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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline Urinary Tract Health with Ocean Fish 4.6 5 36 36
Got my cat to eat again My male cat that's 10 years old didn't care for the C/D diet in the wet chicken, but his vet wanted him to get the extra hydration from canned. We special ordered the Ocean Fish and he inhaled it! Now he will eat both the chicken and fish. January 22, 2014
My can loves the Ocean Fish I recently switched my cat from the chicken flavor to the ocean fish and he loves it! December 21, 2013
This is a great product. Am very happy with C/D for our cat. She is prone to UTI so am glad it is available for her. We also feel dry C/D as a supplement. December 9, 2013
My cat really enjoys! My cat really enjoys this flavor and since it is the only food he is allowed to eat (due to health reasons), I'm glad he enjoys and that it helps him to urinate freely with no pain. That means the quality is good and works well for his needs. August 13, 2014
Beneficial product for our Duchess Duchess, our cat, was diagnosed with crystals in her bladder and was not able to urinate. We took her to our veterinarian and after testing gave us the news and also prescribed Hill's. It did its job but we found that our dry food also had to be changed so went with Hill's dry prescription. So far Duchess has not had the problem return! Hill's has done the trick but I only wish we cold obtain additional coupons via the web site. The cost is higher than normal cat food and the coupons we were able to download and print were extremely helpful! August 3, 2014
great product only one of my 3 cats required a special diet food, but all 3 of them are eating it with great relish. A good product I would recommend over the commercial brands. July 23, 2014
I trust this product to feed it to my cats My cats love the fish flavor ...they never get tired of the flavors. It has led my cats. To long healthy lives. July 4, 2014
Improved Urinary Tract Following my vet's recommendations this product effectively reduced the crystals in my cat's urine. I hope this result continues. The seafood flavor is one that my cat prefers. I can also see a dramatic difference in her coat which is now shiny. June 26, 2014
Keeping our cat healthy Seems to be working for our cat, no problems since using, and he enjoys the taste. June 24, 2014
CD is the greatest food for cats with urinary problems My cat has had a lot of kidney problems and has even had to have surgery As long as I feed him the CD he does great and doesn't develop crystals in his urine. I ran out of the CD one time and bought a good brandname at the store thinking it should be just as good since it was for kidney problems. Found out real quick it wasn't. He developed More crystals so needless to say we always get CD now and he does just find. I think he would like some different flavors for a change June 6, 2014
Your food saved my cat, and has kept him healthy. My cat was very ill a few years back. He had begun urinating outside his litter box, then became very ill. After being treated by the doctor for urinary tract disease, he was started on CD, both wet and dry, and he has had no problems since. He is now 12 years old. May 31, 2014
Glad our cat is on this product Our car is 18 years old & doing well. No crystals in his urinary system. May 26, 2014
Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline Urinary Tract Health with Ocean Fish My cat really enjoys Hills product very much. We feed him both the Ocean Fish and Chicken. We also feed him the dry food as well, which he really likes the best. The price of the food is a bit high, I am satisfied with the way my cat is remains healthy and that is all that matters. I am aware that Hills is constantly improving the quality of the food to make sure that our animals are staying healthy. May 12, 2014
This canned food is very easy to feed to my cat After feeding my cat this cd for nearly a year, this is the best year I have seen for him in his 8 years. He is playful, loving, and just, overall, looks great. May 7, 2014
C/D helped save our older cat What a great product! Our cat was on dry and we were told to switch to wet after surgery to remove bladder crystals. May 5, 2014
My cat LOVES this! I've tried many varieties of wet cat food for my pet, and she LOVES this flavor the most!... and boy is she finicky! Thanks! April 30, 2014
Works great! My cats have been eating the seafood/ocean fish flavor for 5 years now. It works great for dissolving struvite crystals! This will continue to be their breakfast as long as Hill's keeps making it! April 30, 2014
My cat loves the seafood flavor My cat has urinary crystals.. This food has cleared my cats urinary problems and I am forever grateful. I am really glad there are 2 flavors to choose from. My cat is very finicky so having an alternate is fantastic.. It is more expensive then store bought food, but he is worth every penny. Hills is good with coupons to help with the cost. Can't say that about another brand I used... April 28, 2014
kitty loves it! and the dogs follow him to his feeding bowl! it seems much more appetizing to cat than his previous dry food. every time we get up he thinks he's being fed and runs to the food bowl! he never did that before:) April 25, 2014
Cd has kept Sam alive for years and he loves the taste! My cat Sam would have lost his life 10 years ago at the ripe old age of one, had it not been for a life saving surgery and eating ONLY Prescription CD products since then. Sam loves the Seafood can food and would eat it all day long if I allowed him to! He has a healthy weight and more importantly has not had another life endangering episode. I am thankful to Hills for making such a wonderful product that my cat loves, and has kept him healthy and by my side for over a decade. April 17, 2014
This product does what it is meant to do. My cat has not had any further problems since he started with this product. April 16, 2014
RustysMom My 19 1/2 year old kitty got tired of chicken and thankfully Hill's has a different flavor for his Rx! Thank you, Hills! April 14, 2014
Avoid urinary blockage After 3 days on a catheter in animal hospital two years ago, and a $3,000 veterinary bill, started using Prescription C/D and have had no subsequent problems. The food is pricey, but the vet bill was much higher! April 10, 2014
No transition problems Mittens is crazy about the seafood flavor! We had no trouble switching him to C/D food after his medical problems. March 29, 2014
This product is way too expensive. Hope it helps my cats out. Stone resulted in putting down a previous cat after two surgeries and at least one current cat has UTI. Product recommended by vet but I don't know how long we will be able to afford it since we are retired. March 24, 2014
our cat has had no more urinary tract problems We have been giving our cat your c/d seafood(now ocean fish) in both wet & dry for a long time. The only complaint we have is the quality control(or lack of) in the canned product. We have to pick through it because of the amount of NON fish. By explanation, there is way too much skin(?) chunks. March 10, 2014
My cats love this product. I have two cats and have used both flavors of this canned food, the ocean fish and the chicken. We did a trial period when we first started using the canned food, offering both flavors, which they both ate. But I did notice that my male cat, who was specifically prescribed this food, seemed to prefer the ocean fish. Since I want to keep him happy and eating well, I only buy the ocean fish flavor. Both cats come running when they hear me preparing their dishes, which makes me happy because I don't have to try to coax my picky eater to eat. February 28, 2014
great product My cat is much healthier since changing to this product. The only problem is limiting how much he eats -- he just loves it! February 15, 2014
All four of our cats enjoy this We have 2 cats with Urinary tract issues. But all 4 of our cats eat this Ocean Fish wet and love it. We also feed our cats Bladder Health Dry food also. Again, all 4 cats love this also. February 6, 2014
Consistency in product Have been using this product for many years and it is always the same and quality is always good. January 25, 2014
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