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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline with Chicken Urinary Tract Health 4.8 5 175 175
Healthy Pets, Happy Pet Parents Our three cats have been eating dry C/D since our oldest cat was a kitten and had a medical problem. My middle guy was an SPCA cat and ate whatever they had in stock prior to coming to live with us. He took to the C/D immediately and being a fussy boy who won't even eat a treat, I was happy that the food met his "high standards"!!! I rated it average for value for the money because it is kind of pricy to feed three cats this prescription food but revisiting the vet bill from the medical issue, I might want to change that. December 1, 2013
Product resolved my cat's urinary issues. I actually put both cats on the food...they like it and are both very healthy and happy. It has been worth the extra cost to maintain their health! August 5, 2013
Thank heavens for c/d Our 1 year-old cat was having issues with frequent small voids and peeing in the bathroom sinks and tubs. At first we thought it was behavioral, however when we started seeing blood in his urine we took him immediately to our vet. After an ultrasound showed significant crystals in his bladder he was started on the s/d diet to eliminate the crystals. From there the vet switched him to the c/d diet. Urinary issues resolved completely. At the suggestion of our vet we tried to switch him back over to the regular food we feed our other cat. Within a week Maestro had recurrence of his urinary symptoms. After talking with the doctor Maestro will remain on c/d diet for the long term. It's worth it as he has many good years left. June 20, 2013
helps keep cat healthy and avoid problems We found this product to actually do as described for our cats diet. He eats this exclusively and has had no table scraps or wet food and he is in excellent health as a result. He has had this diet since 6 months and is now a 12 year old cat August 16, 2014
This product is the only thing my picky cat will eat! He's had urinary tract problems all his life and we love him to pieces. So we were so glad we could find the right food for him. August 14, 2014
What a difference!! Our newly adopted male cat was great until he started having accidents throughout the house. After a visit to the vet, he was diagnosed with probable FIC and was switched to the Hill's CD diet only. He is a new cat since coming home from the vet's after being there for antibiotics and an indwelling catheter until the FIC settled down and he was better. It's been 2.5 weeks so far since he came home and no accidents. He is happier and you can tell he feels better. Knock on wood that this keeps up!! I attribute his success to his new food and great treatment from our vet. Thank you. August 13, 2014
my cats love to eat the dry food. My 2 male cats went on this dry food when one of them had urinary issues and was hospitalized. We switched the other cat also. August 12, 2014
My cats love the taste & it works great. My cats love the taste & Missy hasn't had a UTI since I have been feeding it to them. August 12, 2014
Keeps my big boy healthy I have a cat who was getting frequent uti's until we put him exclusively on Hill's c/d. He loves this food and his urinary problems have cleared up. August 12, 2014
Love new packaging My cats all eat this, and the new packaging is much much better! August 11, 2014
Excellent Product Thank you for this product. Like I have said in several reviews, it has saved tons of office visits for my feline friends. Can you please tell us if Petsmart will be offering the Diet version of this product? I would love to try that on my pals also, I am sure its great. Thanks and keep up the great products! August 10, 2014
Hill's Prescription C/D saved my cat! As the owner of 6 indoor only cats and 4 large breed dogs I am conscience of maintaining their health through yearly exams, vaccines and proper diet. Having 3 male cats I am also concerned with the deadly issue of urinary blockage. One of my males has battled urinary tract issues since a kitten (he was taken away from his mother less than 40 hours after birth). He would need treatment several times a year for urinary tract infections. After moving to another city my new (now current) DVM recommended feeding my cats Prescription Diet C/D (with chicken) dry and wet food. For over a year he has not had any UTI's. I WILL NOT change to any other product as Hill's PD C/D Feline (dry and wet) with Chicken has proven its effectiveness by keeping Audun as well as my other cats from developing UTI's or urinary blockage. My pets and I thank you, Hill's! August 9, 2014
it is working for my cat Even from the start my cat would eat the food which was one of my concerns because he is picky about what he eats. August 8, 2014
this product does help my cats with their urinary problem the product does help my cats with their urinary problem. The ingredients leave much to be desired-bi-products as opposed to natural. The product is rather pricey and it appears that since vets recommend it, as a must for uninary health-then do not have to price to compete in the marketplace. August 8, 2014
Our cats love it! Good product that keeps our cats healthy. We have three cats that all eat prescription diet (ages 12, 3,2). The oldest cat had kidney problems at age two when we started using this product. He is now 12 and hasn't had any more kidney issues. August 7, 2014
It helped my cat The cd is very good for your cats health. My cats are doing great on it. They seem to love the taste as every evening they beg for there dinner. August 7, 2014
my at hasnt had any urinary problems since using this product. We need more treats for my cat. you only offer one set of treats for my cats I wish I was a variety of treats for her that would be good for her urinary. August 6, 2014
Helped my cat 100% Visits to the vet have stopped due to feeding this special cat food. August 4, 2014
Without this product my Dusty would not be here today One of my oldest cats uses this product for his urinary tract health. Any other food I've tried lead him back to his problem, so this is the only food he can eat and keep his urinary tract in good health. He thrives on this food and I will continue to buy it faithfully. August 4, 2014
My cats like it. My cats seem to all enjoy the taste and I am glad they are eating something that is good for them. It also has a much better smell that other dry cat foods. August 3, 2014
My cats' health has improved I have several adult neutered male cats. A couple of them were experiencing urinary tract infections. I switched to The Hills for Urinary health and we have not had any problems since. I am very happy with the effectiveness of this product. And my cats like it ! August 3, 2014
cats love it All my cats eat this food, I have one cat that was FUS, and all must eat this food now. I have a kitten growing up on this food, and she is doing well so far. My only complaint is that the price keeps creeping up. August 3, 2014
Necessary food for my cat with urinary crystals Food quality both dry and wet is great and the cats love it but it is WAY too expensive. August 3, 2014
Cat loves it! My cat has been on this for 6 years. She will not eat anything else wet or dry. I like it because it is in tiny pieces and easy to chew and digest. Her coat is silky and healthy looking, too. Her cat box doesn't smell awful either when compared to my previous cat who ate a different brand. More coupons would be appreciated. August 1, 2014
Product helped my cat tremendously! My male cat was on multiple meds for two months when he was having his urinary tract issues. My regular vet recommended a different well known prescription cat food and my cat would not eat it. The smell alone of the dry food was not appealing. I switched vets and my cat was put on Hill's Science prescription and finally his urinary issues resolved. He loves the wet food as well. Wish I would have switched vets when he first had his issues...would have saved a lot of time and money. Jingles and I are very thankful! August 1, 2014
Excellent Prescription Food My vet recommended, and insisted, after my cat was on his deathbed with stomach problems. It's been about 4 years now and his fur and weight are great. It's very good food. July 31, 2014
Cat loves the taste of the food We tried two other prescription foods before trying Hills CD and thankfully my picker eater liked this one. To make it easier I put both of my cats on this food and they both like the taste of it and have had no issues on this food. Definitely helped their urinary problems. No more crystals. July 31, 2014
This has been very helpful I have a soon to be 15 year cat that has had urinary tract problems since he was a kitten and I credit this food for him having a long life. I had a cat die from renal failure when he was about 13 years old and I think if I had been told to feed him a special diet He may have lived longer. July 29, 2014
EXCELLENT!!! I cannot thank you enough for this product, my Noah has been on this CD diet for 7 years, has never had a recurring Urinary Tract infection again!! Thanks a million!!:) July 28, 2014
Cats seem to like, but still get crystals, both types We have feed our cats this food for quite a while and they still form crystals, but we feel its the best food for this on the market thus far. July 27, 2014
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