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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Renal Health with Chicken 4.3 5 68 68
This product is GREAT! The product is helping my 14 year old cat live a longer healthy life. When we switched him over we did mix new food with old food and did this slow so he would take to it. I highly recommend all cat owners doing it that way. December 4, 2013
My cat has improved on this product. My 17 year old cat has eaten dry KD for 2 years, but I was supplementing daily with regular wet cat food for variety and his preference. That changed recently when our vet said he could only have KD, wet and/or dry. Lab tests 30 days later showed improvement. November 19, 2013
Saved my kitty! My cat is only about 11, but was diagnosed with the latter stages of renal failure. Her appetite was nonexistent and she would only lap at her food (drinking the juice). If she did eat, she would get vomit. It took some coaxing to get her to eat the K/D (I mix with water), but now she crys until I bring it and gobbles it up! Now, a couple months later, she rarely ever gets sick (unless she eats too much at a time), her coat is better, and she is a happy kitty. I don't know how long it'll last, but she is thriving, much better then the vets other suggestion! September 14, 2013
She loves it I was so afraid my picky eater would not eat her k/d formula, but she loves it! September 17, 2014
high quality Need more flavors, more palatable, cat tires of food easily. September 9, 2014
A product my kitty loves! Getting samples of both the chicken and tuna k/d stew was a godsend for me. My cat has been on a renal diet for just over two years, and was not particularly fond of the wet foods that did not have meat or fish flavors, She absolutely loves these stews and I'm SO PLEASED to have her eagerly eating again. THANK YOU for this wonderful addition to your prescription diets! I highly recommend it as an option, especially for picky eaters. September 5, 2014
Good product..great price! I own two cats ages 15 and 16 who eat this food daily. They eat the wet food and the dry feline k/d. They love it!! They meow constantly when I am opening the can and gobble it up quickly!! I feel the price is also a good value, considering the size of the can. I started using Hills Science Diet cat food in 1993 and have used it faithfully throughout the lives of all my cats!! I always recommend it to every friend I have who has cats. September 4, 2014
Needs gravy needs gravy for both the fish and chicken renal food September 2, 2014
This prescription food has a taste my 17 year old Ellie wiil actually eat. . The texture and ease of digestion and the fact she will eat Science Diet K/D is why I choose this one. She does not have all her teeth. I have seen much improvement in her overall health. She's alert and much more a cat behaving as, I think, senior cat does. Sandra P August 31, 2014
My cat likes this product My 17 year old cat has been diagnosed with early stages of renal failure and this product is the one she likes to eat and I have tried tempting her with many. However, it is a bit of a sloppy mix and she doesn't always enjoy the sloppy texture. Anyway, she eats it and she is going well. August 24, 2014
K/D canned cat - need more flavors My vet determined that my cat needed to be on the k/d canned cat food but only had the chicken flavor available. My cat isn't fond of it and is continuing to lose weight because she won't eat this flavor. Its very hard to find either of the fish flavored cans, and if I find them its mostly required that I buy a case. This food is very expensive and putting out this money to find out that my cat won't eat it does not make sense. I suggest making these other flavors more readily available so one can buy a few cans to try before investing in a case at a time. August 21, 2014
moist pate ROXIE enthusiastically eats this food even served cold. I have to keep it from the other 2 cats August 16, 2014
Hill's KD My kitty loves it & his health has been stable since using! July 31, 2014
Great choice for cat with kidney failure Our cat was diagnosed with kidney failure and part of the treatment plan is the prescription food. We tried a variety of products but found this one to be the moistest. It made it easier for the cat to eat and he likes it. The price is very expensive compared to regular food but you don't have an option when the cat has to have it. July 31, 2014
K/D feline for Renal Health We have using K/D feline for Renal Health for years now our cats seem to really like the tastes witch is great for us as it is the food they can with the health issues. July 26, 2014
This product is just what my cat needs. In addition to chicken flavor, I also buy the fish flavor and would like to have a beef flavor. Buying by the case is most economical. My cat loves the dry food. July 20, 2014
very palatable My cat seems to really enjoy this food,she patiently waits with much enthusiasm when it is feeding time. In fact she enjoys it so much that I phoned the vet to see if I would be able to give her a little extra. If we are late with her feeding, she will vocalize, to let us know IT'S TIME FOR MY DINNER!! She would always go for the dry food first, but now she heads straight for the wet food which my vet is very happy to hear about. It has a pleasant smell and a texture that my kitty seems to really enjoy July 14, 2014
Great features, helped him a lot with kidney issues You keep changing the consistency & texture of the k/d chicken, he liked it better when he started in January, he does like the ocean fish. When they take medication the smell & textures HELPS a lot for them to eat & take there medication. He doesn't eat a lot of dry k/d because it is PEBBLES of dry food. He loved the w/d dry chicken kibbles were BIG & not pebbles. July 6, 2014
Kitty on KD for life This food is now the only food my kitty can eat - he developed a rare form of bladder stone, more potentially lethal than others and this food, both wet and dry has been his only diet and he is thriving on it. June 20, 2014
Good food for this health issue, cats love it, would like to see more protein. Basically, we decided on Hill's because of the variety of flavors available, the lower price than other foods, and the low phosphate levels compared to other kidney Rx food. The cats love the flavors and especially the chicken. They also eat the dry food and like it, too. I would love to see an early stage K/d food with a bit more protein to keep a cat's protein levels up and keep them health. All the kidney Rx food on the market have very little protein even though my vet says this is enough to keep kitty healthy. So far, he's doing well and I'm hoping this food adds to his life expectancy. June 9, 2014
This product has made a positive difference in my cats health I would recommend k/d chicken. Even though it is expensive, it makes a difference in my cats health and well being. My Manx cat is 17 years old and happy. June 8, 2014
Saved my cat's life!!! We thought that our soon to be 18 year old cat, Tigger, was dying. He became so skinny, was stumbling and intermittently had an arched, locked up neck. He would just lay in his cat bed that I had on the floor near the heat register. I took him to the vet to see if it was time to say goodbye to my old pal. The vet ran bloodwork. Tigger's kidneys were functionng at half rate and could not filter things. For the past four months, Tigger has eaten both the dry and canned chicken k/d feline renal health cat food. He seemed to instantly get better when he started eating this food. He is now jumping from my bedroom dresser to my bed and never sleeps in that little cat bed on the floor anymore! Anyway, this cat food really has saved my now 18 year old cat's life. There is NO doubt in my mind about this. Thanks Hill's Pet Nutrition! Awesome, life saving cat food. Oh, Tigger really seems to enjoy the taste of this cat food as well. June 7, 2014
My cat loves it The company does a good job with all it's products keeping your pet's health in mind. June 6, 2014
My cat loves it! A little on the expensive side, but my cat loves it. June 2, 2014
My cat likes it ... My cat likes this product, and it's no more expensive than the better canned cat foods. Looking at the ingredients, I do question whether it could be a bit healthier. My holistic vet, however, prescribed it, so it must be the best quality renal food available. I do mix a little bit of other food in with it to switch things up a bit because my cat won't eat the same flavor every day. I also buy the fish flavor. The important thing is that she does eat it, and she's quite finicky. I tried another brand, and she wanted nothing to do with it. May 29, 2014
Saved Chippers Life I, like so many other Pet lovers, am a senior citizen of very modest means. This hasn't kept me from rescuing elderly animals to give them the best possible latter years of their lives. It's pure joy for me. Recently I discovered that Chip, 16 years old, a feral that I found in the wilds while just a newborn is very special to me. Chip has renal failure. My veternarian, Dr. Johnston perscribed the Hills renal diet in hopes of helping to extend Chips life. One month later Chip is much better and the renal problem is subsiding. The Best part of all is he loves, absolutely loves, this new diet. He's perkier and shows signs of vibrancy I haven't seen for many years. The only way I can afford the diet (which I'm feeding to my other senior kitty, Freckles for preventative measure, is through the coupons Hills has sent me along with the Petsmart coupons. Thank You so very much for providing such high quality products. Oh yes, I have one more family member 'Winston' my pooch who is also rescued..from the pound and rather over weight (my fault) and Dr. Johnston recommended Hills metobolic diet. It's working. He loves the dry food and this makes me so happy as he has never relished the store bought foods. Thank your whole staff for me. You are all Pet Angels. Love, Autumn Patrick May 27, 2014
This is a quality product Our 16year old cat's health has improved since being on KD May 26, 2014
Pay a little more to have healthy aging cats. My vet recommended KD for our cats, Hank & Sophie 13years old. Hank's lab work showed early signs of kidney problems -- so we started them on wet KD. They had been strictly TD eaters (and by the way, this has kept their gums and teeth in great! shape -- no more expensive dental work.) So now we feed mostly KD with the TD always available to them. It's really wonderful to have products that I can rely on to maintain and/or improve our cats' health. KD & TD cost more than "supermarket" cat food but in the long run Hank & Sophie are healthier and vet expenses have been significantly reduced. May 24, 2014
healthy cat cat had not been eating and started eating again when presented with the k/d canned food. Will purchase more. May 12, 2014
Cat loves this food My cat Toby is 14 and was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. The vet recommended this food. He loves both the wet and dry. I have him mostly on the wet as it's better for his system. I have found that some cats especially if raised on dry food just will not take to wet no matter what. Food is pricey but he seems happier and more perky on k/d. April 28, 2014
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