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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Renal Health 4.7 5 55 55
Helped my cat live a long time! I have been feeding my cats K/d for numerous years ever since my boy cat was starting kidney problems. It helped greatly and my boy cat lived to be 20 years 6 months old and he went to the Rainbow Bridge November 12th. My female cat went to the Rainbow Bridge in January of this year at 22 years old. I feel that feeding them k/d really helped and my vet said that my 16 year old should keep on it. It is great that you have food geared to a certain problems for both cats and dogs. I highly recommend it if your vet tells you to buy it. Yes, it's expensive and wish more coupons were available in the coupon sections for the prescription food, but it is definitely worth the price to keep your fur babies with you for as long as they can live. November 17, 2013
Effective Cat Food for Renal Health My cat has been eating this food since being diagnosed with renal failure in October, 2011. She enjoys the taste (even the wet food) and she gained back most of the weight she lost when she got very ill. October 18, 2013
She's like a new cat! My cat was diagnosed with kidney failure nearly 9 months ago. They told me she had anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months left. They told me to feed her the prescription KD food to help. It sure did! She's more social, friendly, and a happier cat. She has more energy and is still doing well. I am grateful for Science Diet Prescription food. It gave me my baby back! October 15, 2013
This product kept our beloved 12 year old Sam alive for an extra 2 years This was the only food Sam would eat We tried so many others and he would not touch them. He ate the hard food only. He was so young to die of Cfs it just broke our hearts. But your food did help him stay alive. Thank you for making you specialized food as u do April 13, 2014
Good food for the cat, but cost it to high. Cat like food, but the cost is to high. It is hard to a afford it. April 11, 2014
Saved my cat! In January I had a very sick kitty. She is 18 but I didn't want to giver up on her yet. She was diagnosed with failing kidneys. After a week of iv's and antibiotics she came home with the suggestion of a special kidney diet. To my surprise and relief she is doing very well and back to her old self. She loves her new diet, both wet and dry. I have another cat who eats a normal diet and this one doesn't even try to eat the other food. She goes straight to her special diet. My only concern with this is the price. I wish it didn't have to be so expensive. Thank you Hills for giving me more time with my "baby". April 11, 2014
Keeping kidney disease in check My cat prefers the new shape (disc) and seems to be more attracted to eat. April 4, 2014
Great product My pet Jade was diagnosed with early renal disease about 6 months ago while in for a routine dental cleaning. Since then she has been on Feline K/D. I recently brought her in for her bi-annual exam and re-check on bloodwork. The lab work came back with improved renal values, which I was glad to see. March 27, 2014
tiger luvs it I was very surprised that my cat took to the k/d product right away he looks forward to eating it always March 25, 2014
Is working very well for our cat with renal failure test results have remand steady since we have been using it March 19, 2014
Persia Loves k/d I thought my finicky senior cat wouldn't like Hill's k/d. Wrong! She really likes it. :) March 18, 2014
Worked well, but not picky-proof My senior female cat was prescribed this when the vet found renal failure was the cause of her otherwise unexplained weight loss. We switched her from regular adult cat food to this and she initially bounced back and regained most of her lost weight. However, this particular cat "gets bored" with foods and eventually quit eating this one as well. I do think it helped her while she was on it, and I don't fault the food for her eventually rejecting it; I believe it's worth a try if your cat doesn't have a history of turning their nose up at foods. (Incidentally, my healthy male kitten chewed through the side of the bag to get at this, so it must be appealing in some way!) March 15, 2014
My cat's kidney functions have improved My cat, Bear, was diagnosed with age-related kidney failure in Dec 2013. My vet recommended Prescription Diet k/d. Because I have two cats that are fed together, they both eat this food now. In addition to the dry food, Bear receives a tablespoon of k/d wet each day at dinner. I use it to disguise the medication he takes to control the acid in his stomach. Bear literally begs for the food at dinner time. He is not on any medications for his kidney failure. I had his levels re-tested in mid-February and since being on the k/d one level remained the same and the other level improved. The food is pricey but it seems to be keeping Bear stable. I have been able to download $7 coupons from Hills website. March 7, 2014
Great Food!!!! I work as a vet tech and after bringing in my own cat for an examination I found out that he has problems with his kidneys. My vet recommended trying the K/D food for my cat and I must say I have not seen her this happy in a very long time. She absolutely loves it especially the canned chicken food. February 28, 2014
Cats love the taste! I have had 2 cats on Feline k/D dry and have had great results. My first cat was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2009. I started her on k/d immediately. She was 19 years at the time, she lived to be 21, passing away in 2011. In Oct. of 2013, my 15 year old kitty was also diagnosed with early renal problems, put her on k/d dry and retested her last month. Her blood values had improved. Both cats loved the food and I hope to keep the 15 kitty going for another few years. Definitely worth trying February 27, 2014
Great Product well accepted by cats This diet has helped my cat's kidney values decrease and overall health increase. She has put weight on, feels better and is back to sleeping with me every night. I was scared when she went into kidney failure, but it is so nice to have a therapeutic diet, something she eats and does not have to be forced. She loves the food and is pigging out again!!! She is now 15 years old. February 27, 2014
My 17 yo cat enjoys k/d dry! When I was told that my 17 year old furry little Angel needed to be on a special diet because he was in early renal failure, I was devastated. He's a very sweet boy and we live him so much. Also,I had already gone through, it seemed liked, every brand and flavor of soft food because of his bad teeth and was able to find one flavor of one brand that he tolerated. So,I was very concerned that finding a prescription kidney food would be just as hard. My very said most cats prefer the soft Science Diet k/d, do I left with 3 cans and my fingers crossed. He ate it ok for about a week, then decided it wasn't for him. So I picked up a bag of the dry k/d, immediately, he dug right in. I was cautiously optimistic, after the experience with soft food. But one year later, he still loves it! I have little bowls of food in most of the house so he can eat without much effort, poor little guy. Thank you! February 25, 2014
It did its job. My vet put my 15 year old cat on this food, and her coat feels better. The other cats have decided they like this better than the other food available to them. February 23, 2014
Healthful, palatable nutrition for my aging cat After getting diagnosed with some kidney issues, our cat Buster was prescribed Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Renal Health by our veterinarian. Not only has Buster's condition improved, but so has his appetite. The great experience with Hill's Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Renal Health has caused me to take a new look at Hill's other products for my other pets. February 9, 2014
Cats love it With two cats having the beginning of renal problems, I had to switch to Hills KD dry food to insure their health. Both cats love the taste of this food! It is very moist and remains moist until the bag is gone and I get another one from my Vet. Much unlike other dry cat foods which are "dry" as their name suggests. I am very pleased with the Hills KD. February 7, 2014
Going strong My cat was diagnosed with renal failure over a year ago. He was not doing well and I didn't have hope that he would last much longer. The Vet recommended I change my cat's diet to KD for both wet and dry. It is now over a year later and my cat is doing well and still has a strong appetite for both the dry and the wet food. February 3, 2014
Best in smaller bags We have been feeding the K/D Diet for several months. Our vet did indicate that some cats are finicky and that we may need to find a food that would be palatable for our cat. Our cat took to the food right away, once a UTI had been cleared up. We did notice that if we opened a fresh bag before the older bag was finished, the cat would prefer the fresher food. January 30, 2014
My cat would not eat at first, but is now eating daily Most importantly my cats kidney functions have improved with this product January 26, 2014
The product seems to work Having urinary issues with some of my cats we have had to go over to the KD formula. Seems to be doing what we want it to do. The only down side is that unlike the CD formula that came in a 17 lb bag, the KD only comes in a 8.5 lb. Meaning I have to buy many bags each month. So the cost is right up there. January 22, 2014
My cat only gets the best My cat Sabastian has been diagnosed with beginning stages of renal failure...his amazing vet recommended K/D wet food and with a little coaxing, he has enjoyed the taste of the food. All of his levels has improved and he has been a much happier cat. We hope to have him around for years to come. Thanks for looking out for the health of cats around the world!! January 15, 2014
Can't live with out it. Our buddy, Calab, our orange kittie, needs to have the Science Diet to keep is lower track working. We depend on it. January 14, 2014
The best food for my older cats My older cats needed this kind of food due to their health issues...they like it and eat it well...not like some other products we have tried January 12, 2014
Great quality My cat has had kidney disease, when she was first diagnosed I was told she would only live another 3 -6 months. But that was almost 2 years ago. She is doing very well eating K?D prescription diet dry food. January 10, 2014
Easy and effective k/d diet is keeping George the cat's health under control. George (who is female) loves both the dry and wet versions and eats it readily. I can do open feeding with her on the dry kibble, so it is super easy for me. I use the canned version of k/d as a treat, which she really loves! Overall, I'm very happy that this prescription diet has worked so well for her. She's been happily and healthily eating it for over four years. January 9, 2014
Lifelong Care I have been a Veterinary Technician for over ten years, and a pet owner all my life. My two cats that I have had since birth have been fed Hill's Science Diet Kitten, Maintenance, Light, and Hairball throughout their lives. They are 14 1/2 and 16 1/2 years old now. Three years ago they both entered into early renal disease. Having fed Hill's all their lives I immediately started the k/d diet. My vet (and boss) gave me a sample of another prescription kidney diet and they didn't like it. Smart kitties. They ate the dry k/d for over two years and to help them out I started adding the canned k/d twice a day as well. They are thriving with shiny coats and healthy appetites. Thanks to Hill's diets they are living long, happy lives with a very happy owner! January 6, 2014
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