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Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Feline Gastrointestinal Health 4.7 5 34 34
Works extremely well! I adopted 2 kitties with Guiardia. Even when they had completed courses of 3 different medications, they couldn't recover from their diarrhea. The vet recommend trying Hill's gastrointestinal health formula, and in only 2 days they were both recovered! I know it's more expensive than regular food, but it works amazingly well and I can't recommend it highly enough! November 18, 2013
Awesome product! My 5 year old kitty had diarrhea and was put on this food, she also suffered from hairballs almost on a daily occurrence. Since she's been on this food for 2 months she's had maybe 2 hairball episodes and the diarrhea stopped immediately. The food is more expensive but it's so worth every penny in my opinion. November 13, 2013
great product My 13 year old cat had problems digesting solid cat food so my vet put her on this wet food and she is doing great . Her quality of life has improved. She had been vomiting her food everyday now she can eat without any problems . I haven't seen her vomit in weeks. I am so happy with this brand. :) November 11, 2013
Thumbs-up from a Finicky Feline! My furbaby suffers from IBD, and a discerning (finicky) palate. After trying countless IBD-friendly foods, which she'd eat for a few weeks and get sick of, this product is a consistent winner! It has a great texture, and apparent yummy taste. Highly recommended. July 26, 2014
Not tasty but it made kitty better Samba was vomiting and couldn't hold anything down. The i/d formula was not enjoyed by Samba but she would eat it and hold it down. She desperately wanted kibble and after a week she sneaked a little here and there from the other kitties. She is completely on the regular Science Diet kibble now, with no ill effects. Samba is a 13 year old lynx point Siamese who still plays like the dickens; she came to live with us as a kitten from our local SPCA. July 13, 2014
GREAT PRODUCT! My cat was having diarrhea fairly often until my vet recommended id food. He loves the taste and he has been doing great ! July 1, 2014
Canned food has actual chucks of meat which is more appealing to my cat. My vet originally prescribed a different brand of food to treat my cat's GI problem but he just wouldn't eat it so we tried Hills and my cat loved it. His appetite is back and he finishes his meals every time. He's gaining weight and seems to be himself again. I'm very happy with this product. June 30, 2014
This product has improved our lives. Before our vet put us on this food, we were a mess. Fur balls, and cat puke everywhere. Now that we use this food, the messes have dwindled to almost none! It is wonderful!!! We also use the dry form now as well. He seems to tolerate it way better than anything else we have tried! June 29, 2014
I wish there were more flavors. I wish there were more flavors. Sometimes my cat gets bored. Overall a good product. June 27, 2014
Cassie Loves i/d Hill's Prescription Diet Cassie is our cranky 16 year old Siamese. She had been having issues with weight loss, bathroom accidents and just didn't seem to want to eat her dry or wet food anymore. I discussed with our Vet and was introduced to i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health. Cassie loved it right away and within a few days, she stopped having accidents and seems to have reverted back to teenage years. She is much more active and loves to play again. Thank you Hills Prescription Diet! May 21, 2014
My cat loves the flavor. However, he won't eat all of it due to big pieces of what I call gristle. Canned I/d has large pieces of hard product. My cat eats until he encounters those and leaves them in his bowl. When I open the can, the very topmost layer is soft like a pâté' but as you get further down in the can, the gristle pieces are more prevalent. I suggest you blend the the product to dissolve the gristle pieces so the texture is the same throughout each can. May 19, 2014
My cats couldn't love any other food more! With my cat's GI troubles, my vet gave me this food as a sample along with another brand of GI food. He loves this one so much! And I love how large the can is as well. May 17, 2014
It works I have one cat that tends to occasionally have a tender stomach. The i/d wet food for cats has been a god-send in him being able to eat and keep the food down when going through those spells. May 15, 2014
Cats food My cat usually will eat the wet and dry i d diet but I do wish it was a little more appealing for taste. She bulks at it from time to time. The food seems to have very hard chunks of something in it making it difficult for her to eat. May 3, 2014
Excellent product. Our 13 year old cat developed digestive issues that escalated to daily vomiting and severe diarrhea. Our vet prescribed I/D canned food and it has eliminated these symptoms completely, 100%. She loves the taste, and it works as intended. The cost is more than supermarket brands, but still less than the higher end pet store foods. Great product, great value. April 17, 2014
Product has helped Our cat is 13 and started have problems with his stomach and had stool problems. The vet recommended this and gave us a prescription, Since using it he is feeling better and the stool problem seems to be solved. I just wish you could get more coupons for this product since we are on a fixed income it is a little pricey. April 16, 2014
My cat likes it! I was very pleased that my cat likes this food so much - he eats both wet and dry. The texture of the wet food is appealing to my cat. Thank you for making a great product! Not only does he like it -now he's a very happy, healthy kitty. April 13, 2014
This has helped my cat This has helped my cat. I would recomed it to others. March 10, 2014
Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Feline Gastrointestinal Health My male felline has had de-ostipation problems since he was two months old. This product is the only one that helps him with his obstruction issues. February 18, 2014
Corrected my cat's digestion problem We have two cats, aged 12 and 8, that were being fed dry food (not Hills). A few months ago, our 12 year old developed vomiting and diarrhea . Our vet prescribed I/D canned food and the vomiting and diarrhea stopped almost immediately. After a few weeks, we tried to return to dry food and the vomiting and diarrhea returned. So we have been feeding the I/D canned food to both cats since, with no further problems. All of the cans have been consistent in texture, moistness, and pleasing to both cats, until our most recent case. I have marked down the quality rating because for all of the cans in our most recent case, the food is significantly drier and more granular, but the cats like the food just as well. We just think the food should be more consistent. February 14, 2014
Cat loves it This is the only food she can eat without vomating February 8, 2014
this product helped our cats gastro issues we have 2 cats, 12 and 18lbs. the little guy had issues with getting sick after eating so we took bith for their checkup and talked to the vet. she highly recommended we try this product and it seemed to have solved the issues. have been using it for 3 months and wont use anything else. this is their breakfast and we feed them dry the rest of the day. looks like our fatcat is trimming down a little. thanks alot hills and keep up the good work, A GREAT PRODUCT February 2, 2014
Food has solved the problem! Alex Tree had been very ill with digestive problems-and with in a week after going on this food he has almost made a complete recovery-he has to stay on it though or his problem with serious digestion comes right back. He loves the food too. I give it an A+++. January 27, 2014
Great Product My 15 year old cat has been vomiting on and off since she was young, however, the last year or so it has been almost weekly. She had an upset stomach for about a week (after a bout of vomiting and diarrhea) and didn't eat for almost 2 days. Long story short, almost one month later she has been on the ID and she has not vomited once--and she loves the food! Vet said it was "bland" food so I am surprised she likes it, but she does. The food really made a difference and at her age it is important that she has food she can digest easily without getting sick so frequently. Would recommend!! January 21, 2014
So pleased with the results My older cat's health immediately improved within two days of using this food. He is lively again and obviously feeling better. I plan to cut use down to once per week, but never discontinue it. I have also added the dry I/D to his diet as he seems to love the flavor. I want to do anything I can do to prolong his life and keep him comfortable and this product is helping me do that. January 14, 2014
Gastrointestional Health for cats works if I can get my cat to eat it I had such great hopes for this product. My 8 year old rescue cat has had loose to mushy stools for several months. Vet says try different foods, stay away from chicken and white fish-did, no change. I asked about your GI Health food and she agreed that it was worth a try. I had read so many great reviews I knew it would work. With the coupon I received, I was able to buy my first 5 cans and when I could get the cat to eat it, his stools looked firmer. Initially I mixed it with his regular wet food and he would eat a little of the mixture but did not like it, he left most of it on his plate to dry out. I had the cat on a can food diet (recommemded by the vet) because he is an indoor cat and has been gaining weight. He did loose about #1 in a year and the vet was happy. The loose stools started with the can food. I'm going to try the GI Health dry food to see if my cat will eat more of the food.I hope so, because it works if I can get enough our your Prescription food in him. January 6, 2014
My cat Loves your id wet cat food My Cat loves your i/d® Feline Gastrointestinal Health She has not had an up set stomach since on id wet cat food She knows when I open the can. She comes running to me Thank you so much Donna December 29, 2013
Best Cat food If it was not for Hill's® Prescription Diet® i/d® Feline Gastrointestinal Health food . I would not know what to do for my Cat . She loves it so much. I would tell all my friends. to buy this . It is great. Thank you so Much Ever Grateful Cat Parent December 6, 2013
This product helps my kitty's sensitive stomach! The food is easy to feed and I'm happy my kitty will tolerate it. She has a very sensitive stomach which can be very painful for her during outbreaks. I love the coupons that are available online to assist with the costs. December 2, 2013
Overall the product is excellent My cat is 20 years old. She has been on this diet for the last 8 years and nobody can believe that she turned 20. She is doing GREAT!! This product is excellent!! September 21, 2013
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