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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Canine Urinary Tract Health 4.6 5 19 19
Stones all gone My 12 yr old fox terrier has had several surgeries to remove bladder stones. After switching him to C/D canned food, his labs are now coming back normal. We're convinced. October 13, 2013
Didn't need surgery My Dusty was prone to bladder stones. Doc suggested that I change her food to the canned c/d. Once she began a steady diet of c/d, we didn't need to have surgery to remove stones! Whew. July 18, 2013
C/D is a blessing ! Thanks to the makers of C/D, my dog has not developed any urinary track infections or bladder stones. Great products in the prescription diet line! April 14, 2014
My 12 year old Shih Tsu, Marty has no symptoms of urinary distress Marty, my Shih Tsu, has had two episodes of bladder stones that required surgery. Stones were sent for analysis. Her veternarian prescribed Hills Prescrition Diet c/d canine. This is all she is allowed to eat. Six months from the last surgery, we have not observed straining to void, no blood in her urine, and no signs or symptoms of illness. Marty has energy and is active. I believe her diet has kept her well. We will keep her on her prescribed diet from now on. April 11, 2014
highly recommended by vet Marty, my Shih Tsu, has been on prescription food food for 5 months. She is eating well, weight stable, and no evidence of bladder stones. March 23, 2014
Keeping my dog healthy Since he has been on this food he has maintained good urinary health. Without this food I believe he would have had to undergo many more procedures. March 18, 2014
Does the Job This product keeps my dog healthy and she seems to enjoy the taste. February 17, 2014
Great product When my dog started having urinary problems, we were put on this food. My dog has loved the taste from day 1 and is always excited when it is feeding time. February 16, 2014
Picky eater still picky It has been a month now since Quincy started C/d food and he is not all that thrilled with the food but does eat it... I have to mix dry with the wet and I add some water to make kind of a gravy and to add moisture to the food.. I did this for 3 days and he did not eat so I finally broke down and added a small amount of boiled chicken thighs to the mixture. Not a lot but some..He will eat the food this way.. I don't know if this is a good idea or not as all I see is recommendation not to give table foods to your dog; I don't know if boiled chicken would be considered a "scrap" or not. I wish there was a contact on this website so I could talk to someone at Hill's to answer my questions.. Hoping I can wean him off the added chicken and he will eat the c/d only.. If this food keeps him from another surgery I will be very thankful February 11, 2014
a good product definitely a good product cost seems a little high but good for our dog . no streuvite crystals anymore January 28, 2014
Great Dog Food My dog had struvite crystals and was in severe pain. The vet said they could do surgery to remove them or try c/d wet dog food. Within a couple of days my dog was fine and he loves the food. December 31, 2013
Great alternative I like the idea that my dog is able to eat healthy in order to prevent UTI's. She looks forward other meal everyday. I learned not to give too much or she will throw up. December 17, 2013
This product is helping keep my pet alive all the moisture and ingredients that my dog is allowed to eat are helping keep my sweet dog alive so that makes it worth every penny in my book. December 9, 2013
great product price high this has helped my dog but I would like to be able to get discounts or more coupons. My family is on a budget and the dogs food cost is very high but it works for my dog. I would like to see more coupons or discounts on this product. November 24, 2013
Keeps my dogs healthy I have 4 Bichons and 3 of them are on UD. We started out using it because one of them had a urinary infection. Once that was cleared up she was going to have to be on UD for prevention of another UI; so I asked my vet if the other 2 could be on it for prevention also and she said YES! My dogs love it!! Thank you for making such a wonderful product. October 24, 2013
Hannah loves this food Hannah my chocolate lab has been treated for UTI's and did have a large bladder stone removed. I know this food is good for her and she likes it but it is just too costly for me to feed her only c/d. I mix a regular brand food and c/d so the c/d last longer. Since starting the food Hannah has been great with her bladder problems October 18, 2013
CD Urinary Tract Health Our dog, Miss Molly has been using this product for almost 5 years. She is prone to urinary accidents thus the continuing use iof this product which helps greatly in her attaining normal urinary functions. She loves the taste and is always ready by her dish at the appropriate time for feedin. We credit this product for her continuing urinary tract health condition. September 13, 2013
The product has great features It would be great if this formula was also created in a low calorie formula to assist with weight loss. August 18, 2013
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