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w/d® Feline Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal - Dry

Weight control, glucose management, and digestive support for cats prone to excess weight gain
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® w/d® Feline Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal 4.6 5 41 41
WD has helped my cat live My cat Inari had been ill for a couple of years. I was expecting her to pass away. But the vet put her on a WD dry food diet a little over a year ago and I am happy to say I think I will have an extra year or two with her do to her food. Thank you so much for giving me a couple extra years to enjoy my 14 year old baby. I would recomend the WD dry food to any one. November 30, 2013
My cats love it. I put the cats on this product several years ago when my male cat got a urinary track infection. They have not had anymore problems. September 20, 2013
Wonderful Multi-purpose Multi-cat friendly food I have 4 cats, a bird and a dog. I feed Hill's Prescription diet W/D Dry cat food because I have one cat who is overweight and another who is diabetic. This food is reduced in calories and high in fiber which is great for our family. My diabetic cat used to have problems with diarrhea, but not anymore. Since I've switched to W/D food the diarrhea is a problem of the past. Thank you Hill's and Science Diet for caring for my pets. August 29, 2013
My cat is doing very well on this food My cat was diagnosed with IBS and does very well on this food. She loves the taste and has even put on weight. April 17, 2014
Prescribed to control urinary tract problems. My male cat had crystals in urine causing blockage. W/D prescribed, and after 4 years there has not been a reoccurrence. The food is quite expensive, but worth it compared to potential vet bills. April 7, 2014
w/d dry cat food is well tolerated by my cat My cat transitioned from another dry cat food to the w/d without any issues. Our vet recommended this change due to a recent surgery my cat had needed for an obstruction. We had tried the wet w/d, but my cat did not care for it. Can you please allow another coupon? The cost of this product is pretty high. Thanks. March 24, 2014
none Good product for pets with special needs. I would recommend to friends. March 22, 2014
I have to see what it does to my cats glucose first. So far after a month it hasn't gone done very much. I have to see what it does to my cats glucose first. So far after a month it hasn't gone done very much. March 15, 2014
W/D I Have a cat that is diabetic .I have been giving it insulin..And feeding it in door Science Diet ..Her Blood Glucose was always above normal.. Then My Vet. prescribed W/D as soon as I started to use it Her blood glucose dropped. one month later she was in remission.That was about 4 months ago .. Now she has normal Blood Glucose..No more Insulin..I still use W/D and I think It's remarkable..Thank God For Science Diet... March 11, 2014
Works for health issues. My cat's health was at stake and eating this diet returned his blood levels to the normal range. March 4, 2014
We use wet and dry Both cats love it. We use dry for their meals and can just before bed as a bedtime treat. February 25, 2014
My Cats Love WD My two adult male cats loved WD immediately. They have not lost much weight, but have not continued to gain as they had on other foods. They both have thick beautiful coats and are very healthy. I work in a veterinary office and tell our clients of my boys and how well they have done on WD. February 21, 2014
my cats get wet w/d in morning and dry w/d at night My catats ar wonderful but FUSSY eaters. They all need to loose weight because I spoiled them. (rotten). So the vet has my cats on wd the wet is breakfast nd the dry is supper. The cats love the food the eat it all that was the big problem when I trioed other brands. I am glad this is working. IJust got 2 bags of the dry so I do not run out. February 17, 2014
They changed to shape of the hard food and the old cat is able to eat it better. Our cats like this dry food. They have been on this dry food for a long time and have not tired of the taste. They also eat the soft food. February 17, 2014
4 out of my 5 cats seem to like the dry food I have 1 cat that had UTI issues and the vet recommended c/d but then figured Sammy would put weight on so he suggested w/d. I have 5 cats and their ages range from 3 to 8 and all but one of them will eat the dry. None of them are too crazy about the wet food. Fortunately, Sammy has had no more UTI issues. I have always fed my cats Science Diet products as I trust the company very much. January 9, 2014
Cats love this food! I have several cats and they all love the w/d, they have had great success in losing weight with this product - I strongly recommend it! December 19, 2013
My cats give it 5 stars! My cats love this food! They only eat dry and will turn up their noses at over the counter food. They want Science Diet and they want it now! The only problem I have run into is that they like it too much and I think I will be switching to the new Metabolic soon. :-) December 19, 2013
Really helped control weight My cat can get fat just looking at an empty food bowl. The w/d has helped him meet and maintain a healthy weight. He loves the taste, though he probably loves just about any food. December 19, 2013
We have reached the goal in weight loss for both my cats. It's been a good weight loss regimen for my cats who both have somewhat sensitive stomachs. December 2, 2013
too expensive this food was recommended by my vet because one of my "kits" is overweight & diabetic. She appears to like the food but I think it is very expensive. if I had a choice I would look into it. December 1, 2013
Healthiest Diet I have one cat that needed to be on prescription dry/wet food per our Vet but since I have 4 cats I can't stop them from eating out of each others bowls. So they all eat the prescription food. I prefer it this way because it's healthier for them. It was an easy switch to make and I'm guessing it was because they like the taste because trust me my cats are picky eaters. My only complaint is I wish your company offered more coupons for prescription food. It's easy to get coupons for your nonprescription food but not prescription. It is very expensive to feed four cats on an all prescription diet. November 23, 2013
eeATee likes it, she has been very fussy in the past I like the price and the fact that you have coupons for the dry food. CeeATee likes it that is what is important November 22, 2013
Cats love it All my cats love this product even the ones that don't have to eat it. November 20, 2013
Easy to obtain always in stock Greart food for cats all 6 enjoy it. Weight management for the gang & 1 that has IBD also gets the I/D food mixed in. November 2, 2013
Change in shape easier to eat My two cats have been eating w/d for a few years. One cat is a short haired Persian with a flat face. The prior shape of the food, pellets, was hard for him to eat and the food would fall out of his mouth as he chewed. It would take him 20-25 minutes to eat, and he would get tired of eating before he finished the bowl. Now that Hill's has changed the shape to flatter disks, he eats his entire bowl of food in about 10 minutes. It wonderful! October 16, 2013
Messy I prefer the pellets. My 2 cats will eat whatever dry food but I find the new product very messy. There is too much dust matter and leaves their dishes very messy. I have to clean them daily. The smaller pellets did not leave this mess! I'm going to another brand! October 3, 2013
All Five Loves This Food It works well but slowly. Our male kitty is a Perfect now. All love the taste . September 21, 2013
This product benefits my cat, per my vet, so I will pay the price. My cat is not especially fond of this product since you changed the shape of it recently. I cannot comment on the taste, yet I hope that it didn't change. My complaint is that it has gotten to be a very expensive product and you offer very few coupons / discounts; (I use a 17# bag in less than a month as I not only feed my cat but also the homeless cats in the neighberhood.# My pet is worth the cost of food that is good for him per my vet #he would prefer wet but he is at 21#s and wet food will just make him eat more. I have used the k/d per the vet but it doesnt work (my cat would rather starve). September 11, 2013
Good but pricey This is a good product but very very expensive.However my cats need it so I will keep buying it. September 2, 2013
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