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Hill's® Prescription Diet® c/d® Multicare Feline Urinary Tract Health with Chicken 4.6 5 124 124
The right fix for my cat My kitty has had struvites (urinary crystals) and had bloody urine. The vet recommended the c/d diet (moist and dry) as a possible remedy for the condition. My cat loves the taste, especially of the moist food, and has been thriving without any urinary problems for over 2 and 1/2 years. I would definitely recommend this for any pet owner with similar issues. September 26, 2013
Cd chicken in the little flat can (for cats) Today we had the cd chicken for our morning 'TREAT'. I cut the food into 1/4 sections and gave each of 2 cats 1/2 of a section. Just enough for the treat and they licked the plates clean. These products are just so wonderful to by babies.Yes, it costs a little more up front but the benefits are soooo worth since their health is most important to me. My guys are 9 and 8 and both are rescue cats, so since they have lived in my house they have never eaten anything else. Wonderful product. August 3, 2013
It really makes a difference! After going through multiple rounds of medication and tests for our 12-year-old cat, Maggie, our vet recommended that we try putting her on Hills Prescription C/D for her urinary issues. I initially balked at the price of the prescription food, so we tried various canned foods available at mass market retailers with varying degrees of success. She continued to have flare ups occasionally, so the vet recommended that we try the C/D for a while before considering more drastic measures, such as long-term medication. After a few weeks on chicken C/D, she was no longer having any symptoms. She has been on chicken C/D exclusively for the past 6 months and in that time has had no recurrences. In addition, her coat (long-hair) has become very silky and she has the energy level of a much younger cat. She didn't take to the food immediately, but she now looks forward to her daily feedings. It costs more than what I had been used to paying, but it is worth it to have a happy, healthy cat and happy cat owners! July 21, 2013
Bladder Stones My Cat, Kyle had Bladdwe stones, and was operated on for them. He is now on a prescription diet. The Vet said your's is the best. He is on the dry and wet food, I also have two female ats that like it also. The only problem I have is I can only print out one coupon from ypour websight. August 24, 2014
This product helps urinary issues. Having a pet with urinary issues can be a challenge. This food helps my cat and he enjoys the taste. August 22, 2014
Product is always enjoyed by our Luther(cat) We started using C/D canned and dry food for a few years now and that's all our cat eats. He really enjoys the taste and seems to never miss a meal. The dry food is always left out for him and the wet food is given to him in the am. This is another reason we are always trying to get coupons for his food. August 21, 2014
Quality, health food my cat enjoys My cats are older and have special needs to maintain good urinary track health. Prescription Diet dry and wet food gives the pets I love the proper balance of nutrients and flavor, to assure they live as long and happy lives as possible. August 14, 2014
Has Good Health Benefits My male 7-year-old cat had problems one Sunday morning - I knew we had to get to emergency care. I wasn't sure what was wrong, but suspected urinary crystals. The vet there confirmed what I had thought. I finally got to bring him home 5 days later. My regular vet put him on the c/d food and he has not had any problems since. This has been over a year and a half. I am very grateful that this product has kept us from another hurried trip and has eased my mind about his future. August 10, 2014
My cats love C/D My 6 cats love to eat Hill's PD C/D wet and dry, chicken or ocean fish flavors. After our DVM recommended using Hill's PD C/D, all have had healthy urinary tracts for over a year! August 9, 2014
Cat seems to like especially when a fresh can is opened The price is reasonable and the cat enjoys the treat while maintaining her good health August 3, 2014
C/D IS A GREAT PRODUCT Hunter and Jesse have been on C/D since they were 3 years old and now Hunter is 15 and Jesse passed away last year . They both had major urinary problems with crystals from a young age. They were brothers. Jesse passed away , but it was not from any urinary complications. If it was not for C/D I would have lost both of them many years ago. I had 12 great years with Jesse thank to C/D, he loved that food and lived a normal happy life. Hunter is still on C/D and loves that food. He is a happy healthy cat thanks to Science Diet. About 3 years I found a stray, his name is Oscar. We started feeding him C/D immediately because he kept getting urinary blockages. He is on 100% C/D and has not had a blockage since we put him on C/D wet. Thank you so much for giving me all this quality time with my cats. Pam Taber August 1, 2014
Our cat enjoys this food. We have used this cat food for years. Our cat really enjoys it. July 30, 2014
It worked! Our cat would get bladder infections once every year or so. It has been more than 10 years now on Hill's C/D dry food and she has not had another infection. We have another cat who also eats it and has never had an infection. Both love the taste, even preferring it over cat "treats". July 28, 2014
This product is quality This is a great product; however, the price increases are becoming a problem. It would really help if more coupons were available. July 21, 2014
Cost of Food Thankfully, my cat loves the taste of c/d wet urinary tract with chicken. I've used the $7 off coupon but now, the website says I've used my allotment. My cat is 8 years old. Please make it so I can use a coupon forever because he'll be eating this food for life. Thanks. July 19, 2014
Most nutritious. This has been a life saver for my cat. I am very happy that it's available. Thank you! July 16, 2014
My cat has survived and thrived for 8 yrs. on this food. Although this food is twice as expensive as regular cat food, our shaded Persian would not have had a quality life had it not been prescribed by his vet. July 13, 2014
Some of my cats like this I have 4 male cats, one of which required surgery this year for a blocked urethra, so the recommendation is that all 4 of my neutered males eat a special urinary diet, preferable canned with lots of water available. 3 of the 4 will eat this canned food and the seafood version. It is extremely expensive, so my cats' surgeon said it is OK to use less expensive name brand urunary diets, which have a similar, although not identical analysis. Some of my females will eat the prescription diet, also.. July 12, 2014
Wet food My cat used to get UTI's because he doesn't drink enough water and his urine was too concentrated. Since switching to this he has had no UTI's and his crystal production is very low! He isn't crazy about the taste he prefers regular canned food but he does eat it. July 11, 2014
Keeping my pet healthy! My cat was put on this food for his condition. He loves it! Was on the s/d previously and will now be on this for maintenance. Thank you, Hill's. July 11, 2014
Good quality food It was difficult to transition my cat to completely wet food but when mixed with some dry Prescription c/d, my cat gobbles this right up! July 11, 2014
all 3 cats love it - and they are picky eaters Need it for one cat that has problems with crystals in urinary tract. After a few weeks on it (dry food too), he's not had any issues and looks to be fully recovered. 2 months later - no issues, so it's doing the trick! July 5, 2014
Product helps my cats health conditions. I am anxious to try the C/D wet urinary vegetable stew for my cats. July 4, 2014
Product does wonders for my cat's coat! I highly reccommend this product for cats with urinary tract issues. It has completely cleared up my cat's problem. I just wish we could get coupons a bit more frequently, to help defer the cost. He is on the CD chicken wet and the dry forever, I feel my cat actually eats better than me sometimes! I am on a fixed budget, but having it clear up his problem is a true blessing! July 2, 2014
tthis product keep my male cat from having medical problem with his urinary tract it seems to be a good product as my cat hasn't had a problem with crystals in his urinary tract. being on a fixed income I find that it is expensive. I buy both the wet and dry food. I find the coupons on your web site such a financial help when I purchase both cases and dry food....if it weren't for the coupons I would have difficulty in paying for them....when my dogs were alive I fed them both hills food...they were Boston Terries and Leonard lived to be 17 and Gizmo lived to be 16....I do believe it was partly due to the healthy food they ate.....thank you R A Burke July 2, 2014
My cat loves it I was afraid my cat wouldn't like the prescription food but he continues to eat the entire serving daily. June 24, 2014
Awesome! My cat feels and is much better after being on this food! June 24, 2014
For a Prescription Food, my Cat Loves it. I have to admit, when my cat, Crookshanks was diagnosed with a disorder that called for wet, canned C/D for what will probably be the rest of his life I was pretty nervous. First, he was used to dry food for his whole life, second, I would have to feed him now at specific times of the day, and third, if he didn't like it....well, what was I going to do? Well, he really does love the chicken flavor and has adjusted nicely. He knows when it is time for him to eat next and can't wait for his C/D. I really got lucky. I was so worried that he wouldn't like the taste. I haven't had any experience with the other flavors, in my area the retailers only seem to sell the chicken flavor. He has been on this food for about 6 months. I would say that it has helped with the condition of his hair and skin as well. He seems much happier being on the C/D. Let's hope it stays that way! It is also nice that the Hills website offers coupons every so often to help with the price of the prescription food price. Since starting Crookshanks on the prescription food I have started my other cat, Degan, on a wet food diet as well. He has had a weight issue for a long time and I have come to realize that it has probably been because I have been free feeding dry food for so long. So I have started feeding him Science Diet Light. The food has helped his fur and skin as well, he no longer has as much dry skin and shedding and has lost a few lbs! He loves his Science Diet :) June 22, 2014
My cat loves it! Not only does my cat gobble it right down, his coat is so smooth and shiney. He looks and acts great. Just wish the cost per can was cheaper and that I didn't have to either go the vets to purchase it or have a prescription to purchase it. June 18, 2014
My cats love this My male cat was diagnosed with a bladder infection and that"s when my vet recommended Hills Prescription Diet c/d urinary tract health. I use both wet and dry and both my male and female love it. June 16, 2014
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