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i/d® Low Fat GI Restore Canine - Canned

Low Fat Gastrointestinal -- Soothe, Protect, Restore
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Low Fat GI Restore Canine 4.9 5 28 28
Very easy on my dog's tummy My dog has had upset stomachs on and off for years now and since putting him on the GI perscription diet, he is doing much better. The price is alittle much but it is worth his comfort. November 26, 2013
Great food for dogs with digestive problems I have a lab/cattle dog mix that has a very sensitive stomach. Vet could not diagnose exactly what was wrong but suggested this food. It worked great. Couple of weeks and all is well. Dog loved the food. It is a little pricey but cheaper than a vet. August 25, 2013
This is an amazing product! This I/d lowfat canned/dry dog food has literally saved my dogs lives. I have 2 very small toy chihuahua's and their stools were generally mucousy, frequent stools, and smelly. My vet put them on Hill's prescription diet and they have been great ever since. I won't go back to cheap dog food. Their health is very important to me. Just wish it wasn't so expensive. The only downfall. Thanks for such great food! June 29, 2013
This product is by far the best that my dog needed and I will never change food again. My dog was so very sick and we took him to the vet and he prescribed Hill's Prescription Diet I/D Low Fat GI Restore and it wasn't even before he had eaten one can that his stomach had started to heal and he was on the mend. This food was the miracle that we needed for our boy. Thank you so much Hill's. March 19, 2014
Fed this to our boxer-lab recovering from pancreatitis. Gracie had to be on a very strict low-fat diet for 3 weeks while recovering from pancreatitis. We could not hospitalize her,but did everything else we could. It worked. Thankful to know about these specialized foods to help our dog get through and maintain good nutrition. She's doing great! March 17, 2014
this product is just what the vet ordered Keeps our dog healthy and active.He loves the food and gobbles it down. March 15, 2014
Keeps her as healthy as can be! We have a 13 year old black lab who thrives with many health problems in her older years on Hills Low Residue Prescription Diet canned food. She has a sensitive stomach and she has done very well on this product. Since we live in Hawaii, we like to place the can in the refrigerator (although not a requirement at all) so she can enjoy a nice, cool meal. We had tried other low residue foods for her in the past, but she likes the Hills canned the best and her tummy is doing just fine. She still runs and plays with her squeaker toys like when she was a puppy, just not as long. Thanks Hills! March 12, 2014
Great Product Wish there were more coupons available This is a great product, would love more coupons !! March 7, 2014
My dogs love this I mix this with the dry food. It keeps their digestion in check. They haven't had any problems since we have been using this. March 3, 2014
This product saved my dog's life. I rescued my dog from a puppy mill. She had serious stomach issues and was prescribed Hill's Prescription i/d food - wet and dry. She has been eating only this food for the past 2 years and is no longer sick. I will never feed her anything else. Thank you Hills !!!! February 21, 2014
Great product! Our dog is a 9-yr old Black Lab/Doberman mix with anxiety issues. She has eaten the same major brand dry dog food most of her life, until 2yrs ago when she started having upset stomach issues. Suddenly, she couldn't digest her food. She went through periods of eating, then not eating, then throwing up undigested food, then eating grass which further irritated her stomach to the point of throwing up blood. Our vet recommended the I/d GI restore canned food and she loves it! I have to portion it out and feed her 4 times a day and she always goes back and licks her bowl to make sure she got every last drop. Very happy with the results, no more stomach upset, her bowels are back to normal, her breath is fresh now, and she plays like a puppy again. February 15, 2014
Saved My Dog's Life No joke. After my chihuahua mix had surgery to remove a cancer growth, we had 6 long, difficult months of recovery. Towards the end of those 6 months, I thought I might truly be losing him, as he just got thinner and thinner, even though his surgery site had healed. He was still having digestive problems, and I was spending over $150 a month on a special all fresh, fancy dog food diet that seemed to add to his tummy troubles along with a cocktail of antibiotics and prozac two meals a day, all recommended to me by his surgery and gastric specialists. After reading the reviews left by others, I asked my primary vet for an Rx for this food. Guess what? He got better. Seeing the positive results from this food, I asked my vet if we could take him off the medications and try giving him additional probiotics. She agreed and once weened off the meds and onto the probiotics, he immediately showed a huge increase in energy and is much happier. His hair has grown back. He's gained weight and without us having to worry about the fat in most dog food that would otherwise bother his very sensitive GI track. This June will be 1 year cancer free! Felix the rescue dog truly does have 9 lives. :) February 9, 2014
Fantastic food for dogs with digestive issues Our Max is a mini schnauzer with many health issues, Cushings being one of them. This food gave him his life back! He loves the taste & eats the dry as well as canned. His digestive system completely calmed down on this food. So far, we haven't had to medicate him for his Cushings because it's not advanced yet and I/D is keeping his stomach so calm. It's been a huge blessing to have our vet recommend this food. Check the website for coupons! Max highly recommends I/D! February 8, 2014
Only food our dog can and will eat Samson was diagnosed with pancreatitis and the vet advised us that he would need to be on a special diet for the rest of his life. We tried other brands of prescription food and it was such a chore trying to coax him to eat it. Finally the vet switched him to Hills Prescription Diet I/e Low Fat Restore. He loves this food and is now back to his happy and healthy self. Thank you Hills! January 31, 2014
4 paws up!. My yorkie enjoys your good very much. Glad it is good for her and readily available! January 14, 2014
Has kept my Tiny Yorkie healthy Was put on this 2 years ago after a bad HGE incident with my 2 1/2lb yorkie- She has done great, hair looks wonderful, up to 3lbs & loves this - she eats the hard & wet. Thanks you for keeping her so healthy! January 10, 2014
ACE's triglycerides are DOWN My 8 pound yorkie had off the chart high triglycerides. After 2 months being on ID-Low fat plus medicines, his triglycerides have dropped considerably. I also give him ID-Low fat dry food, too. He seems to like both. He must because he empties his dish at every meal! He's much healthier and happier now. Thank you! December 29, 2013
Great product just really expensive. Would have given 5 star but the food is so expensive. December 29, 2013
I have tried many diets with my GSD who has IBD and stress colitis when she has flare ups this is my go to diet! She loves the flavor and the texture I work at a veterinary clinic and we used to carry only the original ID. When Hills came out with the GI restore it was at the best time. I have my own dog on it when she gets bouts of diarrhea and when we have great success with any client who has a dog with pancreatitis issues or intestinal distress issues. LOVE THIS PRODUCT! December 19, 2013
Great for GI upset This product helps my patients recover better from gastrointestinal upset. Is palatable, easy on the GI tract, and I can trust that it provides adequate nutrients while staying low fat. December 19, 2013
It saved my Baby's life It has really helped my little girl become a healthier. Baby really loves the taste. I'm glad that they make a product to help dogs to be healthy. To be able to find a product like this that can help when you have tried everything else is priceless. If you love them like children then you want what is best for them. It is a bit pricey but if it keeps my Baby healthy that is what matters. I wish that I could have a coupon every month instead of just once. I really have only one complaint I wish each can had the same consistency. Some is very dry and some is wet. December 9, 2013
Restore has done its job with our Mollie Our dog was overweight and she has all kind of energy,like when she was puppy ! November 29, 2013
wonderful dog food My dog was on pretty much rice and chicken broth diet. It still was not helping her, my vet said to try this and she has not had rice and broth since. She loves it with a few green beans on the side and she even carries her empty bowl out to me when she gets hungry again in the evening. We are all happy campers since. thank you so much great product November 26, 2013
Good product Cans mainly come full and moist. On rare occasions, cans come a bit short and dry food under the lid. November 3, 2013
It is good but expensive. More coupons should be offered. The cans need to have easy open top instead of having to use a can opener every time. Also available in 6 pack. September 23, 2013
My dog had to switch from a dry product to a moist product. My dog was put on this food by our Vet for a GI problem. She also was having teeth issues and we needed a moist food. So once the prescription was done, we asked our Vet about keeping her on it and he said that this will be a good choice for her. She loves the food. She has not had anymore GI problems and is healthy as ever. September 12, 2013
Helped my dog feel better GI restore has helped decrease diarrhea in my dog. August 7, 2013
good stuff A few months ago I adopted a 12 yr old dog from a sick friend, unknowing the dog had some medical issues and ended up in the hospital 3 weeks later and almost died. It was discovered that she had an enlarge galbladder and was unable to properly digest her food and it was making her really sick. With the advice from my vet we put her on special Milk thistle and Sam-e supplement and this wet and dry food. 4 months later and my dog is super healthy and gaining weight, she actually runs and jumps like she is a much younger dog. This food has helped her so much and she really likes it. January 16, 2013
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