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Hill's® Prescription Diet® h/d® Canine Cardiac Health 5 5 2 2
Kryptonite For A Good Dogs' Bad Heart After discovering my guy had an enlarged heart and a Grade III heart murmur, I was devastated, not knowing what to feed him but immediately his veterinarian informed me that Hill's is a company that she has actually visited their facilities and seen firsthand the in depth and thorough research done on each prescription formula and how clean the facilities were, how well taken care of all the animals were and she also informed me that Hill's is the only food she's fed her cats and dogs in the last 20 years. Having to suddenly accept that your beloved pet is ill and learn about a brand new diet is all overwhelming but with a trusted company who loves animals and not profits margins alone, adds much needed peace to my mind. Thanks Hills, A Grateful Chihuahua Mom July 11, 2013
Great Improvement in Pets Health After Toby was diagnosed with a heart condition we put him on this food. He trimmed down, his coat became really soft and shiny. With the new diet and meds. He is a new, energetic dachshund! June 30, 2013
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