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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health 4.8 5 150 150
Great Product! This is the only food that helps our rescued 69 pound airdale/black lab "Jenni" when she has her potty problems once or twice a month...without being too graphic it gets as bad as I have ever seen....the I/D allows her system to heal itself in a few days compared to 2 weeks without it...thanks again and keep up the good work. November 2, 2013
This food straightened out my dog's stomach issues! We kept having to visit the vet with my son's German Shepherd as he was having stomach issues. The Vet prescribed Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Food for a few days which would staighten out his issues. Once we went back to his regular food, problems came back...Vet recommended another round of Prescription Diet, and this time, we stuck with it! So far so good - No stomach issues (and no Vet bills)! The food is a little pricey, but we give him the dry prescription diet with the canned. The dog loves it! When we first started eating it, he would gobble it up and then carry his bowl around! He stil gobbles it, and licks up every drop! Thank you for making this food! We are all much better off knowing our wonderful pet is feeling better! October 11, 2013
Saved my dog! Our dog Stinky LOVES Hills Prescription i/d canine. She patiently waits every morning for her can of food! I know Stinky isn't a tradtional name, but she picked it, when I found her as a puppy while serving in Iraq, it was the only thing she would answer to. We were able to bring her home and adopt her, last year, while she was staying overnight at a kennel, she was viciously attacked, and nearly died from her internal injuries. Once she was home from the vets office, she couldn't digest regular dog food she was eating, our vet suggested the i/d, as this is what she was given during her inpatient stay, and to keep her on it long term. This food has really made huge improvements in her, she is just as happy and healthier then she was the first day I found her! Being that she is so unique and very special to us, we are very grateful to Hill's for having this food that she can eat daily and keep her healthy. June 13, 2013
This product is just what the doctor ordered! My little Emma LOVES her food; she gets so excited she does a doggy dance when she knows her food is bring prepared! We're happy she's now in such good health! After putting her on Hills ID, her tummy is a happy camper and so is Emma. I gladly recommend Hills to others - they have a healthy solution for any dog's problem! Thanks, Hills August 25, 2014
this food has been very helpful Ever since they put Brody on the prescription deit id alot of his stomach problems have gotten much better it pricey but it's worth the money. A plus for Brody August 23, 2014
great for sensitive stomachs very good -my doxi loved it and did very well on it August 21, 2014
Inconsistancies with Quality and Quantity We have been using the Prescription Diet ID in wet form for 9 months now. During that time, we have had 13 cans that had medium to large sized air pockets in them which decreased the quantity of dog food for which we paid full price on. Now this week, we received a can from lot #T0110102 7008 that has valid dating until June of 2016. In this can, there is a center of fluid with a large dark center of some material that looks awful. I have saved the can and the sample. I have previously reported that partially filled cans to our vet but unknown mass of black material is a new complaint. August 20, 2014
dog loves it great for her digestion, she loves it, no problems August 11, 2014
this product did what it was supposed to do our golden was on canned and helped her with her stool. we had her off it and back to regular food but it became soft again. I ordered a 35lb of dry yesterday from our vet. August 9, 2014
This product has great features My dogs love the flavor. The price is what concerns me. otherwise I will keep give it to my dogs. August 8, 2014
Great that my pet loves this food. Addition of this product has changed my pet's stomach problems dramatically and changed her life and ours. August 6, 2014
My pet loves the flavor. My dog is 11 years old, started on the i/d diet. It work quickly, she loves the food. She is also on the Science Diet dry food, she's had the SD dry her entire life. My cat is 15 years old, I adopted her at 6 weeks old, I started her on the Science Diet at that time. She has only been on the Science Diet, she is very healthy. I'm very happy with Science Diet. August 4, 2014
Good and bad My dog has had so many issues and this food has helped him so much to over come his illnesses. The only thing that hurts is the price. I want to continue him on the food but I can't continue to afford it. There is the coupon on the website but I can only print twice and done. I'm not able to go back and get another coupon for my next purchase. My dog eats a lot because he's 72 pounds but I can get other food for cheaper that would help him as well. Please increase coupon use or lower the price. Just hard to afford. July 29, 2014
Helped my dog so much My dog had empty stomach syndrome since he was a puppy. My vet recommended this Hill's product and my dog has rarely been sick since. He love the taste and I was so relieved when his vomiting, etc. stopped. Thank you Hill's. July 23, 2014
helps restore intestinal health after surgery an easy to digest food with all the nutrients needed to restore and enhance after surgery. I feed him ID all the time because it keeps his digestion problems under control. The bonus is he loves the taste. July 22, 2014
Best food for Yorkies Our 6.5 lb Yorkie Snickers developed a very sensitive stomach which would act up for unknown reasons and we'd take him to the vet. This always cost $1,500+ until the vet suggested we put him on Hills ID wet and dry. He's been on it for a year without one problem. He's been very healthy and active and he loves his food, both wet and dry,which we use as treats. He also gets 1/2 tbs of cooked yam in his meals for added gastrointestinal health per the vet. I highly recommend this food for any small dog and for any dog with dietary issues. July 11, 2014
this product is wonderful our little dog was pasting blood and very sick we took him to the vet he was there 3 days the vet had us to change his diet he has been doing great I give criedit to ID dog food wet and dry we take the wet and slice it up and bake it for his treats thanks to your product he is very healthy that's been four years ago thank you he may not be with us today if it wasn't for your food July 10, 2014
impressive reaction The DV started our 12 year old dog on the GI Health wet food after a bout of bloody stools. We've bought it for her ever since then. She loves the taste and is eager to eat. Her stool is reduced and it is gentle on the insides. Of course, price is an issue, but our dog is happier now, so we are happier, too. July 10, 2014
He loves it This is the only food my dog will eat since he got hurt. He really loves it. July 9, 2014
easier opening My only suggestion is you put a poptop on the cans for easier opening as I am elderly...Thanks July 9, 2014
this product helped our dog keep her food down Our dog likes this food and it has reallyhelped with her digestion. July 8, 2014
This product is helpful to the GI health of dogs. I/D is a great product, as it balanced our dog's GI health. She enjoys dinnertime, and has adapted well to this product. July 7, 2014
My dog always eats his meals I have an issue with some of the cans, some have big voids in the center of them and I wonder if I'm getting a full can...but overall this is a great product and my dog seems to enjoy meal time. July 7, 2014
Gentle on tummies This product has stopped my dog from having inconsistent bowel movements. No more upset stomach and he loves the taste. July 3, 2014
This product is very digestible. My Cairn Terrier was diagnosed with IBD and was having bouts of acid reflux and colitis. So switching to the ID canned food was a tremendous help. She loves it; eats it right away; and the best thing of all is that she has had very few episodes of either the acid reflux or the colitis. Plus she is more energetic and playful since going on this food. June 27, 2014
Healthy Food! I mix Hill's with other foods. My dogs have lived many years and I can't help but attribute that to their diet. June 21, 2014
This product has alleviated my dog's digestion problem Since my 11 year golden retriever has started eating this food, his stomach issues have improved. We are seeing less throwing up and he has regained his appetite. Since he is an older dog, he has slowed down quite a lot, and wasn't eating properly. This food appeals to him and he is digesting it much better. Although he is not "cured" completely, he has greatly improved. Now he always wants to eat. June 21, 2014
This product did what the vet told us it would do My toy schnauzer has been eating this, and only this,for four years since he was a puppy. He has a very sensitive stomach, and has rarely had problems since ID was prescribed. June 20, 2014
This product has helped my dog. My elderly dog recently developed GI issues and this food is the only thing that helped him. He would never eat canned food before but he loves this brand. The only down side is the cost and, of course, a trip to the vet to buy it. June 14, 2014
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