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Hill's® Prescription Diet® z/d® Feline Low Sensitivity 4.6 5 40 40
Life Saver We have a two year-old kitten that, as it turns out, has a food allergy. At first we didn't know why she bit her fur and licked it raw. At one point her head was bald. The Dr. recommended ZD before we go to any other extremes. What a safe saver for our kitty. By the time we got her on the diet, she was not only bald, but was hairless with little rash-like bumps over her entire belly and very thin hair on the insides of her legs. After about 6 months on this diet hair covers her entire body (although still thin on the tummy and legs). But what makes this product extra special is that she actually enjoys the taste and consistency. She's put on weight, her fur where she has it is beautiful, and her licking and biting has been all but eliminated. Thanks so much for making such a good product. December 4, 2013
Cleared up my cat's itchy skin My calico cat has food sensitivities and scratches her face when she has ingested an allergen. Putting her on ZD has cleared up her skin! She and my male cat both eat the dry food, but neither of them will touch the canned food - apparently they taste different! It is a bit pricey for cat food, but worth it to know that my cat is healthy. September 26, 2013
Just What The Doctor Ordered Recently my cat Cleo became very sensitive to everything she ate, even the non-prescription sensitive system foods, as a result of a newly developed medical condition. She vomited multiple times a day and was losing weight fast. My vet and I reviewed several options and decided to go with Prescription Diet z/d. I am so glad we did. It has been a godsend. No more vomiting from day 2 (the other food had to clear her system)! She tolerates it well and ate it right away without the usual "change is bad" feline reaction. She is a much happier kitty, making me a happier pet parent. She doesn't need much a day because of the nutrient levels (make sure you feed only as much as the instructions tell you!), so a bag lasts a long time. This makes the food much more affordable than I had feared. On the Cleo scale, z/d gets 2 paws way up! August 14, 2013
Its the only thing my cat can eat I have a highly sensitive cat about 3 yrs old, after months of shots cortisone we finally have him balanced but this is the only thing he can eat all other foods make him sick, since my one cat is on it, I put my other cat on it too. they both eat the same and they go through about 8 lbs a month, I don't like the smell of it but if they like it that is all that matters. I just wish is wasn't so darn expensive to buy, I have gone to the site online and printed some coupons and that helps a bit, but its just too high for my fixed income, I love my babies and have spent a fortune to keep them healthy. September 8, 2014
Dry Z/d not appreciated by my cat My cat with tummy issues rarely touches the dry Z/d food. He enjoys the canned version and would probably eat more than a can a day if I could afford it. However, the dry food is rarely touched. I replace it frequently and notice that some is consumed on occasion, but certainly not daily. Is there something that can be done to jazz up the taste and still uphold the health aspect of the product? Thanks. Peg August 31, 2014
My cat loves this product! My cat loves the dry z/d! I have noticed a huge improvement in his appetite, and he has had no allergic reactions since I started him on this food! Before I put him on dry z/d, his allergies would cause him to constantly scratch himself to the point of bleeding. Also, other foods would actually cause an allergic reaction in and on his mouth. Dry z/d has allowed my cat to EAT, enjoy his food, and most importantly, LIVE! Thank you!! August 28, 2014
Stopped the vomiting My cat can only eat this dry food- she reverts to vomiting several times a day if she gets any other food. She seems to like it fine and I have been able to keep her happy and keep the weight she lost off (she needed to lose it). Only wish it was not so expensive!!!! August 16, 2014
My cat is forced to eat this My cat only eats this cuz it's supposed to help her digestive system. She'd rather have what the other cats eat. This product has somewhat calmed her stomach, but it's still not perfect. Price of food is way too high. August 12, 2014
My cat likes the taste. It's a bit expensive but my cat enjoys it. She doesn't like a lot so this is great. July 26, 2014
the only thing that helped This was prescribed for my kitty with intestinal problems/IBS. She has a chronic loose stool and this is the only food that helps with that problem. I only feed her this. I have 2 other cats and they eat this as. well, because it is impossible to feed them separately. They all like it very much. July 11, 2014
Pretty good product My cat wasn't doing so well; vomiting, coat didn't look well, and pretty bad overall in general; my veterinarian recommended the z/d diet and i tried it; I weaned him off his other diet and had him eating the z/d in a week; while the other cat wasn't too crazy about it-it is tolerated now; mainly because he doesn't have a choice; His coat is better, the vomiting is at a minimum now and he looks and acts like his old self again; I'm pretty impressed with this; didn't think it would work this well; July 6, 2014
No more irritation One of my cats was having digestive issues. Has been fine since on this food. My other two don't need it, but seem to enjoy eating the food. June 22, 2014
ZD helps my cat My cat Angel was prescribed ZD, as he has food allergies. It has eliminated the bumps and itching he used to get. And he loves it, even asks for it during the day. Thanks for coming up with such a variety of foods that help specific feline problems. June 16, 2014
This product really works Like this product I just wish you would make a bigger size bag and a smaller size of the canned food June 14, 2014
Helpful We tried a couple of other more readily available products first. She would improve for a short period of time and then regress. When she went on ZD she just kept improving. I even added the moist as a small daily treat. She enjoys both and LOOKS beautiful again :) June 8, 2014
great product Cat is sensitive skin. This product has stopped all iching and scratching. Would recommed it for any cat with a sensitive skin condition.W June 5, 2014
happy kitty got a food that the cats eat and does not cause them the skin issues any more. May 29, 2014
Food allergies and atopic dermatitis My "free" kitty started showing signs of food allergy-related distress almost a year ago. "Cheeto" has been on z/d about 10 months now. His fur is softer. His skin is less inflamed. His attitude has even improved! I've always fed my pets Science Diet, and I'm so thankful for Prescription Diet now! May 8, 2014
Great food but inconsistent quality My cat has IBD and the vet prescribed this food. I have found that if it's more than 1 month old, even though it has a shelf life of 2 years my cats don't like it as much as the freshest food and I end up throwing half of it away. You can see the difference in the texture from a case that's 1 month vs. 2 or more months old. At about $2.50 per can x 2 cats x 2 cans a day, it's very expensive to have to throw 1/2 can away or sometimes more because they don't like it as much as a very fresh case. I wish there was a way for the manufacturer to improve on the length of the fresh texture. Having said that, I am amazed that both of my cats continue to eat it every day, day in and day out for over a year now without complaint. May 2, 2014
Z/D saved our cat's life! Our cat just turned 6 years old. She has been an allergic cat since we adopted her at 12 weeks. Early on, it was discovered that she was aggressively scratching and biting at her chest. Her food allergy was so bad that it was causing her to scratch her chest until she bled. Our vet put her on the d/d diet and it worked great for 5 years! No more scratching!!! Unfortunately, within the past 2 months our allergic cat started vomiting profusely. After lab tests and X-rays, our vet determined that our precious cat has IBD. He immediately put her on the z/d diet and after a couple of days (food adjustment) her symptoms improved dramatically! She was given two separate cortisone shots (to help with her gastrointestinal inflammation) over the past 8 weeks. So a combination of the shots and the z/d has turned our cat's life around. Her vomiting has been extremely minimal and little by little she has put her weight back that she lost and is slowly returning to the cat we know and love. I highly recommend this product. The cost of the food is slightly higher than the "regular" cat food, but to my family, the benefit outweighs the cost of the prescription diet (the coupons are nice). We are just happy that she is recovering and that the z/d will help her live a good life. Thank you Science Diet for providing this food for cats like ours. :) April 26, 2014
Good product has helped my cat. Good product that has helped my cat with her sensitive stomach. Have been using product for several years. Expensive but worth the money. April 18, 2014
Great tasting product! One of my cats needs the z/d prescription diet - but the other cats in the house enjoy eating the same food, which makes mealtime a lot easier for me. They get both the z/d dry kibble and z.d wet food in the mornings and dry kibble and treats appropriate for the z/d diet in the evening. They enjoy all 3 products. I sometimes soak the dry kibble in hot water and feed it after it softens - they love both the soaked kibble and the "gravy" it makes. The z/d prescription diet has literally been a lifesaver and the fact that my cats enjoy the taste keeps me from feeling I'm depriving them in any way. March 27, 2014
This product is consistently accepted by my cat and her skin and coat are beautiful My cat decided to eat z/d once it was offered to another cat in my household who had allergy issues. She loved the food immediately and has continued to eat it exclusively even though other foods are also offered. She has maintained a nice coat and good weight management as well. February 28, 2014
My cat actually ate this! Finicky cat, that's Matt. The Vet and I had a hard time trying to figure out why Matt's skin was such a mess. Finally decided to try food allergies. Success! Have tried both wet (Matt wishes there were more than the one flavor available) and dry. Matt loves the dry which makes his Mama very happy! His skin healed and his coat is now thick and soft. What a relief for both of us. February 24, 2014
Used for cat with IBS My vet recommended this food for a 9 year old cat with vomiting issues. She said she thought he may have allergies to the food he was eating. He didn't just vomit, he wretched forcefully. On one occasion he threw up into 9 distinct piles before he stopped. He would also wretch in the morning when there was nothing to come up. We switched him to z/d dry exclusively. He loves it. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since we switched and he has not vomited once. He also used to have constipation. Changing to this food and adding water to it when I feed him has also solved that problem. One happy cat and owner! February 4, 2014
Has helped w/IBS symptoms but $$ The product has worked well in helping to control Mr. Bentleys Ibs symptoms but it's pricey on a tight budget. January 23, 2014
So thankful for this product! My cat Winston developed a food allergy several years after I adopted him. Before that was diagnosed, he was violently ill almost daily. I tried food for sensitive stomach but that wasn't the answer. It got so bad our vet told me to feed him baby food in order for him to get some kind of nutrition that he could tolerate. We tried several low allergen foods but he wouldn't eat them and several medications that just wouldn't help. My heart was broken for this sweet cat that just couldn't get better. I actually considered having him put to sleep because his quality of life was so poor and I couldn't bear his suffering. Thankfully the vet had us try the Hill's Rx ZD. I can't say how thankful I am for this food. He has now been on this diet for almost 5 years (he'll be 13 this year!). He is an absolute joy. He's so active and funny and loving. He appreciates his good health as much as I do! January 19, 2014
The only food that works for one of my cats I have tried many prescription and OTC counters foods and this is the only one that works for Tiger's GI symptoms! December 19, 2013
This prescription diet has really helped my cats I adopted 2 cats who were very stressed out after being given up by their owners of 5 years. One was vomiting quite frequently and I brought to the vet who did blood work and a test for intestinal parasites. Tests showed nothing so vet put them on prescription diet. It is costly but works for my cats. Each time I tried to switch them to a non prescription diet, the vomiting would start again. I just wish it wasn't so costly. December 16, 2013
Required but the cats don't prefer it The cats will tolerate this dry food but not eat it a lot December 9, 2013
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