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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Canine Gastrointestinal Health 4.8 5 97 97
Great Product! This is the only food that helps our rescued 69 pound airdale/black lab "Jenni" when she has her potty problems once or twice a month...without being too graphic it gets as bad as I have ever seen....the I/D allows her system to heal itself in a few days compared to 2 weeks without it...thanks again and keep up the good work. November 2, 2013
This food straightened out my dog's stomach issues! We kept having to visit the vet with my son's German Shepherd as he was having stomach issues. The Vet prescribed Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Food for a few days which would staighten out his issues. Once we went back to his regular food, problems came back...Vet recommended another round of Prescription Diet, and this time, we stuck with it! So far so good - No stomach issues (and no Vet bills)! The food is a little pricey, but we give him the dry prescription diet with the canned. The dog loves it! When we first started eating it, he would gobble it up and then carry his bowl around! He stil gobbles it, and licks up every drop! Thank you for making this food! We are all much better off knowing our wonderful pet is feeling better! October 11, 2013
Saved my dog! Our dog Stinky LOVES Hills Prescription i/d canine. She patiently waits every morning for her can of food! I know Stinky isn't a tradtional name, but she picked it, when I found her as a puppy while serving in Iraq, it was the only thing she would answer to. We were able to bring her home and adopt her, last year, while she was staying overnight at a kennel, she was viciously attacked, and nearly died from her internal injuries. Once she was home from the vets office, she couldn't digest regular dog food she was eating, our vet suggested the i/d, as this is what she was given during her inpatient stay, and to keep her on it long term. This food has really made huge improvements in her, she is just as happy and healthier then she was the first day I found her! Being that she is so unique and very special to us, we are very grateful to Hill's for having this food that she can eat daily and keep her healthy. June 13, 2013
Great Product Both our French rescue bulldogs are on this product. Its been a life saver for them. Only which that there were coupons available for this product. Also a easy pull tab lid like in the cat products would be a great added feature making it easier to use. April 14, 2014
my dog is heathy Thanks to your product my dog wants to eat again! After a couple of years on other brands her health was not good and she didn't want to eat because of GI issues. Now she is doing great and loves to eat again!!! Thank you. April 14, 2014
My dog had a poor appetite, but seems to enjoy the i/d food, despite what is to me a rather nasty odour. It is easily digested by my dog. Her stool is well formed and relatively small, with little odor. The flavour appears to satisfy her taste buds. I wish they would clearly mark the caloric value of a can of food, and what the recommended amount should be for differing body masses. April 13, 2014
This product really works! My purebred Yorkie Terrier has very serious troubles digesting grains, soy, or gluten products. We have tried every "pure" brand out there that claims to be clear of all of these products - this is the only brand that hasn't caused problems for our little love. We use both the dry and wet dog foods! April 11, 2014
The consistency is not consistent My vet has recommended this product for my Megaesophagus dog because of her swallowing difficulties. I find that the consistency of each can is NOT consistent. Some cans are just right---more of like a ground beef consistency that is easy to form "meat balls", but others are super moist and very mushy/pasty, and others are very dry and crumbly. I've been told the nutritional value isn't affected, but for a dog with Megaesophagus, this inconsistency causes problems. I only recommend this product for it's high nutritional value. April 9, 2014
My dog loves this Its easier to eat, softer. Offers a unique taste. Wish it was available at a lower cost and local, but glad I found it. April 4, 2014
This product is a blessing for an animal that has gastro problems My mini-schnauzer became very sick 3 years ago. She has constant loose stools and bleeding. The vet couldn't pinpoint what was wrong and had to go to a specialist who performed a colonoscopy on her. Nothing came back conclusive, no virus or growths, so it was recommended to put her on this food. She has been great ever since and I thank you for this because I was beginning to think I would have to put her to sleep. April 3, 2014
Has helped Great food but the price is out of this world. But use it cause it is helping my dog. April 3, 2014
My dog liked it right from the start. I mix the canned with the dry and she likes it very much. It is very expensive. Fortunately, she is a small dog and I got a coupon from your site for next time. April 3, 2014
Peanut loves this Peanut is a sweet 13 year old Longhaired Dachshund and she has been on Science Diet I/D going on two years. She suffered HGB which nearly killed her and since then and for the rest of her life this will be the only thing she will ever eat. Her treats are the small bones that show I/D on the packaging. I have loved this baby since 4 weeks old and want to have her with me for a much longer time. If you have one that has a sensitive stomach this is the ONLY product to feed the babies. March 29, 2014
Excellent dog food, nothing else as good. Our adopted pomeranian came with a sensitive stomache, and could not maintain normal digestion with any other dog food. The ID is all he eats, no treats or human food, and he has been well ever since we started this regime. March 18, 2014
i/d much improved since last time used! When did the formulation of the canned i/d change? It used to be very dry, and was made with lamb and rice- now is very moist and made with turkey and pork liver. My dog just had to use it for a stomach upset, and LOVES it- much happier than the last time I used it for her. Thanks for the big improvement! March 16, 2014
Ruthie's Tender Tummy loves ID My eight year old dog, Ruthie Mae, loves the ID, but mostly, she is not sick anymore since she started eating it. Ruthie has had severe intestinal problems since September, 2013, when she was hospitalized for suspected HGE. We still don't know, after many tests, what is wrong with Ruthie, but what we do know is that the canned ID made the bloody diarrhea go away! Ruthie is my medical companion animal and best friend in the world! I live on a limited income, so buying this food has been hard financially, but Ruthie is well and that means the world to me. Perhaps one day we can transition to a less expensive food, but for now, we will continue giving Ruthie the Prescription Hill's ID because episodes of bloody diarrhea are very serious and could be deadly. Thank God Ruthie is alive, and thanks to Hill's for providing a food that has given me my healthy dog back! March 6, 2014
This stuff is GREAT!! No more meds for my dog! The prescription Science Diet ID canned food plus the dry food has enabled my dog to get off medication. She now has NO problems from her chronic ulcerative colitis. She also loves the flavor of both the canned and dry food. I totally recommend this if your dog has digestive issues. March 4, 2014
my dog loves it my dog loves it but she is a golden retriever so she'll eat almost anything-except the dry food version of the id. the cans are pricey but it is better than her having stomach problems and having to see the vet February 27, 2014
Life Saver For years I treated my dog's stomach issues by home cooking for him. Not only was it costly, it was time consuming and it limited my time away for an occasional vacation because of the amount of food I had to make ahead. By the time the 4th day or later came around, the food was dry and not very tasty. My dog became sad and very hungry. It took all of the imagination I could come up with to keep the meals healthy, tasty and inviting. Out of frustration I asked my vet to recommend something that just "may" work. To my surprise and my dog's happiness, the Hills Prescription ID was just what my dog needed and wanted. The only drawback is the fact it is only one flavor and he tires of it. But, I have come ups with some additives that do not negate the nutritional value of the food and makes it more inviting. It has been such a relief to open a can of healthy food instead of spending hard earned money and lots of time preparing the food that he may or may not eat. Thank you Hills. And my dog thanks you also. Attached is a photo of my healthy boy having a great time chasing bubbles. February 26, 2014
This is the only food my dog will eat when he gets picky. I have a diabetic dog who often refuses to eat. This food is a great add in to make him eat. The vet recommended it and we have stuck to it. It is nice and moist and he really enjoys it. February 24, 2014
This product has been wonderful on my dog's stomach. This food helped my dog's stomach heal and get back into a healthy balance. He loves the taste and gobbles it down. February 10, 2014
This product has very healthy ingredients. Our little Terrier mix has a history of upset stomach and loose stools appearing out of nowhere, and for no known reason. The i/d prescription canned diet has proven itself to be very tolerable and also nutritious for our pet. She has been on this diet for several weeks and has not had any upset stomach or loose stools. Hooray!! February 6, 2014
Great for my puppy's delicate tummy. My puppy likes to sample the cat's food and that gives her an upset tummy. This food is much better for her and got her system back in track in just 2 days. February 4, 2014
Yummy! My dog loves this wet/can version of this food. I add some to his dry and he loves it. February 3, 2014
Dog Treats We have 1 dog that has health issues. The vet put him on hills prescription I/D Gastrointestinal health Dry and Canned dog food. Because we also have 4 other dogs,( they have no health issues). The vet suggested we also put them on the same food simply because it is a healthy food. We did as the vet recommended only he also did not want us to give the sick dog any other food, not even dog treats, trying to find out what his health issues are. Well our dogs are spoiled and used to getting their treats and we felt like bad doggie parents not being able to give them their treats as we have always done. So we discovered that all 5 dogs just love the canned I/D gastrointestinal food so much that we take a can of the food and make little round balls out of it and the dogs think that is the best treat they have ever had, solving our treat problem. January 30, 2014
Hills ID I have this on hand 24/7. This has helped my dogs for many years. Yes it is pricey, but if it works that's all that matters. I don't like to see my pets not feeling well January 29, 2014
Digestive diet Works well for my pet, but too costly for my limited income. January 29, 2014
really works This is the one and only product that helps out our dog! January 28, 2014
This product meets Lucy's dietary needs. Lucy turned seven years old yesterday. I feel Hill's product for her stomach problems was exactly what the vet ordered for Lucy. January 28, 2014
very good this product keeps my dog and me at peace knowig she wont et recurring probems January 25, 2014
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