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Hill's® Prescription Diet® l/d® Feline Hepatic Health 4.3 5 3 3
Portosystemic Shunt Our 7 month old ragdoll kitten was diagnosed with a Portosystemic shunt; we switched from kitten to l/d in order to lessen the amount of toxins from protein in his diet. He is doing so well on l/d! His coat has improved dramatically; he is gaining weight and has far less neurologic symptoms. He will still need the surgery to correct it, but l/d has improved his quality of life and helped make him stronger for surgery. Thank you Hill's for making great foods for our pets! June 29, 2013
kinda hard to review something my pet needs to survive My vet says my cat needs it. I go to my vet for his opinion on such matters and no have reason or inclination to call his judgement into question. That said, i buy this food my cat. He eats it. Apparently his liver is functioning within a healthy range now. Goon on you guys for making such a product. September 16, 2014
Great product but too expensive It would be great if y'all would allow the consumer to print your coupons more than once. This product is expensive, but effective. Brand loyalty is appreciated. September 10, 2014
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