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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline with Chicken Urinary Tract Health 4.8 5 32 32
Healthy Pets, Happy Pet Parents Our three cats have been eating dry C/D since our oldest cat was a kitten and had a medical problem. My middle guy was an SPCA cat and ate whatever they had in stock prior to coming to live with us. He took to the C/D immediately and being a fussy boy who won't even eat a treat, I was happy that the food met his "high standards"!!! I rated it average for value for the money because it is kind of pricy to feed three cats this prescription food but revisiting the vet bill from the medical issue, I might want to change that. December 1, 2013
Product resolved my cat's urinary issues. I actually put both cats on the food...they like it and are both very healthy and happy. It has been worth the extra cost to maintain their health! August 5, 2013
Thank heavens for c/d Our 1 year-old cat was having issues with frequent small voids and peeing in the bathroom sinks and tubs. At first we thought it was behavioral, however when we started seeing blood in his urine we took him immediately to our vet. After an ultrasound showed significant crystals in his bladder he was started on the s/d diet to eliminate the crystals. From there the vet switched him to the c/d diet. Urinary issues resolved completely. At the suggestion of our vet we tried to switch him back over to the regular food we feed our other cat. Within a week Maestro had recurrence of his urinary symptoms. After talking with the doctor Maestro will remain on c/d diet for the long term. It's worth it as he has many good years left. June 20, 2013
The zipper on the bag doesn't always work. Over all this is very good food for my cat. Works great for his urinary issues and he likes the chicken flavor. Needs more flavor options as he won't eat the original. Price is a little high but I always have coupons for it. March 12, 2014
My cat loves the texture and flavor (and it's healthy) Our cat, Mr. Boots, is an older more picky eater and the older he gets the choosier he is. He adapted to the change to his Prescription Diet menu within a two days and now prefers it to anything else. His bladder problems have ot recurred either which is good news for him and us. Thanks Prescription Diet for helping solve our "kid's" problem. February 28, 2014
Help for urinary problem It has helped with all the urinary problems that my cats were having, keeping them out of the vets office. They all love the food, canned and dry. February 11, 2014
Sammy's healthy Feed product to our cat... seems to do what it is supposed to. Hate the bag closure, you really need to get a better sealing/re-sealing. February 8, 2014
Prescription Diet - A life saver - literally Will and Grace came to us as ferals having the same Mom and from different litters. They adopted us and we were happy to welcome them into our family. Will had serious medical problems and he almost didn't make it. Our Vet prescribed Hills Prescription Diet c/d ... the transformation in Will is amazing. No more pain or medical problems. He's a happy, healthy 5 year old - we love all three of our kitties! February 4, 2014
Pet loves it but it is very expensive My pet loves this cat food and it has kept him healthy, but the price is prohibitive. It is only because of generous coupon offers from Hill's that I am able to use it. January 30, 2014
Tasty kibble that my cats love I have two cats, and only one of them requires prescription food because of his FLUTD, however, both of them just LOVE this food. I think it's a little overpriced, but the quality is good and it's worth if for the peace of mind and knowing that it will help prevent a urinary blockage. January 24, 2014
The products both dry and wet work wel for my cat's nutrional health. I feel confident that the ingredients in my cat's food are carefully researched for nutrional value as well as taste for my pet. My veterinarian is confident in this product and so am I. Thank you. Sincerely, E. Pat Storm January 23, 2014
Excellent product This produce cleared up my cat's ongoing urinary problems and he thinks it is tasty too! January 10, 2014
Wonderful product! Our cat has done exceeding well on c/d for nearly a year. He nearly died due to crystals blocking his bladder; after the condition was addressed and the crystals gone, he was put on c/d and has thrived on this product for about a year so far. Would highly recommend for feline bladder problems. January 4, 2014
I love the product and so does my cat My cat eats all her food. She loves it. Unfortunately the price has gone up again and the size of the bags are shrinking again. Also the coupons are very hard to get. December 30, 2013
This food is great for cats with urinary tract problems I have used C/D for urinary tract problems and it works the best. If you start your kitten out on this in the beginning do not change to something else. It is a good product. December 19, 2013
Best we have found for quality and price Our cat, Mr. Boots, is getting up in years; he is now 8 years old and has become more particular in the food he will eat. The transition from another brand of cat food to Science Prescription was very smooth and he loves it. His bladder problems have gone away (at least for now) and he is more active than before. Thanks Science Prescription for making his older years more pleasant for him and us. Tom December 1, 2013
Great value and a taste my cat loves for his chronic condition I love the fact that Hills has developed a food that helps my cats deal with their chronic urinary issues that they love to eat and that is easy on my wallet! Their overall health is maintained on this diet as well and I feel good feeding a diet that was developed by board certified nutritionists for a condition specific to my cats. November 16, 2013
Best Cat Food Ever My vet started my 15-year-old cat on this at least 10 years ago after a urinary blockage. Baxter has had no other blockages, and he absolutely loves this food. It amazes me that he never gets tired of it! I see the company's guidelines for writing a review here say not to mention medical issues, but I think there are pet owners who wonder if a prescription diet can help their pet and they really want to hear others' experiences, so I hope my review is OK to post. November 15, 2013
Perfect for pet's needs When we found our newest child, Rotor, she was suffering from severe bladder crystals and massive infections. She has been symptom free for over 18 months. Her weight is good and she is very happy and healthy. We continue to feed as recommended by our vet and hope she has a long healthy life. We also use the m/d formula for our second youngest, Leo, same age, who has a weight issue and predisposition for diabetes. He is also very healthy and happy with his food. Though the food is pricier than anything store-bought a price cannot and must not be put above our family, be them human or furry. And we are thankful for your products and the benefits we have seen first hand. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! November 9, 2013
Just what the Doctor Ordered Its a little pricey but my cats love it and the coupons help out a lot. My doctor recommended this cat food for the stones that my cats developed and had surgery to remove and now they are doing GRRREAT !! On this c/d cat food Thank You October 17, 2013
all the nutrients for my cat My cat has bladder trouble so my vet recommended the CD formula for it home and she has loved it and eaten it everyday now for 5 years.It is the only brand for her!She hasn't had any problems since being on this food.Thank you! September 27, 2013
The best product for Cat's urinary & overall Health! We took our sweet cat to the vet hospital in July of this year. Our 4 yr. old long-hair orange male tabby cat, STICKERS, was diagnosed with crystals in his urine. After his time @ the vet hospital, his pH/protein levels improved. We put him on Hills Prescription Diet c/d w/chicken, distilled water and a massage a couple of times per month & he's 100% better - loves the food, has more pep & even his personality improved - a real lover boy. Thanks, Hills, Sincerely, Suzy G. & Family September 26, 2013
Gulliver loves the taste and he has been problem free since we made the switch! Gulliver loves the taste and he has been problem free since we made the switch! September 26, 2013
C/D cat food We put our cat on this food about 5 yrs ago.It is great food for your cat.Our cat has had no problems of any kind since she has been on this food. September 20, 2013
great stuff! My one cat has an issue with forming crystals in his bladder He and his brother are both healthy and happy with this food So I am delighted too! September 8, 2013
Struvite Crystals gone in eight months! In January Rufus, my 8 year old Scottish Fold, was found in his urinalysis to have Struvite Crystals in the 4-10 range. By July, it was down to 2-3, and in late August there were NONE! During this time, I increased the amount of Hill's CD for Bladder Health until now, 2/3 of his kibble is Hill's. He also showed improvement in the urine appearance, the pH and the protein levels. The pet nutritionist veterinarian we consulted feels that Hill's was the deciding factor in his improved health. August 23, 2013
cons= expensive for my budget & cats weight gain seems extreme in short time my cats vet suggested this food after urinary tract problems. only used for a few months but so far so good. Concerned about wt gain & expense of food. August 20, 2013
This product is necessary to maintain a healthy urinary tract. Our cat must be on this prescription c/d food because he is susceptible to urinary tract infections. He only eats dry food. He does not care for canned food. Fortunately, he likes the taste. While the cost is somewhat expensive, he is in good health. August 9, 2013
Very pleased with this products performance! 15yr. old feline, (Smokey), was just a bit too thin. Many of us get smaller as we age. He had been on W/D for 13yrs. to prevent stones. In 1 month he gained 1/3 lb. and has not had stones. The Hill's Prescription products perform as promised. August 6, 2013
This product provides health support. This product has allowed my cat, Tux, to maintain his health without additional surgeries. He and I are both thankful. He also loves the taste and will only eat the chicken! Thanks for the great product! June 29, 2013
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