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m/d® Feline Weight Loss-Low Carbohydrate-Glucose Management - Dry

Weight control and glucose management for overweight cats.
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® m/d® Feline Weight Loss-Low Carbohydrate-Glucose Management 4.7 5 40 40
diabetic cat does very well on this food My vet offers at reasonable price and my cat eats less; therefore a reasonable cost for his food. Doing better since the switch. November 15, 2013
Saved my cats life! I have a 17 year old male cat and discovered he had diabetes. He was unable to walk but was alert and willing to eat and drink. Vet gave us the option of med or diet change. We choose Prescription M/D and I am happy to say he is jumping up in my bed and doing well. He just might make birthday 18!!! Amazing!!! Our 2 year old eats it also and they play like kids! July 18, 2013
Excellent for diabetics! My diabetic male cat loves this food! I feel good being able to give him the dry food he craves, yet still stick to a diet that is great for his health and insulin levels. LOVE IT! June 29, 2013
My Cat likes the Dry My cat likes the dry, but it's higher in carbs so I have to limit his consumption. October 20, 2014
Life saver for my cat, Calypso My cat loves this food. She had no problem adjusting to it and I saw results very quickly. October 11, 2014
Immediate glucose control Several years ago our cat was diagnosed as diabetic. Thanks to the glucose control provided by m/d Feline, we have been able to transition him to a regimen that does not require insulin injections. He took to the food immediately, which was quite a relief as he is typically a very picky eater. In fact, he now makes his displeasure very vocal when he does not have m/d Feline dry. He had previously eaten Science Diet food and the transition to m/d Feline was instantaneous and seamless with no kitty food protests (which had occurred every other time we had tried a diet change). An added benefit has been that he also eats the wet m/d Feline as a part of his regular diet - this from a cat who has always refused canned food. August 30, 2014
Great for lowering blood sugar We have a cat that had high blood sugar and our vet suggested this food to try to get it lowered without having to have insulin. I was skeptical that just changing food would solve the problem but I was so wrong! I am so happy to say that his blood sugar is back to normal and we feed it to our other 4 inside cats! The price is nothing compared to the joy we feel by not having to give our cat shots. Sadly, 10 years ago we lost a cat due to diabetes and we never want to have to go through that again. We gladly pay the price for this food. August 27, 2014
My pet loves the taste Excellent product but needs to be available in larger size bags, plus there is a need to implement an incentive program for customers who purchase this product frequently. More money saving coupons for the customer with no limitations on how many they get a month,like which is currently done. August 23, 2014
A quality product that meets dietary needs for my cat. My cat was put on this diet by my veterinarian about six weeks ago. I am feeding her the dry and the canned meat. She can't wait until meal time each day and doesn't leave anything in her bowl. Because she is 14 years old now and is showing dietary complications, this quality product gives me assurance she is getting all the nutrition she needs. Great product! August 2, 2014
Diabetic diet, cat seems to like it. Price went up like everything else! But you know there family, so it all works out in the end.. Jon July 14, 2014
Great for Diabetic Cats ! I feed my cat both the dry and wet M/D. My cat loves it. Would like to see more coupons on line. July 10, 2014
Excellent food product but needs to be more affordable The food is excellent but, unfortunately having three cats that eat this everyday; the product is only made in an 8 pound bag. A larger size bag would be more beneficial, also, more coupons should be available for the consumer since the price is expensive. I suggest an incentive rewards program for customers who used this product frequently. July 4, 2014
Healthy, Happy, Cats I have two 6 year old cats who have been eating Hill's since they were eight weeks old. They have clear eyes and silky fur. They seem to really enjoy the food and it has kept them very healthy. I know two vets (who don't know one another) and they both rave about how good this food is for cats. I trust them both and I trust your product. Thank you June 25, 2014
My cats love it! The vet recommended switching from the "regular" science diet to this one for weight control and insulin control. With two cats in the household, I wasn't sure how well this would work out, as they both loved the regular food. But turns out they like this one even better. Both cats are now a healthy weight, and I feel good that I am providing them with high quality, healthy food (that they both like, despite it being a prescription) so they can both live longer and healthier. June 23, 2014
right formula for our diabetic cat This food has extended our cats quality-of-life days. She would not have appreciated two shots a day. May 27, 2014
My diabetic kitty really seems to enjoy this food. Not only does my diabetic kitty (Lady Lily) like this food, but my other kitties wait till she's done eating her Hill's® Prescription Diet® m/d® Feline Weight Loss-Low Carbohydrate-Glucose Management, then they dive into her food. All my kitties enjoy Hill's food! May 19, 2014
High quality product My cat loves the food and he is responding very well. The quality appears to be very high. However, it's expensive. May 14, 2014
WD Dry catfood My vet put my cat on this food because his digestive system is sensitive. Throwing up without hairballs and burping all the time. Yes. Burping. I have never known a cat to burp. He is not diebetic nor overweight, but my vet felt that the ingredients was better for him than over the counter. It is definitely more expensive which is hard on my retirement income. His vomiting has significantly decreased. We'll see where we are with this a month from now. This should give the other food to clear his system and allow this to work full-time. I do wish they would make the kibbles bigger. My cat loves to chew and this is much smaller than his other Science Diet catfood. Chewing helps clean his teeth. He's swallowing and chewing this kind. Again, please make this bigger or odd sized to encourage chewing the food. Thank you! May 11, 2014
Great product My cat, Shiitake, loves m/d dry food by Hill's. He runs to the kitchen when he sees/hears me getting his bowl out. He stands on his hind feet with his front feet on my leg. He talks nonstop until he puts his head in his bowl. May 4, 2014
good diabetic results This product is wonderful, needs to come in a larger size I have 2 cats eating m/d so 8.5 lbs goes pretty fast. Just wish it wasn't so costly. May 3, 2014
Works wonders Our cat was recently diagnosed as diabetic and was losing weight and refusing to eat. The vet recommended either daily injections or to try this food so we opted for the food change first. Within a month of being on this food she started gaining weight back and became her old self again. I would recommend this food to any one who has a diabetic cat to try first before resorting to any more drastic measures. April 27, 2014
works well Owe cat is doing much better now. He is more social. April 21, 2014
Great Product My cat was over weight and is now at a healthy weight due to this product. April 20, 2014
This product has helped our diabetic cat lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Our cat really loves this food. We cannot wait until it is time to eat. This food was recommended because our cat is diabetic and needed a high protein low carbohydrate diet. The price per bag is high, so I like to buy it when I get a sale. April 19, 2014
Cat been on it for 5 years is diabetic and doin really great Great product for your cat have used continuously for many years March 25, 2014
Prescription MD when my cat was diagnosed with diabetes I was not sure he would like this food because it would be a big change for him, but he loves it. He is now on his second bag, thanks for a great food. March 17, 2014
He doesn't like it, but will eat it when he gets really hungry. I have 3 cats, and one is a diabetic, but I can't leave out the regular cat food, because he can't have it. So I leave out the MD food, which gets expensive. So, 1. It would help if it came in more than one flavor. 2. Need easier access to coupons. March 10, 2014
Apparently working for our sick cat Seemingly extending our cat's life span and we get to enjoy her companionship, and she still has some quality of life. February 17, 2014
Cat not crazy about the food My fourteen year old cat was diabetic until we started him on this food. For that reason alone, I have kept him on it. He does not care for the food, I have to coax him to eat. He HAS lost weight on this food and we don't have to give him insulin shots anymore. I wish it was cheaper and more flavor varieties to choose from. I think other flavors may keep my cat more interested in the food. February 14, 2014
They love it so I love it We have 2 cats, one overweight and one just right. Our overweight cat would panic when it was getting close to his canned M//D time. When we switched from Science Diet Optimal Health dry to M/D dry he no longer begs, panics or starts to vomit excessively from stress that his food is a few minutes late. They both are eating the dry formula well throughout the day and night which allows their activity levels to stay consistent throughout. This is very good for the nights, no more 3am wake up calls to be fed. Given their body types I am surprised just how well they are both doing on this food. February 1, 2014
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