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Hill's® Prescription Diet® t/d® Feline Dental Health 4.8 5 39 39
Super product to help with dental care. Ever since I learned of this product, I have fed it to both my dog and all my cats. Not once has any of my pets who are fed this ever needed any kind of dental care or teeth cleaning. This product takes care of their gums and teeth, and I never have to worry about brushing or putting them under to have their teeth cleaned. All of my pets have loved eating it, too! This is the best product that they make as far as I am concerned! August 15, 2013
Our cats love it. Both of our adopted cats had gum issues when we brought them to be checked out. Like anything that is good for you, I feared my cats would be uninterested in their prescription dry food. Conversely, they love it and prefer it to their old, premium dry food. My younger cat went from a condition in which she might need about six teeth removed to only two, due to her improved gum health over several months of eating t/d. The older cat needed one out rather than two. Worth every penny! August 5, 2013
Wonderful Cat Food If one wants a good, solid, nutritionally balanced cat food that will keep your cat's teeth clean and gums healthy, and your cats will eat with enthusiasm, Prescription Diet Feline t/d is just the thing. In 17 years of having 4 Abyssinians, a breed that has a tendancy towards plaque/tartar build-up and without regular professional cleanings can experience gingivitis and tooth loss, just 3 dentals have been necessary to date. I am not very diligent about brushing my Abys' teeth so I attribute the lack of dentals to t/d. I recommend it wholeheartedly and without reservation. August 3, 2013
So glad I found out about it-it's the best…. Not only does this keep my cat's teeth healthy, he no longer has "fish breath"! This is our dry food exclusively. With Hill's quality and variety, they obviously put a lot of care into products for our pets! April 11, 2014
We have 2 cats and they truly seem to like this food The reason I know that they love to eat it, because it is always gone and they are waiting for more! April 7, 2014
My cat loves them. I have to measure out how much she gets each day because she wouldn't stop eating them. My cat loves them and I think they are helping keep her teeth and gums healthy. She loves the taste so I measure amount per day she gets because they're fairly high in calories. March 22, 2014
Great money saver!! One of my cats has poor dental health so he started Hill's TD dry. My other two kitties started eating the TD because they love the taste. What I have seen are wonderful results. Not only has the TD prolonged the time between dentals on the first kitty but on all my cats. I know TD may cost more per bag but what I'm saving on dentals each year is more. Thank you Hill's for this wonderful food!!! March 12, 2014
He loves it It is effective in keeping his teeth clean, but when he breaks it as he eats it, he doesn't want the crumbs--just the whole kernel. I've tried to tell him it is the same food, but he doesn't listen. Children! March 9, 2014
The best dry food for tartar control I see many older cats who have avoided or at least been able to delay needing a dental cleaning under anesthesia thanks to the benefits of this diet in controlling dental disease. I also see excellent acceptance from both the cats as to taste and cost benefit to our clients February 28, 2014
Great food, cats always love it Both of my cats love the t/d dental diet and I love that it's lower in calories so they don't get too heavy. I work at a cats only vet clinic and this is one of our most popular foods; all the cats seem to love it and it does a great job helping to reduce tartar. February 27, 2014
Great Taste! According to our four cats, they love "TD" and would like it even more if we increased their daily servings. But! It is high in calories, so we must conserve the daily amounts. We have had good dental checkups since using this product. February 25, 2014
Great product to keep those young teeth healthy looking! Great product to keep those young teeth healthy looking! They are big enough to make my critter crunch down and keep that yucky plaque off of the teeth! More treats, less dental visits!!!! February 17, 2014
My cat eats it every morning and seems to like it. I have not studied its contents, but know it's important to keep my cat's teeth clean - as free from tarter buildup as possible. I wish I could measure its effectiveness. February 11, 2014
My cat loves it. I would recommend this product. My cat loves the nuggets. January 29, 2014
Great Product Both my cats LOVE this as a treat! I have it mixed in with their regular food but they always pick this out first! Their teeth still look great! January 16, 2014
Well worth it! I have a multi-cat household, and one of my kitties has periodontal issues. My veterinarian recommended this food to her regimen and it certainly has helped her! My other cats love it too (even the ones that like to swallow their kibble taught them to actually chew!) I would recommend this food to anyone! They love the taste and it's great for their teeth. My cats will start tearing the bag open once I get it home if I do not put it in the closet right away! January 14, 2014
My kitty loved this food We used this on our kitty and she really enjoyed it. It helped her gums and teeth as well! January 5, 2014
"Stray" cat now healthy and handsome! A cat arrived who was very thin. Another "stray" that we took in the year before liked him, so he joined our family, also becoming an indoor cat. The vet said that he would probably never be the picture of health. With the help of TD he blossomed into a healthy handsome boy! December 30, 2013
Wonderful! I've had my cat on t'd since she started eating adult food. She's 6 now and has never had a speck of tartar build-up on her teeth. Definitely helping us maintain her oral health@ December 29, 2013
The kids think they are treats What an awesome product. We have to have our vet give our cats a dental every year & worried about having to knock them out that often. Our vet suggested the t/d product & we started using them as "treats" instead of that store brand stuff. They just love them, always begging for more. The t/d product has helped immensely with their dental care. Thanks Hill;s for the great product!! December 28, 2013
Shhh.....Don't tell my kitty it's actually a health food! My kitty absolutely loves this food. So glad it helps with her dental health as well! December 28, 2013
Works well My tabby will soon be fourteen. My vet has never had to do a teeth cleaning! And the future looks the same. Trying to get coupons on line is from Hills is impossible. I wish coupons were available to customers on a regular basis, and easy to get online. December 27, 2013
My Cat Loves this diet I have been mixing T/D diet with Science diet Adult for years - my feline is 11 years old now and has no tarter on his teeth and he continues to love it. Great value compared to price for annual dental cleanings. December 20, 2013
Best "treat" ever! I keep a covered candy dish of T/d on my coffee table (yes, I'm a crazy cat mom!) Every evening, my cats check in with me to get their measured amount of snacks. They not only love the T/D, but it's trained them to come running when I call them. Of course, best of all--no dentals needed yet. They all have pearly whites at their exams every year! : ) December 20, 2013
THis helped my cat's dental disease Our 4 year old DSH cat has had gingivitis problems since he was a juvenile. In spite of there being no plaque build up, his gums remained red and irritated. Once he turned about 1 year old, we started him on the T/D dry food. We had used it very sucessfully before in our previous cats as a preventative for dental disease and they had always enjoyed the taste--going to the extent of picking out the T/D to eat first when we blended it with other foods. Our new cat also took to the food right away and within 2 months the outward signs of gingivitis resolved by 90%. I recommend this diet serveral times weekly and have seen the positive effects personally. December 20, 2013
This product works! I have had many cats and never have I had to do a dental cleaning due to the quality of this product. The cats also eat slower due to the size of the kibble. December 19, 2013
Hills T/D bites for Cats I've been using this food for my cat ever since he was 1 year old and was showing early signs of dental disease. At first he wasn't a fan of the large nuggets however that soon changed and now he cries if he doesn't see any T/D bites in his bowl! It's been 4 years and his teeth are still sparkly white! December 19, 2013
My cat loves TD! My 17 year old cat is prone to tartar build-up, so our vet recommended TD. She's been on it for a couple years now, and she really likes it. Keeps her teeth and gums healthy, plus, she seems to have fewer hairball issues. December 19, 2013
T/D does wonders I started using T/D when I got my kitten off a recommendation from my vet. She already showed signs of inflamed gums at 10 weeks. She has solely been on the T/D since then and that was 8.5 years ago. She to this day has little staining on her teeth and NEVER needed a dental. I buy the 4lb bag and it lasts me 5-6 weeks. Totally worth the money since it has saved me from having to do multiple dentals and her potentially losing teeth. She loves the taste its like candy. I tell everyone that asks about it how good it has worked. Thanks! December 19, 2013
Excellent for dental health I have used Feline t/d for years. One of my cats, Clipper, has the gingivitis/stomatitis complex and t/d has kept it well under control. I give it to all my cats to keep their teeth clean and to lengthen the time between professionally cleanings. I know how important good dental health is to their overall health. Feline t/d really works well and they all love it! December 19, 2013
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