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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Feline Gastrointestinal Health 4.6 5 55 55
Great choice My 11 month old Maine coon kitty suffered from bouts of diarrhea off and on for months. My vet recommend prescription diet ID for gastrointestinal health and it has worked wonderfully. My kitty hasn't had an incident since starting this product. Life is much better and Baby is much happier. She loves how it tastes and I love how it works. I would recommend this product to someone who's cat has irregularity. November 7, 2013
Helped cure 5 months of diarrhea! My cat had diarrhea for 5 months and many remedies were tried. After two days on id, my cat was back to normal and stayed normal. Thanks! October 7, 2013
Huge affect on my cat's digestive system and temperment! I highly recommend this product as well as the accompanying wet canned food and treats. My kitten was having tummy aches and gas after eating, resulting in loose bowel movements over extended period of time. She was also grumpy, didn't want to be held and was biting us ... not vicious, just irritable and purred at same time. After 2 doctors said she was having behavorial problems which were not related and recommended an internal medicine doctor and tests including blood, endoscopy, colonscopy and x-ray, I asked the last dr. about trying a better pet food. Twice, I had not been successful in changing her food, but seemed to me that her problems came from what she was eating. The dr gave me Hills Prescription id which my cat loved immediately. And adored the wet food as well as the treats. After 3 days, her sweet disposition returned ... and after 2 weeks, her bowel movements were completely normal! It has been over 2 months and all is well! The biting has stopped, she loves being held again, and no more loose bowels. I highly recommend trying this food before submitting a cat to upsetting, invasive and expensive tests without exploring the possibility of food intolerance or or other diet concern. Turns out my kitty is intolerant of wheat! September 27, 2013
My cat loves it!! I started giving my cat this food and she absolutely loves it! It makes her skin and hair look so shiny September 9, 2014
Cat likes this product. My cat had isues keeping food down. This product changed all of that. She like the food and never has issues anymore. September 1, 2014
SD Prescription I/D Gastro Health- Cats My cats were sick recently with GI distress. My vet switched them to Science Diet's I/D dry food. It took a couple of weeks for my pets to adjust, but they are much better now. August 24, 2014
A food that my cats will eat We have tried several different types and brands of food to keep them from having so many "fur balls". When we told the vet, he recommended this product and it has worked!!!! We now have way fewer messes to clean up every day!!!!! August 23, 2014
This product is necessary for my cat's health My cat throws up a lot and this has helped to reduce it but not eliminate it. We have three cats and they all eat this food so the cost is very high for multiple cats. I would like to change the food but don't want to upset the cats and their routine. August 14, 2014
Our Abyssinians really like the food Our Vet recommended this diet for our 2 Abyssinians. Easy to chew and both kitties like it. August 5, 2014
Good, but pricey and only one flavor? I bought this the Prescription Diet i/d food for my cat that was constantly throwing up after eating other store bought food. The result was throwing up! Hallelujah! The only drawbacks are the high price of the food and subscribers are only allowed to get/use one coupon. Also, it would be nice if there was at least one other flavor of at least the wet i/d food...another flavor for the dry would be nice, too. The cats get very bored with the same thing every day and now that they've been on it for a while, there are some days they refuse to eat it. :( August 5, 2014
Expensive My cat has to eat this food or he will throw up and get sick from other cat foods. Really wish this food was not expensive it's not his fault that he gets sick and die from other brands of food. July 31, 2014
I/D Prescription Wet & Dry Cat Food My Cats eat the dry and seem to like it. No more Diarrhea from my Male Cat. So it works. Female put on weight since she is eating this as well. She is Overweight. The wet must not taste very good. Both cats don't like & I Have to mix it with other canned food. If you leave the food sitting for a couple of hours, it turns rock hard & looks like it has been sitting out for days. July 31, 2014
Helps keep my cats healthy I really like this food because it helps my three cats. I just find it costs me a lot to feed 3 cats. I wish I could get more coupons since I have to purchase this cat food so much faster to be able to feed 3 cats. Please help. July 30, 2014
Prescription Diet I buy the Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health because my cat has digestion problems and this works great for him. I have tried others and my Vet said this one would work and has since we switched over 3 yrs. ago. July 23, 2014
Delia was losing weight, vomiting and simply wasting away in front of my eyes. The Vet recommended Hill id and Delia has regained the weight and seems to have more energy than she's ever had. I have another cat who eats the same food right along with her. She, too, has gained weight which is not exactly the best thing but it does indicate that she too likes the food a lot. July 16, 2014
This has changed our cat's life When we adopted our rescue cat at age 3, we knew the first time she used her litter box that her stomach wasn't in good shape. The vet prescribed Feline ID, and there was immediate improvement. Four years later, she is still on it, and doing well. She loves the canned, but the dry is her favorite, so she gets both. The newer shape of the dry has made it much easier for her to eat. We used it in the past for another cat, and had the same great results. The on line coupons are very helpful! July 14, 2014
This product is very good Rx ID has been very good for my cat We have been very happy with it! I highly recommend it, but STRONGLY RECOMMEND that their cat is taken to the vet regularly! July 11, 2014
I/D formula is helping Sherman my outdoor cat! I have 5 cats outside and 5 inside. My inside cats eat W/D and are doing fine. However, one of my outdoor cats, Sherman has been having stomach issues. My vet recommended I/D dry/wet. He doesn't care for the wet, but seemed to have taken to the dry for over a month. He fortunately has gained 1/2lb from the 4lbs he had lost. I hope he continues to eat this food as its formulated for cats with IBS, gastic problems. I might switch all 5 outdoor cats to this food this way, he won't be tempted to eat their food, plus most of them are older cats so the I/D will be good for them as well to eliminate vomiting, etc. Thanks again Hills for keeping my cats healthy! July 8, 2014
Cats Tummy Happy Now!!! I've been using this product now two months. Both of my cats are eating it with out any problems. I'm very happy that this is good and healthy for my boys (cats). June 20, 2014
It was the only thing that worked. Our two cats have always had sensitive stomachs. So periodic switching of foods was not uncommon if they became intolerant and we always sprung for the top shelf brands. But one friday our cat Y.T. couldn't keep anything he ate down. Being an outdoor cat, we assumed he'd eaten something that unsettled him and kept him indoors. He wasn't acting sick or skittish and was even playful so we decided to wait. By Monday, he was showing little improvement and even looked to have lost weight. So we brought him in. The doctor, administered a shot to suppress his upset stomach and prescribed some food. After the shot wore off, he got sick again. Next, they changed to Prescription Diet i/d formula. The difference was staggering. Not only did it get him over the hump of acute nausea, but he and our other cat absolutely loved the food. I wouldn't call either one a "sensitive" cat anymore. They've both put on healthy, muscle weight and their coats are thick and soft. No more dandruff. The difference was so noticeable, it kind of made us feel like we'd been feeding them second rate food before. May 26, 2014
Helps my Cat from getting Diahrea & Stomach Upset. Helps my Cat from getting Diahrea & Stomach Upset. He does not love the taste, but he eats it. The Can Food ID DRies out and gets hard quickly if left out for an hour or two. All in all. It has helped my Cats stomach problems. May 19, 2014
my cats love it My cats love it. It helps with their issues better than anything else I have tried. May 5, 2014
product has been beneficial for my cat My cat no longer vomits and has an improved nature. Although he is age 11, he now runs around (sometimes!) with my two year old kittens. May 4, 2014
This product is very nutritional. This product has sustained the health of my two cats, and I will continue to buy this product. May 3, 2014
This food has kept my cats in the best of digestive health. I adopted a kitten eleven years ago with Irritable Bowl Syndrome. My Vet recommended Prescriptive i/d diet and he's been on it ever since. In 2009 I adopted another rescue kitten. Once he was weened and able to eat an adult diet my vet told me that there was no reason why he couldn't also be on that same diet. Now one is eleven and the other five and neither one has ever been sick I attribute that to the food that they have been eating all these years. April 22, 2014
problem solved My old kitty had loose poo. This seemed to solve the problem. I made the food transistion with little difficulty, he seems to like it. April 10, 2014
Helped so much! My cat Blue was having some terrible digestive issues and after one round of treatment we were not seeing an improvement. Out vet said the next step was to try Prescription Diet iD and within 3 days Blue was doing so much better! It's now been 3 weeks and we are very happy with this product. March 28, 2014
This cat food allows me to keep my cat in good health without this cat food my 8 year old bengal cat wouldn't be alive, this is the only cat food she can eat without discomfort and pain, so without this cat food I wouldn't have her now. February 25, 2014
My cat seems to enjoy the food, and it helps his sensitive stomach. My cat has a sensitive stomach and this food has helped him greatly. He likes the taste. February 24, 2014
Works well for my cat. My rescue cat had a pelvic injury that requires him to have soft stools to prevent constipation. This prescription Hills Diet along with a medication seems to have him healthy and happy. I wish it were the same price as their regular non prescrition food found in fine pet stores, but at least Hills offers coupons from time to time to help out the cost. Thank you, Hills! February 19, 2014
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