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Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Renal Health with Chicken 4.1 5 42 42
This product is GREAT! The product is helping my 14 year old cat live a longer healthy life. When we switched him over we did mix new food with old food and did this slow so he would take to it. I highly recommend all cat owners doing it that way. December 4, 2013
My cat has improved on this product. My 17 year old cat has eaten dry KD for 2 years, but I was supplementing daily with regular wet cat food for variety and his preference. That changed recently when our vet said he could only have KD, wet and/or dry. Lab tests 30 days later showed improvement. November 19, 2013
Saved my kitty! My cat is only about 11, but was diagnosed with the latter stages of renal failure. Her appetite was nonexistent and she would only lap at her food (drinking the juice). If she did eat, she would get vomit. It took some coaxing to get her to eat the K/D (I mix with water), but now she crys until I bring it and gobbles it up! Now, a couple months later, she rarely ever gets sick (unless she eats too much at a time), her coat is better, and she is a happy kitty. I don't know how long it'll last, but she is thriving, much better then the vets other suggestion! September 14, 2013
recomended by our vet for a cat that is 20.8 years. Was worried that Cy would not find the food to his taste. But he is doing well with the food. Started out mixing his regular cat food in a ratio of 1/2 and 1/2. But have moved him on to a total diet of Hills prescription diet. I have noticed that his stools do not seem as constipated. All and all he is doing well. Wish coupons were available or if buying in bulk could get a reduction. I am just happy that he is happy with his food. April 14, 2014
great product My old cat has hyperthyroidism and the vet recommended the KD diet and she is doing well on it. Likes the taste is not getting bored with it like other foods ive had her on. April 8, 2014
Shadow loves this as a treat We mix her high blood peasure med. in with it and she gobbles it down April 7, 2014
Excellent Food!!!! My cat is on K/D dry food and the vet that i work for recommended I try the wet as well. I have to say my cat definitely loves this food. I have recently introduced her to the ocean fish flavor and she devours every bite. Very satisfied with this food. It makes me so happy to see my cat getting better. February 28, 2014
Does any cat like canned KD? Sadly, my cat will not touch the canned KD food, although she does eat the dry. I have known many other cats through the years that had kidney failure and would not eat it either. I tried mixing it with something she does like, and that did not work. The dry is fine, but my cat has always eaten both dry and canned premium foods. Another issue I have is the size of the cans, my cat will never eat "left overs", so even if she did like it, I would be throwing half of it away. It could be the pate texture which is not appealing. How about something chunky in small cans like your competitor has? February 13, 2014
This product is life saving My 19 year old cat is having renal failure. It's not dire yet but this really turned her around and she is going strong after over a year on KD. Before KD I had her on Science Diet but it wasn't enough and she was miserable. February 12, 2014
This food is extending my cats life. She has been on this food since I got her from the shelter at what they estimated her age to be 2 years. Her kidneys are half the size they should be so she has some issues. This food is so worth the extra price I pay. She is 10 years old now and doing pretty good, thanks to Hills. February 3, 2014
Feline KD canned I know that KD is specifically formulated for animals with kidney failure and I appreciate that there is a viable option for both my geriatric cats that have that specific need. They do not vomit near as often but recently have not been as inclined to eat it. I believe if there were a variety of flavors, they would not associate the smell of their food with the nausea they experience. February 2, 2014
cat loves the food, regained weight and health My cat loves this food. His renal health has improved and he has regained his weight. January 25, 2014
Keeps my cat alive but he'd love more flavors My cat can only have KD food. Whether soft or dry, he doesn't prefer the taste over what the other cat gets (hard food or soft). I wish there other flavors or something more gravy like. It's expensive but he's 18 and I'm just happy he's alive. January 23, 2014
KD Feline Renal Health Cats are finnicky eaters. If your vet recommends feeding the KD Feline Renal Health Chicken canned food to your cat he may not be so keen to eat it. I switched my cat straight from Fancy Feast TenderLiver w/ Chicken to the canned KD (no gradual phasing out of his old food). Before serving it to him, I add a little water to make the consistency of the food a little liquidy. I also heat it up a bit in the microwave (just 3 to 5 seconds) then mix it all up. If water does not work, you may be able to mix it with a bit of broth (veggie, chicken), but ask your vet first before adding the broth. He also prefers to eat 1 to 2 tablespoons about 5 to 7 times a day. January 13, 2014
Our 19yr old Princess doesn't like it at all! Our 19-1/2 yr old Princess domestic shorthair has just been diagnosed with Kidney disease. she's lost weight and her labs are high. As a result, she's been put on this food. She loves the dry, but this chicken leaves much to be desired. She tried it the first time and wouldn't go near it again even when we heated it up in the microwave. she favors seafood, so we weren't surprised when she turned her nose up at this one, but for the price and the reason for it, we were hoping she'd eat it. We're hoping she'll like the oceanfish one. As a result, we can't recommend it. Over the years, we've have different dogs and cats that were put on various RX diets for different reasons and when it came to eating them, our animals turned their noses up to them. January 5, 2014
The only food our veterinarian has for cat's condition Our old cat needs a lot of fluids and this food has that. We only give him the hard prescription diet as a treat. January 5, 2014
Happy cat. Happy owner Lila has severe kidney problems. Since I started her on K9 with chicken, she seems to be feeling so much better. At one point, she was swelling up with water but now she's sleek and happy. Thank you to my great Vet for recommending this product. January 4, 2014
My cat eats it up Because of bladder stone problems, my vet switched my cat over to k/d Hills Prescription Diet. He seems to be doing very well and looks forward to every meal! January 3, 2014
Wet worked when Dry didn't Although I am not a fan of the smell or mess my cat makes w/ this food, it is prolonging her life. The dry food was a better bang for your buck, but my cat was still intoxicated while eating it. The wet food definitely is better for her but she doesn't eat fast enough and it dries up rather quickly if not eaten in a timely manner. So I do waste a bit more than I'd like to, but she is living & happy…So I am happy! December 30, 2013
My cat likes the texture and taste My cat likes the the texture and taste of K/D. I have been feeding it for years to my older cats. December 26, 2013
My cat loves K/D canned food My cat loves K/D canned food. She is normally very picky when it comes to canned food. Not only does she like it, it has improved her quality of life. December 19, 2013
My cat love it! At first I was not sure if my cat will like it, but she loves this cat food! I mixed her new food with old one half and half the very first day, and she enjoyed it. And on the second day, I gave her all new one and she ate it all. This cat food's texture is very smooth and that was important because she likes smooth one. December 15, 2013
Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Feline Renal Health with Chicken My cat will not eat it at all. I've tried all treats, other canned food but he will not touch it. Can it more tasteful? December 1, 2013
This product improved my cat's renal health. My cat doesn't care for the prescription diet, however I find that if I cut up one of her treats and mix it with the food she will eat it. November 27, 2013
k/d Wet food Only using this product because my vet told me it's the only thing my cat is allowed to eat since he's in the early stages of kidney disease. I'd prefer to have stayed with a natural food that used no by-products or corn. Smells gross. My cat isn't much a fan either. He used to get very excited for meal time. Now he won't even eat all of the small servings we give him. November 12, 2013
It's good for the cat, but she won't eat it... My 15 year old cat's blood work showed slightly decreased kidney function so my vet prescribed the k/d for her. She will eat the dry food but doesn't like the minced wet food; she doesn't like the competition's wet food either. None of my cats seem to like pate' -style cat foods in general -- I wish y'all would develop a chunky style version of the k/d that she might find more palatable. I think this is a good product, but my cat doesn't agree... November 9, 2013
Good for my pet My vet has recommended that my cat be fed the Hill's Prescription Diet K/D. She likes the taste and looks forward to meal time every day. October 14, 2013
Very good product. Wish the product was less expensive and coupons were not as difficult to obtain. I would love to have gotten the weight management for my other cat but the coupon to get the free start up kit was impossible to get. October 11, 2013
I recommend Hill's K/D. My kitty is at least 18 years old and has been healthy most of his life. In April I was told that he has the start of kidney failure, and his vet put him on Hill's K/D low protein wet food. He likes it for the most part, but he did seem to get tired of it after a while, so his vet offered another brand and he liked that for a while. Now we are back to Hill's K/D. If your kitty gets tired of one brand, do try another because your kitty is important. You may find yourself going back and forth between brands and that is fine. Your kitty's health is what is most important. Before the kidney failure was diagnosed, I fed him Hill's Science Diet. October 10, 2013
This food has made a big improvement in my cat's health Before, as I fed him regular store canned catfood, my 14 year old cat was gaining weight, constipated, and sluggish. Our vet recommended Rx food and he liked the taste of this one the best. Now the only problem is that he eats a can a day and it is expensive! But he has lost weight and is happier... September 30, 2013
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