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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline with Chicken Urinary Tract Health 4.8 5 145 145
Healthy Pets, Happy Pet Parents Our three cats have been eating dry C/D since our oldest cat was a kitten and had a medical problem. My middle guy was an SPCA cat and ate whatever they had in stock prior to coming to live with us. He took to the C/D immediately and being a fussy boy who won't even eat a treat, I was happy that the food met his "high standards"!!! I rated it average for value for the money because it is kind of pricy to feed three cats this prescription food but revisiting the vet bill from the medical issue, I might want to change that. December 1, 2013
Product resolved my cat's urinary issues. I actually put both cats on the food...they like it and are both very healthy and happy. It has been worth the extra cost to maintain their health! August 5, 2013
Thank heavens for c/d Our 1 year-old cat was having issues with frequent small voids and peeing in the bathroom sinks and tubs. At first we thought it was behavioral, however when we started seeing blood in his urine we took him immediately to our vet. After an ultrasound showed significant crystals in his bladder he was started on the s/d diet to eliminate the crystals. From there the vet switched him to the c/d diet. Urinary issues resolved completely. At the suggestion of our vet we tried to switch him back over to the regular food we feed our other cat. Within a week Maestro had recurrence of his urinary symptoms. After talking with the doctor Maestro will remain on c/d diet for the long term. It's worth it as he has many good years left. June 20, 2013
Pricey but worth it I've never been a fan of Science Diet found in the pet stores, but Prescription Science Diet has changed my opinion. My vet recommended it after my cat got urinary crystals and blocked his urinary tract, 5 years later and my cat is doing great! I even took him in to get re-tested for crystals and the vet was very happy to see his pH results come back so great that he debated on taking him off the prescription diet. We're going to keep him on it for the time being though. 5 years into eating the food and he still enjoys eating it, not bored with it at all. One thing to be cautious of is the vet did say the food's side effect may be weight gain, thankfully my cat hasn't experienced any weight issues. Other than that, my biggiest complaint is the cost. But my cat is happy, he's healthy, and that's all I care about. July 25, 2014
Overall quality is outstanding Compared to other urinary health brands the quality is second to none. Have a male cat that had surgery due to bladder stones, no other problems since placing him on this food. We use the dry and wet versions. Our other two cats also eat this food with no problems and all the cats enjoy the flavor. The only down side is the cost, but with the available coupons it does help. July 25, 2014
Does what it claims Great product I initially balked at the price of the prescription food but This has been a life saver for my cat. I am very happy that it's available. Thank you!i give both the dry and wet cat food and he loves both but he loves the wet food more July 19, 2014
This product works My cat was having bladder stones due to poor diet vet gave me Hills prescription diet for her stones and within a month my cat fur looked soft and shiny, she regained her appetite and her stones have dissolved. I strongly suggest feeding pets good food July 19, 2014
Keeps my pet alive and healthy Payton is a rescue cat who had an episode of UTI at an early age. He was admitted to Vet hospital twice after which he was placed on a regimen of Hill's Prescription Diet's Feline C/D and distilled water. That was about 8 years ago. He's been healthy ever since. I have been very happy with Hill's prescription for my cat. And even more so when I receive their coupons July 19, 2014
Excellent product!!! Two years ago my cat, Reuben, became partially blocked. His urinary obstruction was able to resolve without hospitalization. A urinalysis revealed that he had struvite crystals in his urine and on ultrasound his bladder looked like the busiest snow globe that I have ever seen! It was recommended by my veterinarian to feed him the s/d diet for one month and then recheck his bladder. Amazingly, the crystals completely dissolved! It was then recommended that I keep him on the c/d diet to prevent this from happening to him again. I have done just that, and not only does my Reuben love the food, he has not had this problem again. Thank you Hill's!!! July 18, 2014
Cats Love It!!! We have 4 cats and they all love it. I wish it was less expensive. July 14, 2014
excellent prevention My siamese is prone to urinary tract infections which can be very expensive to diagnose and treat. The Hill prescription food - while also rather expensive- keeps her from developing these infections so it is well worth the cost of the food. The company also offers coupons which I use each time I purchase the food. Thanks Hills! July 14, 2014
c/d multicare works! c/d multicare dry & wet cat food works to dissolve the painful struvite crystals our cat, Lulu, developed last year. Within 1 week of eating the c/d dry & wet food, Lulu's crystals were gone and she was pain free. No more crying at the litter box! The product works but I wish the ingredients in the food were of better quality as it contains by products & corn gluten meal. July 12, 2014
Saved my cat My cat has bladder struvites and ended up with a blocked ureter that required surgery. Afterwards was put on c/d diet and we have not had any problems since July 12, 2014
Our cats do well on this food. We feed this food to 3 cats. They all do well on it, they enjoy the taste. We haven't had any urinary tract issues since we have started using this food. July 10, 2014
Works great for my cat's urinary problem! My cat loves the chicken and especially the ocean fish flavor. It really does work great on his urinary crystals, keeps it liquid. Price is about what I would expect. My only concern is that the product has some of the same ingredients other brands have that a cat does not need or usually eat such as wheat gluten and brown rice. Otherwise a very good product. Also, the velcro zipper lets in air but is easy to open and close. July 10, 2014
feline c/d really does what it claims iam greatful there is a product that keeps my cat from going thru the painful mess with his urinary issue and that all three cats can eat it.the cost is hard to handle t hough. iam very pleased with the cupons availible they help a lot? thank u my pets r family i also have 3 horses and ine dog i intend to get my dog on senior as soon as i get my cats cost under control suncerly,l.b July 8, 2014
Very nice product I feel myself and my family organically and carefully. I was hesitant to upgrade my pets diet because of the cost. When one of my animals developed a bladder stone, I needed to upgrade from the 'top grocery diet' to prescription diet. It took some getting used to for my 3 cats, but they have never been healthier. Their skin and coat is soft and healthy, their body is more lean and strong and they seem much happier, let alone healthier. July 8, 2014
It's been 10+ years I've been feeding my 4 cats Prescription Diet c/d food for over 10 years now. My Joey was the one with the issue but since they were all the same family there was a chance more of kitties could have crystals in their bladder & I didn't want to take the risk. They love the taste and the size of the pieces. It's so yummy to them. I'm glad we found this! :) July 8, 2014
Healthy diet My cat has been on this food since his surgery 8 years ago and he has never had any problems. The cat food keeps him healthy and I highly recommend it. July 7, 2014
this product came highly recommended my 3 year old tom cat developed a urinary tract infection in nov 2013. my wonderful vet stayed late during an ice storm for us to get him to be seen. he explained the possible consequences of continuing problems & suggested the prescription diet cat food. it was a little pricy but we decided to go with it. we have had no more problems with him & our 7 year old female enjoys it also. i'm so glad that we have evolved to a point where companys like you provide special needs foods for animals. thank you July 7, 2014
Still doing well My male cat has been on the c/d food for about 6 years now. He's still in great health and hasn't had a relapse because of this product. We will continue to use it as long as our vet continues to carry it. July 6, 2014
He Lilkes It!! My cat, Samson, has had to eat Rx food before. It was your brand and, oddly enough, he wouldn't eat it. Not the wet nor the dry. You must've changed it because now he eats it with gusto! And I'm really happy that you've made it so that it's ok to serve in a multi-cat household because I don't know how I could keep Delilah out of Samson's food. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. I understand it, of course. All prescription stuff is expensive. The food is very effective and is much cheaper that vet bills!! July 6, 2014
Healthiest cat food on the market With the use of C/D it keeps my cats healthy and happy. I buy the large bag and all my cats love the taste. I know they are all kept healthy by me doing this. Not just the two my veterinarian prescribed it for. I am very thankful for this company and their wonderful food. July 4, 2014
Lives up to its reputation This product has greatly helped one of my male cats with urinary problems. Since being on C/D, he has not had a problem with crystals or a potential urinary blockage. July 3, 2014
Great at keeping UTI'S at bay for the most part. I have 3 male cats, 2 that are prone to UTI's. I appreciate this product, it helps keep them from getting a relapse. Although not 100% full proof, it is good to know there is something I can do to keep them healthy. My only wish is that I could just buy it at my local pet store and not just the vet. June 29, 2014
My cats love it! CD Prescription Science Diet for my cats has not only been a healthy change in their diet but they love it too! At first I thought they would have a hard time adapting but that was not the case at all. There are no more trips to the vet for urinary problems. My husband and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Science Diet! June 27, 2014
Great Product for Cats! Both my cats Love this food. Only one is required to eat it due to her bladder stones, but instead of trying to feed them separately, we give it to them both. They both took to it the very first feeding, and really seem to enjoy the taste The only draw back in my opinion is that this food can promote weight gain. Unfortunately, we do not have an option of using another formula, and our Sasha has gained a significant amount of weight on this food. Make sure to keep your cat(s) extra busy as to help to minimize this issue. June 27, 2014
This product has helped my cat from a reoccurring of crystals My cat suffered form serious crystals in his urinary track and stones in his bladder, about a year ago he had to have a double surgery. He spent 3 nights in the hospital and almost died. Now 16 months later he is on the Hills prescription c/d diet and is doing much better because of it. I never owned a cat before, I didn't realize how important it is to feed them healthy foods. Hills is the only food from now on my cat will eat. June 26, 2014
I would not feed my cats anything else My male cat had urinary trac infections. When suggested by my vet to feed him CD for trac infections. I tried it and my cats have not had any problems since. I have been using that cat food for all my kitties over the last 20 years and it has been wonderful. Very healthy kitties June 26, 2014
35+ year customer 3 big eaters over the years all love this product; keeps their health issue in check June 26, 2014
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