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z/d® Feline ULTRA - Canned

Adverse reaction to food
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® z/d® Feline ULTRA 3.9 5 11 11
4 paws up for z/d!! I think maybe my cats should be writing this review. I regularly serve the dry; wet as an occasional treat, once or twice a week. Of course, they prefer the wet. It smells the loudest. At least I dont have to call them to the table! I would appreciate smaller, single serve cans. Sage and Skippy don't like leftovers (even if I put it in the microwave).Smaller cans would eliminate waste. Switching to a total z/d diet has significantly reduced the digestive upset Skippy suffers. Sage is just along for the ride. November 17, 2013
expensive but it has helped We tried many different things for our cat's chronic diarrhea. The z/d canned food has been the only treatment that has helped. He seems to like it, especially if we stir bits of the hypoallergenic treats into it. Our only negative would be the cost; it is very expensive and the coupon from your website was only good one time. October 21, 2013
Cats love taste, patience required My 6yr old cat was diagnosed with IBD of the upper GI tract, so she suffers chronic vomitting. The Hills Z/D has certainly cut down on the occurance and frequency inbetween bouts. She loves the taste, I mix with a little water or pedialyte as it is a thick consitency. The only draw back is the price and the fact with IBD that it is a patient and slow process. I also purchase the dry Z/D which is a big hit as well. The chewy consitency of the dry kibble have both cats (the other one with no issues loves it) thinking it is a treat. June 30, 2013
Success in treatment We had tried many avenues of treatment for our cat, but nothing had been successful for long, until we started feeding him the z/d canned food! The red, inflamed eyes and hair loss on his face and body appear to be a thing of the past! He is healthy again and has returned to his loving and playful self! Thank you! April 8, 2014
My cat loves this food! Had trouble with my cat not being able to hold his food down,which just started. This food was recommended by vet. So far the food has been working well, because he is hard to please. April 7, 2014
Lifesaver for our Household This doctor prescribed food has transformed both of our cats into little angels from out of control monsters! (However, our wallets have taken a beating in the meantime). A sincere thank you for your product. Highly recommended... March 20, 2014
This product is disappointing. My cat wouldn't touch it. It is very rubbery and very little cat friendly odor to entice. A waste of money. March 17, 2014
Not the same as Dry ZD My cat has allergies and was scratching her head until it bled. The Vet put her on dry ZD which was a miracle, all her sores cleared up. My cat was complaining loudly that she wanted a treat at dinner time so I bought the canned ZD. She immediately started scratching again! I wish there was a product that my cat could have as a treat. March 5, 2014
Great for sensitive stomachs This really helped my cats upset stomach. A lot less hairballess vomiting and crying when being fed. February 9, 2014
Z/D canned This food is for cats with skin problems. It has a lower phosphorous level than the other Prescription diet canned cat food. This food is very expensive. It takes a long time for cats to eat this canned z/d as the consistency of the canned cat food is not the same as the other canned cat food. August 5, 2013
Worked great! Our cat had to much protein in her system and was put on Prescription ZD diet. Our cat is doing great. She was vomiting after she ate and this has stopped. Would recommend that the canned be made in smaller cans because when you have a small cat that only eats a small amount a day, I end up throwing some away, which is expensive. She loves the dry, also. Thanks for the great food! June 22, 2013
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