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Hill's® Prescription Diet® y/d® Feline Thyroid Health 4.6 5 83 83
Controls her hyperthyroidism without any medication. Excellent product. My cat was quite aggressive growling at night and drinking a great deal of water. The Vet was talking radiation and then I learned of YD formula. After a couple months on this food her thyroid labs returned to normal. I highly recommend and avoided having to administer pills which would have been a mutual nightmare. November 22, 2013
easy transfer from old food. Thrived well on y/d. Ate y/d as his meal and also used it as his treat, since he could not have any other food. no more pills to buy or forgetting to give them twice a day. October 1, 2013
Bean's thyroid has returned to a normal range with the y/d diet This product is wonderful. My 17 year old cat was too old and sick for any other thyroid treatments. Oral medication did not work and had to be stopped - it caused intense itching above the eyes that resulted in sore areas. Bean was quickly running out of options. Since Bean has been on the diet (wet and dry food), it is obvious he feels much much better - his coat is shiny again, he has started to play again, and he looks better than most cats his age (per the vet tech at my vet's office). Bean has gained about 6 ounces since the diet. I feed Bean the wet y/d in small portions every 3/4 hours and always keep the dry food out for him. I have my best buddy back again and I am grateful! September 27, 2013
Amazing food that changed my cats health! By simply changing the food that 8 year old Lexie eats, her body seems completely healthy again. She likes the food and seems to be thriving. It's been 3 months so far, and all is well. I will continue feeding her this diet. August 28, 2014
Our pet likes this food Our cat Bobbi was losing weight and after running some test the Vet said we should change her food to the Y/D to help with her thyroid problem. We are glad we took his advice and now kind of maintaining a reasonable weight. Thank you for having this product. B. Allen Langford August 26, 2014
Fair I have only been using this product for almost 2 months. So far the jury is out as my cats next blood draw to see if it is working isn't until Sept. 10. August 26, 2014
This product works Our vet recommended this product as an alternative for Hyper Thyroid for our cat and it seems to be working. The medicine she was taking caused her to much stress so we were relieved when she took to the dry food. She is doing great after her first bag. August 16, 2014
Excellent product My 13 year old cat has developed thyroid problems and is doing very well on Thyroid Care. It is such a relief not to have to give him pills in order to keep him healthy. He also has dental problems and was originally on Oral Care but now he can't have it any longer. It would be wonderful if Thyroid Care could be modified to a larger kibble to help take care of my cat's dental issues as well. Thank you Hills! August 12, 2014
This product is great. Since giving my cat this product his weight has stayed the same which is great. He has lost so much weight and the medicine was not working. This is so much easier as I just give him dry and some wet food daily. August 4, 2014
My cat loves this food. My cat loves the food. He gained back the weight he lost from the thyroid problem and his thyroid level is back to normal without taking medicine. July 30, 2014
No more weight loss! Our 14 year old loves this product and she has stopped losing weight. She still has plenty of energy but she's not zipping around the house like a Tasmanian devil and doesn't live at the water bowl. Thank you! July 27, 2014
Helps my cat My cat is doing much better since being on this cat food. I can definitely tell a difference from now and when he was eating whatever he wanted to eat. His overall health is so much better. I just would not have realized how it would help him. thanks so much July 26, 2014
Great option for thyroid control After the thyroid medication caused liver issues with my senior cat, we switched to the y/d food to control his hyperthyroidism. Within a month, his thyroid was back to normal levels. His eyes are clearer, his coat softer, fuller, and shinier. He has a lot more energy, and his attitude has improved. After 2 months, his weight has maintained, and hopefully he can start bulking up. He enjoys the food, but does seem to get bored with it. We give him the wet y/d food once a day to switch it up. July 25, 2014
Thyroid levels are in normal range My senior female cat did not do well on the thyroid oral medication. She had bad side effects. The radioactive iodine therapy is extremely expensive and not an option either. But I'm happy to say that after being on this diet for 3+ months, her thyroid levels have returned to the normal range. She eats the wet and dry Y/D. She's gained a few pounds back and her spirits are up. Her coat is shiny and soft and she even plays again. This food is expensive so I downloaded some coupons to offset the price. I'd recommend both the dry and wet y/d. It works! July 24, 2014
It really works My hyper thyroid cat had been in a shelter for weeks: seemed ok and pretty mellow but, eventually -- after some bizarre behavior and then some tests--turns out he is hyperthyroid. The kibbless are all he gets because he doesn't like the canned food. My second cat is not hyperthyroid but the vet says it's OK for her to eat the same thing and she's thriving. The problem is finding it in a store-- THAT'S WHY I ORDER ONLINE WITH YOU! great service,, pleasant and knowledgeable agents. Thank you July 9, 2014
overall good My cat was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, cats typically don't like change but my girl adjusted and it has stablized her condition. I also feed her the can version of y/d as well. Although, I use coupons printed from the Hills website - I would like to see if there are any other cost savings for this product. Are there any recommended treats for cats with thyroid condition? July 2, 2014
my 18 year old cat seems to enjoy this! YD was recommended by my VET for our elderly cat who has thyroid disease. June 27, 2014
Very Helpful for my Cat's Medical Condition I started using Hill's Prescrption Diet as recommended (prescribed) by my vet. It has made a drastic improvement in my cat! She is back to her usual happy self! The only issue I would say is she doesn't seem to like the taste. At first she refused to eat the food but started to once she realized she wasn't getting anything else. June 27, 2014
This product is a magic cure! Only a few weeks after beginning to eat this food (exclusively), my cat's thyroid level is now normal. I no longer have to worry about making the decision to subject my cat to surgery or radiation therapy . . . a great relief. June 26, 2014
need Romanesque it in flavors. My cat gets bored with it only being one flavor. You need to do three different flavored at the cost of this food June 25, 2014
Great product helps my cat My cat has elevated thyroid. The vet prescribed y/d and it has cleared up the condition. She loves eating it and her appetite seems more normal now. June 24, 2014
Life Saving Food! MD then YD canned cat food has saved my kitty's life! He is doing so much better with it than before. He is 16 years old and we are heading to 17! June 20, 2014
has kept my cat's thyroid controlled for 1.5 years It has lowered my cat's blood thyroid levels from too high to the normal range. His activity is much better, not hyperactive, hungry and crying all the time. He is relaxed but playful, sleeps at night again and has gained back the 2 lbs he lost with hyperthyroid. No medications or surgery ever was needed. He loves both the wet and dry food. June 20, 2014
This food saved my cat from taking thyroid medicine or having surgery. My cat had extremely high thyroid levels and had lost a lot of weight. Within 3 months of eating the y/d food his weight returned and his thyroid level is back to normal. June 16, 2014
This product is very convenent! It is so much easier to give my cat this food than it is to give her a pill twice a day. We measure a certain amount everyday and leave it for her to enjoy at her convenience. June 12, 2014
This is a very good product. Our cat was recently diagnosed with a thyroid issue. This is the first prescription food any of our cats have ever eaten. The small size makes it easier to eat and digests faster. We also supplement this with the wet food as a "treat" (a small portion of the can divided throughout the day). June 8, 2014
Hill's® Prescription Diet® y/d® Feline Thyroid Health I personally love this product. It is a lot easier to give my cat her medication when it is in a food form like this. My only complaint is that it is kind of pricey, but I don't know how much the actual medication would cost in comparison. June 5, 2014
My cat likes both the wet & dry thyroid product. I was surprised, but my cat started eating the wet & dry thyroid product right away. She seems to be feeling better. May 21, 2014
This product is very conevient! It is much easier to put a certain amount of food down every morning for my cat than it is to give her a pill every day. She seems to like it and has no problem eating it. I tried to give her the wet Y/D but she didn't seem to like it. I would recommend this food for any cat that has thyroid problems. May 20, 2014
Good product but costly... The product has helped my cat w/her thyroid issues but it really puts a strain on an already tight budget. I love my cat so I'll do what's necessary to keep her healthy. May 18, 2014
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