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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline Bladder Health 4.7 5 237 237
Healthy kitty girl After a health scare last winter and $1000 vet bills Dub, my female,10 y/o tuxedo is thriving. Kitty girl had bladder stones and with medication and the Hills special prescription the stones were dissolved and surgery was no longer necessary. Since than, kitty girl has been on prescription bladder formula and is doing better than great. Being a kitty, she was very finicky about her food. From the first bowl she loved her new grub. She now gets prescription bladder health food and distilled water only. The cost is of course more that what I spent before but if kitty girl and I never have to go through bladder stones again the cost is just fine. Also - the people at Hills customer service are wonderful. Caring and concerned. Thanks Hills Science Diet. November 4, 2013
Several Excellent Benefits It took about a week for my 3 cats to get used to the change in food but now they eat it with as much enjoyment as the previous dry food brand. It has stopped Lily's urinary problems, the main reason I bought it, and kept me from having to put her down. I'm on a fixed income and surgery would have been out of the question financially. It costs more than my previous brand but it is well worth it to have Lily healthy. It also has reduced the amount of stool passed and cut out the accompanying odor! My cats are nibblers so it's what I feed them all. I would recommend Hill's Prescription over other urinary health brands because it works! August 15, 2013
After thousands in vet bills - this was our saving grace Our cat Maurice was plagued with urinary infections for about two years. He spent numerous nights at the vet with a catheter inserted and we spent many a night administering antibiotics. We scoffed that there was a food that would help his bladder infections until we finally got to the end of our ropes and tried it. He's been on Prescription Diet - C/D for about three years now, and not a single infection since. We give it to all of our cats, not only because it's easier, but to stave off any additional infections they might develop. Overall, it is expensive, but the amount we save NOT going to the vet is worth it ten fold. We feed three cats, once day and we normally but one 17.5 bag each month. Well worth it! April 15, 2014
My Cat Likes It!!! I was worried that having to switch to a prescription brand would upset my 11 year old cat, but she has adapted very, very well!! We are all now happy campers. She has had no more litter box accidents since changing out her old food for the new c/d formula. A big, big YEAH!!!! Thanks you Hill's for a quality product!! April 14, 2014
Great Product with Promised Results Our male cat experienced cysts after being neutered. He was in such pain and confusion. We switched him to c/d and no problems since. We had a female cat at home too and we switched her as well. They love it! They come running at dinner time! April 11, 2014
This product is a must-have for cats with frequent UTI's This product keeps my cat healthy and saves him from ill- kitty veterinarian visits (that he doesn't enjoy) April 11, 2014
helps cats in need! My cat has to eat special food for her bladder and c/d is the only one that I swear by. It is very expensive, but still cheaper and better than a trip to the vets for his help! April 10, 2014
My three cats love the taste of Prescription Diet CD I have three cats. One developed a Urinary Tract Infection and needed emergency care. After antibiodics our vet recommended the cd diet. I decided to give it to all my cats and they eat it without any problems. I notice they do urinate more and I believe this will keep their bladders healthy and avoid future problems. April 10, 2014
This product is great This is the only food that my cat can eat without having digestive issues April 5, 2014
This product keeps my cat healthy. My cat has been on this urinary food for about 7 years and hasn't had an infection since. April 5, 2014
My cat does very good on it. This cat food helps my cat a lot . He does very well on this food and he likes it. March 30, 2014
My Cats Think It's Tasty Other than the price, and very few coupons, along with a script is needed, our cats seem to like the taste and it doesn't upset their stomach. March 26, 2014
The boys love it I use both the wet and dry cd. My two boys are fairly picky about their food so I'm happy that it hasn't been a problem for them eating the RX diet. March 25, 2014
Expensive, but it works My vet prescribed this food for my cat after a bout with crystals in his bladder and surgery to remove them. I really hate to pay this much for food, but if it keeps more crystals or stones from developing, it is worth it. My cat loves the food. March 24, 2014
Healthier Cat My 2 year old cat was very ill when the vet put him on s/d for 6 weeks. He has been on c/d for about 7-8 months now and is doing great. The vet hadn't been very optimistic about his recovery chances. I am not changing foods. Max is a busy active cat and I am very happy with Science Diet. March 23, 2014
Our cat has been very healthy since he has been on Prescrition Diet the last 4 years It a wonderful product only wish could be more selection of flavors. March 21, 2014
Cat is able to maintain good health and he likes the food. Good product, enables my cat to maintain good health and both cats like the food! March 21, 2014
my cats love it Hill's CD was recommended my vet when my young cat started having bladder issues. I now have another cat and both enjoy CD and there have been no more issues. Great product! March 20, 2014
no more crystals in her urin! high calory count. Make a light cd food. More coupons Please. March 18, 2014
Great product This is the best cat food for my cat as he had a bladder problem and now he is fit and well again. Love the coupons too. March 17, 2014
This catfood keeps Jingle's bladder healthy After struggling with some urinary related issues, my vet suggested C/D for my cat to help with her bladder health. Since I switched to it, she doesn't have any problems! It's a great fix for her problem! March 16, 2014
Keeps my cat healthy My young cat has had a bladder blockage that very nearly took his life. This food has kept him blockage free since starting him on it. I am VERY grateful for your product. We have 3 cats who have always been free fed from one bowl. This c/d multicare prescription diet allows ALL 3 cats to continue their eating habits and that makes things easy on all of us. March 16, 2014
Has kept my Himie from the usual bladder problems I have had a number of Himalayans and in the past they have all had bladder issues by the age of 10. My Bustopher Jones has been on the bladder food since we got him at 2 years old, he is now 11 and shows no signs of the problems Himalayans usually have. I must say I only downgraded on the taste because he likes his fat brothers weight control food better and he will raid that if he gets a chance. March 14, 2014
Necessary but expensive My male cat is fed both wet and dry CD prescription. He prefers the dry food but my vet suggests giving him more wet food. Max is not thrilled with the flavor. My vet assures me that if I continue to feed him this diet he will not have any more problems with crystals. March 13, 2014
This product has helped my cat with bladder problems I order to keep my cat healthy and crystal free, I have to keep him on this cat food. I cringe everytime I must purchase more. I have two cats and it's hard to seperate their food, so they both consume it. I wish it wasn't so expensive! They will be on this food for the rest of their lives. At least it works :) March 13, 2014
Product does a great job. Our Vet prescribed your product for our cat. The cat enjoys the food very much. March 12, 2014
A vet prescribed Hills Prescription CD vs. Surgery for bladder stones Hill's Prescription Diet CD food for cats is EXCELLENT to eliminate bladder stones without costly major surgery! A cat had the problem a few years ago. She was on a Hill's Prescription CD diet for 10+ months. I highly recommend this food for cats with bladder stones! March 12, 2014
Last a long time. My cat Bubba Jr. has been on c/d prescription food for nearly all of life[15]. He is doing wonderful-still a very active cat!!! He weighs about 10 lbs. Eats what he wants at any time!!!! March 12, 2014
Good for both our cats in the house. We almost lost our cat with his problem. This Special diet food had made everything so much better for him. March 11, 2014
Great product as it is keeping my cat healthy,expensive Been working great for my cat that was previously blocked and had to be unblocked for $1000. The price is high for the food, but if I don't have to go back to the vet for another $1000, then money well spent I guess. March 11, 2014
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