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Hill's® Prescription Diet® y/d® Feline Thyroid Health 4.5 5 46 46
Controls her hyperthyroidism without any medication. Excellent product. My cat was quite aggressive growling at night and drinking a great deal of water. The Vet was talking radiation and then I learned of YD formula. After a couple months on this food her thyroid labs returned to normal. I highly recommend and avoided having to administer pills which would have been a mutual nightmare. November 22, 2013
easy transfer from old food. Thrived well on y/d. Ate y/d as his meal and also used it as his treat, since he could not have any other food. no more pills to buy or forgetting to give them twice a day. October 1, 2013
Bean's thyroid has returned to a normal range with the y/d diet This product is wonderful. My 17 year old cat was too old and sick for any other thyroid treatments. Oral medication did not work and had to be stopped - it caused intense itching above the eyes that resulted in sore areas. Bean was quickly running out of options. Since Bean has been on the diet (wet and dry food), it is obvious he feels much much better - his coat is shiny again, he has started to play again, and he looks better than most cats his age (per the vet tech at my vet's office). Bean has gained about 6 ounces since the diet. I feed Bean the wet y/d in small portions every 3/4 hours and always keep the dry food out for him. I have my best buddy back again and I am grateful! September 27, 2013
Healthy product My Vet has my elderly cat strictly on this product with occasional treats and cat eats it regularly with no problem, tried wet y/d but she doesn't much care for, only drawback, very expensive cat food food compared to other types April 13, 2014
Took care of hyperactivity The YD formula helped my cat calm down a great deal with no medication. Her behavior was quite aggressive and the Y/D helped her calm down and be herself once again. The product did what it was supposed to and I endorse its use. March 22, 2014
Life saving product Sophie had very high thyroid levels and being an elder cat, she was getting very skinny and not feeling well. After two weeks on y/d prescription diet her levels fell into normal range and ever since she has been gaining weight and behaving like her old (younger) self. March 21, 2014
My cat actually likes this food. When my cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, we began the oral medication. Unfortunately the pill was very bitter and he would find a way to spit it out. I got a bag of this and he seems to like it, which I would have never guessed because he has always been so particular about his food. March 21, 2014
Thank goodnes for this diet!!! My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Before the y/d diet was produced, she had been on the tablets that are commonly prescribed for the condition. Sadly, she was one of those cats that reacted to her medication. She was reacting to the medication in the exact same way that the disease was causing problems. She would vomit and was becoming more anorexic. As soon as y/d became available, my veterinarian immediately switched her onto the diet. All I can say is AMAZING! She has maintained her weight, quit vomiting and eats the diet very well! I am just thrilled to no longer having to medicate her and yet see the definite improvement in her overall well being. She just gets it in her food now! February 28, 2014
Manages my cats Thyroid problems I almost lost my cat Phoebe when she got sick from methimazole to manage her thyroid problems. Now that we have stopped the medication and give her Hill's Prescription Diet y/d Feline Thyroid Health Dry Cat Food, she is feeling better again. And she likes this food! It's pricy, but it's worth it! February 28, 2014
Good value for specialty perscription diet I am happy that Science Diet offers this product, and I have seen positive results after feeding this to my cat. Although the cat did not really like the taste at first, she seems to have accepted it now and is eating it well. I wish that Science Diet would offer a y/d treat also. February 27, 2014
Awesome food! I have an older cat w hypothyroid and could not get him regulated w the pills. I decided to try this food and was very happy I did! Within 2 to 3 weeks he went back to his normal self again. He no longer seems real hungry all the time n has gained all the weigh he had lost back again. This morning he was chasing his tail like a kitten! Thanks hill's for making such a great food. Oh and I heard cats don't like the food very much but that is not the case w my cat! He loves the food! So if u have a thyroid cat try this u won't be sorry! February 17, 2014
It's doing what it is supposed to do! My 12 year old tabby cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The prospects were dim, radiation treatment, surgery, a pill a day for the rest of his life (ever try to give a cat a pill?) or this food. 3 weeks into the treatment and he looks and acts like himself again! He's gained some weight back and hopefully the bloodworm scheduled for next week confirms what my eyes see! February 15, 2014
Limited product with too many restrictions We have just started using this product as we are not able to take advantage of any other alternative treatments for our hyperthyroid cat. She seems to be losing weight and is throwing up much more. We would like to see treats and an array of products in this portfolio for variety sake. She has always been given treats and had a varied diet. If we had several items to give her as replacements she might adapt better. Limiting her to small crunchy kernels for the rest of her life does not seem fair or kind. Any suggestions would be appreciated. February 10, 2014
She HATES it While she LOVES the Y-D wet food, she refuses the kibble and I totally understand why. It stinks nasty and I'm sure it tastes nasty too. She just tries to "cover it up" like it's in a cat box. Please fix this. Thank you February 10, 2014
The product does what it says In recent months during a routine wellness check my veterinarian informed me that my 11 year old kitty was having issues with her thyroid. With several treatment options to consider I settled on Hill's y/d Prescription Diet for her. Both canned and dry versions were introduced to her and in the weeks and months following she ate y/d exclusively. Follow up blood tests show her thyroid levels have returned to normal. She not only tolerates the food well she seems to enjoy it very much especially her morning portion of the canned variety. She meows quite vigorously as I prepare her dish eagerly waiting for me to put it down on the floor for her to enjoy. Thank you Hills for this fine product that lives up to it's claims. I can look forward to many more years of healthy, happy living for my sweet little kitty. February 6, 2014
Life Saver My sweet Little baby developed an over active thyroid and lost a considerable amount of weight , the vet started her on meds and as it would be she is the 1% of felines that can not tolerate this medication. Her vet then placed her on the y/d dry and wet food , she loved it , in fact both my girls loved it ( my other baby gets feed a little something alone too ! ) She gained weight and it helped level her out some , y/d saved my Furbabies life , it doesn't get better than that !! February 4, 2014
Good Quality My cat just tipped into the hyperthyroid range and instead of the dreaded daily pill(s) we thought we would give y/d a shot. We have 2 cats so we knew it would be a bit more difficult as our hyperT cat could not have ANY of the other cat's kibble but we were managing well. Unfortunately the cat does not really like the taste and will only eat about 1/4 cup of food a day (he should be getting 1/2-3/8 cup) so we have to switch to the pills. His blood work was coming back great on the y/d though - we just wished he would like it! January 31, 2014
Fast Health Improvement, Great product. Thank you. We are close to week 3 on the y/d diet dry food. My cat is almost 16 years old and was diagnosed with pre- hyperthyroidism. Medications made her sick so we opted the food route. She is responding very well to this diet. Gaining weight back, has boundless amounts of energy and is acting way younger than her years and has stopped vomiting. She likes the food alot. We are grateful because quality of life is very important. Even though it is a little expensive you end of saving money because you are not medicating twice a day which can add up to more cost wise. Hills also has a coupon you can get for this food on there website. Thank you Hills for making a great product. January 31, 2014
My sweet 16 yr old Maine Coon has become Hyperthyroid After Willie Woo's bloodwork, the vet said lets try this food first to see if we can avoid pills everyday. ( I'm sure you know how hard it is to give a cat a pill) He was starving all the time, crying and wondering all around the house like he was lost or in pain but after one day on this food, he has settled down and now about a month later, much better. I am waiting for him to gain back some weight and he should be good to go. He also eats some of the canned y/d too. The y/d dry food is so expensive though and on a fixed income, its a real concern. Especially because I have a dog on meds with a heart condition and 2 other aging cats. I am still glad to see my big boy feeling better. January 24, 2014
This food changed our lives! Being able to feed this food has simplified and de-stressed our lives! We don't have to medicate our cat 2 times daily :) She loves the food... so we love the food! CleoCatra has been on Hill's Prescription diets since she was 1 year old. We are 100% believers in the results from these foods. The c/d kept her urinary issues in check for 11 years, then as she aged and her kidney values went up - the k/d brought them back into the normal ranges! Finally at 16 years old, her hypothyroid is being treated with y/d. Don't know what we would have done without Hill's! January 23, 2014
Best remedy for my cat Zoe Ann is a fifteen year old calico that was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We tried medication, but it made her liver angry and she became lethargic, stopped eating and lost weight on it. My vet prescribed the Hill's Yd food. She transitioned from her junk food easily to the Yd and is now eating it solely. She loves the dry food but not so much the canned. To help her eat more, I use a blender and whip up a frappe with the canned food and use a syringe 3-4 time daily. She loves it and sticks out her tongue eagerly for it. It works because at the vet's her weight increased and her T-serum level dropped from 4.5 to 3.5. She looks good and has a nice coat, is happier and sleeps well. She is still drinking a lot of water, but overall I am hoping the next checkup is even better. Thank you Hill's January 22, 2014
good product. helped my cat's appetite. better energy I'm glad you have coupons. This cat food is expensive. January 16, 2014
very picky eater. after all she has been thru I am happily surprised that she eats and enjoys this dry food. seeing that she has to eat it ....this is a wonderful thing. very important to keep it closed with the zip seal so it stays fresh. she knows when it is stale and will not eat it. January 5, 2014
This food is working in place of pills Our 13 yo female Siamese needs this food for hyperthyroidism and it is working very well so far. She has regained weight and appears to feel much better than before treatment. She enjoys the wet and dry foods. January 2, 2014
Trying to control thyroid Have a yo-yoing cat on thyroid meds for about three months. A Vet suggested the y/d dry food as a way to even out the blood test results. The draw back was problems with digestion, however, my cat picked the y/d out of the old cat food and left the old in the bowl. So I switched over completely to the y/d and she seems to be thriving on it. The next blood check up is in two weeks and we will find out then. The main drawback is the cost of the y/d, but I have used the coupons on your website so that helps some. December 27, 2013
Product worked very well This product worked exceptionally well for a hyperthyroid cat that would otherwise need medication. He was a little wary of the taste at first but being hyperthyroid, he soon became accustomed to it. December 19, 2013
Only product of it's kind y/d is the only food product my cat can eat but he's become healthier and bigger. Because he's healthy now, he does not eat as much so I save on the food bill now as well. It saves me from having to give him medication twice daily and I am thankful for that. December 19, 2013
Newcomer to Hill's Diet yd I have just discovered my cat Ruby (10 yrs old) has an over active Thyroid. My vet recommended different options to manage her health, however going through all this I opted for Hills prescription diet yd thyroid health - wet food & dried food as not sure which one she will take too will have to wait and see. Having scoured through all different websites on this, I came a bit confused if I chose the right option for Ruby as all information varied considerably especially by Dr Experts !! So having gone on this site and read some really positive reviews I feel I made the right decision on giving Ruby this food. As this all new for me and Ruby to deal with and having read others are experiencing the same problem with there beloved cats it's good to know it can be stabilised but we will have to see as it's early days yet. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. November 23, 2013
This product works great. We struggled for months to find a food that our cat could eat and keep in her stomach, she has even put some weight back on. Hopefully after this food gets established the price goes down. September 22, 2013
This product has great benefits Since my 11 year old cat has be diagnosed with thyroid problems, we have given her this food. She immediately began to feel better, her coats looks great, and she has more energy. September 21, 2013
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