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a/d® Canine/Feline Critical Care - Canned

For the nutritional support of pets recovering from serious illness, accident and surgery
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Hill's® Prescription Diet® a/d® Canine/Feline Critical Care 4.9 5 36 36
Great Product for Challenging Pets With Illnesses! I have used the A/d formula many times in the past. I fed it to my cats who had cancer when they would not eat. I would feed it through a syringe and add water to give them an extra hydration boost. I am now feeding it to my 10 year American eskimo dog who has an autoimmune disorder. She can only open her mouth about 1 1/2 inches and it makes it very difficult for her to eat. But she LOVES the A/D formula and it is soft enough for her to eat comfortably and gives her the nutrition she needed right now. Thanks Hills for a great product!! June 16, 2013
picky eater likes taste My dog is recovering from illness and has had no appetite. I am able to feed him using a syringe. He has always been a picky eater and seems to like the taste. The calorie content was not listed on the sample can the vet gave me so I was investigating this online. I was so excited to see your feeding guide. Thanks, Hills. December 11, 2012
This Product was a life saver for my cat We have been feeding this to my cat. We fed this food to him by hand. We placed it in his mouth. He has gained almost an entire pound in a week and is up and around again. He ate some food on his own today. Hill's is awesome. My cat is my best friend and it means the world to me to see him gaining and being ok again. Thanks Hills!!! November 24, 2012
Product does what it is supposed to do for my dogs digestive system my dog has been on your product for 5months. So far all his blood values are where they are supposed to be so the diet is working. However my dog does not like the smell or taste and I have to doctor his portion with vegetables and occasionally boiled chicken sprinkled on the top to get him to eat it. I am very thankful that his levels are holding steady. I do not like the fact that the cans always have big air bubbles in them instead of being full. My other concern is the cost of your may be ok for short term but at a can to a can and a quarter a day forever in my dogs case is a real hardship for me on a retired fixed income April 11, 2014
The best for a sick cat We started buying this when we had a very sick cat. This cat food really helped him survive even when it looked like he might not make it. The A/D is good for force feeding your cat when he can't eat on his own. This was the only cat food we could use that he could keep down. This was instrumental in his recovery. April 8, 2014
A-1 My dog loves this food. Very healthy. Solved all the problems we were having with other foods. March 8, 2014
Wonderful food for recovering kitty We still aren't sure what made my kitty's weight drop from 13 lbs to 7 lbs, but he was not in good health. Since he refused to eat or drink anything on his own, the vet recommended 'assisted feeding' with this brand of cat food along with some prescription pills and fluid injections. The food mixes well with water and can be fed via plastic feeding syringe. After two or three days of syringe feeding, my kitty is eating this food right out of the can. He seems like he enjoys it and he looks a lot healthier. Thanks for making a reasonably priced prescription food that my kitty enjoys eating. February 26, 2014
Made my cat well My cat recently became very sick. She was not eating or drinking. Took her to my regular Vet , they did a bunch of tests found nothing wrong . Gave her IVs and force feedings,nothing helped. Took her to another Vet who noticed a red sore throat. Gave me medicine and A/D to give her mixed with water given with syringe. Made her well ,and now the is all she eats. Saved her life! February 16, 2014
Hills A/D canned - As a vet I approve! I am a veterinarian who feeds Hills Prescription Diet A/D to some of my sick hospitalized patients. When a cat or dog is so sick they do not want to eat, it is often only A/D that will spark their appetite. Thank you for making a nutritionally dense appetizing product for my sick patients. February 15, 2014
This product takes the worry out of properly feeding our cat. Our cat loves this food! We feed him the wet food twice a day and he cleans the plate every time. We also keep dry out for him and he likes it too. It's so nice to have a food that addresses his health issues that he really likes. It's a win, win situation. Our concerns are being met by using Hill's Prescription Diet products. February 13, 2014
Saved Hendrix's life!!!!!! Two of our border collie pups out of our current litter came down with coccidia. After taking Hendrix to the vet for a two day stay we found out he was blind. We got him home again only to shortly lose another pup from the same thing. (In the car on the way to emergency sadly enough) Hendrix was doing well for 4 days until he was becoming increasingly more lazy and dehydrated. He went off his food and water and after another trip to the vet they gave us 3 tins of a/d to feed him with the syringe every 2 hours as he was becoming severely underweight. He isn't too much of a fan of the taste but that is possibly due to the syringe. In the last 3 days we have noticed that he has started eating on his own again when we offer him mince, he is taking water better now and is becoming more and more lively. We even got little tail wags tonight and he rolled over for a belly rub. He is now 7 weeks old and if it wasn't for Hills science diet a/d I don't think he would be with us today. Thank you for saving our pups life!!!!! February 13, 2014
more energy and playful Squeak's willingness to chase and play are dramatically changed since he started this diet. He spends more time on his own playing with his toys. February 5, 2014
Love the size of the can, which makes it more economically. This product has helped my Nikki through hard times. At every feeding she dances like a ballerina, she loves the taste so much. Thank you for this product. January 28, 2014
Essential Nutrition in a can !!! My 13 year old Siamese was diagnosed with a severe illness and was not eating. A/D critical care has the consistency of baby food with absolutely no "chunks" of any sort that most other canned food has. This food gave her the nutrition she needed during that last critical month of her life after being diagnosed. My other Siamese, now 15 had acquired a taste for the A/D food as a "treat" when her mother was ill. She is healthy, but has a sensitive stomach, and will throw up other foods, so this is still her twice a day treat along with Age Defying senior 11+ dry food. Cats normally do not drink a lot of water, so my other 2 cats (1 1/2yr old girl and 5 months old boy) also get this as a twice a day treat because of the moisture content. Cats (like people) need proper nutrition to help prevent disease and illness. Thank you Science Diet/Prescription Diet for this amazing food. My kids (cats) thank you, also. January 23, 2014
Healthy "furbaby" Again! I can not express enough about how greatful I am for this cat food! I had a very sick cat and he was put on the Science Diet A/D critical care food, by my wonderful veterinarian. It saved my furbabies life. My cat being so sick and not liking wet cat food very much anyways surprisingly ate this and licked his little lips. He LOVED the taste. Thank you again for a truly amazing pet food. January 14, 2014
Good moist food to add water to my cat's needed diet! My cat is very finicky, but will eat this food most of the time. I prefer the wet food as it provides addition water to my cat's diet. January 6, 2014
Wonderful product We rescued a stay cat who turned out to be a dwarf. He was 3 months old and only weighed half a pound. He is now 5 months old and has gained a pound on this food. The vet recommended it because it is high calorie and he loves the taste. We will continue to feed this while he is growing. Before feeding this food he has a low blood sugar problem so he may not be absorbing all his food. In that case we may have to supplement with this for life. Any way to get a discount? :) December 29, 2013
Well liked. Our 17 year old cat was prescribed this food. With only eating small portions at a time our cat was able to put on 1/2 a pound. Our 7 year old cat tries to eat this food whenever the older cat steps away. It must taste pretty good. I hope others have as good a result as we've had. December 22, 2013
This product is very attractive to pets It is a very good food. Dogs who usually come in that do not want to eat, we start off with this food and immediately they start eating. December 19, 2013
easy to feed most animals like. the taste and I find it easy to syringe feed December 19, 2013
This is a great product! Our dog, Bear, loves it and cleans his bowl morning and evening! He loves both the wet and the dry food. I Our dog, Bear, loves both the wet and the dry food. He cleans his bowl eagerly and quickly both morning and evening! His urinary tract health has improved, and he got a great exam review last time from our vet. He no longer had any crystals in his urine! We are keeping him on this food for now, at the vet's recommendation. Thanks for producing such quality food! Sincerely, Rev. John L. Crose Mooresville, IN December 18, 2013
This product saved my pet's life! After having our toy poodle for one week, he suddenly stopped eating and developed severe dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea. I took him to the vet and was diagnosed with coccidia which is a parasitic gastrointestinal infection. He was only 7 weeks old and almost died. The vet told me to feed him this canned food and he has literally eaten so much he sits and waits for you to give him more. It saved Pancake's life and I recommend this product for people who have pets that need the nutrition to help their stomachs heal. December 15, 2013
Makes great treats! Since my cat Wylburr has to have the prescription diet, he can no longer have his other treats that we used to give him. I cook a can of his wet food in the oven for about 40 minutes on low heat to make treats for him. He loves them more than the other treats he used to get. He goes crazy when we bring them out of the fridge and has started doing all his begging tricks again. He also loves when he just gets the wet food, he will rub on your leg and mew and mew louder and louder if we don't hurry up. I also feed him the prescription dry food which he also loves it is a win win situation for us. Wish they would come up with the treats already made. We are completely satisfied with the Hills prescription diet and so is Wylburr . Thank you!!!!! November 11, 2013
the product has been life saver Dr gave my cat 6 months to live as diabetic. It has now been a yr since putting her on this cat food November 8, 2013
Gained weight My dog lost weight and was able toput back all the weight and more in 2 weeks!. October 31, 2013
Feline Intestional Lymphoma Rapid weight loss, normal blood levels, my cat was brought for exploratory surgery. She was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. It took appetite stimulation medication, to get her to eat, and the Oncologist, suggested my cat be given prednisolone to try to put the lymphoma into remission. Now we had to give my cat food that she could easily digest and not to overtax her intestines. AD was the choice of food, Tasha loved it and became no longer dependent on the stimulation medication for appetite. She is now gaining weight and seemingly in remission. Still not wanting to overtax her intestines,and for the fact the AD is easily absorbed by the body. she is fed multiple times a day, She gives me a hit by siting on her cat tower waiting to eat and gladly I serve her AD on a platter. She is my baby of 9 years and i want to keep her as healthy and as long as i can. If it was not for this food, I do not know where i would be today with Tasha's health. As for the price of the food, her needs r more important to live the best life she can, under the circumstances. The cancer will always be lurking around the corner, she is on prednisolone for life, and as long as she wishes AD will be her diet of choice October 30, 2013
Literally - saved my cats life When my cat got sick in April he was getting sick about 6 times a day. was still getting sick in July. Had many test done all came up negative. I actually thought we may have to put poor Tiger down but didn't have the heart to. ( Apparently he was eating a food that was recalled. The recall was not publicised until August# I went to the vet after he finally stopped get sick 6 times a day and asked for a food that would put weight on him quickly - anorexia is not a good look on him #he went from 12lbs down to 5) The vet recommeded that we try critical care AD - I was leary as Tiger never took to wet food. OMG! he gobbled it down. We currently have him on hard food and give him some of the AD about 6 times through out the day. He is now up to 9 Lbs and back acting like himself. This food literally save my cats life. October 30, 2013
does not have strong "cat food" smell and I like the pull tabs on cans Ceeatee likes this food and never turns her nose up to it as she has others October 28, 2013
did it's job my 16yr old toy poodle needed to get back to normal and gain some weight-he's an extremely fussy eater but ate this and it put weight back on him and got him stronger---I hope you'll never have to use this but it's good ( a relief) to know it's there-- October 19, 2013
A/D saved my cat Daisy's life Last week, I went to find my cat Daisy in the apartment. He didn't come to bed like usual. When I found him, I picked him up and he cried out in pain. I rushed him to the vet the next day and they found no fever or anything else. I took him to another vet, same results but they prescribed him Feline A/D and I had to syringe feed him. He progressed to the point that he is eating on his own, he put on a few ounces and he is no longer in pain. I am so pleased with Hill's Science Diet as a whole. I had a cat named Joshua who had kidney crystals and Hill's CD kept him alive till he was twenty and my cat Jake has the same issue. Hill's saved his life too. I highly recommend their products. October 17, 2013
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