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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Feline Gastrointestinal Health 4.5 5 32 32
Great choice My 11 month old Maine coon kitty suffered from bouts of diarrhea off and on for months. My vet recommend prescription diet ID for gastrointestinal health and it has worked wonderfully. My kitty hasn't had an incident since starting this product. Life is much better and Baby is much happier. She loves how it tastes and I love how it works. I would recommend this product to someone who's cat has irregularity. November 7, 2013
Helped cure 5 months of diarrhea! My cat had diarrhea for 5 months and many remedies were tried. After two days on id, my cat was back to normal and stayed normal. Thanks! October 7, 2013
Huge affect on my cat's digestive system and temperment! I highly recommend this product as well as the accompanying wet canned food and treats. My kitten was having tummy aches and gas after eating, resulting in loose bowel movements over extended period of time. She was also grumpy, didn't want to be held and was biting us ... not vicious, just irritable and purred at same time. After 2 doctors said she was having behavorial problems which were not related and recommended an internal medicine doctor and tests including blood, endoscopy, colonscopy and x-ray, I asked the last dr. about trying a better pet food. Twice, I had not been successful in changing her food, but seemed to me that her problems came from what she was eating. The dr gave me Hills Prescription id which my cat loved immediately. And adored the wet food as well as the treats. After 3 days, her sweet disposition returned ... and after 2 weeks, her bowel movements were completely normal! It has been over 2 months and all is well! The biting has stopped, she loves being held again, and no more loose bowels. I highly recommend trying this food before submitting a cat to upsetting, invasive and expensive tests without exploring the possibility of food intolerance or or other diet concern. Turns out my kitty is intolerant of wheat! September 27, 2013
problem solved My old kitty had loose poo. This seemed to solve the problem. I made the food transistion with little difficulty, he seems to like it. April 10, 2014
Helped so much! My cat Blue was having some terrible digestive issues and after one round of treatment we were not seeing an improvement. Out vet said the next step was to try Prescription Diet iD and within 3 days Blue was doing so much better! It's now been 3 weeks and we are very happy with this product. March 28, 2014
This cat food allows me to keep my cat in good health without this cat food my 8 year old bengal cat wouldn't be alive, this is the only cat food she can eat without discomfort and pain, so without this cat food I wouldn't have her now. February 25, 2014
My cat seems to enjoy the food, and it helps his sensitive stomach. My cat has a sensitive stomach and this food has helped him greatly. He likes the taste. February 24, 2014
Works well for my cat. My rescue cat had a pelvic injury that requires him to have soft stools to prevent constipation. This prescription Hills Diet along with a medication seems to have him healthy and happy. I wish it were the same price as their regular non prescrition food found in fine pet stores, but at least Hills offers coupons from time to time to help out the cost. Thank you, Hills! February 19, 2014
I/D for pancreatitis First my new stray cat had kidneys issues, then it became pancreatitis. She loves the Prescription Diet foods that her Dr's have prescribed for her. Never a palatabilty issue...although she won't eat the canned food.... February 4, 2014
This product has helped my cat with GI issues My veterinarian recommended Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Feline Gastrointestinal Health for my cat, and the results have been excellent and immediate. My cat enjoys the taste of the food and has renewed energy because i/d is nutrient dense and easily digestible. My cat and I thank Hill's for this great product! January 29, 2014
Would like to see animal by-products removed. At this time the product is the only dry food that my cat can tolerate. January 25, 2014
ID FOR DIARRHEA DID NOTHING FOR MY CAT`S DIARRHEA,used for 4 continued to have loose wattery stools January 5, 2014
dietary needs for my kitten We rescued a kitten and he has intestonal issues. We didn't know in the beginning, however, now that we are attached, the solution is dietary food. He still has some problems, but less so with the Hills dietary food. December 30, 2013
AMAZING! This food is a miracle, my 3 year old kitty use to throw up 3-5 times a day. We have been using this food for a month and not one throw up! He is putting weight on and is happy, healthy, and satisfied! I would recommend this food to anyone whose kitty has digestive/stomach problems. December 26, 2013
Has helped chronic GI issues My cat has had intermittent vomiting for years. I had tried her on various foods with no luck. She's been eating the I/D for months now and her vomiting has significantly decreased. She also really likes the taste. December 20, 2013
Saved my cat's life My 12 year old cat, Mr. Bear, had severe GI issues. He went from a 13 pound cat to a 7 pound cat. I thought he was going to die. But my vet recommended putting him on i/d. I had tried him on other sensitive stomach foods that were over the counter, so I was skeptical. But i/d was the cure! All of his vomiting and diarrhea stopped. He gained back all of his weight. And lived another 7 wonderful years. I couldn't be happier with this product or will Hill's. December 19, 2013
Only thing my cats will eat I use this as a general maintenance food for my 3 cats. I have to senior cats 17 and 16 years old and a 5 year old. It is gentle on their system and they just love the taste of it. My 5 year old had horrible hairballs until she started eating this. I haven't seen one in over a year. December 19, 2013
The product helps my cats but it's costly because I have 3 cats on this cat food. I have 3 cats on this cat food, I wish I could get more coupons. It's gets a little costly. December 8, 2013
Helped his digestive problems Valentino was suffering from diarrhea off and on for several months. The vet put him on Prescription i/d dry food. So far he's been doing well. December 4, 2013
Good product but expensive My cat has been on I/D for about 7-8 yrs & she is doing very well. She was diagnosed with digestive problems so this is the only food that I give here. However it is pricey @ close to $16-$19 for a 4lb bag.....Pretty expensive I would say! November 3, 2013
It works! What else can you ask for? Cheaper price would be good. I love my cat, and I'm glad this product has "treated" her immediate issues, however, I'd rather find out the underlying cause instead of the "band aid". For now, it is fine, but at these prices it will not be a life time thing. October 17, 2013
Older cat I adopted a cat I thought was 5+ years old from a rescue and found out by my vet he was actually closer to 10+. He had some bowel issues, so we put him on this food, which he loves. My other cat doesn't eat his food and vice versa. Stool has gotten firmer and his coat and overall well-being has been great. Highly recommended. October 11, 2013
Expensive, coupons good While this is a very expensive option, my cats do suck it down like crazy. I have to be very careful to limit the amount they get. It has helped with the chronic puking in my older cat. The coupons which my vet told me about for $7 off were nice, but I only was able to print one or two, and now it says I used up my allotment. I guess the vet didn't understand how that was going to work, so I'm a little disappointed. We use a bag of this food every 3-4 weeks. October 9, 2013
Great, but expensive Love the product. Cats quit vomiting. Website only offers just a few coupons and therefore cost prohibitive for me. I have just begun research into less expensive options. October 7, 2013
helikes it! My cat likes it sn d he is feeling good...inside and out! September 27, 2013
Has helped my cat's digestive troubles. My cat, Shadow, had a lot of trouble keeping his food down. He would often vomit his entire meal shortly after eating. The Science Diet Prescription has almost eliminated the vomiting completely. He only brings up about a tablespoon on occastion. In my opinion, Prescription i/d has made my cat a lot healthier, and both of us a lot happier. September 12, 2013
works wonderfully on my cats' sensitive stomach My extremely long haired cat ended up having surgery to remove 3/4 large hard hairballs in his intestinal tract that were bigger than $1 coins and hard as rocks. He couldn't even keep water down. After the surgery the vet recommended Prescription I/D as his regular food. It works wonderfully and even when he gets large hairballs he's able to bring them up and they don't get stuck inside him. I've tried to take him off several times and each time he's ended up back at the vet's usually at least overnight. We stick with the food and he's fine. My other short haired cat likes the flavour too! Only downside is it is expensive and I wish the price would come down some as it's hard on a fixed income to buy. September 8, 2013
Great product until they changed the shape!! I have 2 cats that have eaten this food exclusively for years without a problem. The "new" shape without change of favor is refused by both cats. The favor must have changed because now I am in a battle to try to get them to eat the new formula. You can fool humans but not the felines!! This is the feline equivilent to "New Coke" several years ago!! September 5, 2013
Works great for cat with sensitive GI areas! My long hair domestic cat...actually super long hair must have some Persian in him, had very bad furballs that he ended up having surgery to remove several that were hard as rocks and stuck in his GI tract. Afterwards the vet put him on Prescription I/D. I didn't think this would be a forever deal!! But anytime I take him off of it or mix it with other dry food, he ends up rushed back into the vet for at least an overnight stay while he gets re-hydrated and better. After thousands of dollars in vet fees, he's permanently on Prescription i/d. Only issue I have with the Prescription brand is that it is only sold at vets. Couldn't we have it at specialty pet food stores with a prescription or similar? I must have spend over $2K just on pet food in the last 6 to 8 years. Now 14 years old, our "free kitten" now up to the $6K free cat! I think he's done pretty good for such a sick guy in the first place! August 15, 2013
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