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w/d® Feline Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal with Chicken - Canned

Weight control, glucose management, and digestive support for cats prone to excess weight gain
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® w/d® Feline Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal with Chicken 4.8 5 25 25
This product worked for my cat. My cat had to be put on wet food after he had an operation to remove bladder stones. Everything he ate gave him diarrhea and he wasn't crazy about the food either. The Vet said I should try Hills W/D cat food and boy did that do the trick. He loves it and it cured the diarrhea completely. I couldn't say enough about Hills cat food, it's great. November 24, 2013
A Little Pricey It is a little expensive, but worth the extra money to keep our beloved pet as long as we can! September 6, 2013
My cat likes the chicken flavored Prescription wd and the regular wd. I will rotate so that my cat has variety. My cat loves the Prescription wd dry cat food. He comes running at meal time and enjoys the chicken flavor as well as the regular wd. I will rotate flavors for him to add some variety to his diet. June 29, 2013
This canned food keeps my cats in good health I have 3 cats and w/d in canned and dry is all they will eat April 16, 2014
Kitty Approves When my cat developed pancreatitis six years ago or so, this is the only food he would eat, and he has eaten it ever since. Thanks for the good product! February 20, 2014
Four stars at the most I wish the food came in different flavors. My cat does not like chicken flavored cat food and eats less then a quarter of a can a day because of it. The cost of the food is also high when you are on a budget. February 12, 2014
our vet recommends this and the results have been good Our 15 year old big boy was having GI problems. We refer to this food as his WD40. In any case, he has not been to the vet except for annual check-ups/shots and has been doing well on his WD40 diet. February 2, 2014
W/D to L:ose Weight We have been using W/D for our cat to help him maintain and lose his weight. I highly recommend this product if you want your cat to be at his or her optimum health. Not only did our can lose the necessary weight to remain healthy and active, he's also maintained the same healthy weight for a number of years. Thank you Hill's!! January 30, 2014
hills w/d with chicken my sisters cat is eating hills w/d that was recommended by his vet... now he is having better bowel movements and feels better... only buy hills prescription products as recommended by a licensed vet.. they know what diet is best for your pet !!! i was able to find a local specialty pet store that carries it and worth the money... January 12, 2014
Great Product. Expensive. Should Reward Heavy Users Great product! Helped cure Irritable Bowel in one of our boys. They both lost weight even though we use six cans a day for two adult cats. Costs us a lot each month. Our Vet and us belive Hills, the manufacturer should reward heavy users like us with coupons, etc. January 2, 2014
Helps my cat with constipation; but doesn't keep well One of my two cats experienced constipation so the vet prescribed w/d. I feed both of my cats the wet and dry. My cat is doing much better with less problems with constipation. My only complaint is that the wet does not keep well. My cats eat it well when I first open a can, but by the third feeding, they will hardly eat it. I wish it was sold in a smaller can. It is so expensive and I am wasting a lot of it when they do not eat it well after it has been opened. December 14, 2013
Not crazy about this product My vet prescribed this to my diabetic cats. I don't know thay they enjoy the flavor. I think it is expensive. I also don't like the fact that it had bi products in it. I would prefer to switch to something else, but the vet wants to keep them on this diet. December 12, 2013
Nothing is nicer to his tummy. Our kitty will eat anything, but most cat foods tear up his GI tract.We've tried other wet foods but always return to W/D. It's also his fav November 28, 2013
This keeps my cats weight were we want it to be, our cats are seniors so they have gained weight they don't need... As we all do as we get older. This food has taken off the weight and kept they healthy at the same time. Even my tabby with no teeth still loves her WD.... November 1, 2013
Hard sell at first We adopted two six year old adult cats; our vet said they were over weight. Past experience has taught that it is better to address this before problems develop. We have been feeding Science Diet products (wet and dry) to our other two cats and were aware of w/d. Our vet agreed that this could be beneficial and prescribed w/d (along with w/d dry). We had been feeding Science Diet canned salmon flavor, which the cats completely loved. The w/d only comes in chicken flavor and at first all four completely rejected it, even when mixed with the regular Science Diet salmon. They have since come around and seem to enjoy the taste - the one who liked it the least now is the most eager to get it. About my ratings - I have fed Science Diet products to my cats for more than 30 years. I believe it to be excellent in quality. I rated the taste as average because our cats definitely prefer the salmon flavor, although with cats, taste is highly subjective. (as noted, w/d is only available in chicken.) I rated the value for the money as good because the w/d is significantly more expensive than regular Science Diet canned. I did give an overall rating of excellent because I do feel w/d to be a high quality product and of benefit to our cats' well-being. I would definitely recommend it for cats with weight issues. November 1, 2013
Product is good would like to see more than just chicken. I also get dry food. I have occasional problems with resealable bag. Sometimes its difficult to open. Last bag I ended up pulling so hard the bag tore. Had to use other containers to store food in. October 30, 2013
I wish this product didn't have so many byproducts. I love that it has the correct pH for my cat with his urinary issues, but I wish that it didn't have so many byproducts in it. It is very palatable, but I would feel better if it was grain free or had no byproducts in it. October 23, 2013
Product is worth paying extra to keep my cat's weight under control I had started my cat Camio on c/d wet since he had crystals in his urine. I put both cats on the same food since it is easier, even though Jack doesn't have these issues. But then Camio had thyroid issues and the vet switched him to w/d for weight management. I mix wet w/d with the dry for both. Inbetween I give them a little of t/d for their dental issues. I have been extremely happy with all the Hill's Prescription products and my cats seem to like it and are healthy because of it. September 26, 2013
Excellent product for the money. I have used this product for a couple of months. I find this product has helped my cat immensely! My cat needed the nutrional value, that this product has to offer! Thank-You Hills for the support, that my cats nutrition needs to have a balanced and successful life, in order to survive his seniors years! Thank-You Hills! September 22, 2013
Happy Healthy Kitty with Hill's My male cat was having stomach problems and vomiting a lot. After switching him to Hill's Prescription Diet w/d wet food - a little in the morning and at night along with dry food he is a happy healthy kitty. August 12, 2013
Best feline wet & dry food for weight management and digestive problems. We started our cat Mittsy on Hills Prescription W/D per our veterinarian's suggestion, a few years ago for problems of overweight and digestive issues. We feed both the wet and dry food mixed together for her needs. This food has managed her weight problem keeping her around 9+ - 10#s, where the veterinarian wants her weight, and it has also eliminated her digestive, minor colitis, problem. Also, Mittsy loves the taste and flavor and we never have to call her for her feeding. She's there and awaiting her food. In our opinion this product is worth it's weight in gold. Thank you Hills! July 20, 2013
Got Diabetic Cat OFF Insulin This product helped my diabetic cat get off Insulin. The Dry w/d actually raised her sugar, so I did some research and found that Wet food was better. She is fed every 12 hrs and has lost weight gradually eating this. She loves the taste. July 2, 2013
Great for sensitive tummies! My Bengal has IBD and this food has really helped calm her stomach down. She's also very picky but loves w/d canned and dry food. My other Bengal loves it too, she gobbles it up. March 27, 2013
sensitive stomach We have a cat that has stress and personality issues.. she was getting dehydrated and violently ill for no medically explained reason. she went on the prescription science diet for a few weeks and we immediately noticed a difference. It cleared up whatever issue she was having with her stomach. unfortunately it didn't fix her personality issues but we love her just the same :) March 26, 2013
w/d with chicken is awesome Beezel says w/d is tasty and kind to his tummy. He loves to have the moist w/d with chicken mixed with kibble for a little crunch. January 6, 2013
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