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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Renal Health 4.7 5 82 82
Helped my cat live a long time! I have been feeding my cats K/d for numerous years ever since my boy cat was starting kidney problems. It helped greatly and my boy cat lived to be 20 years 6 months old and he went to the Rainbow Bridge November 12th. My female cat went to the Rainbow Bridge in January of this year at 22 years old. I feel that feeding them k/d really helped and my vet said that my 16 year old should keep on it. It is great that you have food geared to a certain problems for both cats and dogs. I highly recommend it if your vet tells you to buy it. Yes, it's expensive and wish more coupons were available in the coupon sections for the prescription food, but it is definitely worth the price to keep your fur babies with you for as long as they can live. November 17, 2013
Effective Cat Food for Renal Health My cat has been eating this food since being diagnosed with renal failure in October, 2011. She enjoys the taste (even the wet food) and she gained back most of the weight she lost when she got very ill. October 18, 2013
She's like a new cat! My cat was diagnosed with kidney failure nearly 9 months ago. They told me she had anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months left. They told me to feed her the prescription KD food to help. It sure did! She's more social, friendly, and a happier cat. She has more energy and is still doing well. I am grateful for Science Diet Prescription food. It gave me my baby back! October 15, 2013
This product smells good & appetizing. My cat, Harry, loves this food! The food quality is always consistent in appearance & aroma. August 14, 2014
My Cat Responded So Positively.... For years my cat was on CD's because of a urinary tract infection that almost killed him. He never had that problem again but at 15 yrs old recently began to drink water excessively, his fur became dull and shaggy looking and he didn't have a playful spirit like he used to. At his annual exam his vet determined he now has kidney concerns so changed the diet from CD's to KD's and in 2 weeks time my cat is like a brand new kitty! He's playful again and his coat is more shiny. He still drinks lots of water, but that's good for him since he'll soon be 16 years old on his birthday! Thank you so much for having a prescription food that truly has prolonged my cat's life on more than one occasion!!!!! Sherri, Dallas/Ft Worth TX August 1, 2014
Vet Recommendation Our vet recommended that we feed this to our 15 year old cat and she has been on the food for almost 2 years. She seems to like the taste and she has more energy than she did previously. August 1, 2014
May have saved my cats life! My cat, Max was diagnosed with failing kidneys. The vet recommended Hills Prescription Diet k/d. I was a little worried as my cat is a very finicky eater. Luckily he loved it!! He seems to be bouncing back quite nicely. Even though I haven't had a new kidney test, I can tell my his personality and his litter box, this product is doing the trick!! July 28, 2014
This product has helped my cat. Sherman is 19 years old. Your reninal K/D is very expensive. I think that if any customer that buys as I do to keep my cat healthy with your product should have a price break on every can and every bag that is bought. QED QEF July 17, 2014
Several of my cats enjoy this food. Feline Prescription KD has improved over the years. 30 years ago none of our cats would eat either the dry or wet versions. Now it is palatable to them. These are obviously not the same animals but I believe the comparison is valid. July 15, 2014
We are stunned by Squeeks' turn around. One month ago we took our fourteen year old 'Squeeker' boy to our Vet, thinking we would probably have to say good by to him, he was so very ill. The Dr. said he was in early renal failure, and needed to be hydrated, and given antibiotics. He also advised putting him on k/d prescription feed. Today, he is a new kitty. He loves the k/d, and isn't interested in eating anything else. He runs and plays like he is four years old instead of fourteen. We have four other sweethearts, and they all eat the k/d now, our Vet says it is good for them too. This feed is very, very pricey. Being on a fixed income it is difficult sometimes, but we will always find a way. July 14, 2014
KD dry cat food is keeping my senior cat's health steady. My senior cat eats the KD Prescription died dry food without issue, & it's been keeping her on an even keel for several years now. She had pancreatitis 2 years ago, & then renal failure set in. Working wth my vet, we got her stabilized & she's been on this food ever since. I think it's been a big part of keeping my cat going & I hope she has many good years ahead of her! LK Watertown, SD June 30, 2014
Terrific Product My 14 year old cat was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with early renal failure. Our vet recommended that we change her food to the Prescription K/D Renal food which we did immediately. She has regained some of the weight she lost and she has more energy than before. She likes the food so I don't have any problems getting her to eat it. We are very happy with this product and will continue to feed it to our cat as long as our vet recommends we do so. I would highly recommend this food to anyone whose vet has suggested they switch their cat over to it. June 30, 2014
My finicky cat enjoys K/d My cat Loki (14 yrs) was eating C/d, but I had to recently switch him to K/d based on the veterinarian's recommendations. Though, I was worried about that due to his picky eating habits. Well, the first night of offering Loki a small amount of the K/d proved his taste for it would not be a problem. He devoured it then, and he still does these few months later. Thanks for making sure it was to his and many other finicky felines liking! June 24, 2014
This product was recommended by my vet a few years ago for my now 17 yr old cat. I cannot truly know if the product has kept further renal concerns at bay, but is the main food that my cat eats, and I believe that she is doing well enough for her age. The only concern is that I have to buy the smaller bag, as even about 1/2 through that bag, there must be a change in taste, for she doesn't eat it as energetically compared to a freshly opened bag. And while I tried for a while, I don't supplement the dry with wet cat food, since she also grows quickly tired of that June 12, 2014
My cat likes the taste Another company changed their formula. (Although they stated they only changed the shape. My cat Mitzie would not eat it al all with the change.) Mitzie hated it. I now find out she has Kidney problems and was worried about the change to a new food. There were no problems at all! Mitzie loved the food and we have not had a problem with her eating it at all. Actually she eats more now that she likes the new food. Her food also seems a lot fresher and stays fresher. June 9, 2014
This product is worth every penny! You can't put a price tag on life. My vet advised that I might get one more year with my Sadie if I changed to the k/d diet. It has been two years and she is still going strong. Every day is a gift, and I thank those that have made this possible. June 7, 2014
Food has been extra oily lately We have been using this food for years, upon recommendation from our vet. Pricey, yes, but no problems. Not sure how long ago, but recently - maybe the last few months - I've noticed that the product has been very oily and even leaves a film of oil in the food dish. Is this on purpose? If not, I preferred the old recipe. Thank you. June 6, 2014
"Whisper" whispers his thanks!! Our rescue cat has been eating this since he came to live with us five months ago, as prescribed by our vet. It has given him a new lease on life!! May 30, 2014
This product has been very helpful for our older cat Our cat was eating a different, but also-good-quality food, when she displayed severe kidney distress. The K/D food was recommended by the vet, and she's been eating it ever since. Today, she is a healthy cat, dealing well with her kidney issue, and she seems happy and comfortable. May 30, 2014
a well balanced diet I feel that this product is a healthy lifestyle for my cats!!! I wish the price wasn't so high. May 29, 2014
Great Quality Product My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease last year and our vet prescribed this food for her diet. Over the last year her kidney values have stayed the same and my cat loves this food! I just wish there were more $7 coupons available. May 21, 2014
K/D Good for Kidney Cats Two of my cats have kidney issues and K/D is keeping their kidney values at decent levels. Delilah loves the food. Buddy is less enthusiastic but with a little canned taste mixed in he eats his. I have tried two other brands and neither cat liked them so I am sticking with K/D which is recommended by my vet. May 20, 2014
kd dry cat food I have aging is having renal problems and the vet wants him on KD. I did not know what to do since I have 3 cats,one being only 2 years old. I was relieved that all of the cats could eat this Rx diet...otherwise I did not how I was going to manage this change....the food is left out all day...they graze. Everyone seems to like the food and I am so glad about that.....the adjustment went very smoothly! Yeah!!!! May 16, 2014
My cat loves the taste This was recommended by my vet and I am convinced that it has contributed to extending my cat's healthy life May 14, 2014
Great benefits I have 4 17 year old is on KD dry, so all are eating this. He really likes it, and is doing well on it. May 14, 2014
It has helped my cat get better with his kidney disease. It has helped my cat get better with his kidney disease. Thank you. I would never use anything other than Hills's Science Diet or Hill's Prescription Diet. May 2, 2014
My cats love this food! My cats love this food! They also eat the can food. May 2, 2014
KD prescciption is great I thought my Solomon 15 yrs old was going to die. His kidneys where almost completely shut down. Vet gave him fluids, antibiotics and told me to feed him KD prescription. He loves the dry and he his like 10 yrs old now. Very happy and I think he will be around for a long time. The coupons really help also. May 1, 2014
About what I expect My cats have been on regular Science Diet indoor cat food for years, but as they have gotten older, they are starting to show signs of kidney disease so I have switched them over. They like the food, and there were no digestive issues in switching them, which was great. The cost is about twice as much as the regular Science Diet food they were on. I'm willing to pay it because I love them and want what's best for them, but I do feel it's a bit overpriced. it's not like the food contains medications or anything. It's just a different ratio of protein. April 30, 2014
Wish it was made with More Natural Ingredients I know this is the food that is needed for Kidney Disease in cats and it's a must have. I just wish it had more Natural Ingredients in it that it has. Although my Kitty prefers Hills Prescription Diet K/D Dry than any other Dry Prescription Diet food. So if she's healthy and happy then I am... April 26, 2014
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