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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Chicken & Vegetable Stew 4.9 5 17 17
Even my other cat prefers this tasty food! I needed a miracle and it came just in time! This wet food is gobbled up by my senior cat with early-stage k/d. A vet nutritionist prescribed home-cooked food (tasted delicious!), but he would not eat it. At wits end, my local vet called about this new diet food. Could not believe my eyes! My gourmet boy loves it. Even my healthy younger cat (extremely picky) prefers this over her favorite canned food. Thank you, Hill's! September 17, 2014
My cat loves her K/D chicken stew My cat would not eat any of the brands of prescription kidney diets we tried. I knew it was important to keep her on one to help her maintain her renal function and quality of life. Then, I heard about the K/D stews from Hills Science Diet. I tried my cat on a sample and my cat loved it. She eats her K/D chicken stew with gusto now. September 5, 2014
We " trick " our older cat ! Our older cat, Moma Cat , showed signs of early kidney failure over a year ago and Prescription Diet dry and wet was recommended. We use the wet can food to mix her other kidney medicine that she wouldn't take and now she comes to the table twice a day for a small portion mixed with her meds. She eats it fine and her most recent blood work shows her kidney failure has stabilized and her blood levels have improved. She is looking to make it to 20 later this year !! August 15, 2014
Overall very good Nice cat food. Cole love it like he love chicken tetrazzini. Maybe that could be an idea for the next flavor... November 27, 2014
the product does not cling to my cat's mouth. My elderly cat seems to like this and the tuna and stew very much. He's only had it for a week, so I'm hoping he continues to like it, although it is quite expensive, I feel. November 1, 2014
Cat Crazy.. I got a sample from my vet for my 18 year old cat. She was getting bored with her old food and I wanted to switch it up. The vet suggested I try this sample and I fed it to my cat this morning. She was SO happy that she was moaning while licking away at the food. My family was giggling while watching her eat..she was in heaven! Hopefully she will gain some weight with this new food. Love it! October 28, 2014
Winner, winner, chicken dinner! My 17 year old cat ate her previous flavor of k/d just fine but this is a new flavor for her and she can't get enough of it. She follows me out in the kitchen, begging the whole time, while I dish it up for her. She can hardly wait for me to put it down for her to eat. I haven't seen her this enthusiastic about food for many years. Well done! October 18, 2014
The stew formula was a life saver for my cat My cat, Tippy, had gotten where she would not eat any wet foods - she would look at it and walk away. I was given a sample can from my vet of the stew formula and one smell was all it took! She especially likes the chicken formula but I trade off every other can for the tuna so she gets a change. She eats the dry in between as she is a "grazer" but she wants the wet morning and night. October 15, 2014
Great Product My cat was not eating and quite sick, but he started eating this food! He is feeling better! It's just expensive, worth it, but pricey. October 5, 2014
My cat loves it!! My cat is 15 yrs old and we just discovered he has kidney failure and so we received a sample from our veterinarian's office of the new k/d stew. My cat LOVES this!! Which allows me to help treat his disease, so I love it too. September 18, 2014
My 18 year old cat has been on k/d renal for a couple of years, it's great to have another variety for her. Poco loved the taste and ate all of it without being coaxed. Nice to have a variety of food for her; I am sure she gets tired of the same taste all the time. Thank you! September 18, 2014
Passes Professor's Inspection My kitty, Professor Pickles, was diagnosed with renal failure this summer and has been slowly eating less and less of the Hills Renal dry food. She got to a crisis point where she became dehydrated and low in some vitamins because she just wasn't eating enough (and is also a bit of a princess for her wet food), so the vet sent us home with a sample of the chicken and veggie. Imagine my relief when she tucked right in! She was game with the other renal samples but this one actually seemed to delight her, especially the stew texture as opposed to the stiff pâté texture many of the other wet renal foods have. Will be asking the vet to order us some cans! September 15, 2014
Isaac loves your new renal variety My cat, Isaac, loves your new chicken & vegetable stew and the vegetable & tuna stew. We both thank you for adding these two very palatable foods to the too-small spectrum of, mostly non-palatable, renal foods. We both thank you; as all crf cats and their owners will confirm, the non acceptability of the typical renal diet and a diminished appetite are not compatible for good health. I was heartened to see him chow down with an enthusiasm not previously seen and the stews lessen our stress levels. Cats eat to live, more so than live to eat. Please start shipping to online stores for the widespread availability and increased awareness to stressed cats and their owners. Thank you. Isaac's mom, Susan September 5, 2014
Excellent! We have tried the samples we received in the clinic on several patients, and we have had a great response! Looking forward to offering our clients another option! September 4, 2014
This product has great taste My cat is very finicky and likes to eat a little of this and a little of that. Last year she was diagnosed with Kidney failure. Lately she has been a lot more particular in her food Your product is the only thing we have found that she eats without fail She loves the vegie and chicken taste and it is almost as if she knows it is good for her and eats it all up. So far we have only been able to get samples since our vet does not currently have any in stock. Any help you could be in that would be greatly appreciated September 1, 2014
Sample Cans - Vegetable & Chicken Stew I've had trouble getting my cat to eat the prescription k/d formula food. She just doesn't like it. Couldn't tell if it was the flavor or consistency but she just wouldn't eat it. When I returned the unopened cans to my vet for a refund (thank your Hill's# they brought out some samples of new k/d food to try. The sample contained two 3 oz. cans. One was Vegetable & Tuna Stew #see my other review) the other Vegetable and Chicken Stew. The food looks appetizing and although my cat usually prefers fish flavored food she seemed to enjoy the chicken flavor, too. She didn't eat it with quite as much gusto as the Vegetable and Tuna Stew but I think if your cat loves chicken flavored food they would really like this one. August 9, 2014
My cat "loved" the sample I received from the vet. Not sure about value for money as this was a sample product and of course free....My cat has been diagnosed with Kidney problems and was no longer interested in the canned chicken KD, My vet gave us some samples of the chicken & the fish stew and she loved them both! She was feeling better and starting to eat so much better. Of course now we are out of the samples and she is starting to back off eating as much again. Since apparently you are not selling the KD stew yet, we are ordering the regular canned fish KD. Hoping she will start eating that. I hope you will start making this product available soon. Do not know how long she will eat the regular KD fish. Plus we have to order the fish by the case, which I hate to do in case she stops eating it or passes away in the mean time.:( She seemed to have a new lease on life with the stew!!! Please make it available soon!!!! Thank you!!! August 4, 2014
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