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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline Urinary Stress with Chicken Urinary Tract Health 4.7 5 34 34
Cats Love It!!! We have 4 cats and they all love it. I wish it was less expensive. July 14, 2014
excellent prevention My siamese is prone to urinary tract infections which can be very expensive to diagnose and treat. The Hill prescription food - while also rather expensive- keeps her from developing these infections so it is well worth the cost of the food. The company also offers coupons which I use each time I purchase the food. Thanks Hills! July 14, 2014
Great if your cat needs special food! My cat seems to love it! I don't go through it that quickly but there haven't been any bladder issues since she started eating this brand! Great! July 14, 2014
My cats won't eat it I have tried mixing it with food that they liike,but they spit out the prescriptio diet and leave a soggy mess of prescription food next to an empty bowl. I just added a small quantity of the prescription diet at first. When they refused to eat it, I gradually increased the amount of prescription diet. Same response. Finally, I fed only the prescription food, and for 10 days, they did not eat the dry food at all but chewed on door mouldings, newspapers, cardboard boxes, etc. At last, frantic because they were not eating food, I called their surgeon who told me to try the best OTC urinary diets until I found one they would eat, which I did. July 12, 2014
Saved my cat My cat has bladder struvites and ended up with a blocked ureter that required surgery. Afterwards was put on c/d diet and we have not had any problems since July 12, 2014
C/D has helped tremendously I have a male (neutered) cat who is experiencing stress (move, new animals in home) and starting urinating outside his box for the first time ever (very experienced traveler). Took to vet, they gave antibiotic shot and recommended c/d. I started him on it, but he did not like it. I wasn't sure if it was a physical or mental problem--this cat is a big "scaredy cat". I went another couple of weeks with similar problems, finally got a urine sample for the vet, and was again told he would have to go on c/d. When I finally understood the problem (this vet explained problem thoroughly), I again put him on it and it helped immediately. He seems to like it fine now. He has only been on it two or three weeks. The only problem is, no treats. I'm thinking of buying the canned food, cutting it into small pieces and drying in oven . . . My cat will run like crazy for a treat. July 12, 2014
Good Very glad this product is available. My cat had not had any urinary tract problems since starting this product. July 11, 2014
Works great for my cat's urinary problem! My cat loves the chicken and especially the ocean fish flavor. It really does work great on his urinary crystals, keeps it liquid. Price is about what I would expect. My only concern is that the product has some of the same ingredients other brands have that a cat does not need or usually eat such as wheat gluten and brown rice. Otherwise a very good product. Also, the velcro zipper lets in air but is easy to open and close. July 10, 2014
This product helps my pet! My cat has been on Science Diet C/D for 3 years now. He had a urinary blockage and has been on it ever since then. He has not had any problems since he has been on this food! I would recommend this to anyone with a cat that has urinary issues. July 8, 2014
feline c/d really does what it claims iam greatful there is a product that keeps my cat from going thru the painful mess with his urinary issue and that all three cats can eat it.the cost is hard to handle t hough. iam very pleased with the cupons availible they help a lot? thank u my pets r family i also have 3 horses and ine dog i intend to get my dog on senior as soon as i get my cats cost under control suncerly,l.b July 8, 2014
Very nice product I feel myself and my family organically and carefully. I was hesitant to upgrade my pets diet because of the cost. When one of my animals developed a bladder stone, I needed to upgrade from the 'top grocery diet' to prescription diet. It took some getting used to for my 3 cats, but they have never been healthier. Their skin and coat is soft and healthy, their body is more lean and strong and they seem much happier, let alone healthier. July 8, 2014
Healthy diet My cat has been on this food since his surgery 8 years ago and he has never had any problems. The cat food keeps him healthy and I highly recommend it. July 7, 2014
Cat with bladder problems The first two bags I bought were called Bladder Health and my cat loved it. Last trip to vet they only had chicken or fish Urinary Stress. She will not eat this one until she is very hungry which makes me feel bad. July 7, 2014
this product came highly recommended my 3 year old tom cat developed a urinary tract infection in nov 2013. my wonderful vet stayed late during an ice storm for us to get him to be seen. he explained the possible consequences of continuing problems & suggested the prescription diet cat food. it was a little pricy but we decided to go with it. we have had no more problems with him & our 7 year old female enjoys it also. i'm so glad that we have evolved to a point where companys like you provide special needs foods for animals. thank you July 7, 2014
Still doing well My male cat has been on the c/d food for about 6 years now. He's still in great health and hasn't had a relapse because of this product. We will continue to use it as long as our vet continues to carry it. July 6, 2014
This product keeps my cat healthy. This product keeps my cat healthy. He didn't like changing food at first but now he's ok with it. I'll keep using this cat food because it keeps him healthy. July 4, 2014
Great at keeping UTI'S at bay for the most part. I have 3 male cats, 2 that are prone to UTI's. I appreciate this product, it helps keep them from getting a relapse. Although not 100% full proof, it is good to know there is something I can do to keep them healthy. My only wish is that I could just buy it at my local pet store and not just the vet. June 29, 2014
35+ year customer 3 big eaters over the years all love this product; keeps their health issue in check June 26, 2014
It's like I have a new cat :) I've been working around veterinary medicine for years now and when my kitten started having urinary problems at 6 months old, I knew my poor baby had a long road ahead of him. He's not one to form bladder stones, but he does go through episodes when his bladder becomes inflamed and recently he suffered from a urinary blockage. I have done everything the experts say to do, I feed a wet urinary diet, use pheromone collars and defusers, added extra letterboxes and water fountains, he has toys to keep him active and I've even started giving him anxiety medication to keep his stress levels down (which only seems to stress him out even more :-/# I've been using Hill's diets for years now, so you can only imagine my excitement when I found out that they were coming out with a stress formula. It is absolutely amazing the difference you can see in him. He acts like he feels so much better and his stress level seems to be greatly improved #he's become more social and doesn't seem scared of everything or everyone around him. The food is little on the expensive side, but the results I have seen are 100% worth it. June 25, 2014
expensive but needed My cats eat it. It does its job by preventing crystal formation. My thought would be stop with the coupons and just drop the price by the coupon amount. I have had struggles and nightmares trying to get it to print. Finally one was mailed to me, but I had to get the product 2 days before the coupon arrived. June 23, 2014
my pet lives I am very satisfied with this product because my pet is still alive 3 times he has been really ill and without vet antibiotics and hills prescription he would not have made it and has stayed healthy . he is 2 years old and is holding his own with the foods help thankyou science diet I am very satisfied with his accomplishment June 21, 2014
great product Our cats enjoy your product. We just wish it didn't cost so much, or at least had better coupons available more often June 20, 2014
Totally helped my two cats I was talking my two cats to the vet every few weeks due to crystals in bladder. My vet prescribed science diet and they have been fine since. The only draw back is they have gotten heavier with the food but no more crystals! Thanks Prescip Science Diet! June 19, 2014
Great product for urinary health I feed this cat food to my 3 cats so they do not get a urinary trac infection,crystals or stones. Great product! June 18, 2014
Works! My cats eat is as long as it is fresh. I love the new packaging it helps seal it MUCH better. June 17, 2014
Great for cats My male cat had bladder and kidney problems and had to have surgery. Our vet removed a cup of grit from his bladder. They recommended C/D and my cat has been fine. I now feed it to all 11 of my cats to avoid problems in the future. The food is pricey, but we decided it was worth it to have healthy cats. June 16, 2014
keeps our cats healthy fortunately both of our cats like this dry food. happy family. June 7, 2014
Kitty loves it! The vet recommends this food, and Kitty loves it. It must be healthy and taste good. June 7, 2014
Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Hill's Prescription Diet c/d multicare feline urinary stress dry food has made a great difference for my rescued American Curl cat. He was in pain when he urinated due to the formation of crystals. He no longer shows discomfort when he urinates My vet has me continue the Hill's c/d for my American Curl and my two Himalayans as a preventive measure to maintain their urinary tract health. June 6, 2014
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