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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Urinary Stress Feline Chicken & Vegetable Stew 4.9 5 10 10
A Great Alternative For All Pets in the Household When we needed to put one of our new kittens on this food, we had to worry about how to feed her brother and our older cat without her skipping this and them eating it instead. We decided, since it might be a short term treatment, to feed it to all of them and they haven't complained, ha. Because we feed it to three cats for morning and evening meals, I wish the cans came in a bigger size as I have to use two per meal and I have to get a case every week! October 20, 2014
Albert loves his new food. Our cat was having issues urinating outside of the litter box, after treating for UTI's, with little improvement, we switched him to c/d food, canned and dry. His accidents diminished almost immediately. Albert loves the new stew flavor, and the smaller cans help decrease the amount of storing and waste. Thank you Hills! September 15, 2014
Great texture and flavor Great texture and flavor....that is according to the cat of course! She loves the new c/d stress food. It is great because she loves to eat it plus it helps her urinary issues and stress issues. I love the new smaller can so one meal is in each can. It makes it easier to serve and not have to think about serving size. Great new product! September 4, 2014
I wish it was available in a larger can size. The cans are available in only a 2.9 ounce size. I have four cats, which means I go through multiple cans each day. It would better suit our home if this food was also available in a larger size. January 5, 2015
My kitties love this new recipe. I wish you made it in larger cans. I usually put a small spoon of this CD/stew on top of your original CD. My cats love the gravy, rice, and vegetables that you have added to the chicken. December 31, 2014
Bobby can't get enough! my cat loves the new c/d stress canned. He is a pretty chill cat so I didn't really think he needed stress food - I didn't realize how much our dog bothered him! He is more social with the family since adding this into his regular meals. December 21, 2014
He likes it! A veterinarian suggested I try this for a cat who urinates and/or sprays a lot. We are hoping this food will calm his anxiety and change his behavior. What I can say is that, based on two sample feedings, he is calmer and more confident. I hope that he will not feel the need to relieve himself everywhere. And I also hope there will be another flavor so that he doesn't become bored - as they all do. November 14, 2014
Zoro Loved the Samples My vet gave me a sample of this product as a change from the other Hills CD canned food he's been on for years. He loved this stew and it certainly looks more appetizing to human caretaker. I indicated value for money as average as I don't know what it will cost and am afraid to ask. I'll probably buy some of the stew in the future and use it as a treat. If I keep Zoro on the CD products he never has a problem with the crystals he tends to produce in his bladder. The times I've experimented with other high quality nonprescription canned foods he has issued. I guess I've learned my lesson and it CD only from now on for my guy. September 12, 2014
This product is new This new flavor variety provides another choice for a change in my cat's diet. August 31, 2014
They love it! Over the years and the many animal companions I have had, there have been very few times that a prescription diet has been well received by my critters. At best they tolerated it and typically they wouldn't have anything to do with it. However, this version of c/d has been a huge hit at my house with ALL of the cats. Straight out of the can or cold out of the refrigerator, they eat it up! Thanks Hills for a product that will helped improve my cat's health and keep 'em happy at meal time, too! August 20, 2014
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