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m/d® Feline Weight Loss-Low Carbohydrate-Glucose Management - Dry

Weight reduction for overweight cats and insulin control for diabetic cats
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® m/d® Feline Weight Loss-Low Carbohydrate-Glucose Management 4.7 5 19 19
diabetic cat does very well on this food My vet offers at reasonable price and my cat eats less; therefore a reasonable cost for his food. Doing better since the switch. November 15, 2013
Saved my cats life! I have a 17 year old male cat and discovered he had diabetes. He was unable to walk but was alert and willing to eat and drink. Vet gave us the option of med or diet change. We choose Prescription M/D and I am happy to say he is jumping up in my bed and doing well. He just might make birthday 18!!! Amazing!!! Our 2 year old eats it also and they play like kids! July 18, 2013
Excellent for diabetics! My diabetic male cat loves this food! I feel good being able to give him the dry food he craves, yet still stick to a diet that is great for his health and insulin levels. LOVE IT! June 29, 2013
Cat been on it for 5 years is diabetic and doin really great Great product for your cat have used continuously for many years March 25, 2014
Prescription MD when my cat was diagnosed with diabetes I was not sure he would like this food because it would be a big change for him, but he loves it. He is now on his second bag, thanks for a great food. March 17, 2014
He doesn't like it, but will eat it when he gets really hungry. I have 3 cats, and one is a diabetic, but I can't leave out the regular cat food, because he can't have it. So I leave out the MD food, which gets expensive. So, 1. It would help if it came in more than one flavor. 2. Need easier access to coupons. March 10, 2014
Apparently working for our sick cat Seemingly extending our cat's life span and we get to enjoy her companionship, and she still has some quality of life. February 17, 2014
Cat not crazy about the food My fourteen year old cat was diabetic until we started him on this food. For that reason alone, I have kept him on it. He does not care for the food, I have to coax him to eat. He HAS lost weight on this food and we don't have to give him insulin shots anymore. I wish it was cheaper and more flavor varieties to choose from. I think other flavors may keep my cat more interested in the food. February 14, 2014
They love it so I love it We have 2 cats, one overweight and one just right. Our overweight cat would panic when it was getting close to his canned M//D time. When we switched from Science Diet Optimal Health dry to M/D dry he no longer begs, panics or starts to vomit excessively from stress that his food is a few minutes late. They both are eating the dry formula well throughout the day and night which allows their activity levels to stay consistent throughout. This is very good for the nights, no more 3am wake up calls to be fed. Given their body types I am surprised just how well they are both doing on this food. February 1, 2014
great for a diebetic cat Our cat is a diabetic, This food is the only food we can find to feed her. It is exellent for her health and she eats it too. Along with her insulen shots 2x a day combined with Hills perscribtion diet M/D Feline Weight Loss- low Carbohydrate-Gloucose Managment She is doing outstanding for her age and being blind. Thank you Hills January 23, 2014
Weight loss made easy My cats love this diet and loose weight even when I cannot always regulate exactly how much they eat. My overweight cat is more managable and my other cats maintained healthy weight on this diet December 21, 2013
Helps regulate my cat's blood sugar I have a large diabetic cat that needed to lose weight quickly when he was diagnosed. My vet prescribed M/D to do the trick. He still has issues with his blood sugar but between the prescription food and insulin he has lived five years with the condition and we are hoping for many more. December 17, 2013
Does the job lMy 3 cats seem to like this and are not begging for food. On the plus side it seems to fill them up which is good. It's a bit pricey but if it helps it's worth it. December 12, 2013
Hill's® Prescription Diet® m/d Quality product and our cat loves it. Jack is diabetic and needs 2 injections per day. We use the canned wet m/d to coax him to come for his injections at 8 AM & 8 PM (1 tablespoon). As soon as I open the can, he's there waiting to be fed. We feed him the dry m/d (5/8's of a cup) the rest of the day. He used to weigh 20 pounds but by feeding him the m/d for the past 4 years, he's now 14 pounds. November 12, 2013
My two long haired black "Tonka" cats love this food. Peanut and Sweet Pea are very large bodied cats, but their weight was getting high, so we put them on this prescription diet and so far they have lost over a pound each. We are very pleased with the results. They love the food, wet and dry, and the snacks, as well November 11, 2013
I was referred to this product by my Veterinarian when it was determined my cat had certain food allergies. She loves it! My cat likes the taste and crunch of M/D dry cat food. September 9, 2013
My cat is losing weight at a good rate I'm very pleased with this food. It is doing it's job by managing weight loss. Not sure that it is grain free though which would be my only recommendation. September 8, 2013
Great food but overpriced. It's a great food product but it needs to be available in a larger size, especially when you have 3 cats eating this. The 8# bag does not last long. Also may I suggest a frequent customer reward program to help cut down the expense. September 6, 2013
Excellent Food This is very high quality food, and my four cats seem to love it. I bought it because of my 11-year old diabetic male cat, and the others eat it out of necessity. However, I have to say that the recent price increases every year seem to be unreasonable. It is almost unaffordable for me. August 7, 2013
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