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Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution - Dry

Weight reduction and lifelong maintenance for overweight cats and cats prone to excess weight gain.
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution 4.5 5 71 71
Highly Recommend for Over Weight Cats We have an eight year old cat that looked like she swallowed someones bowling ball. We received a notice from our vet that a product was on the market that we should consider trying. Our cat was 18 lbs when we started her on the Metabolic diet food. After 4 months she is now down to 14 lbs. Her short hair coat is silky soft. She has more energy. We will definitely keep her on this diet until she gets down to her ideal weight. We have now started our dogs on this plan and are hopeful we will get the same wonderful results. This product is highly recommended. December 1, 2013
Great for fat cats! One of my cats was getting very heavy, close to 16 lbs. My vet was concerned so she recomended the Metabolic diet. He now has a very defined waist and is looking very handsome. I will continue to feed this to both my cats to keep them trim. Now if only us humans had such a magical food! November 20, 2013
She's finally losing weight! I had my cat on low calorie food for a long time but she kept gaining weight. It was not cheap food it was Science Diet. I got a bag of Metabolic and she started losing weight in the first 2 weeks. She has been on this food for 2 months now and has lost 2 lbs but the change in her level of energy has been what has thrilled us as much as the weight loss! It is so cute to see her doing things that she couldn't do before or just didn't feel like doing. This food is expensive but I'm only feeding it to one cat (we have 5) so a 17 lb bag lasts a long time. I know the price will prevent people from buying it but in my opinion it's worth trying. Be sure to read and follow the feeding directions if you are serious about your cat losing weight. October 4, 2013
It works for wt loss but too expensive Our cats eat it but it is getting too expensive to afford we look for coupons to help with the cost but they are far and few betweencoupons to help with the cost but they are far and few between April 11, 2014
Very satisfied with this product This food is very effective in overweight cats. My 8 year old cat was gaining weight steadily until he started eating metabolic formula. Now he has lost 2 lbs in just a few months. He is not as active as he used to be, but he is still able to lose the weight on this food. He also loves the taste of the food. I highly recommend this food for any overweight cat. April 3, 2014
Our 2 cats love it. Our 2 cats stay inside and don't get a lot of exercise so this food keeps their weight under control. March 30, 2014
Awesome product The metabolic food for cats is a wonderful tasty products that works great. I have 7 cats and half of them have issues with over eating. I have tried different diets in the past and finally came upon a diet that my cats like and respond to. I also love the fact that there are treats available which the cats love as21 well. So far my heavy cat has lost 2 pounds from being 19 lbs. It's a great product and most definitely would recommend it to owners with overweight kitties. March 28, 2014
Product works My overweight cat has actually lost weight on this diet. It seems to satisfy his hunger. I no longer leave out kibble for all of the cats to eat. I measure everyone's food and feed them twice a day. I have three cats and only one of them is overweight. The overweight cat has arthritis in his hips, and stopped moving around like he use to. That is when the weight came onto him. Now that he has lost a little weight, he is moving around more and seems less painful. Thank you Hill's Prescription Diet for this special diet for my big kitty. March 23, 2014
No results My cat is an American Shorthair, and just turned two this month. He is very active and plays with my roommate and brothers cats all the time. I've been using this product for about 5 months now and at first my cat gained 2 pounds, which at already 18lbs to start, I was horrified. We kept using it, I reduced the amount of food he was getting but then he just seemed hungry all day. He was getting 3/4 cup only and he can't seem to get below 18lbs. So disappointed considering other reviews and the fact that I've spent excessive amounts on this food. I just want my baby angel healthy! March 16, 2014
I have seen great results from the metabolic formula food Both my cats have obvious results from the metabolic formula food, They seem to have more energy and are more active which helps with my goals of them being at a healthy weight. hopefully they get to ideal weight and can maintain being on this food. I really appreciate the coupons that are available to print on line March 14, 2014
Love it My cats have lost some weight, still have about 2 lbs/cat to loose, but overall, they are doing well March 12, 2014
my cats like it I have two cats that are 13 years old. Both of them are on this diet. One has definitely lost weight, the other one appears to have lost no weight. The cat who hasn't lost weight is less active, so that may be the reason. They have their annual exam in a couple of weeks, so I'm hopeful that the one who doesn't seem to have lost weight actually has lost some. My cats love the taste of the food - both wet and dry. It definitely makes them use the litter box a lot more, which means more work for me, but at least it keeps them regular. My cats are older, so I know that as they age, this can sometimes be a problem. Fortunately, with this food, that's not an issue at all. March 9, 2014
Only a month in and doing great! My cat is a whopping 25lbs! He is about 10 years old and is a Russian Blue. I have never seen his energy level so high. He is starting to look slimmer and his coat is beautiful.. I started him on the Metablic food January 25/14, and I weighted him today (March 4th).. his weight is still the same tho. Hopefully we notice a weight loss in a month or so at his next weigh in. March 4, 2014
My cat has lost 1 pound since starting on this food. He likes it better than his prior Hill's food. The larger bits of food have also help improve his I already said what I think about this food. I'm very happy with it and will continue buying it. It is a bit too expensive!!' March 1, 2014
Amazing weight loss I have had my cats on this food for about 9 months. Mr. Big has lost about 3 lbs and looks great. My house sitter says he looks years younger since he's lost weight. He runs and plays like a kitten again. My Maine Coon mix was developing a "grizzly bear hump", which has gone away since eating this food. I am not worried about his future health now that he's back down to an ideal weight. February 27, 2014
Just started using this product for my 18 lb. cat My cat's weight had ballooned to 18 lbs. so this food was recommended by our veterinarian. The dry food must have a pleasant taste, as my cat is picky. So far this is going pretty well. The canned version of this product, however, he does not like. Hope it helps him lose the weight. He is suppose to lose 8 lbs in 8 months! February 22, 2014
He is losing weight! I have been searching for the right "diet" food for my cat for over a year. My Vet recommended this product and he took to it immediately. I actually thought the transition from his old food to his new food would be difficult but it's been very easy. I also bought the treats so that I could use them to get him to sit on the scale and they have worked wonders. He has learned in just a two days to get up on the scale, lay down and get his treat. The best part is that he seems healthy, happy and is loosing weight. This will be a long process for him to get to where he needs to be but knowing that he is liking what he eats and it is working is a win-win for us! February 18, 2014
Great product that has produced great results in our kitty Our vet recommended our kitty loose a little weight and recommended Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. In a little over two months, our kitty has lost close to 2 pounds and she LOVES this food. While she is on a restricted diet, she doesn't appear to be starving (okay she does ask for food, but if we just pet her while she finishes what is left in her bowl, she is happy) We have even swapped out her treats with this cat food. She will perform her tricks all for a little nugget of Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. Thanks for a great cat food that has helped our kitty become a more healthy cat. February 17, 2014
Our cat loves this cat food. Our cat is slowly loosing the weight that she needs to on this cat food. She has not lost this much on anything else. February 16, 2014
Great taste for a picky eater Our cat Bear loves Metabolic Advanced Weight Solutions I was concerned that he might not eat the food because he is very picky about his food to the point of leaving food in the bowl or picking out pieces and putting them on the floor. This was not the case with Metabolic Advanced Weight Solutions as soon as Bear smelled the food he began to eat it. I am glad that he enjoys his new food because we want him to be around for many years to come and this diet is a must. February 14, 2014
my picky cats actually enjoy eating this product. This product satisfies my cats, but the weight loss is not going as well as the product and my vet states it should. Maybe it's just slower than what the hype is? It is working though. I have my cats eating this for 8 months now but they only lost 2 lbs. each. They hate your wet food, so they still get their usual, one manufacturer, one flavor wet food (they are really picky). They get 1 tsp. 3 times per day of the wet food. My vet says they are still doing okay? The price is extremely high, even with a coupon. I feel I will need to change them to another product just for this fact. February 7, 2014
Highly recommend. If you have a fat cat. This stuff works really well alongs you feed your little as directed from your vet. My little one came running for it every time I opened up his food. February 4, 2014
Great Taste and it works My cat loves the metabolic diet. I have seen a great change in his weight since being on the metabolic diet. In have tried other weight loss diets and he didn't like the taste. So it's great to see a food that he likes and is also accomplishing our goal of weight loss February 4, 2014
This product works great for weight loss. My cat is 13 years and old and a few pounds overweight. During the past few years, I've tried different types of weight control/loss pet food, but without any positive results. My cat has been on the Hill's Metabolic Weight Loss dry cat food for only 4 months and I'm already seeing weight loss! My cat like the taste and texture of this food, so it's no struggle to get him to eat it. I would, and have, recommended this food to my friends and family who have cats that could use to lose a few pounds. January 31, 2014
This does what it says it does. Our cat is actually losing weight without crying for more food. January 8, 2014
Excellent product This product was recommended to me by my vet to help my cat lose weight. It was worth the money and my pet is now at a healthy weight too. January 5, 2014
This food is great for weight loss/management I have searched for a food to help my cat Thomas' weight that he will actually eat-- Hill's Metabolic has become my cat's favorite- even the wet, which he never cared for before!! Also, he has lost an incredible amount of weight that we've been struggling with. December 26, 2013
Great product Just started my cat on this product, he seems to really like it, as he does all food he is not a picky eater. December 20, 2013
It Works! Of course the key to effective weight loss is portion control and exercise, but the Metabolic formula allows me some leeway to accomodate my busy schedule and still treat my girl! December 20, 2013
Awesome results My cats have been a little over weight for the past couple years, some of the cats more than others, after putting them on this food i finally saw results December 19, 2013
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