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r/d® Feline Weight Loss-Low Calorie - Dry

Weight reduction for overweight cats.
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® r/d® Feline Weight Loss-Low Calorie 4.6 5 27 27
Weight Loss works My overweight cat has lost 3lbs in a month. Will continue to use this product. December 5, 2013
This product really works The prescription diet cat food works wonderfully. I have been using this cat food for about one year and he's been losing wieght and getting healthier. It takes a little time to start seeing the results but there are indeed results. He loves the taste and waits at the door to be fed. My cat loves the food and I love how it is helping him become healthier. There are two pictures of my cat, Simon. Before he weighted about 23 puonds and now, recently, he weights 17 pounds. He lost about 6 pounds and gained a lot more energy. October 18, 2013
Very healthy product We have two brothers and got them at 18lbs each. Was recommended this food by our vet, and works great! They are both down to about 15lbs. They seem to enjoy the dry food very much. They are definately more playful. : ) September 23, 2013
Food seems palatable and satisfying to. my cat and effective for weight loss. My cat transitioned to this product easily. She seems to enjoy it and it has been effective in weight loss for her. I am pleased and her veterinarian is also pleased. April 9, 2014
Excellent c/d and r/dresults! Having had 2 cats on c/d and r/d for more years than I can remember I could write my own commercial. Kato and his brother Clouseau have thrived on these 2 products! At 14 years of age they are doing very well! "You are what you eat" is so true for humans and pets! We love them like our children and would only feed them the best for their health and longevity! You cannot beat the best and Hills is! March 24, 2014
Kiki, Scoobie and Biscuits are trimming down My best buddies Kiki a Russian Blue, and brothers Scoobie and Biscuit both orange tabbies love their treats. However, their treats, like human treats can cause weight gain and effect their health. My Vet prescribed Hill's Prescription Diet r/d for weight control and all three are trimming down, healthy and feeling so much better. In addition to feeling better, due to budget constraints, I have emailed Hills for coupons, and they are so kind, I always receive a few in the mail. I appreciate Hills and their compassion for animals. Thank you. March 19, 2014
Change of kibble not good for cat You changed the kibble! My cat doesn't like it and so- I don't like it either.....I called the company and was told the formula is the same- but it's not ok with my cat....Sayonara Hill's! January 14, 2014
This product works My cat has transitioned pretty well to this product. She use to meow all the time due to feeling hungry on other brand food but has stopped this behavior after using this brand of food, as directed. She looks slimmer and she is more content on this brand and type of cat food. January 8, 2014
I was told this food would help to curb my cats appetite it hasn 't She likes the product but it doesn't 't seem to keep her appetite satisfied any longer than any other food we have given her, for the price even with coupons I'm really not happy with the product. I especially hate that I need a prescription to buy it. December 21, 2013
Great product. My overweight cat is doing very well on this product, has helped her drop some of the much needed weight off! December 20, 2013
Food worked well- weight loss goal achieved. Weight loss was slow and steady with this product, just as it should be! My cat enjoyed the food and is at a much healthier weight now. My cat went from a fat 15 pounds to a lean 11.5 pounds in about 10 months. December 19, 2013
helps control weight One of two cats has a bladder problem, but both eat it. Their weight is consistent and normal. They gained a lot of weight with the regular. December 16, 2013
too fat my girl This product helped my chubby girl to lose weight..Not the WD she did not lose with that one ..But with RD amd RD wet she is better ..RD wet is a little expensive and she does not like the taste too much but still eats it .. December 15, 2013
great My cat has always been heavy. With this food he maintains his weight. December 9, 2013
Great way to lose a few of those extra pounds As of today, I have not found a kitty treadmill to help my indoor Russian Blue kitty Kiki loose a few pounds. I was feeding her another dry food and noticed she was not her precious loving self. So I switched back to Prescription diet that my Vet recommended. Kiki is feeling and acting like the loving kitty that she is. In addition, I have fallen on difficult times, but Hills has generously sent me coupons whenever I have requested them. Thank you so much for your great products, and being a compassionate company. Kiki's owner Julie December 5, 2013
Our cat likes this food very much Our cat is 9 year old and has been on this food since she was about 1 year old. We and our vet felt that her health would be better as she was obviously going to be a large cat and an indoor cat. She has maintained a weight of about 15 pounds for the last eight years. She has been fed this and Science Diet Hair Ball Control Light the entire time. Sincerely, Marvin November 25, 2013
Good product too expensive Good product. 2 cats/ Use c/d and r/d daily. Need some coupons in bags or discounts available somewhere. PLEASE too costly...!!!!! November 13, 2013
This product has great features My cat loves this product although we are having trouble keeping his weight down. We have even cut back some on quantity. November 8, 2013
My Cat Loves this Food My cat is an exclusive indoor girl. While my cat has stopped losing weight, she was able to go from 14+ pounds to 12.5 pounds. It works maintaining her current weight. October 10, 2013
Wow! My cats are doing so much better I have three indoor cats. Since I do not have a kitty treadmills for my three buddies, they started gaining weight and not just a pound here or there. They started to get constipated, sluggish and not happy happy critters. I took my veterinarians advice and started feeding all three Hills Prescription diet. Wow, six months later, everything is flowing, their happy, happy critters and loosing weight. The best part is with three cats the food bill increased, but thanks to Prescription Hill's compassion, I emailed them, more than once, and each time I reached a coupon. I can't thank Hills Prescription Diet and Science Diet for returning my pets back to a healthy state of mind, body and attitude. Love your product, love your company. Thank you, A loyal Prescription Hills customer September 9, 2013
Prescription Diet r/d dry Our cat loves this food. It is easily digestible and the litter box is much easier to scoop. Our cat has finally lost about 1 1/2 pounds on this food so far. I highly recommend. August 15, 2013
Love this product. This cat food is very good quality and works really well. My cat has lost weight gradually over time and is very healthy. R/D is the only product that helped my cat loose weight. It is a bit pricey. August 9, 2013
Helps maintain my cats weight I have fed my cat Demo this product for 10 years now. My cat enjoys his treats and by recommendation from my vet, I switched to this food, so that I could still spoil Demo with treats. July 20, 2013
Nelly has lost almost 40% of her original body weight on this food. When I adopted 5 year old Nelly in April 2012, she weighed 6.6kg - at that weight she was not active or mobile, and couldn't really even clean herself properly. My vet checked her overall health with blood tests, suggested this food, and told me exactly how much to feed her daily. Nelly was weighed by the vet once a month and I stuck carefully to weighing out her exact daily amount (which was adjusted as the weight came off). She enjoyed the food but didn't pester me between meals. She now weighs 4.1kg and is transformed into a lively, beautiful and playful cat. The vet has just switched her to Hills m/d to get the last tiny bit of weight off, and she loves this food even more. July 4, 2013
I've tried other products, but this works the best. My cats like to "graze" and eat this food all day, never gaining an ounce. One cat is just about the right weight, while the other could stand to lose a few more pounds, which I blame on lack of exercise, not the food. I have asked my vet if any other food would be better for weight loss and was told that this is the best choice. So I'm sticking w/it for the duration -- will try to play w/my overweight cat more. June 29, 2013
This product is ok. When I first began giving this prescription diet food to my two cats, they seemed to lose a little bit of weight and I thought we were on the right track. It has been nine months and they eat only prescription r/d (1 cup a day each is allowed, but they do not eat the full amount) and they are not losing any more weight. I am very disappointed because they still need to lose weight AND it's very expensive food. May 16, 2013
Lexi approves of the flavor. We have an overweight cat named Lexi. In Hills Prescription Diet r/d dry cat food, we have found a lower calorie, high nutrition option about which we feel positive and she actually likes. In fact, she likes the food so much that she crawled into an empty bag, seeking the last, tiny bit of food dust that might still be there. See the picture below. Despite feeding her less, she is fairly satisfied (i.e., she does not pester us for food at night). This cat food does seem to be helping Lexi to shed some weight, but it does appear that this will be part of a progress of getting her to a more appropriate size. Hill's coupons do make the this food much more affordable, but not every veterinarian accepts them. April 11, 2013
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