVES Hills Prescription i/d canine. She patiently waits every morning for her can of food! I know Stinky isn't a tradtional name, but she picked it, when I found her as a puppy while serving in Iraq, it was the only thing she would answer to. We were able to bring her home and adopt her, last year, while she was staying overnight at a kennel, she was viciously attacked, and nearly died from her internal injuries. Once she was home from the vets office, she couldn't digest regular dog food she was eating, our vet suggested the i/d, as this is what she was given during her inpatient stay, and to keep her on it long term. This food has really made huge improvements in her, she is just as happy and healthier then she was the first day I found her! Being that she is so unique and very special to us, we are very grateful to Hill's for having this food that she can eat daily and keep her healthy. June 13, 2013
Only thing my Miniature Schnauzer can eat I am glad there is a food that my Miniature Schnauzer can eat that helps his IBS. October 22, 2014
Too expensive a case, have to buy every two weeks. The product is very good and I recommend it to anyone that there pet that has gastrointestinal health issues. October 21, 2014
The ONE product for digestive issues I have three small senior dogs, and I foster an ever-changing number of old little ones with all kinds of medical issues. I have registered on the website for the sole purpose of leaving a recommendation for i/d. Whenever any of my dogs have any sort of digestive issues, I turn to i/d, and it fixes the problem pretty much immediately. So, in general, I like to keep several cans at home for these cases. I had an old hospice foster pooch who was in the final stage of renal failure when I got her. After a couple of months, the meds and supplements were no longer working, and anything she ate, ran STRAIGHT through her. I remembered I had a can of i/d, so I gave it to her. No more explosive diarrhea! That's after the FIRST feeding. I kept her strictly on i/d (while still giving her meds and supplements,) and she had another month of happiness and contentment. I have also had several severely emaciated dogs whose entire digestive system was all kinds of messed up when I got them. If they only ate i/d in the beginning, they didn't have issues with diarrhea and vomiting. If I gave them anything else (you know, chicken and rice, baby food, etc. - what you usually feed a dog with digestive problems,) it always came out on both ends, pretty quickly. When they get a little stronger, I can slowly transition them from i/d to regular food. I'd never thought canned food can make such a huge difference before my aforementioned foster dog in renal failure, but i/d has proven itself to be a true miracle product! October 21, 2014
ID canned dog food must taste great because after 7 years my dog still goes crazy for it After trying many different food options, our vet had us try Hills prescription ID canned food.After 7 years our dog still eats the same food every day and loves it..My only concern at this time in my life is that being on a very tight budget I wish it were a bit cheaper so it wasn't quite so difficult to afford to take proper care of our youngest family member. As any doggie lover knows, we will do anything for our four legged furry little friends. October 19, 2014
A Life Saver My little Japanese Chin started vomiting more and more frequently, especially in the middle of the night. Along with putting her on a round of probiotics, the vet put her on the i/d canned. The vomiting stopped within a day! I have subsequently tried to give her other high quality non-GMO, organic canned foods (she has no teeth left), but the vomiting returned. I am SO thankful for this food, AND she really likes it! She was very picky before, but now shows up in the kitchen 3-4 times a day "asking" for it. I am so thankful for this product. Don't know what we'd do without it (she can't even eat poached organic free-range no-skin chicken breasts!). October 17, 2014
Works but pricey & limited distribution The food does its job in keeping my 14 year old miniature schnauzer alive & happy. However, it is very expensive and it is a pain to only be able to purchase the food through my vet. Also, no treats are available in this type of food. October 16, 2014
Makes it possible to give my dog treats After a bad reaction to pre-operation care, my dog was no longer able to digest his regular dog food or treats. I was given this food by a canine gastroenterologist and advised to mix it with the I/D dry food, and to freeze small portions and use them as treats. Our special dog loves these and now can eat these any time. This makes his life more complete and enjoyable. October 16, 2014
easy for dog to digest My dog is doing well on this product but I wish there were more coupons for $'s off! October 9, 2014
My dog would not eat this. My yellow lab refused to eat this product, even when it was heated or made into little meatballs which I tried to hand feed her. Normally she eats ANYTHING put in front of her, but this product was an expensive waste of my money and time. October 7, 2014
great for stomach problems When my dog is suffering from gastrointestinal problems, this is basically the only food that he will eat. I feed him both the canned ID and the dry ID, and he tolerates it well October 3, 2014
Cheap with coupons! They are the only food my dog can eat, so they know that they are the only show in town. Extremely cheap with coupons. Would help, if they would be more liberal with the coupons . October 2, 2014
it just works Our pet has had digestions issues. I tried other foods, but your prescription diet has been the only one I've found that our dog can tolerate. She completely stopped gagging and vomiting and her stools are now normal. It works and she loves it. My only issues are the cost and the difficulty getting it. Your initial coupon helped but I'm not able to get additional coupons. September 28, 2014
Only food my dog can keep down my 9 year old golden retriever was diagnosed last year with mega esophagus. We could not get him to keep food down he kept regurgitating it up and was losing weight daily. After contacting hills they recommended this product and it has been the best thing. Yes it is expensive but worth it. My beautiful boy is keeping his food down most of the time and has not got the relflux problems at night which means we all get to sleep. He has started to put weight on and looks good and is getting his old mojo back. I would recommend this to any owner whose dog has this horrible disease. We tried many other types of food to no avail. I am very happy with this product even though it is expensive. September 24, 2014
Like a puppy again! We tried many different brands of wet food but Rosie's stomach was just not right. She would cycle between diarrhea and constipation. The vet finally suggested we try Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health wet food. Rosie, who is 10 yrs. old, is doing so well on this diet, she acts like a puppy again. September 24, 2014
This product has helped my pet My rescue English Bulldog has a mega colon. He is on several medications to stimulate his colon,etc. He also eats the i/d food. We tried other types of similar foods but this one has worked best to keep him healthy. September 24, 2014
product good for dog's illness really helped my pet. Loves the taste. Easy to digest. September 19, 2014
Good for sensitive stomachs My dog has been using Hill's ID dog food for nearly 12 years. Since she has a very sensitive stomach, it has seemed to work well for her. I have found the mixture to be inconsistent at times. Sometimes it is a very liquid mixture and sometimes a very solid mixture. The vet recommended mixing peas and carrots with it. Even though I feel that it is very overpriced and can only be purchased at a vet, I have hesitated to try other brands that deal with sensitive stomachs. September 18, 2014
The GI food has help our Shepard mix immensely. We got our Shepard mix 6 months ago from a rescue. About a month ago he got real bad diarrhea. Went to the vets thru the tests it was nothing that was in his system. Our vet suggested the GI food from Science Diet. Although more expensive the results we see in him are well worth it. September 15, 2014
Love the product My rat terrier is almost 16 with lots of issues. One issue she no longer has is stomach upset the I/D has helped her tremendously. The only drawback is the cost and lack of coupons to help. Otherwise I am very pleased September 13, 2014
Dog Loves It We add some i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health tour dog's, Abbi, dry Ideal Balance everyday. She has some stomach issues and this helps. She has benefited greatly and this was recommended by our Vet. September 9, 2014
This product has been very helpful to our dogs overall health - started after surgery it helps her digestive system every day After swallowing 3 foreign objects our dog was given this product to help her digestion - it works so well we continue to give her a small amount at every feeding - it continues to help every day! September 8, 2014
Wow! My dog's fish breath is GONE :) I am incredibly happy to still have my sweet 8-yr old Yorkie after an attack of pancreatitis which resulted in a vet recommended switch to this prescription food (started with canned, now on dry). He is totally back to his old self but with the added bonus of completely odor-free breath! I had no idea food was causing his stinky mouth but on top of needing this special food which costs 4x what I used to buy; loosing his fish breath makes the increased cost worth it! September 1, 2014
This product has a great texture and easily for my older poodle. My brother's poodles always enjoy the site of the can and the product when is time to eat!! Excited. My nephews love it. August 28, 2014
Has solved a lot of tummy problems Every time my doxi has had stomach issues and acid reflux, we have taken her to the vet they have prescribed the I/d. we would go back to her regular food and the problems started all over again. She is now on a regular diet of the I/d wet of a morning and the I/d dry at night. This has been the best decision for her and us!! August 27, 2014
Great Having a digestive problem was the last thing on my mind. While sitting in the Vet's office,waiting for the results on my small Chi- he was twirling around and around. Dr walked through the door and said do you want the good news or the not so good news. Tear in my eye. You can not keep him here. She said oh he is OK. We just want to start him on a different food. Relaxed. ID. What is this. For digestive problems. Will he eat this . She said it is canned food. He will like this better than the dry. Tried him the next morning on the ID he ate all of the food in his bowl. His sister wanted his food and not hers. For 3 weeks he remained on the ID and he is doing fine. Now on his regular food. Thank You for all you have done. August 26, 2014
This product is just what the doctor ordered! My little Emma LOVES her food; she gets so excited she does a doggy dance when she knows her food is bring prepared! We're happy she's now in such good health! After putting her on Hills ID, her tummy is a happy camper and so is Emma. I gladly recommend Hills to others - they have a healthy solution for any dog's problem! Thanks, Hills August 25, 2014
this food has been very helpful Ever since they put Brody on the prescription deit id alot of his stomach problems have gotten much better it pricey but it's worth the money. A plus for Brody August 23, 2014
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