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Hill's® Prescription Diet® y/d® Feline Thyroid Health 4.6 5 102 102
Controls her hyperthyroidism without any medication. Excellent product. My cat was quite aggressive growling at night and drinking a great deal of water. The Vet was talking radiation and then I learned of YD formula. After a couple months on this food her thyroid labs returned to normal. I highly recommend and avoided having to administer pills which would have been a mutual nightmare. November 22, 2013
easy transfer from old food. Thrived well on y/d. Ate y/d as his meal and also used it as his treat, since he could not have any other food. no more pills to buy or forgetting to give them twice a day. October 1, 2013
Bean's thyroid has returned to a normal range with the y/d diet This product is wonderful. My 17 year old cat was too old and sick for any other thyroid treatments. Oral medication did not work and had to be stopped - it caused intense itching above the eyes that resulted in sore areas. Bean was quickly running out of options. Since Bean has been on the diet (wet and dry food), it is obvious he feels much much better - his coat is shiny again, he has started to play again, and he looks better than most cats his age (per the vet tech at my vet's office). Bean has gained about 6 ounces since the diet. I feed Bean the wet y/d in small portions every 3/4 hours and always keep the dry food out for him. I have my best buddy back again and I am grateful! September 27, 2013
UpstateNYLady My hyperthyroid cat loves the dry diet. It stabilized his bodily functions in less than 8 hrs after starting it. I also give him the canned Y/d as a treat and he loves that too. He's even started to gain weight! Thanks for your caring response to my email about feeding guidelines. This is a great product! February 14, 2015
Choice of a softer dry food. My cats like the dry food but since they are both 15+ they have a hard time chewing and this sometimes leads to vomiting. Also notice that their stool is very hard. The food has been beneficial in treating their thyroid condition but I would like to see more variety. January 23, 2015
YD really works Our otherwise healthy, 12 year-old cat was getting thin and listless. The veterinarian diagnosed her with a thyroid condition and told us about three options. The least invasive was Hills' YD cat food. After being on the food for several weeks, her thyroid hormone levels started to decline to normal. Today, we feed her both the YD wet and dry foods, depending on her mood. Her thyroid levels are normal and she is in great health. Thank you for saving our cat's life--without the improvement in her thyroid hormone levels, she would most certainly not be with us today. December 29, 2014
Good product Vert good for my cat, for it new diet. It really enjoy it November 14, 2014
My cat is better! When we adopted our cat, he was old and slow moving and getting thinner every day. We were worried and took him to the vet had us put him on a strict diet to help with his thyroid condition. Now Tiger moves quickly, he's gained weight and his eyes are big and open. It's like a new cat and we are very happy. We love him and are grateful he's healthier and we can enjoy him longer. November 3, 2014
Great prescription food idea! Yay, no more forcing pills down her throat. Just fed my cat the YD food and her levels were good. October 27, 2014
Works great in regulating thyroid levels I could not get my cats thyroid levels under control on medication, however I was able to once I put him on a y/d diet plan. My only complaint is that when I feed the recommended amount for a 7 pound cat a 4 pound bag lasts 3 weeks. This makes for a very expensive meal plan. October 15, 2014
Y/D My 17 1/2 year old cat enjoys this dry food and even more important, the food is completely responsible for normalizing his thyroid function numbers. October 4, 2014
Necessary Product My cat was placed on a tyroid diet and this is the only food she can eat. She eats it up and is always begging for more so it must taste great!! And I get to have my pet around for a longer life!!!!!! October 4, 2014
Hoping the product lives up to its name. slowly weening off my cat from her old food to this food since we found out she has a thyroid condition and was recommended by vet to give this a try. Won't know until ten weeks when blood tests are done if it is working. So far she is enjoying the food. The only problem is the price. So expensive!!! Thanks for coupon it helped lower it somewhat. October 3, 2014
my cat is better My cat, Bailey, was down to 6 lbs from over 8 lbs. She would not take a pill, the Y/D has given her a longer life. I wish it were a bit less expensive.q was October 2, 2014
more variety, like treats, needed It is very hard in a multiple pet home to keep your cat away from every other food available and then to not be able to feed her any treats, is not good. We come to make her feel like the can food is a treat to her, which makes it a little easier, but I do wish you could make treats. September 28, 2014
This product is good for Bear. I just wish I could get some coupons that is worth something. Thank you martha kent September 25, 2014
Our cat likes the dry food I have a senior cat who can be finicky. The Hill's Prescription Diet y/d Feline Thyroid Health was suggested by my vet. In my experience my cat preferred the dry variety vs the wet food and seems to be thriving on this recent change to Hill's prescription diet. I will continue to buy this brand! September 17, 2014
Good Short Term Option for Cats with a Thyroid Condition My cat was diagnosed with a thyroid condition in June 2013. All other medicines were not working and she went from 12 lbs down to 5 lbs. In June of 2014 I tried Prescription Diet y/d as the last option. I introduced her to the food directly with no gradual step down from her old food. In one month she gained 1 lb and her nervous behavior has subsided. This was great news as she looks healthier and seems happy. The only drawback is that there is only 1 variety of y/d so she is now getting bored eating the food after 3 months. I tried the wet food option of y/d and it is very dry as a wet food option and does not hold up well after several hours in the bowl (gets too dried out to eat). So if you are looking for a good a good short term solution, y/d dry for cats is a good alternative. September 15, 2014
Y/D dry has helped tremendously with my cats hyperthyroid. he requires no medications, diet controlled only. September 13, 2014
YD RX My cat is getting older and has a thyroid condition and has lost a lot of weight. He's not going to live a very long life, but YD has helped him put weight on and is definitely doing better. YD will give him more time with us and I'm thankful for that. I really could use more coupons to keep the price for the product more manageable. September 6, 2014
Still need to attempt to improve palatability, average. This is a great novel prescription diet that gives most of my clients a more feasible treatment alternative. Most cats are difficult to administer tablets and orals in general so this diet gives us a more accepted form of therapy. There are still some that do not eat the product so improved palatability trials are needed. The product is very effective if patient consumes and client prevents consumption of other food. Overall great product. September 5, 2014
This product has helped so much My cat was slowing down and sickly but once on this diet he's gotten better and we've been so happy with the results. September 1, 2014
Amazing food that changed my cats health! By simply changing the food that 8 year old Lexie eats, her body seems completely healthy again. She likes the food and seems to be thriving. It's been 3 months so far, and all is well. I will continue feeding her this diet. August 28, 2014
Our pet likes this food Our cat Bobbi was losing weight and after running some test the Vet said we should change her food to the Y/D to help with her thyroid problem. We are glad we took his advice and now kind of maintaining a reasonable weight. Thank you for having this product. B. Allen Langford August 26, 2014
Fair I have only been using this product for almost 2 months. So far the jury is out as my cats next blood draw to see if it is working isn't until Sept. 10. August 26, 2014
This product works Our vet recommended this product as an alternative for Hyper Thyroid for our cat and it seems to be working. The medicine she was taking caused her to much stress so we were relieved when she took to the dry food. She is doing great after her first bag. August 16, 2014
Excellent product My 13 year old cat has developed thyroid problems and is doing very well on Thyroid Care. It is such a relief not to have to give him pills in order to keep him healthy. He also has dental problems and was originally on Oral Care but now he can't have it any longer. It would be wonderful if Thyroid Care could be modified to a larger kibble to help take care of my cat's dental issues as well. Thank you Hills! August 12, 2014
This product is great. Since giving my cat this product his weight has stayed the same which is great. He has lost so much weight and the medicine was not working. This is so much easier as I just give him dry and some wet food daily. August 4, 2014
My cat loves this food. My cat loves the food. He gained back the weight he lost from the thyroid problem and his thyroid level is back to normal without taking medicine. July 30, 2014
No more weight loss! Our 14 year old loves this product and she has stopped losing weight. She still has plenty of energy but she's not zipping around the house like a Tasmanian devil and doesn't live at the water bowl. Thank you! July 27, 2014
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