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Hill's® Prescription Diet® y/d® Feline Thyroid Health 4.4 5 30 30
Lifesaver Was recommended by my vet for my 16 yr old cat. He'd had a major thyroid imbalance, was down to 8 lbs, lethargic, diarrhea, bad breath, dandruff. I went in to discuss having him put to sleep. The vet gave me a starter pack and after 1 month he began a visible recovery and will eat this Y/D exclusively for the remainder of his life. After 5 months he is chunky, full of spunk and back to his old self. This food was a way better option than a daily pill. Than you for providing this food! I rated it low on taste because he only eats it because he has no other options,not course he would prefer his old supermarket junk food. He does however LOVE the YD crunchies, October 11, 2013
Returned our senior cat to health Our 15 year old female cat was in very poor health weighing only 3 pounds and loosing weigh even though she ate constantly. When she was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, the Vet recommended Hills y/d Thyroid Health dry and moist food. After only a few weeks she was gaining weight and back to her old self. We adopted two new kittens and the 15 year old is keeping up with them and playing like a much younger cat. September 2, 2013
This products really works. I would definitely recommend it. I have an 13 years old cat that was 16 pounds. Then I noticed a fast and rapid weight loss. He was diagnosed with hypothyroid condition. After only two months of eating only the yd product there was a great improvement. I sometime add a bit of water to the canned food just for verity. He is now at a steady 10 pounds and all his blood work is great. August 13, 2013
Need additonal flavors My poor kitty who has been a dry food eater for 14 years, has been switched to the Thyroid Health Food. I tried the dry, she would not touch it. I changed her to the wet food, the first few weeks, she gobbled it down. For the next month or so, I can barely get a can of food down her. THe vet suggested feeding her at least 1 can & a half. You need to have this food in several flavors. How would like to eat the same in and day out......7 days a week for 365 days a year ???? Please respond. April 13, 2014
Taste must be good Our cat woofs down (or meows down) this stuff. Thyroid levels returned to normal with meds before going 99% y/d, but the meds caused almost daily hair balls. So, for the last 3 months it has been y/d on the menu (to the cat's delight). Too soon to check the result regarding thyroid condition - but we sure have a happy well fed cat. April 3, 2014
This product gave me options when the medicine made my cat very ill. I was pleased with the quality and concentration of the can food. It gave me options for an almost 19 year old cat with hyperthyroid, since the thyroid medicine had made him very ill. I mixed the y/d can food with water. At first he loved the flavor, but being old and having kidney disease also, he has become very finicky. After 10 days did not want to eat it any more. I soaked y/d dry in water and he ate that once. I am using appetite increasing medicine to try to get him to eat. I wish the price was lower and I also wish there were choices in flavors, so I could rotate them in order to avoid flavor boredom. I go today to have his thyroid retested and have him weighed. I will write an update from those test results. March 26, 2014
Our Cat eats all of her food; a mix of wet and dry Te wet cat food could be made a bit more moist so it would mix better with the dry food March 9, 2014
Way better than pills every day My cat would never swallow a pill every day. Luckily she does eat the canned food pretty well. It has done it's job and her thyroid level is under control. I hate paying so much for one can of food. March 8, 2014
It works! My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. The y/d seems to be working for him - he is not as hyper-active, and has stopped his 'yowling'. He has very few teeth, so the wet food is his choice. But, with this food, he would rather eat the dry, and I think it is because of the taste - he does not like the taste of the wet. This food is pricey, and I do not like putting down a half can of the wet, and finding it untouched at the end of the day. February 27, 2014
Cat enjoys this product. It had been ordered by the Veterinarian and this was the main reason I bought it. The cat eats it fine. weather or not it will help her thyroid remains to be seen, as she has not eaten it for a very long time. It is a little costly, but I suppose if it improves her health, it is worth it. February 21, 2014
My cat and I like this product. He seems to be doing well. His fur coat has gotten silky, soft, and shiny. His lab values since on this food have been WNL, February 13, 2014
Hill's Prescription Diet Y/D Thyroid Health Hill's Y/D is a great alternative for treating cats with Hyperthyroidism. The two other options were to have my cat go through radiation or give her daily medication. The Y/D was the best option for us since Cassie is 15 years old. February 5, 2014
Mikey and I are Very Happy... to have found this product. He's doing great. His blood levels are within normal limits. He enjoys eating the food, and I don't mind the smell of it. Mikey's coat has become soft, silky, and shiny. Before this product, I had a hard time pilling him. It was literally hit and miss. The one complaint is the cost. As a senior on a fixed income, it would be nice if coupons were readily available for this product. January 21, 2014
Saved my Misty's Life This is a great alternative to medication for a cat with hyperthyroidism. My schedule is such that I could not be home to medicate my cat everyday. Misty had advanced hyperthyroidism and weighed only 6.5 lbs when I changed her diet to Y/D. I am happy to report that she gained 1 lb and her thyroid levels are half of what they were when we started this new diet. Be mindful that this is a strict diet you will need to adhere to it. Hope you experience the same results we did. It's worth the expense. January 20, 2014
Our cat was losing hair and not keeping food down After our vet put her on the y/d prescription diet, she began to feel more like herself. Kept her food down, stopped losing hair and put on some weight. So glad that there is a prescription diet food available for pets to help keep them healthy. December 29, 2013
Feeding my pets the best is very important! Hill's is the only brand of food I feed my dog and cat. With so many scares about animal food, I am never concerned that Hill's would jeopardize the heath of my animals. Thank you! December 22, 2013
It works! I had a real hard time using the pills to try to regulate my cats hypothyroid problem. My vet could not seem to get it right he would go from hyper to hypo thyroid, but could not seem to get it in the normal range! Meanwhile my cat acted like I was not feeding him , starving all the time! It was awful! I heard of the hills diet but had not tried it. Well, what a difference it has made! My cat within a couple weeks went back to his old self again and his appetite returned to normal . My cat LOVES the food too which is great! Thank you hills for making this great diet! December 21, 2013
Better alternative to medication Our 12 year old cat has a slightly elevated thyroid. We are trying this food with her instead of medication (which can be detrimental). She likes the wet but not the dry. We are getting her tested again soon to see if it works as Hill's claims it does. We are keeping our fingers crossed! December 11, 2013
Great Product My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism with a T level slightly above 7. My vet recommended starting him on the y/d food. I bought the canned and dry food. Jack has been eating the y/d for about 3 weeks now and has shown signs of improvement. He is no longer roaming the house at night meowing. His sleep patterns have improved and he is actually playing again. I will give the food another month or so and take him back to the vet for another blood draw to see where his T levels are. I am very pleased with this product. December 11, 2013
Socks doesn't approve Dear Hills, please improve your canned y/d food. I would likes my foods to have real meats and vegetables in it. The y shouldn't stand for yucky and I shouldn't be stuck eating just this one flavor for the rest of my life. ~Socks The Ideal Balance canned dog food we won looks so appealing while this looks most unappealing and smells awful. I can't blame my cat for not wanting to eat it and trying to sneak the dog food. It certainly isn't an easy way to manage my cats thyroid health as he hates the food and is constantly trying to find other food to eat. In a multiple pet household it is very changeling to keep other food out of his reach as he will literally take the dogs food away from them while they are eating. They thyroid pills (which Socks can no longer take due to problems with anemia) were much easier and cheaper. November 23, 2013
This Y/D diet has helped my cat be healthier. Thanks for helping my Gi Gi kitty. She is 14 yrs old with health issues and this Y/D diet has helped her be healthier. Thanks, any coupons for discounts are appreciated because I am a senior with a low income. October 24, 2013
Great for elderly cats like mine! Helps my 17 yr old cat with Hyperthyroid..He LOVES the taste! October 16, 2013
Great to have a food instead of drugs for this condition! -My calico cat Mizzie is almost 17, she’d been so sick/ lost so much weight I thought she’d used up all her 9 Lives! Her previous Vet misdiagnosed her, so years passed with her getting worse and getting monthly prednisone shots. He prescribed the expensive Hill’s Rx food, dry and canned, but they didn’t help. Her new Vet tested properly and prescribed the Y/D and the thyroid medication - she was highly allergic to it, had to stop the drug. -She’s improved drastically since being on the canned Y/D, she only nibbles at the dry food infrequently. She won’t eat only the can Y/D, with her Vet’s knowledge, I cook chicken breasts/tenders in unsalted natural chicken broth and shred into tiny pieces ... she doesn’t bite into and chew her food so I shred the chicken, removing skin/gristle. -I empty can content into glass bowl, chill in the fridge, easier to handle. Wearing disposable gloves, roll the food into small balls, then break off and roll them into very tiny balls. Mixed in dish with the shredded chicken, topped with chicken broth, she loves it, hasn’t gained much weight but filled out. Spine/hip bones were protruding, now covered with flesh. Coat thick/shiny, she’s as alert/active as a kitten. - One issue: the top, bottom and sides of the food are darker, firmer from the oxidation process of canning, Used to scrape it off , too much/waste expense. Now I mix very thoroughly, pressing the firmer parts into same consistency, wearing gloves, stinky/hard to get odor off skin/nails. Same with the chicken! -I, too, wish I had known there were coupons, it is very expensive. Am hoping to get coupons soon for future purchases. Cost of a case is a struggle to keep paying, but I want to keep my cat healthy - and alive. October 8, 2013
Helping to Make Morris Well I am using this product in conjunction with the dry food y/d. It is slowly working, and Morris is getting healthier. My only wish is that it were available in smaller cans. He eats it willingly on the day I open the can, but on "leftovers" days, he is not so enthused. I've tried warming it up a bit, and that helps, but I wish the smaller cans were an option. October 7, 2013
Helps to control thyroid but not very palatable. My 16-year-old cat has been eating Y/D since it first arrived on the market. I serve him both the canned and the dry food. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that he has always preferred canned food, he does not like this food. The problem seems to be lack of flavor and especially a dry consistency. He will eat the first serving out of the can and then refuse the rest of the can - a very expensive waste. I have tried warming it slightly, adding warm water to it to make a softer serving but he still refuses it more often than he eats it. I have two other cats who even though they do not need Y/D I have offered it to them - they won't eat it either. I am pleased that you have been able to develop this product and it does help to control his thyroid problem but he is constantly looking for other food and wastes much of the Y/D canned. I look forward to the possibility that with more research you can come up with a tastier product. September 22, 2013
Great for our cat! We lovingly refer to this food as Jack's "yummy diet" for the y/d in the name. Without this food our cat would be sick at every meal. It is the ony thing that has allowed him to stop losing weight and live a normal life. I just wish it wasn't quite so expensive. August 14, 2013
Hill's Prescription Diet y/d Feline Health Lucy is a 13 year old white fluffy furball cat. She started losing weight, being restless, and hungry all the time. The vet said it was her thyroid. He started her on Hills. I had my doubts. After a few months on Hill's she started to get back to her old self, no longer begging for food constantly. Her last check up, her blood was good, heart rate good, and she had gained five ounces. Thanks Hill's!!!! March 29, 2013
18 Yr Old Kitty Amazing results My 18 yr old kitty was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and elevated kidney values. The 2 go hand in hand with older cats. We started her in this diet about 1 year ago. Her blood work has improved so much that her elevated values were cut in half. Her T4 was 5.8 before the diet, and now is a steady 2.4 We get her tested every 6 months just to keep an eye on her health. She no longer vomits up her food and she is no longer losing weight. She hasn't gained any weight either, but she is pretty old so 6 lbs is good for an 18 yr old. She gave the dry food a try but didn't seem to eat much, so we switched her to the can and she eats every bit of it. It also helps her get more water into her system eating the can version. I also reccomend getting a pet fountain to help increase your cats water intake this will help keep flushing their kidneys and keep UTI's to a minimum. My cat is not on any medication for her issues only the Y/D can no treats, no hairball gels, just Y/D so make sure that's all they get and keep other pets foods from your Y/D kitty so the diet works the way it is suppose to. If you can do that then you can stop medicating your cat. The food is expensive, but my little girl is worth every penny. I wish Hill's could offer frequent buyer coupons to help out the cost to US pet owners. Maybe someday they will. This food really works just make sure they eat nothing else. Hope this helps anyone who on the fence about this product. March 22, 2013
So far so good My 15 year old cat has been on this diet for one year this month. She has gained a half pound and does not throw up all the time like she did before. I have another cat and that makes it hard to make sure she does not get his food. I have had a few occasions where she has gotten his food but for the most part she only gets this food and likes it. I use the canned and then keep the dry out for her. My other cat likes the food too but I make sure he gets some food with iodine every day. I had him checked at his last appointment and his thyroid is fine. January 16, 2013
This product works well to keep our cat healthy I like that my cat can stay healthy by eating food instead of taking medication. My only suggestion is that you might also make this product in smaller cans since she will only eat 1/2 of the can at a time and only when it is freshly opened. She will not eat it after being tightly sealed and stored in the refrigerator. Even heating slightly in the microwave does not help. The veterinarian suggested mixing in low salt chicken broth or canned pumpkin, but that did not help. I feel like I am wasting so much food! November 26, 2012
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