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Hill's® Prescription Diet® l/d® Feline Hepatic Health 5 5 2 2
Portosystemic Shunt Our 7 month old ragdoll kitten was diagnosed with a Portosystemic shunt; we switched from kitten to l/d in order to lessen the amount of toxins from protein in his diet. He is doing so well on l/d! His coat has improved dramatically; he is gaining weight and has far less neurologic symptoms. He will still need the surgery to correct it, but l/d has improved his quality of life and helped make him stronger for surgery. Thank you Hill's for making great foods for our pets! June 29, 2013
Much improved G/I health. My Sweetums diagnosed with GI problems. . Vet-meds with Hills i/d the only item on our household menu has her active, and much improved. Seems to be just the ticket for our 13 year old Devon Rex hybrid snuggler. Thanks, Hills, for the coupon discount.... with her aging pal also dining at the same restaurant.... it makes it more economical for our also-senior household. August 5, 2013
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