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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline with Chicken Urinary Tract Health 4.8 5 213 213
Healthy Pets, Happy Pet Parents Our three cats have been eating dry C/D since our oldest cat was a kitten and had a medical problem. My middle guy was an SPCA cat and ate whatever they had in stock prior to coming to live with us. He took to the C/D immediately and being a fussy boy who won't even eat a treat, I was happy that the food met his "high standards"!!! I rated it average for value for the money because it is kind of pricy to feed three cats this prescription food but revisiting the vet bill from the medical issue, I might want to change that. December 1, 2013
Product resolved my cat's urinary issues. I actually put both cats on the food...they like it and are both very healthy and happy. It has been worth the extra cost to maintain their health! August 5, 2013
Thank heavens for c/d Our 1 year-old cat was having issues with frequent small voids and peeing in the bathroom sinks and tubs. At first we thought it was behavioral, however when we started seeing blood in his urine we took him immediately to our vet. After an ultrasound showed significant crystals in his bladder he was started on the s/d diet to eliminate the crystals. From there the vet switched him to the c/d diet. Urinary issues resolved completely. At the suggestion of our vet we tried to switch him back over to the regular food we feed our other cat. Within a week Maestro had recurrence of his urinary symptoms. After talking with the doctor Maestro will remain on c/d diet for the long term. It's worth it as he has many good years left. June 20, 2013
Totally worth it After a very sick kitty ended up needing a three night stay and an $800+ vet bill, we started feeding our youngest cat the c/d urinary tract health formula exclusively. We soon found both the cats had to eat the same food or they would end up eating out of each other's bowls, and both cats willingly eat the dry kibble just fine. They each get a small scoop twice a day, and we have had no further problems with crystals or stones in either cat. Also, the odor level in the cat box has dropped perceptibly since both have been consuming the more nutritious and balanced food. September 17, 2014
Feline dry C/D This product is great! Really helped my cats urinary issues. Cats love the test!! September 15, 2014
excellet food for cats that might have health problems excellent food for my cats they just love the taste my cats cannot wait until its food time September 15, 2014
My cat loves it Even though it is a prescription diet food. My cat loves the taste! No problem having her eat it. She's been eating it for over 5 years now.. Urinary tract infections are a thing of the past! September 15, 2014
great taste cat loves pricey my cat loves this cat food I really enjoy that you offer coupons but still pricey September 15, 2014
good product, but expensive and sometimes hard to get because you always have to have a Rx I don't know why you have to have a Rx for pet food. If you need it for your pet you are going to buy it no matter the cost just to keep your pet healthy. Sometimes it is hard to get because of the Rx needed. I sincerely wish this practice would stop. Once your cat or dog is diagnosed then I believe that qualifies the pet owner to have a lifetime Rx for the food. You wonder how many pets are put down or die because the owner doesn't want to go through this! September 15, 2014
Wonderful product! Our cats love it and it's good for them! Our Vet recommended it to help avoid UTI's, and it really seems to do the trick. And the cats really enjoy it too :) September 11, 2014
The product is well made and serves a specific ' needed ' purpose. It costs too much and coupons should be offered more. September 11, 2014
Great food to keep my cat healthy. Now have my sister's 3 cats on the same food. We find it is very expensive though. Great food to keep my cat from getting the crystals. Now have my sister's 3 cats on the same food. We find it is very expensive though. September 11, 2014
It works and my cats love it. I'm happy with the product as it has worked to prevent blockages. It's very expensive though. September 10, 2014
Since we had this dry food, he does not need to go to Vet any more. Since we had this dry food he does not have any problem going to bathroom. Thank god!! September 8, 2014
My cats all love the taste and they are well again. I had been seeing drops of blood in my cat's litter box and on the floor. I started using the C/D and almost immediately there was no more blood and the cats seem to be more active and healthy acting. They love the taste of the food also. September 8, 2014
Expensive but worth it My vet put my 3 year old cat on this food after a run of unsuccessful, very expensive treatments for urinary tract issues. After a few days on the food, he seemed to be back to normal. No more peeing in random places or multiple trips to the litter box in an hour. He's been healthy ever since. It's costly food, but it's cheaper than the vet bills! September 7, 2014
This product works great! If my cat with the urinary tract issues doesn't have this food, she immediately has a bladder infection. As long as she eats this food, we never have a problem. So, all of my cats, except one (who is on Science Diet Weight Loss - W/D) eat this food - it is good quality and avoids issues in any of the others. September 7, 2014
Al of our cats like this We have one cat (out of seven) that had a urinary blockage. Now they all have to eat special food (really difficult to single one cat out). They all seem to like it and eat well. My only complaint would be the cost. September 6, 2014
This product is a necessity Thank you for making this product. It will allow my cat a long and happy life. September 6, 2014
Great Product!!! This is a great product...Our cat loves it and when he is happy we are happy!!!! September 4, 2014
This product has helped my cat MY male cat had problems beginning in 2006. We started taking him for by-yearly ultra-sounds to check for crystals and he was put on the CD. He continued to improve and last year the Dr. said not to come back unless he began showing symptoms again. Since he has been on this food he had gotten better. So I definitely recommend it. September 3, 2014
Two for one deal A few years ago my cat KC develop urinary tract blockages. As a result his veterinarian put him on the c/d prescription diet. KC has not a had a lick of trouble since. But in addition our other cat, Kinki, started eating the c/d which led to her shedding excess weight! Both cats are now very healthy and doing quite well. Hills cat food is worth every penny! September 1, 2014
Helpful product My cat had been urinating outside of the litter box. He's had various vague urinary issues that have been hard to diagnosis. He's been on antibiotics several times. He's been on this food for 6 weeks, and so far so good. He seems happier and more playful. He has also used his litter box every time. A relief!!! September 1, 2014
This product adequate and average quality. I believe this product is of average nutritional quality. The ingredients are very average and for being an expensive prescription product, the ingredients should be of highest quality. Organic ingredients should be considered, as well as other healthier ingredients. August 30, 2014
My Cat is happy with Hill's Nothing more to add! Thank you, he is doing excellent. August 28, 2014
C/ d multi care I have 2 cats that have urinary crystals they were put on the c/ d multi care. And so far no more problems August 27, 2014
This product seems to help with Urinary health I am feeding 4 cats with this product and find it expensive. August 27, 2014
My cat loves the dry food My cat loves the dry food. The prices keep going up and you get even less for your money August 26, 2014
Coupons I have 2 cats and one that has urinary problems and has to be on this food, so both cats are on it. They like it however it is expensive. My vet accepts the coupons from your site but your site limits the amount of coupons I can utilize. You should allow your customers unlimited access to them. I buy approx 5 17.5 lb bags a year. August 26, 2014
cat loves her C/D since her bladder infection operation on nov 2010 , she has ben eating prescription c/d and loves it. she has not had any bladder problems since. August 25, 2014
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