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Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution - Dry

Weight reduction and lifelong maintenance for overweight cats and cats prone to excess weight gain.
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution 4.5 5 113 113
Highly Recommend for Over Weight Cats We have an eight year old cat that looked like she swallowed someones bowling ball. We received a notice from our vet that a product was on the market that we should consider trying. Our cat was 18 lbs when we started her on the Metabolic diet food. After 4 months she is now down to 14 lbs. Her short hair coat is silky soft. She has more energy. We will definitely keep her on this diet until she gets down to her ideal weight. We have now started our dogs on this plan and are hopeful we will get the same wonderful results. This product is highly recommended. December 1, 2013
Great for fat cats! One of my cats was getting very heavy, close to 16 lbs. My vet was concerned so she recomended the Metabolic diet. He now has a very defined waist and is looking very handsome. I will continue to feed this to both my cats to keep them trim. Now if only us humans had such a magical food! November 20, 2013
She's finally losing weight! I had my cat on low calorie food for a long time but she kept gaining weight. It was not cheap food it was Science Diet. I got a bag of Metabolic and she started losing weight in the first 2 weeks. She has been on this food for 2 months now and has lost 2 lbs but the change in her level of energy has been what has thrilled us as much as the weight loss! It is so cute to see her doing things that she couldn't do before or just didn't feel like doing. This food is expensive but I'm only feeding it to one cat (we have 5) so a 17 lb bag lasts a long time. I know the price will prevent people from buying it but in my opinion it's worth trying. Be sure to read and follow the feeding directions if you are serious about your cat losing weight. October 4, 2013
My cats all love it and eat it up. ALl of our cats love this food and they have maintained their weight on it. Our one cat who is very overweight - didn't lose but did eat it. We are transitioning to Science Diet R/D with a mix of Metabolic and R/D - He seems much happier as he can eat more and seems to be losing some weight very slowly - which is what we want. September 25, 2014
Different cats, different results Tommy has been on Metabolic for 13 months now, and has lost four pounds. Stewart has been on the diet for 5 months, and has lost two pounds. I remember taking Tom to the vet for his consult and was told that by their calculations, he would be losing a 1/2 lb per month. They had him set to reach his goal weight in less than a year. Tommy still has 3 lbs to go. Stewart is only 2 lbs away from his goal. Both cats love the food and get it spread out five times a day. Tom gets 3/4 cup and Stew gets 2/3 cup. Tom has had the wet food when he was sick and loves both. However, he's always hungry. Stewart is satisfied more easily. They have had Metabolic treats integrated over the last two months and they love those as well. It's pricey. Their 8.5 lb bag costs ten dollars more than a 15 lb bag of Ideal Balance for the girls. But I'm glad the bubs are getting their health back on track. September 23, 2014
Expensive but it works! My overweight cat lost 1.7 lbs. on this diet. We'd tried everything but this product and nothing worked, this did! He looks great, our vet is happy and he is more active. Remember to go on-line and look for coupons. This will save you money if you're in it for the long haul. September 16, 2014
Our cat loves the product Other premium brands caused our cat discomfort. Her coat is shining and she is bright and happy. I woudl recommend September 12, 2014
Moving to Ireland? Kitty needs to lose weight. =0) This journey started just over a year ago when my husband told me that we may be moving to Ireland for a year of two. At the time both of our cats were being free fed and overweight. So I went to my vet and inquired about a good weight loss food for my cats so I could take them as 'carry-on' from the west to the east coast. They were prescribed "Hill's® Prescription Diet® Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution". I gradually transitioned them from their regular food to the new diet and then slowly reduced their intake to the recommended amount prescribed by my vet. It has taken a year but both cats have lost a significant amount of weight. The male originally weighted over 19 pounds and is currently at 17. His sister originally weighed 14 pounds and is now just under 13. She cheats! She tries to steal his food. But all-in-all, I'm happy with the progress of both cats. We (the vet and I) did it safely and slowly over a decent amount of time. And now that we will be moving, I have NO issue bringing them on the aircraft for the first leg of their new journey. =0) September 6, 2014
Excellent Food My boys (2 cats) are healthy and happy and I know their diet plays a huge role in that. Thank you! September 5, 2014
3 Amigos Have one thin cat one overweight and one normal size. They all seem to enjoy the taste. Tried on advice of my vet to help my 20 lb. manx. Seems to have slowed down his constant eating but too soon to tell if he's lost any weight. Good value and no side tummy issues. August 30, 2014
This food is a good solution to my cat's weight problem. We are pleased that our cat, Precious, enjoys Hill's Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. Weighing 22 pounds and suffering from poor health attributed to obesity, Precious needed a change in her diet, and this is just what the doctor ordered. She has lost a few pounds already, and she looks much healthier. Precious has much more energy, and we saw her sliding across the room, diving in and out of a cardboard box. We didn't expect to see that! Thanks for caring about our pets! August 30, 2014
More energy Within a few days of putting my cat on metabolic prescription he had become more energetic, his coat was softer and he didn't smell anymore. He always had such a bad odor before, we kept a can of febreeze around. We had tried several different cat foods but nothing helped the odor. He also has lost weight, had to stop fee feeding him, but bought a Pet Feedster and am feeding him 5 times a day. He adjusted very easily to the schedule. August 21, 2014
Good, But Too Expensive This product was recommended by my vet. It is way too expensive and continues to go up in price. My minions seem to like it and it appears to be working for them. August 18, 2014
My cat likes this dry food. My vet recommended Prescription Diet dry food for weight management because my rescue cat had become a little overweight in the year since we adopted her and at 4 years old, not too active. She gets a 3 oz. can of cat food each day, but also gets a portion of dry food for "snacking." She was on Blue Hills but quickly took to Prescription Diet. She does seem to have a little more energy so I will definitely keep her on this product. August 15, 2014
Great product We have two adult female cats and they both love the taste. We go through 4 lbs every two weeks and are at about 4 weeks and we hope to see a change in our 19 lb cat. August 14, 2014
Has not helped my cat lose weight I measure carefully and feed exactly as directed. My male kitty loves this dry food, but he can't have much. He's always hungry and hasn't lost any weight at all. The food is pricey and has not helped my 2 year old cat lose any weight. I'm very disappointed. I have used Science Diet food for years and have been pretty satisfied. I wish this would work because I don't think there's anything out there that is any better. Will finish the bag I have now (the 2nd bag I've bought) then check with the vet and see what she recommends. August 14, 2014
Love at first bite! Both of my fur babies loved this food right away, and I have seen fewer instances of them vomiting it back up. Their energy seems somewhat improved and they are quiet and content until the next feeding (twice a day). Unfortunately, I am not yet able to speak to any weight loss, but I have only been using this for about one month. I am hopeful that after two or more months, I can report weight reduction since they should be at 14 pounds (currently at 18). If not I will try reducing amount that I'm giving them. August 14, 2014
Great weight loss program Jake loves this food. He looses a little every month. He was 27 lbs. He now weighs 22 lbs. He has 12 more pounds to go. August 10, 2014
Feline Metabolic My chubby cat loves this food + asks for more than I am supposed to give him each day. August 9, 2014
This product is very effective Feline Metobolic really seems to help my cat maintain her weight and at first she lost weight on this too August 6, 2014
This product works My older arthritic cat was gaining weight. He's not as mobile as he use to be due to arthritis in his hip. I needed to get the weight off of him to help ease this pain. After trying many diets, i finally switched him to the Hills Prescription Diet - Feline metabolic - and voila, it's working. He is losing weight, becoming more mobile and seems to be less painful. Thank you Hills August 5, 2014
Product is convienient and cat loves it. Good product, easy to use and my cat really likes it. July 28, 2014
It's helping my cat lose weight It seems to be working. My cat is slowly losing weight. July 26, 2014
poor weight loss Excellent packaging. Excellent aroma. My cat loves it. However, my domestic short hair, Tilly has only lost .5 of a pound from March 28 through July 26 (4 months). Very disappointing. July 26, 2014
Unable to get my Girls to Eat It I struggled trying to get my girls to eat this food. After several conversations with Hill's Customer Service, I tried everything they suggested and was never able to get them to eat it. I had to return the food and go back to the other foods they had been eating. July 20, 2014
This product does what it claims. Our two cats are able to eat well and maintain a healthy weight. They have high energy and are eager for meal times which tells us that they are enjoying their food. One eats quicker than the other so he waits patiently for his sister to leave her dish so he can go and lick it clean. July 18, 2014
Weight Loss Diet that really works! I love this diet! My cats were both severely overweight. I switched them to Hill's Metabolic Diet and fed them twice a day as instructed by my veterinarian. They are both indoor cats so losing weight has always been a struggle. Now they have both lost weight, they are running around the house more and playing a lot! July 10, 2014
I trust this product to safely and effectively help my cat lose weight This product is perfectly balanced to safely and effectively aid cats, like mine, in losing weight. I trust this product to provide my cat with all of the nutrients he requires in the appropriate amounts, while also remaining highly palatable. High quality ingredients, as well as research to back up the efficacy of this pet food also make me feel good about feeding it to my cat. July 8, 2014
Good nutrition with fewer calories Our five cats were all transitioned to a canned-and-dry-food combination of the Metabolic Diet cat food shortly after exceeding their desired weights while eating another brand. Each cat seems satisfied with the 5 ounces a day total that our veterinarian recommended and each has slowly lost the excess weight. July 6, 2014
Nutritious but Expensive The Metabolic Cat Food is expensive for two cats. (Coupons help alleviate the cost.) Both Bebe and Miss Sara are around 8 years old and overweight. They like the food and it seems to satisfy them, but neither cat has lost weight. (My overweight dog did lose weight and gained better health from the Metabolic Dog Food.) The veternerian has said, "Cats do not lose weight as quickly as dogs on the average." We are continuing the food and trying to get them to play and exercise more. June 25, 2014
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