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Hill's® Prescription Diet® d/d® Feline Skin Support Venison & Green Pea Formula 4.7 5 15 15
my cat lucy has been eating D/D for years and she is happy, healthy and this food saved her life lucy was very ill for a year and my vet recommended her trying D/D - she has been eating this food for years and this has made her the happy, healthy cat she was as a kitten. She loves the taste - doesn't want anything else but her D/D... thanks!!!!!! from lucy and me October 9, 2013
Palatable, quality nutrition your picky eaters will love We have 2 cats that needed to switch to a prescription diet for various reasons. Both of these boys are picky eaters, but they love their d/d Venison & Green Pea, which made the switch so much easier. It's hard to help treat your pet's medical condition with prescription food if they won't eat it, which defeats the whole purpose. Therefore, we couldn't be happier with our boys' response! Thank you Hill's for making a prescription food that our cats enjoy and we can feel good about feeding them! September 28, 2013
This product has worked well for our 16 year old cat! This has proved to be the best food we have had an opportunity to provide our 16 year old cat! He liked it quickly. He was eating only this food after only two days of mixing with prior dry food. The results have been positive and greatly appreciated by both our cat and us. We provide him with plenty of water and he is one very happy cat we feel prior negative issues have disappeared. August 17, 2013
Really helped my cat My vet recommended for my cats problem and it has really worked November 13, 2014
This product performs Though this product is expensive, my cat no longer exhibits any skin allergies. August 18, 2014
The product seems to be doing what I hoped it would do. One male cat has had issues with blood in stool, and we have tried several of your Prescription Diets. One vet school recommended any food that was wild in nature since cats are feral by nature, so that's how we got to venison/green pea. My cats don't rush to their dishes for the wet food, but the dry food seems to appeal to them more. They drink more water with this food. However, the stool is formed with this food and only occasionally is there a trace of blood. Wish there were more flavors to choose from. I am transitioning the wet duck flavor in with the venison which seems to be more palatable. Regular Hills Diet prices are high as cat foods go, but the cost is even steeper for Prescription Diet when budgets are tight. April 29, 2014
This product helped my cat back to health My cat had food allergies to most of the common cat food types. He had a bad reaction to them losing weight enough for me to get help from my veterinarian. She recommended the DD venison/green pea dry food for him and he loved it. He gained the lost weight and his coat is beautiful now. It saved his life and I am so thankful. April 23, 2014
This food has great features. Hill's d/d feline food is a great aid in controlling my cat's skin allergies. While prescribed for just one of my cats, I must feed all 3 in order for it to be effective. All enjoy the taste and it has the added benefit of improving the luster and sheen of their coats. Would recommend to any pet owner. March 22, 2014
Palatable My pet has inflammatory bowel disease. He finds this food palatable and it is low-fat, which is excellent for the type of inflammation he has in his intestines. It helps control his symptoms. February 27, 2014
Special kitty with special needs finds the purrrfect food. We’ve come so close to losing our feline friend Rascal over the years due to substandard food that didn’t help with her very serious allergy problems. They would come highly recommended; the ingredients looked great except, they would have loads of fruit in them. Rascal would develop ulcers on her neck from food allergies or eat the cat food with fruit in it and develop a life threatening UTI. She is allergic to anything with feathers or scales. Her vet a very good cat doctor said we should try Rascal on the Hill's® Prescription Diet® d/d® Feline Skin Support Venison & Green Pea Formula. We did and immediately noticed Rascal’s digging, ulcers, UTI problems and overall unRascal behavior stopped. She is now a happy, healthy 12 year old cat who has eaten this product for more than 6 years. She loves it & we love knowing she will be around for a long time because of it. Thank you for making this for cats like Rascal. February 26, 2014
My cat loves this food. Thank goodness my cat loves this food, He eats the whole bowl right away in one sitting. If I try anything else his skin breaks out but this food keeps it clear and his hair shines. Thank you for providing him with the best food that he loves. February 16, 2014
Great food, quality product, Excellent Value I recently switched my cats over to d/d from another prescription brand and they LOVE it! December 19, 2013
My cat loves this food! My cat is 3 years old, and he suffers from skin irritation due to food allergies. I was feeding him a well-known brand of food that I bought from the grocery store, but when I changed to Prescription Diet d/d dry food, the skin irritation decreased tremendously. He also loves the taste of the food. When his bowl is empty, he literally licks the bottom of it to savor the flavor! December 18, 2013
Helps with my cat's allergies My indoor cat was suffering with an ongoing dirty-ear problem. My vet recommended this product. In a short time her ears were clear and have been ever since.As a side benefit, her stool is regular, well-formed and only mildly odoriferous.. June 29, 2013
My cat literally cries to be fed every morning Once my cat started eating this; she stopped scratching, all her wounds healed and she's been fat and happy. She seems to enjoy the taste. She has never walked away from it. I like that it comes in a resealable bag because I have other cats who want to try it. June 29, 2013
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