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Changed my Cats Life There wasn't much you could do for arthritis in cats, but now that JD is around it that's changed! My cat is 15 and dealing with really bad arthritis in his hips. After about a month on this diet, I noticed he was moving more, jumping, using the stairs more often, more social and just seemed happier. I never thought he was in pain before the diet, but now I know! I just wish I had this sooner for him. December 23, 2013
It really improved my cats mobility. My elderly cat started to have difficulty climbing and jumping. The vet suggested the change to this special blend. I'm happy to say my cat no longer struggles. She's living life to the fullest. December 5, 2013
AMAZING results with my 16-year old cat, Mia Shared via Facebook with "Friends with senior or arthritic cats: The young kit in Mia has been resurrected with FULL thanks to Hill's new j/d Prescription Diet for mobility. No more struggles by me and vet with continued, unsuccessful efforts with pills, oils, and powders. Her coat, rambunctiousness, and general demeanor would make you think she was half her age. Family grins big and LOL in amazement at the change that's occurred over the past two months. No need for transitioning to new food, either. No more free feeding, though, because 3-yr old Mootsie got CHUBBY from hogging down the tasty stuff, but upside for us is that her coat feels like MINK." November 19, 2012
Works very well My cat developed an issue with his elbow. We treated with a short course of pain medication and switched his food to j/d. He has been on j/d ever since and the elbow issue has not recurred. I would highly recommend this for pets with any joint/arthritis issues. March 5, 2014
It really works!!! I adopted my cat 5yrs ago after he had a badly broken hind leg surgically corrected. By the time he was taken to surgery, though, the broken bones had already started to fuse...leaving him with an obvious hind leg limp and the makings for some serious arthritis in his hock. About 2yrs ago I noticed him starting to slow down, not wanting to jump as much and keeping to himself more. The J/D has helped A LOT. He loves the taste (although he is not very picky) and his mobility has definitely improved on this diet...he is back to his active self!. As a veterinarian myself, I would recommend this for any arthritic cat. February 3, 2014
This product helps This product has really helped my cats overall health and mobility. December 21, 2013
Great for all of our cats! We began feeling this food for our 7 year old cat, who didn't have problems with arthritis yet, but we were wanting to prevent issues. When our then kitten became an adult cat, we fed him the j/d also. Two years have gone by and our cats have wonderful coats, good skin, and no mobility problems whatsoever. We are very pleased and recommend the food to any cat owner. December 19, 2013
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